Liberty County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Liberty County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 12499 Pogo St, Bristol, 32321 FL
  • Chief:
Phone: 850-643-2235

Liberty County Sheriff's Office is located at 12499 Pogo St, Bristol, 32321 FL. The Liberty County Sheriff's Office phone number is 850-643-2235.

Liberty County Sheriff's Office News

As Americans we are blessed with the wonderful right to vote! Many of the issues and people we voted for yesterday were very close races and each and every vote was of vital importance. Below are some links to our State and Local election results.

Breanna White feeling crafty!

Inmates Booked Between: 10/30/2018 and 11/6/2018 Bk Date ID# Name DOB Age Address Statute Description Bond Agency 11/1/2018 32456 ALDAY, SAVANNAH, KATIE 5/1/1998 20 1932 JOANNA DRIVE CARRABELLE, FL 32322 -HOLDING FOR GULF COUNT $0.00 GULF 11/6/2018 32459 ARMSTRONG, CANDELIN 5/9/1984 34 409 AIRPORT RD LOT 3 PANAMA, FL 32405 -HOLDING FOR BAY COUNTY $0.00 GULF 10/31/201 32455 FAUL ROBERT, JOHN 4/22/1992 26 127 NORTH ORANGE AVE VOLUSIA, FL 32720 -POSS MORE THAN 20 GRAM OF MARIJUNA AND POSS. OF PARAPH $0.00 LIBERTY 10/31/201 32246 MARQUARDT, ROBERT 10/3/1990 27 Bristol, FL PROB VIOLATION- $0.00 LIBERTY 11/5/2018 32458 MAVINS JR, KENNETH, WAYNE 2/18/1980 38 3320 SW 32nd Terrace apt b Gainesville, FL 32608 -WRIT ATTACHMENT $0.00 LIBERTY 10/30/201 32453 MCDANIEL, JENNIFER, KAY 2/10/1976 42 7801 DEERFIELD LANE PANAMA CITY, FL -HOLDING FOR GULF COUNTY $0.00 GULF 10/30/201 32454 MILLER, STEVEN, EARL 8/14/1979 39 12327 NW FREEMAN RD Bristol, FL 32321 -BATTERY & FELONY DOMESTIC BATTERY BY STRANGULATION - LIBERTY 11/5/2018 32457 PHILLIPS, SHARON 10/2/1971 47 17148 NE LUKE HOLLAND RD ALTHA, FL -HOLDING FOR CALHOUN $0.00 CALHOUN 11/3/2018 31372 SCRUGGS, ASHLEY, NICOLE 8/31/1986 31 Bristol, FL FAILURE TO APPEAR- $0.00 Gulf 11/6/2018 31959 SHARPE, NICHOLAS 2/21/1989 28 Bristol, FL -WRIT ATTACHMENT $0.00 LIBERTY 11/2/2018 31515 SUMMERLIN, KAREN, HELENE 5/2/1984 32 Bristol, FL -WEEKEND $0.00 LIBERTY 11/1/2018 31054 WATTS, JOSHUA, MICHAEL 3/31/1989 25 Bristol, FL PROB VIOLATION- $0.00 LIBERTY 10/31/201 32090 WEBB, WILLIAM 2/19/1969 48 Bristol, FL BATTERY-TOUCH OR STRIKE BURGL-WITH ASSAULT OR BATTERY $0.00 LIBERTY Total Listed: 13

We are still enjoying seeing your flags. The Kirkpatrick family sent this one!

If you haven't been to talk to the people from FEMA there is still time. They are open from 8:00am to 7:00pm 7 days a week.

Message from the Sheriff: I am extremely proud to publish the most recent press release by Governor Rick Scott. His work in allocating an additional 6 million dollars toward our new High School is great news for our county. Not only will this serve to provide an additional shelter, it allows for school hardening and security measures to keep our school safe. I applaud our school district and local officials involved for voicing their concern and cooperating with the Governor to achieve this outcome. This allocation proves that having motivated officials on the local level, that are willing to reach out to state and federal leaders, pays huge dividends. Thank you Governor Scott! Congratulations Liberty County. Sheriff White

Greetings Liberty County: First let me thank all of the parents and guardians that brought children out to the county wide Trunk-or-Treat events and all of the area churches and volunteers who cooperated with Grace United Methodist in Hosford to provide a safe-stop at Halloween. The events were a huge success on each side of our county as we came together and enjoyed one another on this festive occasion. As I have stated before, the damage that Hurricane Michael left in its wake does not define us, its the human spirit and strength that we exhibit in the recovery. The smiles and laughs coming from the children and adults alike last night is a shinning testament that we are still standing and stronger than ever. Thank you and God bless you! Sheriff White

If you missed the Trunk or Treat event last night you missed a good time. Along with candy there were hotdogs, cotton candy, games, corndogs and a giant slide. We even had a visit from a future swat team member who came to check out our mobile command center! Send me a pic of your trick or treater so I can post!!

Don't forget to come out to either the Liberty County Football field or the United Methodist Church in Hosford at 6:00pm tonight for "Trunk or Treat" activities!

The Sheriff was able to greet Governor Scott today at W.R. Tolar Elementary. The Governor was there to tour the school, talk with the faculty members and reassure children after the storm. The Governor spoke with Superintendent David Summers and the contractor responsible for building the new High School, Mr. Chuck Roberts, about increased funding to harden the school so it can be designated as a storm shelter. Then he and Sheriff White spoke with him about the hardening measures to protect children from a domestic threat. Examples would be the need for line of sight barrier fencing, metal detectors and bullet proof glass. As always, we are very impressed with the Governors concern for our welfare and the safety of our children. The Sheriff wants the citizens of Liberty County to know and see that he misses no opportunity to communicate with our State and local officials in an effort to bring resources and more funding into our county.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was proud to host a tour of the National Forest today for Congressman Neal Dunn. Congressman Dunn has always made himself available on issues concerning Liberty County and has shown the greatest concern for how we are recovering from Hurricane Michael. The Congressman wanted to see for himself the damage to homes and loss of resources here, especially in our National Forest. The Congressman asked me to walk with him in the wire grass flats of our forest so he could get a perspective on how egregious our loss is here. The Congressman promised to be a voice for Liberty County on issues like short term timber recovery and how to sustain a timber based economy in the future. Thank you Congressman Dunn for caring about us and understanding that the only thing worse than seeing our precious trees blown down, is watching them go to waste. Sheriff White

The thin blue line flag stands for the sacrifice law enforcement officers of this nation make each day.

Desperately seeking her, she broke through a screened window in the Telogia area. Please call 8505568793 if seen.

Flag flying at the Downs House!

More and more flags are showing up in the community! These were sent to us by the Creamer Family, Varnum Hill, Janice Egan, the Kelsey Family and Toni Wright

Attention Brandon Myers: There have been some items turned in to the dispatch office that belong to you. Please go to dispatch to retrieve your items!

Old Glory still flying over Lake Mystic despite Hurricane Michael. Sent in by Anita Remoussin

Janie Daltons been busy this weekend!

Here’s the flag flying at the Wayne Green residence.

Will anyone with pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Michael please email them to Especially if you have pictures of our locals out working to clean up the neighborhood or national guard. We are also still looking for pictures of your flags whether they be pallet flags or not. We want to see them!

PLEASE BE SAFE ON THE ROADWAYS. Use caution on the roadways as we still have crews out working hard to clear debris and repair electrical wires. There is also debris in the roadways that needs to be pushed back to the right of way. The Sheriff's Office and Florida Highway Patrol will be out in force helping to keep our roads safe and enforcing speed limits. Please do your part, be careful.