Ocala Police Department

  • Agency: Ocala Police Department
  • Address: 402 South Pine Avenue, Ocala, 34471 FL
  • Chief: Greg Graham (Chief of Police)
Phone: 352-369-7000

Ocala Police Department is located at 402 South Pine Avenue, Ocala, 34471 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Greg Graham. The Ocala Police Department phone number is 352-369-7000.

Ocala Police Department News

NEIGHBORHOOD VEHICLE BURGLARIES: BE ON ALERT We have had a recent spike in vehicle burglaries, including those secured in garages and in gated communities. The two people in this surveillance video are believed to be responsible for at least five cases. While the faces aren’t clear, we believe someone who knows them would be able to identify. Tips can remain anonymous. Please share and while you're at it, spread the word that car doors should be locked even when kept in a garage! #Teamwork #SameTeam

DETECTIVE JOSHUA FRIED AND FELLOW OFFICERS TALK SUICIDAL MAN OFF I-75 OVERPASS LEDGE: At approximately 4:47 p.m. Detective Richard Tuck heard a call come over the radio reporting there was a suicidal man hanging on the exterior fence of the SW 43rd Street Road I-75 overpass. He notified Detective Joshua Fried, who is a trained hostage negotiator, and they responded to the scene. When they arrived Officer Brennan Grady, Officer John Hilton, and Sergeant Casey Eades were with the man, who advised he believed there were pending drug charges against him. He also stated that people had been following him for several days. (At this time, we have not been able to confirm any pending charges.) Through conversation, the Officers and Det. Fried were able to get him to climb to the top of the fence, but at that point the man would not continue and expressed specific needs to be met. Det. Fried responded by immediately making arrangements via phone, and as a result the man climbed the rest of the way down. “It ended with a handshake and a hug,” said Detective Fried. “As promised.” The man has been Baker Acted so he may receive an evaluation and treatment if needed. We could not be more proud of Detective Fried, Officer Grady, Officer Hilton, and Sergeant Eades for saving this man’s life. Special thanks to all of our Officers who responded; blocking roads quickly, diverting traffic, and ensuring the safety of everyone in the area. And to the anonymous woman (you know who you are) who stepped up to assist without hesitation, we thank you! This would not have been possible without your cooperation. #OcalaPDconnecting #OcalaPDprotecting

Our Officers are great people, but we’re pretty sure you don’t want to spend your weekend with us... There have been four traffic fatalities in the City of Ocala this year and all were caused by drunk drivers. If you are going to be drinking, please be responsible. The cost for an Uber or Lyft is thousands less than bail and an attorney, but there is also a FREE option. Check it out: http://autoclubsouth.aaa.com/safety/tow_to_go.aspx Have a fun weekend and be safe!

MAN WANTED FOR FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND DOMESTIC BATTERY We have probable cause to arrest Wayne Council, DOB: 6/8/87, for False Imprisonment and Domestic Battery. On May 16, 2018 a female victim came into the lobby of OPD headquarters and notified police that she had been handcuffed against her will inside her residence. One handcuff was still attached to her wrist at the time. The victim alleged that Council had forced his way into her bedroom which was closed with a makeshift lock, placed his hands on her shoulders and began shaking. When the victim asked if she could leave Council threw her on the bed, pulled her hands behind her back, and handcuffed her wrists. He then threw her onto the floor and left the room. She was able to get to a standing position and remove one hand from the handcuffs before jumping out of the bedroom window. She ran after a vehicle on SW 3rd Street and the driver transported her to OPD. When an officer responded to the residence Council was not present. The scene was consistent with the victim’s account of what occurred. Anyone with information regarding the location of Wayne Council is asked to call (352) 369-7070. Tips can remain anonymous and it is imperative for the protection of the victim that OPD is able to make an arrest.

TWO SUSPECTS ARRESTED FOR APRIL PAWN SHOP BURGLARY. ARREST WARRANT ISSUED FOR THIRD SUSPECT. Our investigation into the burglary on April 16th at Classic Pawn and Gun has developed the identities of three suspects. Two suspects have been arrested and charged as follows: Jimmy Jones, DOB: 9/9/97 Juvenile, DOB: 7/31/02 Larceny/Grand Theft of a Firearm & Burglary of a Structure An Arrest Warrant has been issued for: Luis Carino, DOB 11/26/96 – A.K.A. Chico The burglary took place between 2:52 and 2:56 a.m. and 15 guns valued at more than $9,000 were stolen. One gun has since been recovered. If you have purchased a firearm from any of the individuals involved, we urge you to come forward. If the firearm(s) are turned in voluntarily you will not be charged. Otherwise you risk being charged with Possession of a Stolen Firearm. Anyone with information regarding this case, or the location of Luis Carino, is asked to contact Detective Gauthier at (352) 427-3242. Tips can remain anonymous.

