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Saint Johns County Sheriff's Office is located at 4015 Lewis Speedway St, St. Augustine, 32084 FL. The Saint Johns County Sheriff's Office phone number is (904) 824-8304.

Saint Johns County Sheriff's Office News

TRAFFIC UPDATE: CR 210 W. has been re-opened following todays vehicle vs. motorcycle crash near South Hampton.

‪CRASH: Deputies are on scene of vehicle versus motorcycle crash on CR 210 W near South Hampton. Both lanes are being closed at this time. Seek alternate routes and expect delays in the area. ‬

SEARCH WARRANT: Yesterday, Member of our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and SWAT served a search warrant on a residence in the S.E. District that had caused numerous complaints from residents. Followig the arrival of some tenants, neighbors reported finding needles in their yards and a high traffic flow of persons/cars in and out of the home. Following the serving of the warrant, 6 individuals were arrested on various charges ranging from Narcotics Possession, Resisting Arrest, Possession of Ammunition by a Convicted Felon, Tampering with Evidence, Possession of Controlled Substances without a Prescription, Possession of Methamphetamine, Violation of Probation and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. All f the subjects were booked into the SJC Jail. The neighbors in the community were very appreciative, but we know there is more to be done in certain areas of our community...

THE BRIEF: Today, we thought we would throw a couple of cases at y'all in a mid-week briefing. Feel Free to share with your friends and neighbors who may not follow SJSO'S happenings and Stay Safe...! FRAUD: A N.W. District Deputy was called to an area retail store regarding a loss prevention officer, who had revealed an apparent theft by an employee. The fraud department of the store had noticed fraudulent transactions on the store employees debit card. The investigation found that the employee was both taking merchandise from the store and then creating fake return receipts in order to place funds on her debit card. Additionally, she allegedly created fake customer loyalty accounts, so that she would earn in-store referral rewards. According to the report filed by Deputy K. Carr, the suspect had garnered over $4,351.00 in stolen merchandise and collected $1,300.00 in debit card return transactions since June of this year. The employee was arrested for Grand Theft and Scheming to Defraud charges and taken to the SJC Jail. PRESCRIPTION FRAUD: A local pharmacist working in the S.E. District discovered what he believed to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain numerous Suboxone (Opioid Medication) pills. The pharmacist received a phone call from a blocked number and an individual who represented herself as being from a doctor’s office in Georgia. The individual provided all of the information necessary to the pharmacist, however, he believed the call was suspicious due to the blocked line and the number of pills that were being prescribed. The pharmacist knew the sought prescribed amount was higher that what is allowed and contacted the doctor’s office in Georgia to confirm the request. The doctor’s office advised they had not ordered the prescription. The person who the prescription was called in for began to contact the pharmacist in order to pick up her prescription and relayed that she knew the prescription number had been increased. She then provided an insurance card number, so the pills could be covered by her husband’s insurance. The pharmacist called the Sheriff’s Office and according to the report filed by Deputy B. Hand, he met the supposed patient when she arrived. The subject denied any fraudulent activity on her part, but consented to having a search conducted of her cell phone. There, the deputy found forensic evidence of several phone calls, to include several that were blocked to the pharmacy at the time of the order. The suspect stated she blocked the call so she would get someone on the phone more quickly, while denying the incident. Based on the facts, the deputy arrested the individual on Fraud to Obtain a Controlled Substance charge and transported her to the SJC Jail without incident. BURGLARY ARREST: Deputies in the S.W. District responded to a report of a subject running through residents backyards. The callers provided a description of a white male, who was shirtless and had multiple tattoos. Deputy Paul Miranda arrived on scene and quickly located a subject matching that description. While making contact and summoning the subject to his patrol car, the subject dropped a blue and black blanket to the ground. While speaking with subject he denied having anything in his hands and the “item” wasn’t his. The deputy approached the blanket and discovered it contained a black iPad and a blue and white flower wallet/purse with North Carolina identification. When the deputy powered up the iPad, the name of the owner appeared on the screen. As he continued to interview the subject, his story changed and he stated he knew the items were stolen, but he was provided them by someone else to pawn. The deputy located the owners of the property and discovered the iPad should be present in their motorhome, but was discovered missing. The suspect was arrested without incident for Burglary and Grand Theft, due to the value of the items taken.

