Key West Police Department

  • Agency: Key West Police Department
  • Address: 1604 Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, 33040 FL
  • Chief: Donald J Lee Jr (Chief of Police)

Key West Police Department is located at 1604 Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, 33040 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Donald J Lee Jr. The Key West Police Department phone number is (305) 809-1111.

Key West Police Department News

One more from our KWPD family Halloween! Like father like son: Officer Andrew Hudson and son John.

Officer Alioht Valdes-Marrero doing his part to keep kids (including his own!) safe on Halloween!

Officer Alioht Valdes-Marrero mentoring Nino Igualas-Gonzalez. Members of the KWPD work with kids through Keys to be the Change, helping them thrive in their school lives.

School Resource Officers Janeth Del Cid joins the Key West High School staff, showing their Conch spirit for Homecoming week!

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Now that the Truman Waterfront Park is open and Key West is entering its busy event season, the Key West Police Department wants to remind the community that the FAA has very strict restrictions against flying drones over the island. Due to safety concerns regarding the airport and military operations, any drone operation in Key West air space must be permitted by the FAA. Drone operation is strictly prohibited over or near military installations; operators can be fined and drones confiscated for single offenses. For more information, go to :

Only in Key West

ROAD IS REOPENED. The outbound lanes of the 2300 block of Flagler Avenue are closed due to a rollover crash. Only minor injuries. Please use alternate route.

The inbound lanes of the 2300 block of Flagler Ave are closed due to a traffic crash. Use alternate route; expect delays.

Thank you, Key West Citizen, for the spotlight on Lt. Alfredo Vazquez. It truly was a KWPD front page morning!

A nice shout-out from the Key West Citizen this morning:

Key West's finest during Saturday's Fantasy Fest parade: Key West Police Chief Donie Lee and Capt. JR Torres, Florida Highway Patrol's Lt. Kathleen McKinney, KWPD Capt Sean Brandenburg and Officer Steve Torrence. Photo Courtesy of Carol Tedesco.

City Manager Jim Scholl announces the appointment of Key West Police Capt. Sean Brandenburg to succeed retiring Police Chief Donie Lee when he steps down in December. Capt. Brandenburg has been a law enforcement officer since 1990, serving his first 12 years in Indiana and joining the Key West Police Department in 2002. Capt. Brandenburg has been involved with the Special Response Team, the K-9 and Mounted Units, served as the Detective Sergeant in Special Ops Unit then as the night shift Operations Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain of the Administrative Bureau in 2014. He received the Life Saving Medal on two separate occasions in his time with the Key West Police Department. In addition, he served as unit coordinator for the department's K-9 Unit. In 2016, Capt. Brandenburg graduated the 266th Session of the FBI National Academy Program at Quantico, Virginia.

Police Chief Donie Lee today announced that, after over 24 years or service, he is retiring from the Key West Police Department. In a statement to all members of the Department, he wrote: “It is with mixed emotions that I announce my retirement from the Key West Police Department effective December 3, 2018. After 24 years I can’t be but somewhat saddened and reluctant to leave it. But I also leave with the firsthand knowledge and pride that the Key West Police Department is in good hands. The men and women both sworn and civilian of the Key West Police Department are second to none. On a daily basis, I witness the remarkable professionalism and commitment to service you display. It has been a privilege to serve alongside of you and you are what I will miss most. May God continue to keep you safe and may you continue to make us proud.” Chief Lee began his career with the Department in 1994. He rose through the ranks until, on April 1, 2008, he was appointed Chief of Police.

Rolling street closures today beginning at 5:30. The Masquerade March begins on Frances Street to Fleming to Simonton. Motorists should avoid the area. Walkers are welcome! And keep your clothes on! Behave!

Lt. Joe Tripp - one of many enforcing fun during this week’s Fantasy Fest-ivities.

Pink Heals Tour

The Pink Heals Tour came to Key West today and, along with the members of the Key West Police Department, gave a big "STAY STRONG" to firefighter Frankie Guttierez, who is battling cancer. The organization drives its pink fire truck all over the country, urging local leaders to join the cause. The program spearheads local fundraising to help first responders and their families who are battling cancer. The Pink Heals delegation to Key West were: Shucks Maddox, Don Hayworth, Seth Kallick, and Barb Scrum.

