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Martin County Sheriff's Office is located at 800 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, 34994 FL. The Martin County Sheriff's Office phone number is (772) 220-7000.

Martin County Sheriff's Office News

Our hearts are heavy once again as we begin to learn the horrific details surrounding the mass shooting at a restaurant/bar in Thousand Oaks California last night. There are twelve confirmed deaths, including that of Ventura County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ron Helus a veteran who ran in to the active shooter scene to engage the killer, and stop further carnage. This was according to police spokesperson Sergeant Helus was shot multiple times, and succumbed to his wounds. Despite the chaos, he ran directly into the fire in hopes of saving lives. At the direction of Martin County Sheriff William Snyder, our agency badges will be shrouded in mourning and respect for Sergeant Helus, a true hero. We also pause to remember all of the victims who lost their lives, or were injured during this violent attack.

SUSPECT ARRESTED FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING USES UNUSUAL MEANS TO TRANSPORT GOODS Trafficking drugs doesn’t appear to be a driver’s game anymore. For 22-year old Jabari Schweitzer, two wheels worked better than four, until he was stopped for a traffic violation. A Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted Schweitzer, of Broward County, operating his bicycle after midnight along SE Delmar Street in Stuart. The bike had no front or rear lights making it difficult for passing motorists to see. When the deputy conducted the stop, Schweitzer did not want to identify himself and continued to ride away. The deputy was able to stop Schweitzer, and secure him for questioning. Schweitzer was extremely uncooperative, especially when the deputy found a container containing a red substance inside another bag full of clothing. That substance tested positive for Ketamine, 69-grams of it. Schweitzer continued to be combative inside the patrol car, as he stomped the floor in an attempt to conceal crack cocaine which was in his clothing. Jabari Schweitzer is currently in jail with a bond of $215,750.00 charged with trafficking in Ketamine, possession of crack-cocaine, and resisting arrest without violence.

MCSO LAUNCHES MONITORED ON-SITE EXCHANGE PROGRAM FOR CITIZENS WHO NEED A SECURE LOCATION TO COMPLETE TRANSACTIONS The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has created customized parking spaces for citizens who wish to complete transactions, such as domestic child custody exchanges, purchases, or anything that would require a secure location. The MCSO “Exchange Program” located in the parking lot of our agency is monitored via video surveillance 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If you are taking part in on-line sales, and are scheduled to meet someone for any type of transaction, and prefer to do it with law enforcement close by, feel free to do it at our office, in any one of the designated parking spots, located at 800 SE Monterey Road. No appointment or pre-calling is necessary. The parking lot is monitored, and activity is recorded. Please feel free to begin using this service.

Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies have evacuated Florida Community Health after construction workers hit a 2-inch gas line near Jefferson and SR 710 in Indiantown. The evacuation is precautionary. Work is underway to repair the line, but those traveling in that area should expect delays.

It was a year ago that Marissa was going to have her third child. She was expecting to deliver in a little more sterile environment, however, little Mia had other plans. She was in such a hurry to meet the world that her dad had to pull onto the median on Kanner Highway and try to deliver his baby. Deputy McDonald came to their rescue and together they brought Mia into the world. Here they are, all together again, as they celebrate Mia’s 1st birthday. Deputy McDonald presented her with a gift to celebrate her birth and giving Mia her first Junior Deputy badge. Welcome to the team Mia!

IMAGES OF THE WEEK From time to time we capture images that are so good, we have to share them. Here are a few captured throughout the week that we thought were priceless! While on patrol in the Panhandle, this wayward cat darted out of a yard and jumped into the passenger seat of the vehicle that the deputy had stopped. When the car owner denied knowing the cat, Martin County Sheriff’s Deputy Dillon Bellas had to strategically talk the animal out. Whatever he said, worked. After getting the cat out of the car, the animal climbed up Deputy Bellas’s side and found a better seat on his shoulder, where he stayed until the traffic stop was cleared. Superhero and Cop, in our eyes—they are one in the same. But these images captured on Halloween show that, in the eyes of a child, admiration for the good guys still exists. Plus, these photos are just plain adorable! Enjoy your weekend everyone. We will see you at the airshow!

