Baldwin Police Department

  • Agency: Baldwin Police Department
  • Address: 155 Willingham Ave., Baldwin, 30511 GA
  • Chief: Lamar H Clark (Chief of Police)
Phone: (706) 776-5256
Fax: (706) 776-8125

Baldwin Police Department is located at 155 Willingham Ave., Baldwin, 30511 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Lamar H Clark. The Baldwin Police Department phone number is (706) 776-5256.

Baldwin Police Department News

A few more pictures from Red Ribbon week.

Our Officers and office staff reading and talking to the kids at Baldwin Elementary for Red Ribbon Week. The school staff even dressed up!

Chief Webb and Mrs. Garrett announcing the winners on the news!

Pictures of the winners of Red Ribbon Week coloring contest at Baldwin Elementary. It was a hard decision, they were all so good.

Baldwin Police Department's Lt. Segers went to provide assistance for the hurricane relief efforts in the Panama City Beach area. Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens during this time.


A few photos from Heart of Habersham ‘s Light the Night against Bullying at Habersham Central.

At 2:15 in the morning on September the 13th, these two individuals entered from the rear of Hayes Chevrolet on Ga 365 in Baldwin. An attempt to steal the high end wheels and tires from three Chevrolet Tahoes were made, however, not successful. If anyone may have any information on who they are we would love the opportunity to thank them personally!!!

Outstanding work by Sheriff Carlton Speed and the Banks County Sheriff's Office. What an awesome bust. Over 52 pounds of Meth and nearly 7 pounds of Cocaine. Well done Banks County. That makes over 60 pounds of Meth cleaned off the streets of North Georgia in 2 weeks. We are not playing. You can take your death out of here or suffer our wrath. We will not allow you to put your evil drugs into our kids. Take the hint and get out of the business while you still can. Well done Banks County. Very well done.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Officer Cooper and his family as well as his Covington blue family. Please keep them in yours as well.

Awesome job by our former Chief, Sheriff Chad Nichols and the Rabun County Sheriff's Office. Five more pounds of meth removed from the streets. 3 awesome hits to the drugs traffic in North Georgia in just over a week. Great job Rabun County.

Great job by the Regional Task Force and the Habersham County Sheriffs Office. Another big hit in the past week to the drug traffic in North East Georgia. Take the hint and get your drug business out of our counties and away from our kids or we will be seeing you soon.

Chief Webb giving blood today. If you can, stop by Demorest Baptist Church and donate. The Red Cross is there until 5:30.

Last week Sgt. Provost stopped at a lemonade stand where these three young men were raising money for Lego sets for chronically ill children for the Rally Foundation. They were able to raise almost $500 to purchase 25 Lego sets. They wanted to pass on their thanks to Sgt. Provost and all who stopped to support them.

On August 24th our officers, assisted by Alto PD made the streets a little safer, by seizing approximately 2.5 LBS (not ounces, pounds) of methamphetamine on a traffic stop. The street value of this amount of methamphetamine is estimated between $75,000 and $100,000. If you are considering or have ever considered a life in drugs, just know that this young man has possibly just lost the next 25+ years of his life.

Public service announcement from Monroe County Sheriff's Office. 😂