UPDATE: The individuals involved in this case have been involved in previous domestic violence incidents. Identities, including that of the suspect, are being kept private for the family’s protection. At approximately1:00 a.m. a woman was alerted by her security system/camera and observed an ex-boyfriend attempting to enter her home. She was out of town at the time, but her children were in the residence. The suspect was gone when officers arrived. After 4:00 a.m. the man returned to the residence and was able to gain entry. The woman’s adult child was armed and shot him as he ran toward the bedroom where younger siblings were located. The suspect jumped out of a second story window, officers located him a few blocks away, and he was transported to a local hospital. He is currently in critical condition. This has been deemed a justifiable shooting. SHOOTING INVESTIGATION-NO THREAT TO THE COMMUNITY: We are currently investigation a shooting in the 4500 block of SE 14th Street. A 30-year-old male intruder was shot by a resident in the home at approximately 4:30 a.m. He is currently being treated at a local hospital and his condition is unknown. All residents are safe. At this time the incident is believed to be domestic. We will provide updates as more information is available for release.

BATTLE OF THE BADGES CHAMPIONS! We had a hard fought battle with our friends from Ocala Fire Rescue in the final game, but it was team OPD for the win this year! When the badges are off, these officers are still serving and give back every chance they get. #OPDsGotHeart Thanks to all of the players who stepped up to raise funds for the Chris Uhle Scholarship Fund: Marion County Sheriff’s Office Belleview Police Department Ocala Fire Rescue Florida Highway Patrol Florida Department of Corrections Until next time...

ATTENTION PARENTS & SENIOR CITIZENS: Whether you are a child's caregiver or senior driver, this will be the most important 30 minutes of your weekend. Stop by OPD Headquarters on Saturday and let our professionals check your car seats and driver seats to make sure you and your family can remain safe on the road.

Police Officers are "hard at work" in the elementary schools. Requests for photo ops, surprise treats left in the office, playground time... these are perks you just don't get on Patrol folks.

CAN YOU IDENTIFY? Please take a look at these photos and let us know if you see any familiar faces. A phone number for the assigned Detective is included on each surveillance image. Please reference the listed case number when you call and as always, tips can remain anonymous. Thank you! #Teamwork #SameTeam

UPDATE RE SHOOTING INVESTIGATION: SEARCH WARRANT RESULTS & VICTIM IDENTITY The adult male found on NE 11th Avenue with multiple gunshot wounds this morning has been identified as Justin Allen (DOB: 11/25/1985). Allen is still in critical, but stable condition. As part of the investigation, OPD obtained and executed a search warrant at a residence believed to be where the shooting occurred. 1107 NE 13th Street As a result of the warrant execution, Christopher Chung (DOB:10/10/1985) was arrested and charged with three (3) counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, possession of THC derivative, and felony possession of marijuana. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and Detectives are awaiting an opportunity to interview Mr. Allen. His family has been notified of his condition. SHOOTING INVESTIGATION: NO THREAT TO THE COMMUNITY We are on scene investigating a shooting that occurred at approximately 3:05am near the intersection of NE 13th Street and NE 11th Avenue, in a residential area. Neighbors called 911 and when officers arrived they found an adult male in the road with multiple gunshot wounds. He is in critical condition and receiving treatment at a local hospital. The cause of the shooting is unknown and the investigation is ongoing. We will update as further information is available, but there is no present threat to the community.

CARJACKING SUSPECT PURSUIT & ARREST At 3:05pm on May 2, 2018, OPD received a 911 report of a carjacking that had occurred at CVS on the corner of SE 17th Street and Lake Weir Ave. Michael Jenkins (DOB: 1/6/84) had approached a 65-year-old woman as she was exiting her vehicle, pulled on the car door as she attempted to close it, told her to “get out” as he grabbed her, and pulled her out of the vehicle. The victim called 911 and a BOLO was sent to Patrol. Detective Russell located the suspect and stolen vehicle in the area of North Magnolia. He observed Jenkins driving erratically and driving onto the sidewalk. At that time, Det. Russell activated his siren and emergency lights and initiated a pursuit. Jenkins continued driving off the roadway, weaving in and out of multiple lanes of traffic, and running stop signs and traffic signals. Multiple units responded to aid in blocking and stopping the vehicle, including the unsuccessful use of stop sticks. Jenkins entered a residential area and turned down a road with a cul-de-sac. As he approached Dr. NH Jones Elementary, Jenkins drove through the fence and campus before crashing into a school building. Officers immediately apprehended him and transported to the Police Department where EMS assessed his injuries. Jenkins appeared to be under the influence of narcotics and was taken to the hospital prior to being transported to the Marion County Jail. Michael Jenkins has been charged with: Carjacking, Felony Fleeing & Eluding, Driving While License Suspended (3rd Offense), Disrupting School Function, Trespassing on School Property, and Culpable Negligence. Jenkins was on probation for armed robbery at the time of his arrest.