MCSO, LOCAL COMMUNITY EXTENDS HELPING HAND TO PANHANDLE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS HIT HARDEST BY HURRICANE MICHAEL Typically, employees at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office would begin donating money to prepare for our annual employee Thanksgiving luncheon. This year is different. Employees will still be donating money, but this year, we have cancelled our Thanksgiving gathering, and are redirecting our resources to help our law enforcement brothers and sisters in the Panhandle. While our Rapid Response Team was assisting agencies hit hardest by the storm, they realized that many of the officers in the Panhandle, who were still working to assist the public, were victims as well. Many lost their homes and personal belongings. So, this year, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is collecting donations to assist those officers, so they can work to rebuild what they have lost in this terrible storm. Many people in our community have asked how they can help, and here is an opportunity. We will be accepting cash, checks and gift card (such as Wind Dixie, Publix and Walmart) through November 15th. Our agency will then take those donations and divide it among 39 employees at two smaller agencies that we have identified as in need. If you would like more information about how you can help, please call Laurie Weber at 772-220-7146. In this family, no one fights alone.

Trunk or Treat photos are rolling in, and they are awesome!! We may have exceeded last year’s guest count! Thank you for joining us at the largest Halloween celebration around. We hope you had fun! Until next year!


Set up is underway, the candy is ready to go, and everyone is getting ready!! MCSOs 5th Annual Trunk or Treat opens at 5pm!!! Happy Halloween everyone! (Thank you Deputy Polizzi and staff at Pinewood Elementary School for getting us in the spirit!!)

TRUNK OR TREAT IS FINALLY HERE!!!! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Tomorrow is the big day, and WOW, it’s going to be BIG. Our vendor section is officially sold out, making this the largest Trunk or Treat EVER! This year we added a petting zoo and so much more! It’s free, its fun and it’s finally here. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The event begins at 5pm. Willoughby Boulevard will be shut down from Ruhnke Street to Monterey Road from 5pm to 10pm. Parking will be at Martin County High School accessible from the Willoughby Boulevard entrance. Only local traffic into the high school parking lot will be permitted. Handicap parking will be at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. You must enter at the Monterey Road Entrance. Expect this to be a busy event, but worth every minute! We look forward to seeing you!

MCSO SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER WORKS WONDERS TO SEE SHANIA SMILE 7-year old Shania has a smile that lights up a room, despite the fact that she has been battling cancer for the past few years. Life has been a challenge for Shania and her family, but she never stops fighting. When MCSO SRO Deputy Crystal Duncombe met the first grader at Port Salerno Elementary School, there was no question that she was special. So special, that Deputy Duncombe wanted to step in, and work towards making some of the child’s dreams come true. Deputy Duncombe learned that there was a lot Shania wished for, but because of her illness and her aunt’s financial restraints, Shania has been unable to achieve those wishes. So Deputy Duncombe raised money, and made some of those dreams come true. Thanks to her effort, Shania got to make cupcakes for the first time, take a trip to Disney World, and go on a clothing shopping spree. Here are a few images of those wishes being fulfilled. Shania has a long and tough road ahead of her, but thanks to Deputy Duncombe, the road will not be without dreams and full of Shania smiles.

MSCO’s SECOND DEPLOYMENT TO STORM DEVASTATED PANHANDLE YIELDS UNUSUAL VICTIMS While on patrol in the storm damaged areas of the Panhandle, MCSO Captain John Budensiek came across an unusual victim of Hurricane Michael. Displaced by all of the devastation, this black bear cub’s mother was killed by a car shortly before MCSO found the distressed animal. Captain Budensiek worked to calm the animal before contacting FWC. Thank you Captain Budensiek for answering the call of all those in crises.