Now that the party is in full swing, it’s important to remember to protect against pickpockets and theft. Cell phones are a popular target for predatory thieves, especially during one of the busiest weeks of the year when potential victims are partying en masse. Keep cell phones – and wallets – close. Many predatory thieves take advantage of bar and restaurant patrons who leave a phone on a bar or counter. Women carrying purses should keep them close to their bodies and sealed. Engage the “find my phone” application so that there’s a better chance of recovering it if it’s stolen.

A Key West man is facing nine felony charges after renting two apartments using another man’s identity and a fake check. Daniel Michael Flynn, 40, was arrested Saturday after two different landlords reported they had been defrauded. The first report came in on October 2nd when the first victim discovered that a security deposit check for a property on South Roosevelt Blvd. was an altered check. The victim had entered into a lease agreement with a man identifying himself as Chad Fair. The victim was conducting business from outside of Key West, and did not meet the man calling himself Fair. When the bank spotted the check as a fake, the landlord sought reimbursement from the suspect, but he vacated the premises. While investigating the case, detectives discovered another case in which a suspect identifying himself as Fair had leased another apartment. In this case, the property owners received two checks from the man calling himself Fair, both written on an account belonging to Mary Fair, whom the suspect said was his mother. Both checks were rejected by the bank as being fictitious. Delving into the two cases, detectives discovered that a man named Daniel Flynn had active warrants in Pennsylvania for using the stolen identity of a man named Chad Fair. The victims quickly identified the photo ID of the man calling himself Fair as Flynn. In the meantime, detectives confirmed with Mary Fair that she had not written any checks for Key West rentals. They also spoke with Chad Fair who said he knew Flynn and had, indeed, had previously dealt with Flynn stealing his identity. Police found Flynn at the Thomas Street apartment he had rented with the false checks and brought him in for questioning. At first Flynn continued his claim that he was Fair, signing his Miranda waiver as Fair. Once detectives disclosed that they had spoken with both Chad and his mother Mary Fair, Flynn admitted his real identity. Flynn is facing four felony fraud charges, three felony charges for impersonating an elderly person, two felony counts for passing false checks and one felony count of forgery for signing a false name.

Key West’s biggest party of the year is upon us. While you’re busy putting the finishing touches on your costume, it’s good to remember a few crucial pointers. o Public nudity: is absolutely prohibited in Key West. Male and female genitalia must not be exposed. Female breasts cannot be exposed. Breasts painted with body paint will only be considered as covered when in the Fantasy Zone. Body paint cannot be applied in public; it must be applied in an enclosed area, out of the public view. Sex acts in public are absolutely prohibited. o Fantasy Zone: Lower Duval Street to United Street and the streets that cross it. Those cross streets are only considered part of the Fantasy Zone between Whitehead and Simonton streets. o Artificial or toy weapons: You’re better off not using them at all. But if your costume simply must have one, make sure it’s clearly a fake. Law enforcement officers will be watching for anything resembling a weapon, from water guns to artificial swords or knives. Replica weaponry may be confiscated. In addition, laser pointers are not allowed during the event, and they too may be confiscated. o Backpacks and coolers: are strongly discouraged in the Fantasy Zone. If you do bring them, you may be asked to have it searched by an officer. o Masquerade March: On Friday, Oct. 26th, the Masquerade March leaves the Key West Cemetery at 5:30 p.m. This year, there is just one route, which meanders through Old Town and ends up on South Beach. The streets are not closed along these routes so motorists can expect delays and are advised to take alternate routes. Revelers are reminded that nudity is absolutely prohibited during this event. o Street Closures: To accommodate the many street activities during the festival, several areas are closed during the week. Street fairs and evening events are scheduled throughout the week, culminating in the parade. o The Truman Waterfront Park Splash Pad will be closed Saturday, October 27th to accommodate the Fantasy Fest Parade lineup. It will reopen on Sunday. Fantasy Fest has a tradition of being a fun and peaceful party, and the Key West Police Department is looking forward to continuing that tradition. We will have extra officers on duty. In addition, other members of the law enforcement community, including the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Highway Patrol, the FBI, the Florida Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Orange County Mounted Unit, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Navy will be on hand to help ensure a safe event.

Motorcycle Officer Alex Gaufillet continued with his duties, unfazed by the endless stream of bike riding zombies that overtook Key West last night!