DR. NH JONES ELEMENTARY: SUSPECT IS IN CUSTODY AND THERE IS NO PRESENT THREAT TO STUDENTS OR SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD. A carjacking occurred at SE 17th Street and Lake Weir Avenue. OPD located the vehicle and initiated a pursuit in the 400 block of North Magnolia Avenue. The suspect fled to Dr. NH Jones Elementary, drove through the fence, and crashed into a building inside the school. He was immediately apprehended. School was not in session, however there were children in aftercare. Students are being released through standard procedure as the school is no longer on lock down. Thank you to Principal Houle for her quick action to protect her students today. She heard sirens getting closer and immediately put the school on lockdown. We are proud and thankful.

UPDATE: The victim of this homicide is 21 year old Katherine Ovalle (DOB 1/16/97). Ocala Police Department has extended our deepest condolences to Katherine’s family. Please pray for them as they cope with this unimaginable tragedy. There have been 9 domestic violence homicides in Ocala/Marion County in 2018. OPD Victim Advocates are available to provide advice, guidance and safety planning for men and women. Call 369-7000 or come to OPD any week day to meet with an Advocate. There is no requirement to file charges in order to receive support. HOMICIDE IN SE OCALA: SUSPECT CHARGED WITH SECOND DEGREE MURDER On April 25, 2018 at approximately 10:30 p.m. the Ocala Police Department responded to the 3300 block of SE 4th Street in reference to a disturbance with shots fired. When Officers arrived they located a female, believed to be 20-25 years old, shot and laying near a vehicle that had been abandoned in the middle of the road. Witnesses provided a description of the suspect and a BOLO was sent out via dispatch. EMS arrived and loaded the victim into an ambulance, however moments later they notified Officers that she had succumbed to her injuries. Officer Daniel Collier located a subject matching the description at SE Ft. King Street and SE 36th Avenue. The subject, identified as Yusuf Melendez (DOB: 6/20/96), was sweating and out of breath. He said he heard gun shots in the area and ran away. Officers observed wet blood on his shoes and pants, which were collected. Witnesses positively identified Melendez as being in the area during the time of the shooting. He was detained and transported to the Police department. While Officer Collier was with Melendez, a gun was recovered nearby. Officer Burgos's K9 partner, Babbo, conducted a track to SE 36th Avenue in close proximity to where Melendez and the firearm were located. During an interview at the Police Department, Melendez said he was walking from his house on 4th Street to his cousin’s house when he heard gunshots and ran away. When questioned about the blood on his pants and shoes, Melendez said that he hadn’t changed his clothes in days and that the blood was from a cut to his hand more than a week ago. Upon further questioning he requested legal representation and the interview concluded. Detective Dustin Todd completed probable cause for the arrest of Yusuf Melendez and he has been charged with Second Degree Murder. Melendez is currently being held without bond in the Marion County Jail. Yusuf Melendez and the victim are believed to have been involved in a relationship for an undetermined amount of time. Officers and Victim Advocates are working to notify next of kin, but until that is complete Ocala PD will not be releasing the identity of the victim.

VIDEO & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE: https://www.facebook.com/OcalaPoliceDepartment/videos/2061162920562035/ UPDATE: We have identified the victim and are working to notify next of kin. Once that has been done we will post video of the suspect being taken to the Marion County Jail, and will release additional information regarding the homicide. HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION-SUSPECT IN CUSTODY: We are currently on scene conducting a homicide investigation in the 3400 block of SE 4th Street, which occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday. A female victim, believed to be 20-25 years of age, was found deceased in front of a residence as the result of a shooting. OPD has not positively identified the victim, but a suspect is in custody. More information will be released within the hour.

We are on scene with Ocala Fire Rescue and have secured the perimeter of an area in Fore Ranch where sinkhole activity has been identified. The cause may be linked to a private irrigation water main break, and units adjacent to the area have been evacuated as a safety precaution. The City Engineer and Emergency Management are investigating.

