Saint Marys Police Department

  • Agency: Saint Marys Police Department
  • Address: 563 Point Peter Drive, St. Marys, 31558 GA
  • Chief:

Saint Marys Police Department is located at 563 Point Peter Drive, St. Marys, 31558 GA. The Saint Marys Police Department phone number is (912) 882-4488.

Saint Marys Police Department News

Friday funnies: don't try this :)

We, along with the rest of law enforcement officers in our community, mourn the loss of our brother, Camden County Sheriff's Deputy, Sgt. Kevin Barber. Our hearts are heavy and we grieve the loss of Sgt. Barber. He leaves behind a significant legacy of community involvement and dedicated service to the community. He will be sorely missed.

For the latest updates on everything related to Hurricane Michael, go to the Camden County EMA page. See the link below:

The latest on school closures is posted on the Camden County Schools webpage here:

This is the latest track for Hurricane Michael. As you can see, the impact on our area will be minimal, but our neighbors to the west in the panhandle of Florida are facing a direct hit from this category 4 storm. They will need help in the aftermath. Maybe you can help. There are a number of disaster relief organizations that go into areas after storms and help with cleanup. We won't tell you where or how you can volunteer, but the info is out there.

Hurricane Michael's projected track has shifted to the west. There will be some impact on our area tomorrow around 2:00 pm and into Thursday morning. We could see wind gusts to 30 mph. There are numerous warnings in place for the coastal regions of North Florida so be mindful if you're heading to the beach or going out on the water. While the impact to our area won't be any where near the impact of Matthew and Irma, our neighbors to the north and west of us will likely experience significant rain and wind. Many people from all over our great nation responded to our area in our time of need for Matthew 2016 and Irma 2017. This might be a good opportunity to volunteer your time to serve with a disaster relief organization that will respond in the aftermath. As always, we'll keep you informed.

Tropical Storm Michael looks like it's going to impact our area beginning Wednesday with tropical storm conditions possible. The National Weather Service is predicting a windy, rainy week so take this opportunity to make preparations. There's no need to panic folks. As always, we'll keep you as up to date as we can as this storm approaches.

Tropical Storm Florence is way out in the Atlantic Ocean. Our expert prognosticators here at the Department aren't ready to make their predictions just yet, but we thought this would be a great opportunity to remind you to check your hurricane supplies and make preparations around the house. Of course, none of us here wants to see a hurricane, but our experience has shown us that we can hope all day long and that doesn't change the path of storms. The best thing we can do is prepare! Make sure you trim those low hanging branches and remove dead, dying, or diseased trees making sure you follow local policies and procedures that may be in place. Check your supplies and have an evacuation plan. Know where you're going to evacuate to if that evacuation order is issued. As a reminder, mandatory does in fact mean mandatory. Know what you'll do with your pets. Keep your vehicle full of fuel. Now is the time to give your portable generator a test run. There's lots to do this weekend and we hope you'll take the time to be prepared!

Now Hiring: Police Sergeant Position Details The City of St. Marys, Georgia, ( is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Sergeant. This position reports to the Patrol Division Commander and is considered a “Watch Commander” position. The general duties of a Watch Commander are to supervise the day-to-day operations of a Patrol shift Located on the St. Marys River, the City of St. Marys is close to area beaches and the Cumberland Island National Seashore. As home to Kingsbay Naval Submarine Base, we are a military-friendly community that is home to Navy, Marine and Coast Guard personnel. St. Marys is located in the southeastern coastal portion of the state, across the river from Fernandina Beach and Yulee, Florida. The St. Marys Police Department offers competitive starting pay with a five-year pay plan that guarantees new employees a 5% pay raise annually. The salary for this position is $35,700 to $40,000 annually, depending on qualifications. Additionally, we offer excellent health and medical benefits, retirement, take-home vehicles and a number of other benefits to employees. We are looking for candidates of integrity that are interested in serving a diverse community of over 17,000 with the desire to solve problems and help build strong community relationships. We enjoy having an excellent reputation for involvement, fairness and caring treatment among our citizens. The department has recently implemented mobile data field reporting and is currently in the process of transitioning to a 700 MHz trunked radio system. Additional information about the department can be found on our Facebook page at: Requirements: To be considered eligible for this position, the successful candidate must: 1. Have their Georgia P.O.S.T. Basic Law Enforcement certification. 2. Be in good standing with the Georgia P.O.S.T. Council. (The candidate’s P.O.S.T. file must indicate that the candidate is not on probationary or suspended status, or under investigation.) 3. Have a minimum of 5 years of Law Enforcement (not corrections) experience, 4. Have a minimum of 2 years of supervisory experience as a shift supervisor or higher. 5. Submit a City of St. Marys employment application. 6. Complete the standard departmental hiring and selection process. 7. Complete a supervisory Field Training Program. 8. Be willing to relocate without assistance, if necessary. Interested candidates can access the online application form at:

These two guys decided they would "shop" at one of our local cell phone retailers. Instead of paying like all the other hard working people in our fair city, they decided to run a covert op to steal from one of our stores. They're also wanted for questioning in thefts from retailers in Yulee and Brunswick. Do you know them? Feel free to share the mess out of this post so we can, let's just say, reach out and touch them. If you have information about their identity, please contact the non-emergency number for Camden County Dispatch at 912.729.1442.

