Pooler Police Department

  • Agency: Pooler Police Department
  • Address: 307 US Highway 80 SE, Pooler, 31322 GA
  • Chief: Mark Revenew (Chief of Police)
Phone: 912-748-7333
Fax: 912-450-1686

Pooler Police Department is located at 307 US Highway 80 SE, Pooler, 31322 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Revenew. The Pooler Police Department phone number is 912-748-7333.

Pooler Police Department News

At the Pooler Police Department we always lift each other up one way or another.

ATTENTION: You may want to avoid Pine Barren Road UNLESS you live there or that is your voting precinct. Due to voting, traffic is extremely heavy and delays are expected. Seek an alternate route if you are just passing through.

Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

This week Pooler hosted, and some of our officers participated, in a class to learn all about child seat safety. Together with Safe Kids.org and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, we are proud to have CPS (child protection seat) technicians on staff. We were joined by officers from Savannah, Tybee, Effingham, and Claxton. All working together to keep children safe.

PAY ATTENTION to school buses. Let our children arrive safely to and from school. https://www.facebook.com/114317740540/posts/10161124369940541/

Weather permitting

The Police Department does NOT have set times for neighborhood Trick-or-Treating tonight. However, there will be extra patrol in neighborhoods starting at 5:00 and going until 10:00. Use YOUR best judgement on when to be out. Usually we see people starting right before dark and ending around 8:30-9:00. The biggest thing is to be safe, watch out for little ones, and remain aware of your surroundings. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Remember the post trying to identify a man carrying a large bag of items out of Polo? He HAS been identified. Thank you to everyone, the efforts you make really do help.

Officer Ferguson was at Risen Savior Lutheran Church this past weekend for their Fall festival. Looks like good times were had.

Pooler has a new detective! Congratulations Officer Winn on your promotion, we know you’ll do great things.

Girl Scout Troop 30407 toured the Police Department yesterday to learn all about police procedures, investigations, and fingerprinting. These girls were very attentive with great questions and learned a lot. Thanks to Officer’s Winn and Heintzman for being their guides.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gwinnett County Police Department and the family of the officer killed in the line of duty yesterday.

I know we post a lot of "seeking to identify", but believe me when I tell you it works! Our detectives use all available outlets and sources to close cases. Thank you for your continued support. We are trying to identify the below pictured female in the black dress regarding a felony shoplifting incident at Wal Mart in Pooler where two televisions were stolen on 10/18/2018. The suspect 'svehicle is the pictured below and is a white in color Ford F-150 possibly between a 1997-2004 model. The vehicle had black tires with black rims and noticeable damage to the front passenger bumper and fender areas. Two stickers are pictured on the rear windshield and the license plate was covered in blue tape. The truck was driven by a white male with brown hair and a “chinstrap” style beard. Any information please notify Detective Nick Clay of Pooler Police Department at 912-748-7333 or nclay@pooler-ga.gov.

Happy Boss’s Day Chief Brown. Proud to say we have the best around.

Heads up if you’re heading in this direction. Seek alternate routes.

Who doesn't love a happy ending? This gentleman came in to the department last Friday very upset about losing his dog. We suggested flyers at local areas, contact rescues, etc. He was putting up flyers Saturday when he ran in to one of our officers. To make a long story short, things started happening and he was soon reunited with his beloved pet. Happy Tails!

Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Pooler

Just a sample of what the wind can do. This is in Pooler. We are lucky that we didn’t get the worst of this hurricane, but we still need to be careful while out and about today.

A reminder that court for today has been cancelled.

Good morning Pooler! Your officers are out and about surveying the area for possible hiccups and patrolling as normal. We will keep you posted as far as areas to avoid and problems that may arise. Here are a few tips: 1. It is in fact Windy....yep, still....be careful of strong gusts if driving. 2. Watch out for downed power lines,limbs, & trees 3. If you encounter a down power line DO NOT try to move it. Please call for help so it can be addressed. Don't try to be a hero by moving it. 4.Try to stay indoors to avoid any loose flying debris from the wind. That tiny branch isn't so harmless if it hits you at a higher rate of speed. 5. If you have an emergency we are in fact here if you need us. The Civilian parts of the city have shut down but your emergency services are in full operation.

Traffif Alert! Please avoid the area of Newton & Symons St.,there is a power line down.

I saw this from the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department and felt inclined to check our own bread situation. I’m proud to say that Pooler is trying and is prepared #poolerisprepped

City Hall and all City of Pooler departments will be closed tomorrow, October 11, due to Hurricane Michael. HOWEVER, emergency services will be available and operating. If you should need police assistance please call 911 for emergencies or (912) 652-6500 for non emergencies as office personnel will not be in to answer phones. Stay safe, Pooler.