OPD recently conducted a promotion ceremony for five Officers, who have a combined experience of 105 years serving the City of Ocala. We hope they forgive us for sharing throwback photos from the start of their careers! Please join us in congratulating: Deputy Chief Mike Balken Major Louis Biondi Captain Charles Eades Lieutentant Mike Sommer Sergeant Matt Steckman "It is an exciting time at the Police Department, to be able to promote all five of these positions. Mike is the fifth Deputy Chief since the rank was established. All of these Officers have done a remarkable job in their commitment to this organization, and specifically their commitment to the community. This is well deserved. I can't tell you how proud I am and what an honor it is to get to work with them on a daily basis." -Chief Greg Graham Special thanks to Sheriff Woods and Chief Deputy Douglas from MCSO, for coming to celebrate with us.

Today we are mourning the loss of our brothers in Gilchrist County, and our hearts are with all who are suffering from this senseless tragedy.

COMMUNITY FORUM: TUESDAY AT 6:00PM All are welcome to join us and participate in a discussion about the impact of vagrancy in our City. Mayor Guinn and Chief Graham are hosting this forum in order to allow individuals and business owners the opportunity to share their experiences, and learn how OPD is addressing the issue. Please note: The topic is centered on vagrancy as it pertains to the law. This is not a discussion about homelessness, although we do hope the appropriate agencies will host a similar forum to discuss social services related solutions. Thank you to our co-hosts Ocala Main Street.

Moving forward, we are working to be able to sustain this coverage by recruiting and hiring additional Officers. Thanks to Mayor Guinn and City Council for their support throughout this process.

WEST PORT PARENTS: We are currently facilitating helping parents sign their children out. This is being done ten at a time so we can maintain order and safety. ALL OTHER SCHOOLS: Gates are remaining closed as a precaution, but you will be permitted to walk onto campus and sign your child out as you normally would. Remember to bring your ID.

BE ADVISED: ANY REPORTS OF A THREAT AT WEST PORT HIGH SCHOOL ARE FALSE. UPDATE: RUMOR CONTROL For those with questions due to reports from other entities, this is the correct information. There was a false 911 report from a student. OPD responded and quickly determined it was unfounded. That student has been removed from class. Unfortunately rumors continue to spread via social media, but know that we will be updating with factual information immediately should there be any real threat to the public.

RE: SHOOTING AT FOREST HIGH SCHOOL All schools are on Code Yellow as a PRECAUTION. The shooter is in custody and there is NO THREAT to any other school. We are assisting MCSO, and Marion County Schools will be responsible for providing instruction to parents of Forest students. At this time we can only report that there is one person injured and the shooter is in custody. We will update as more information is available for release.

The Ocala Police Department extends our deepest condolences to the Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office. This senseless act sends shockwaves throughout the law enforcement community and is a reminder of the risk officers take daily in order to live a life of service. Please pray for GCSO and all who are suffering this tragic loss.

MURDER CHARGE IN JANUARY SHOOTING AT PARKSIDE GARDEN APARTMENTS: The Ocala Police Department (OPD) has arrested Tyrell Kendrick (DOB: 08/10/1987) for the shooting death of D’Andra Flythe (DOB: 10/03/1997) on January 25, 2018. At approximately 3:15pm, Ocala Police responded to the scene of a shooting that occurred at 621 NW 2nd Street in Parkside Garden Apartments. As units were en route they noticed a car fleeing the scene and pursued the vehicle which ended at a local hospital. D’Andra Flythe was in the vehicle and had been shot twice in his back, once in his left forearm, and had multiple gunshot wounds in his left hand. Tyrell Kendrick was at the scene when Officers arrived. He had been shot in his chest and ankle, and a bullet had grazed his head. Kendrick was transported to the hospital by EMS. The investigation revealed that this incident began with Kendrick’s friend being accused of stealing a television from Flythe’s home one month earlier. Flythe and others confronted the man and beat him up on January 24th. The next day when the friend told Kendrick what happened, Kendrick confronted Flythe. There was a physical altercation, but the fight was broken up by bystanders. As Flythe was walking away Kendrick grabbed a gun and began shooting Flythe, who was unarmed. At least one bystander saw what happened and fired shots at Kendrick. During this incident two uninvolved bystanders were shot; one in the hand and one in the hip. Detectives were able to obtain video footage of the shooting, which supported statements provided by witnesses. On January 31st OPD arrested Tyrell Kendrick and charged him with Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. He has been in the Marion County Jail under no bond. On April 18th OPD obtained an Indictment, charging Kendrick with Murder in the Second Degree with a Firearm. There will be no charges for the bystander(s) who fired weapons in defense of Flythe. *MUGSHOT IN COMMENTS THREAD Less than three hours after the shooting at Parkside, there was another deadly shooting at North Roads Apartments. Both cases have now been closed by arrest with Second Degree Murder Charges.