THANK YOU!: Earlier this morning, Undersheriff Cline addressed the crowd during the Grand Opening of the Walmart store in the N.W. District. During the opening ceremonies, Walmart personnel presented the SJSO with a check for $4950.00 to further our law enforcement efforts in the community. We sincerely appreciate the support and CONGRATS on the new community enterprise!

CONGRATS GRADS: The SJSO recently graduated the 30th Session of our Civilian Law Enforcement Academy! The academy was created to provide an educational platform of the real world aspects of daily law enforcement engagement. The participants interact with many of our personnel regarding agency organization, legal issues, perspectives on investigations and emergency response. They also ride-along with deputies on patrol, and in the jail to witness the various dynamics of protecting our communities. CONGRATS to our graduates and thank you for your involvement!

REMINDER: If you find yourself witnessing a Reckless Driver, Disturbance, or any other issue where a deputy needs to intervene, intercept or have a presence, please do not summon us through social media. Social Media platforms are not monitored 24 hours a day. Under many circumstances the deputy's need to witness behaviors or at least begin rolling towards you in a timely manner, in order to perform their duties effectively, or within the confines of Florida law.

DINE AND DASH ATI: On 10-25-18 around 3:00 in the afternoon, 3 black females and 1 black male ate a meal at Dick’s Wing’s & Grill at 4010 US1 S. After completing the meal, they walked out on the bill totaling a little more than $63.00. One of the female subjects was wearing military fatigues, while the others wore civilian clothes. The group was seen leaving in a dark colored Nissan sedan, but no tag number was obtained. Only one subject was eventually captured on video, but the subject may go by the name of Jocobi or Jocebi. Anyone who may have information in reference to the identity of these individuals is aksed to contact Deputy F. Kellogg #4003 at