Martin County Sheriff's Detectives are still searching for 25-year old Majia-Valle, Olvin-Gerardo of Stuart. He is wanted for sexual battery on a child. Gerardo is a citizen of Honduras. Detectives believe he has, or will attempt to make his way to Texas to elude capture. Gerardo may be in the company of aquaintances who are assisting him as he makes his way out of the area. If you see him, please call the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Southbound US 1 closed at Seabranch due to rollover crash with debris. Please seek alternate route

MCSO SEEKING INFO ON MAN WANTED FOR SEXUAL BATTERY ON A CHILD At this hour, Martin County Detectives are searching for 25-year old Olvin Gerardo (pictured below). Gerardo is wanted in connection to a sexual battery on a child. The incident occurred in Stuart. Gerardo is a citizen of Honduras and detectives are concerned he will attempt to make his way to Texas to elude arrest in Martin County. Gerardo was last seen yesterday. He got into a dark pick-up truck with two Hispanic males. If you have any information about Olvin Gerardo, please call 9-1-1.

MCSO SEEKING INFORMATION ON MISSING AND ENDANGERED WOMAN The Martin County Sheriff's Office is seeking information on the whereabouts of 42-year old Natasha Casillas of Stuart. Natasha was last seen by family members on 10/24/18. When her husband returned home on Monday, she was gone, as was her car, a maroon Kia Optima Florida tag, M666XY. The driver side of the car has damage from a previous accident. The sheriff's office has recieved information that her car was spotted in Miami Beach yesterday around 4pm. It is unknown who was driving the vehicle. Natasha is about 5'6" tall, with blonde hair, and weighs between 120 and 130 pounds. If you have any information about Natasha, please call the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

DROP OFF EVENT FOR EXPIRED OR UNUSED MEDICATIONS TO TAKE PLACE THIS WEEKEND Saturday, October 27, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit along with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration will offer drop off points so you can safely dispose of your unused or expired prescription drugs. Bring your unwanted, unused, or expired prescription or over-the-counter medications to the drop-off locations listed on the flyer. This service is a free service offiered by local law enforcement agencies in partnership with the DEA.

Pursuit that began just north of the Florida Keys, and included a running gun battle between police and the suspect, was ended by Martin County Deputies along Florida Turnpike in Palm City. The suspect is dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound. Live details shortly.

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Traffic is backed up in both directions on the Turnpike due to a police pursuit from Miami- Dade, where suspect shot at Officers. Pursuit ended in Martin County and suspect is being treated for a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Please continue to avoid the area and seek an alternate route.

‪TRAFFIC ALERT: Northbound Turnpike is closed at Indiantown Road. NB traffic being routed off at Indiantown Road due to high law enforcement activity. Please avoid the area and seek an alternate route. ‬We will update as more information becomes available.

Thank you to our amazing vendors participating in this year's Trunk or Treat! If you are still interested in being a vendor for this event, we have extended the deadline to register to Friday, October 26, 2018. Come be a part of this fun and amazing event. We are looking forward to hosting all the ghosts, goblins, princesses and super heroes! We are ready!

SEE SOMETHING, SEND SOMETHING! MARTIN COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE LAUNCHES NEW APP FOR PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND STUDENTS TO REPORT TIPS, RECIEVE ALERTS Martin County Sheriff’s School Resource Deputies are turning to technology and communication in an effort to add another layer of safety and crime prevention within our schools. Not only is there a sheriff’s deputy assigned to each school throughout Martin County, deputies now have a new tool to help them send out alerts to parents, teachers and students. The new SEE SOMETHING, SEND SOMETHING APP allows students or any member of the community to submit a tip regarding suspicious activity anonymously, or self-identified from their smart phones. The tips go directly to law enforcement officers in real time, 24-hours a day. This includes the ability to send videos and, or photos. The app also has real time chat ability, so users can chat with officers. The See Something, Send Something app gives the Sheriff’s Office the ability to send out pulse alerts using geo-fencing notifications. If there is an incident in one area and deputies need to alert those contained in that area, they can geo-fence the zone and push out an alert to user’s smart phones. The APP was launched as part of the Sheriff’s Office continued crime prevention efforts in our school system. It is free and is easy to use. We encourage all parents, teachers and students to download and begin using the app.