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  • Agency: Live Oak Police Department
  • Address: 205 White Avenue SE, Live Oak, 32064 FL
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Live Oak Police Department is located at 205 White Avenue SE, Live Oak, 32064 FL. The Live Oak Police Department phone number is (386) 362-7463.

Live Oak Police Department News

John Cecil Hale will be laid to rest tomorrow. He was a LOPD Officer in the 70’s (71-77 or 78). We want to say thank you for your past service, not only to the Police Department but also as a City Councilman. God Speed and prayers for the entire Hale family🙏🏻


Live Oak Police Month of April stats Case numbers: 1292 Offense reports : 81 Arrest: 28 Supplements: 16 Warrant arrest: 3 Filed affidavits: 13 Traffic crashes: 17 Citations: 128 Warnings: 451 Parking citations: 2 Interview cards: 13

Today begins National Police Week!

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mothers, moms are the foundation for all great families.

We have co officers of the month for the month of March! Sgt. Donnie Brown and Ofc. David Shapiro Sgt. Brown continues to strive to better himself and his shift by leading by example. Ofc David Shapiro is our community resource officer and works tirelessly to promote community policing and dedication

March stats for LOPD Case Numbers: 1360 Incident reports: 108 Supplements: 21 Arrest: 46 Warrant arrests: 13 Filed affidavits: 32 Traffic crashes: 29 Traffic citations: 93 Traffic warnings: 354 Field interviews: 17

SCAM ALERT I was contacted this morning by a lady who was obviously shaken and scared by a phone call she received. The caller stated that she had missed jury duty and that he worked for the Sheriff’s Office and that she needed to pay $2,000.00 or she would be arrested. The caller also had certain information to include where she worked to try to validate his claim. This caused more concern for the young lady, so she began to comply with the callers instructions. The instructions were to purchase cards and then send them to a specified location. I am thankful that she called me and was able to keep them on the line until I could get there. I said some not to nice things to the male subject, he in turned told me to have a great day (among other things) and hung up. I assure you that the Sheriff’s Office or no other Law enforcement Agency would conduct business in this manner. We are at the time of year that countless individuals devise plans to commit fraud on law abiding citizens. I am asking that we all stay diligent in not falling for such schemes. The numbers they call from may appear local, they may even use names that are associated with organizations to include law enforcement. The best advice we can give is NEVER supply banking or personal information to anyone over the phone. When in doubt call the Live Oak Police Department or the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office we are always glad to help. Please if you have parents or grandparents or others that may be easy target, talk to them, question them to make sure we protect them as well Please share. It is our hopes we can prevent a Fraud from occurring.

The 1st mat was given out today by Ofc. McFadden! Hopefully this will be of assistance to Michael🙏🏻

Update on the “community art wall” ! We are having some more shelves made, the wall is full👍🏼

Custom shelves for the artwork built by Billy Cribbs...he did a great job, now help us fill this wall with community art!

Then & Now

I received some pictures from Melody Christian students during Love week. I loved the art Work, so we have decided to start a community art wall in the lobby of our station. If you or your child would like to draw a picture or paint one about law enforcement, we would love to display the work👮🏼‍♂️ help us fill the wall👍🏼

Happy Easter from the staff at the LOPD! We will not take reports of stolen eggs!!!

Sgt. Donnie Brown and Ofc. Tim Parissi had 2 very good cases this past weekend. I am proud of their efforts in helping put drug dealers and other criminals in jail and off of our streets! Job well done guys.

Please join me in congratulating Officer Ryan Macfadden as Officer of the Month for February 2018!

February stats for the LOPD. Case #’s- 1339 Incident reports. 76 Supplements. 15 Arrest. 30 Warrant arrest. 7 Affidavits filed. 24 Traffic crashes. 17 Traffic citations. 122 Warnings. 447 F.I cards. 30

Never know what the boys in blue will have to handle through the day. This little guy was wrangled today by Sgt. Slaughter and Ofc. McFadden! No worries FWC on the way to remote him.

Through the years I have been able to collect some of the history associated with the Live Oak Police Department. This is just some of the antique badges and other equipment I have displayed in my office!

Agency wide meeting today. I am proud of the men and women that wear the badge. I also got to give a commendation to Ofc. Daylene Homer, she investigated a burglary and was able to arrest the defendants and solve 2 different incidents at the same location. The extra effort worked out this time.

Please join me in welcoming Ta-Trease Sapp to the Live Oak Police Department. She is our new victim advocate and we look forward to her joining our team.

Join me in congratulating officer Cody Chauncey for being selected officer of the month for January 2018. Officer Chauncey is a dedicated young man and strives to make Live Oak a better place and it shows through his work ethic.

January Stats for the Live Oak Police Department. Case #- 1643 Offense reports- 115 Supplements- 48 Arrest- 32 Warrant arrest- 12 Filed affidavits- 22 Traffic crashes- 30 Traffic ciatations- 122 Warnings- 514 Field interviews- 32 We hope this information provides some inside to what the men and women of the Live Oak Police Department is doing for this community .

Anyone know this person, he is a suspect in a case

The Live Oak Police Department staff wishes everyone a very happy new year. We pray that all stay safe, make good choices and bring in the new year responsibly.