THE BRIEF: AGG ASSAULT W/FIREARM: Deputies in the S.W. District responded to reports of a disturbance that escalated when one of the subjects brandished a handgun and fired one round into the other subject’s apartment door. Once on scene, deputies located both parties involved and began to interview them regarding the events that had allegedly occurred. The investigation revealed the two men had ongoing disputes with one another and that a verbal argument had begun during the incident. The alleged suspect in the shooting incident initially stated he did not have a firearm in his possession at the time of the event. The deputy also determined the suspect was under the influence of an intoxicant, while discussing the events with him. Further investigation by the deputies discovered a spent .380 shell casing at the scene, the evidence of a bullet hole in the door and the discovery of a firearm that was in the possession of the suspect. The suspect was arrested for Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, Firing a Weapon on a public/residential property, Use of a Firearm while Under the Influence and Shooting into a Dwelling. He was taken to the SJC Jail without further incident. CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: Two companies who had been conducting clearing and landscaping operations in a developing community, reported damage when someone took a front end loader and began causing mischief. According to the report filed by Deputy P. Patrick, an excavation company reported a large front end loader was entered and proceeded to cover a smaller excavator with dirt, owned by the landscape company. The vandals also overturned two portable toilets and pushed the smaller loader approx. 20 feet causing damage to the equipment’s radiator and hood area. A mechanic had to be summoned to the site, in order to allow the equipment to operate once again equipment, although no estimate on the cost to conduct the repairs was immediately available. WARRANT SERVICE/DRUGS: While serving an arrest warrant at a residence in the S.W. District for a subject with serious felony crimes, deputies located over 124 grams of cocaine in plain view and drug paraphernalia inside the suspect’s bedroom. Deputies processed the location and arrested the suspect on the original warrant, as well as, the drug related charges. CAPITAL SEXUAL BATTERY WARRANT: Deputies working in the S.W. District encountered a subject driving a vehicle near the southern county line (Hastings area), who they identified as having an active capital sexual battery warrant from an outside jurisdiction. Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle which fled into Putnam County, before crashing the car into a ditch. SJC Deputies pursued the subject on foot after he “bailed” from the car in attempt to escape. Deputies captured him after a brief foot pursuit and secured him while Putnam authorities were summoned to investigate the crash and transport the subject to the Putnam County Jail for the active warrant. According to the report filed by Deputy Tyler Quinney, charges were also filed on the suspect for Fleeing and Attempting to Elude Law Enforcement. DISTURBANCE/STABBING: Deputies in the S.W. District responded to reports of a large disturbance in a parking lot. Once on scene, a deputy observed a large crowd yelling and a vehicle which was a distance away leaving the area at a high rate of speed. The deputy was approached by a female who explained an argument began between her father and another subject. She stated one of the subjects had a gun in his waistband, although it was never displayed or used to threaten anyone. When asked to provide a sworn statement of the events, she refused. While speaking with the female subject, the car that had fled earlier, returned, but had fewer individuals in the car than when it left. Upon making contact with the driver, he refused to identify himself and only stated he was giving a friend a ride. While attempting to gather more information, dispatch was advised that a call reference a stabbing had come in and may be involved in the disturbance. Deputies continued their investigation and discovered blood on the hood and inside and outside of the passenger door. While meeting with one of the involved subjects, he stated he intervened with another subject who was going to “jump” his juvenile son, but was instead struck himself. He stated the other subject reached for his waistband as if he had a gun, but never saw one. When meeting with the subject who had sustained the cutting injury, he stated the other subject involved cut him, but stated numerous times, he did not wish to file charges. According to the report, the deputy asked the man if his statement would indicate the truth surrounding the incident and the subject stated “I plead the 5th”. No one wished to pursue any legal remedy on the issues surrounding the events and when peace was restored to the crowd, the deputies returned to their duties. CHILD NEGLECT/DWLS/DRUGS: Deputies working in the N.W. District responded to a reported traffic crash along S.R. 13, just south of the Julington Creek Bridge. Once on scene however, it was discovered that several citizens had blocked a vehicle in from continuing to drive, after observing the driver in Jacksonville nearly being unconscious behind the wheel. According to the report filed by Deputy J. Tillett, the citizens stated they had observed a young child in the front seat and feared for their safety and others, so they blocked the vehicle from driving. While conducting the investigation, it was determined the driver had taken Xanax and smoked Marijuana earlier in the day. Additional review indicated the driver had multiple suspensions on his license and the child who was an age where a child seat would be required was shoulder strapped into the front seat. The subject was also found to have 11 Xanax pills contained in his front pocket without a prescription. The subject was arrested on charges applicable with the actions listed above actions, including Child Neglect, and was taken to the SJC Jail without further incident. RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: Deputies working in the N.W, District encountered a vehicle, which had been reported stolen out of Jacksonville in the area of State Road 16 and IGP. According to the report filed by Deputy S. Misamore, the Toyota Tacoma was confirmed stolen and as she followed behind the vehicle awaiting backup, the vehicle pulled into a dirt lot and the driver began to exit the truck. The deputy activated the emergency and lights and conducted a felony stop on the subject ordering him to show her his hands. The subject complied and was placed into handcuffs as a passenger was also secured from within the vehicle. After being read his Constitutional Rights, the subject spoke with deputies regarding the vehicle. The subject indicated he had purchased the 2015 vehicle in Jacksonville from a male subject, who he only knows by his nickname for $650.00 and was to continue making payments to him. The driver allegedly asked the seller if the truck was stolen and was told it was not, but also told him there was a title loan already placed on the truck. The driver added that the seller informed him he was only selling the truck because he had issues with a “baby momma”. The driver was arrested for Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle and charges of Driving on a Suspended License after it was discovered his license was suspended indefinitely. The vehicle was towed and the rightful owners of the vehicle notified of the recovery. RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE: Deputies assigned to the N.E. District, discovered a Jeep Patriot vehicle driving southbound on A1A and made confirmation that it had been stolen out of Duval County. Deputies conducted a stop on the vehicle and secured two individuals from the vehicle. After being read their Constitutional Rights, the driver of the vehicle stated he observed the car on a road in Jacksonville and that it had been left running, so he took it. The passenger denied knowing the car was stolen, but did admit to being in possession of Marijuana, baggies and a scale (commonly used to package/weigh drugs for sale) that were located in the car. Upon checking the subjects in the database, the driver was found to have never been issued a driver’s license. The two subjects were arrested on the charges appropriate for each of them and they were taken to the SJC Jail without further incident. GRAND THEFT: Deputies responded to a retail store located in the S.E. District regarding a Grand Theft scheme by what would turn out to be an alleged mother-daughter attempt to defraud the retailer. Once on scene, deputies were informed of the actions witnessed by loss prevention officers employed by the store. Thy stated that two women entered the store and began shopping for numerous items with a tan shopping bag. One of the subjects are then seen leaving the store and returning with a white shopping bag from their vehicle. The subjects then place several men’s shirts into the bag and proceeded to attempt to exchange the items, as though the items in the white bag had previously been purchased. After attempting to exchange the items, which were denied, the subjects placed the items in the cart and left as though they had entered with the items, however, they were detained by store loss prevention officers. The items in the cart totaled over $1000.00. Both were arrested and taken to the SJC Jail. VEHICLE BURGLARY/STOLEN GUN: A Vehicle Burglary was reported in the S.W. District, after the owner noticed his handgun was no longer mounted to his steering column and was missing. The victim stated he parked his truck in the driveway the previous night and re-entered the vehicle the next morning to discover the .40 caliber handgun missing. According to the report filed by Deputy A. Weintraub he and another deputy walked door to door in the community to determine if anyone saw or heard anything that could assist in the investigation. No force was indicated to have been used in the burglary. REMEMBER TO MAINTAIN YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY AWARENESS AND WE HOPE EACH OF YOU HAS A GREAT WEEK!

