Brooklet Police Department

  • Agency: Brooklet Police Department
  • Address: 202 E Lee St, Brooklet, 30415-0067 GA
  • Chief: Michael L Buchan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 912-842-9911
Fax: 912-842-5877

Brooklet Police Department is located at 202 E Lee St, Brooklet, 30415-0067 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael L Buchan. The Brooklet Police Department phone number is 912-842-9911.

Brooklet Police Department News

Our Prayers are with the Brother and Sisters of Henry County Sheriff Department and Locust Grove Police Department. Keep the officers families in your prayers.

On behalf of the Brooklet Police Department and the City of Brooklet, we would like to remind all citizens that kids start their holiday break on Friday. Most of you will be traveling to see family and friends for the Thanksgiving Holiday. If you are planning on traveling out of town, please contact the police department to have your house put on the house check list. As a precaution, do not post on social media that you will be out of town. Our officers are dedicated to the safety of your families and your homes. Have safe travels and Don't Drink and Drive this holiday season.

A gift from a very creative and thoughtful citizen. We appreciate his generosity and hang his work proudly.

This information is provided for those that wanted to know what was going on yesterday in town.

On Monday night Tuesday morning the truck in the picture along with the two suspects, were going around Brooklet area stealing gas out of fuel tanks by drilling holes. If anyone in the area has had a similar incident occur, please contact the Brooklet Police Department or the Bulloch County Sheriffs office to report the crime. We have two suspects in custody. Brooklet Police Department 912-842-9911 SGT Baker.

This is one reason why there was a curfew in place.

Sheriff Noel Brown requests to all Bulloch County residents is below. The curfew remains in place in Bulloch County and Statesboro,because of dangerous traffic situations and lack of signals and electrical power. Therefore please do not drive into or around Statesboro or Bulloch County unnecessarily. Please allow time for your local governments to return some services and situations back to normal.

Brooklet residents, the curfew for Brooklet will be lifted tonight at 9 pm. This is only for Brooklet, we are not sure or lifting the curfew for the county or Statesboro. Please be safe and mindful of your surroundings.

Brooklet residents, please for your safety, do not post if you are evacuating. This information could make it into the wrongs hands or in this case eyes. The best thing to do is call the police department or message the police department, on private messenger and we will do everything we can to look your house over. Be safe and keep listening to local radio and television for updates on Hurricane Irma. Mandatory evacuation takes place tomorrow at 8 am for Savannah. Be prepared that if you leave, traffic coming back will be long. We will do our best to let all residents back into your homes, but that will depend on how bad our damage is in the area. Tensions will be high in traffic, but tension will be higher in our community with our police officers. Stay safe and do what you feel you need to do to protect your family.

Brooklet residents, please be patient today while your driving home, work, or evacuating. Traffic is bumper to bumper with Florida evacuations and some people are starting to evacuate from Savannah. Traffic comes in spurts, so relax.

Starting today all officers with the Brooklet Police Department will be on duty.

Municipal Court for Brooklet has be rescheduled to October 11, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

Hopefully this will be useful for those with live stalk, as usual do your research to verify the validity of this list as well as other information being posted.