Timely tip: They used to be things the government used to carry out super-secret spy missions in the movies. The movies have become reality and you can pick up that reality at your local retailer or online. Our topic today is the unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The UAS is commonly known as a drone, but different than what your boss does at those impromptu meetings. Back in the day, we used to shoot balsa wood gliders with a rubber band, but kids today can’t be satisfied with the simplistic sophistication of gliding aerodynamics. Drones are regulated at the highest levels of government. In this case, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversees all drones. There are a ton of words written down to regulate the use of drones including, federal, state, and local guidelines. We’ll break the rules down so you know how you can fly vicariously through a drone. - Don’t operate your drone near Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. At all. Period. Yes, this rule really does apply to you even if you’re active duty, retired, or used to watch McHale’s Navy, Gomer Pyle USMC, or M*A*S*H. - You can't fly over a National Park so Cumberland Island is off limits. - Don’t interfere with manned aircraft. - The pilot of the drone must maintain a visual on the drone at all times. No, you can’t use binoculars, you can’t have a spotter down the road somewhere. All times means each and every second that drone is in flight. - That drone can only fly during daylight hours. The two drones that were flying downtown during the fireworks this past July 4th, shame, shame on you. - Your drone is limited to 400 feet above ground. Not 401, not let’s see just how high she can go! 400 feet. Period. - You can’t pilot your drone within 25 feet of a person, a moving vehicle or vulnerable property. Hey Maverick . . . no buzzing the tower and don’t see hos close you can get to your Aunt Gertrude. - Do we really need to say this? No operations while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. - If you have a drone over 55 pounds, consider yourself a no fly zone. - Last, but not least, if your drone weighs in at .55 pounds up to 55 pounds, your drone must be registered with the FAA. You can do it online and yes, you need to have your FAA registration number on your drone probably in tiny, little letters and numbers. So, there you have it folks. The future of delivery service neatly regulated by local, state, and federal regulations.

Ahhhhh, School days, school days Dear old golden rule days Reading and writing' and rithmetic Taught to the tune of the hickory stick... The arithmetic on the sign indicates the answer is 25. The black lettered signs with white background along the roadsides aren't requests, not suggestions, they are not pleas to comply. They are the absolutes of the roadway signs. And the sign location is not the line from hence you start deceleration. They are the points where the absolute posted speed should already be achieved. The black lettered yellow background signs are cautionary.....HEEEY, THERE'S A SCHOOL AHEAD! The Dear Ole Golden doing the speed limit posted before you get to the sign. Then you won't have to be taught to the tune of the keyboard clicks as we're printing your invitation to a fun filled day of adventure. [#FFFF00] Oh and one more thing, in the school zones and residential areas, 1 mile an hour over is when we can start writing too [#FFFF00] School is back in session folks, kids are crossing busy roads. Put down the phones, lift your heads up, put both hands on the wheel and pay attention to where you are, where you're going, the absolute signs along the roadside, and the little kiddies looking to cross the roads! #handsfreegeorgia #putthephonedownanddrive #speedingticketsinschoolzonesareexpensive #driveresponsibly #abolutespeedsignsarethelimits #smpd #stmaryspd

Great things happening for K9 Tebow! Thank you Hero K9 for all the generosity and hard work making this happen.

Currently Working a Suspicious Package at Kingsbay Village Shopping Center - Please stay clear of the area.

People have been asking about the lip sync challenge. We've been a bit busy doing . . . well, police work. However, one of our officers did have time to begin his career as part of the Blue Man Group.

Attention! Attention! This is happening TONIGHT!

So, #FB is reminding us we haven't posted in a while. In that case, how about tell us what you've been doing with all the free time without the LITTLE PERSONS under foot. READY>>>>>>GO! #keepitFBfriendly #schoolisbackinsession #smpd #FBguiltsusintoposts #stmaryspoliceplaysalongwFB

Our kids are back in school today. Please be especially watchful in the school zones and bus stops. Leave early and take some extra time to get where you're going. We'll be out in force to make sure our kids, teachers, school staff, and all the weepy parents of kindergartners have a safe day. For all the parents of middle and high schoolers, enjoy your first day of freedom in a couple of months. :)

Here's a quick video of this year's 5th Annual St. Marys Police Cops and Bobbers. Thank You to the Law Enforcement Officers, those who contributed, sponsored, and volunteered. Without support from the community, this would be difficult to do. E N J O Y ! ! #castwithacop #hookitwithacop #2018SMPDCopsandBobbers #smpd #likeandshare #stmaryspolice #stmarysga

SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO DAYS! Don't forget that your drive to and from work on Friday will be a little bit different than you are used to. You will have teen drivers on the road, buses slowing traffic, and plenty of pedestrians doing the things that pedestrians do. Also, don't forget the frantic parents that will be driving their children to school before hustling off to work. In the midst of all of this, we want you to have a B.L.A.S.T. driving in St. Marys! B = Buckle your seatbelt. L = Leave early; allow yourself plenty of driving time. A = Avoid Distractions; pay attention and put down that cell phone! S = Stay Sober T = Traffic Laws need to be followed; they are not suggestions.

Curious about what plans and projects are being addressed by the City and its staff? Interested in work opportunities within St. Marys? Want to perform some fact-checks on current issues? Or, do you simply have questions about our city? Well then, you should plan to come to the Coffee With the Chiefs event this Saturday. You bring the topic, we'll bring the coffee!