Shores Blvd at Christina Dr is still shut down due to an overturned tractor trailer. There were no injuries and the driver claimed it was due to a deer. A Hazmat crew is working on the fuel spill, and tow companies handled the cleanup. Please use caution if you’re driving in that area.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION: When Mr VJ Usina and Mr John Allen both of Usina Construction heard about the St Augustine distillery donating money to the Four Star Association for Hurricane relief they wanted to help too. Mr. VJ Usina and Mr. John Allen donated $3000 and Mr John Allen and his wife Theresa donated an additional $2500 to our Four Star Association for hurricane relief. Usina Construction has been a constant source of support for the citizens in SJC and during the hurricanes. They are the first to step up and restore things for our neighbors. During Matthew and Irma they donated their heavy equipment to clear the roads for first responders, and now they are doing what they can to help our friends in the panhandle. This donation will help us help them find some normalcy. Thank you so much!

All donations during this three day period benefit our Police Athletic League Program.

ARTHUR HAS BEEN FOUND! After being missing for 20 hours, Arthur was spotted from our chopper about 100 yards in the marsh near the 312 Bridge. Arthur was awake, breathing, and dehydrated - and covered with mud from head to toe. He is on his way to Flagler Hospital to reunite with his family and get some much needed water and dry clothes. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your help in finding Arthur. We are thrilled that this story has a happy ending.

MISSING ENDANGERED MAN - NEW AND UPDATED INFORMATION!! The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is seeking an elderly white male with dementia who has walked away from Flagler Hospital this afternoon. The man is identified as Arthur LaFontaine, a white male, 83 years old, 6’1” tall, 183 pounds with white hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing long sleeve blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and a blue hat walking north on South Bartola Drive toward SR 312 at 4pm on Wednesday. Arthur is NOT familiar with the area and is suffering from more confusion than normal; he is also known to wander. The new photo attached is from yesterday and is of his actual clothing. If you see this individual you are asked to contact the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 824-8304 or 911.

Are you on Nextdoor? We are! Come chat with your neighbors and make some new friends!

STILL MISSING — PLEASE SHARE The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is seeking an elderly white male with dementia who has walked away from Flagler Hospital this afternoon. The man is identified as Arthur LaFontaine, a white male, 83 years old, 6’1” tall, 183 pounds with white hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing long sleeve blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and a blue hat with “U.S. NAVY” printed on the front in the area of LOWES on U.S. 1 South. If you see this individual you are asked to contact the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 824-8304 or 911.

Newly promoted SGT. Napoleon Staggers showed the true meaning of Taking Care of Kids tonight as he made sure all of these trick or treaters were safe! He was all smiles as he patrol’d the area and made sure everything was safe and sound. We had lots of compliments on his professionalism and how he just had to take photos with all of the kids while out and about. Talk about true leadership and being a role model to others: THIS is what being a part of your community is all about!

The SJSO SPOT team members will be doing compliance checks for Sex Offenders/Predators who are prohibited from participating in Halloween activities tonight in order to make sure your kids are safe. These offenders/predators ARE NOT allowed to participate in any activities: no decorations, no outside lights turned on, and absolutely no handing out candy. Each home should have a sign like the below example on their gate or door as well. If you see a home that may be in violation of the county ordinance, feel free to call the non-emergency line at 904-824-8304 and ask to speak to Sgt. Gazdick. Stay safe out there and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

MISSING PERSON - PLEASE SHARE The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is seeking an elderly white male with dementia who has walked away from Flagler Hospital this afternoon. The man is identified as Arthur LaFontaine, a white male, 83 years old, 6’1” tall, 183 pounds with white hair and hazel eyes. He was last seen wearing long sleeve blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and a blue hat with “U.S. NAVY” printed on the front in the area of LOWES on U.S. 1 South. If you see this individual you are asked to contact the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office at 824-8304 or 911.

IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! IT’S SUPERMAN!!! Deputy Kemp along with the staff at Ketterlinus were out helping kids get into their vehicles to go home. Your Youth Resource Deputies will be out tonight helping in our neighborhoods to keep our children safe. Deputy Kemp also visited Crookshank to spread Halloween cheer as well.

@Florida Department of Law Enforcement has launched a new app, just in time for Halloween! The app allows you to search for lets you search for registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, missing or endangered persons and report suspicious activity, although FDLE stressed that it’s not a substitute for calling 911 in case of an emergency. The free app is available in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play store for Android phones. Search for “FDLE.”

BACK AT IT! 12 weeks ago, K9 Maverick broke his right rear hock while at work. Since then, he's been unable to work and in a hard cast. Yesterday, he was authorized to return to full duty. Dr. Herb Loeman with Atlantic Veterinary Hospital took care of him every step of the way. Thanks, Dr Loeman!

THE BRIEF: DUI/OBSTRUCTION: While patrolling along A1A South, a S.W. District Deputy clocked a speeding vehicle and while observing the vehicle, noticed it drift from one lane to the other. A traffic stop was conducted, the driver was observed to possibly being under the influence and the deputy began a criminal DUI investigation. While speaking to the driver, who was out of the vehicle, a passenger in the car moved over to the driver’s seat and began yelling at the driver to not cooperate. The deputy and driver then moved further away to perform his duties, as the passenger became more belligerent, loud and disruptive. The deputy seemingly ignored the man until he exited the car and prevented the deputy from conducting his investigation. According to the report filed by Deputy J. Briggs, he instructed the man to return to the vehicle for safety reasons and to not interfere in his duties. The deputy also noticed the subject exhibited signs of impairment as well. After a period of time and refusing to adhere to the deputy’s request, he moved to secure the man. The subject resisted, although he was quickly placed into handcuffs and secured in the patrol car. The subject then refused to identify himself to the deputy and would not cooperate with any request. A quick investigative search revealed the subject’s information and that he was in the existing database to confirm his identity. The deputy then returned to the DUI investigation, which revealed the subject’s normal faculties were impaired. The subject refused to cooperate further regarding a breath sample and both subjects were arrested and taken to the SJC Jail without further incident. DUI: A deputy and a citizen who were driving southbound on A1A South were nearly struck by a vehicle who drove past the painted “stop bar” on the road, while attempting to stop for a red light. The deputy turned around on the vehicle, which had accelerated through the intersection and continued to drive northbound on A1A. The deputy observed the vehicle passing other cars and swerving between lanes of travel and driving along the double yellow lines. According to the report, once he caught up with the vehicle and activated his overhead lights, the vehicle braked erratically several times and then the vehicle jerked into the turn lane before making a wide turn onto a side street. Once contact was made the subject she stated she had “two drinks” and offered to walk home the rest of the way. Due to the deputy’s observations, he determined she was impaired and secured her for transport to the jail. During the inventory, the deputy also found the subject to be in possession of Hydrocodone without a prescription. Once at the jail, the driver refused to submit to a breath sample and stated, "I'm not gonna do a test because I think ya'll are trying to trap me..." She was booked into the jail on the charges applicable to the case, to include a charge for having an expired license over 6 months. NOTE: 8 individuals were booked into the SJC Jail for DUI last week! Don’t Drive Impaired; the consequences could be a loss of your driving privilege, fines, legal fees, jail or much worse! A designated driver is too easy to plan for…Do It and keep SJC roadways safer! BURGLARY/STOLEN GUN: A vehicle burglary was reported in the N.E. District after the owner discovered the passenger door was open on his vehicle, as he departed his residence for work. After searching the car, he noticed his .357 caliber handgun was missing. According to the report, no evidence was located to show forced entry. The gun was entered into the national database as stolen, after obtaining the necessary information to complete the entry. RECOVERED STOLEN VEHICLE/DRUG ARREST: Deputies working in the S.E. District, along US 1 South received information regarding a stolen car from Putnam County ad that it was possibly in the area of US1 and SR 312. According to the report filed by Deputy E. Martin, deputies encountered the vehicle in a parking of an area hardware store and observed two people in the car at the time. A felony stop was conducted on the car and the two subjects removed from the car and secured for questioning. During the investigative process, deputies located a syringe on the female driver which contained a liquid substance. The subject advised deputies it contained Methamphetamine. The driver of the car stated the passenger had no knowledge or involvement in the issues surrounding the vehicle or the narcotics found inside. The driver was arrested for the appropriate charges and the owner of the vehicle traveled from Putnam County ad recovered the car. VEHICLE BURGLARY: Deputies in the N.E. District responded to the victim of a vehicle burglary, shortly after he arrived for work. The victim stated he parked his work truck at an area site the previous day, around 2:30 in the afternoon. He stated when he returned the next morning, he discovered that many of his tools had been removed from the utility compartments of the vehicle, and that a side-by-side utility vehicle had also been damaged at the same location. According to the report filed by Deputy M. Logan, the victim stated he had left his truck unlocked; the loss of tools were valued around $3000.00 BURGLARY/STOLEN CAR: Deputy P. Angst responded to a report of a vehicle burglary and stolen car at a residence in the N.E. District. Once on scene, the victims told Deputy Angst they walked out of their residence on Saturday morning and discovered one of their cars had been burglarized and the other car was missing. The male victim stated that he had a spare key to his wife’s car in his glovebox and that key was also missing. The stolen vehicle was entered into the national database and a BOLO placed on the car. The deputy noted that no signs of forced entry were located. Early this Monday morning, the SJSO was notified by the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office that the car had been located in their jurisdiction and an individual arrested during the event in Jacksonville. The owner of the vehicle was notified of the recovery in order to retrieve their property. Last week, your SJSO responded to 144 traffic crashes, 133 disturbance calls, 92 reckless drivers, 81 broken down motorists and assisted with 116 persons experiencing a medical issue. We also responded to 16 vehicle burglaries, 5 residential burglaries, 9 grand theft cases and arrested 6 persons for felony possession of narcotics throughout the week, as well as many other calls for service. Remember to lock-up your property whenever the opportunity avails itself and HAVE A SAFE WEEK!

Had some amazing photos taken of our Marine Unit at the Air Shown this weekend by our friend Zak. Thanks for sharing them! We were blown away!

WE HAVE ARRIVED!! Air Two has arrived for Ancient City Kids Day at Francis Field from 11a-3p. Come say hello!