Holly Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Holly Springs Police Department
  • Address: 3235 Holly Springs Pkwy, Holly Springs, 30142 GA
  • Chief: Ken Ball (Chief of Police)
Phone: (770) 345-5537
Fax: (770) 345-5017

Holly Springs Police Department is located at 3235 Holly Springs Pkwy, Holly Springs, 30142 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Ken Ball. The Holly Springs Police Department phone number is (770) 345-5537.

Holly Springs Police Department News

On the Lookout from Walmart Holly Springs PD detectives are looking for the pictured individuals who removed several large pieces of merchandise without paying from the Holly Springs Walmart. If you have any information on them or recognize the vehicle, please call the CID at 770.721.7531.

Holly Springs Halloween Fun

What is the favorite food of ghosts? (Answer at bottom) Fun, Spooky-filled Family Fun (and safe too) Holly Springs Police Department Halloween safety tips: Kids -under the age of 12 should not be without adult supervision, should stick to familiar areas that are well lit, and remain in groups. - use well-marked street crossings and crosswalks, put electronic devices down and walk with your head up and your eyes focused on safety. Don't run into the street - have fun and help others have fun Adults - put down the cell phone when driving - use reflective material on costumes, give a flashlight to the children. - drive slow and pay extra attention. Eliminate distractions inside of your car so you can concentrate. - plan your route in advance - use the buddy system Chief Carswell said, “We encourage adults to turn on headlights early in the evening to spot children at greater distances. Remember, 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm are the most popular times for trick-or-treating. Take the extra time to ensure a safe evening.” Answer: Spook-ghetti.

UPDATE: !!!! FOUND SAFE NEARBY !!!! Thanks to everyone for your efforts, prayers, and kindness. Juvenile Missing - Graydon Zarter Holly Springs police are trying to locate a 12-yoa white male named Graydon last seen this morning at approximately 8:20 at his bus stop near Edgewater Trail. Graydon is described as a white male, 5'06", approximately 100lbs, short blonde hair, blue eyes, last seen wearing bright yellow Under Armor t-shirt, blue jacket, white Adidas shoes, sweat pants. Anyone with information regarding Graydon please call Holly Springs Police Department at 770.345.5538, 911 or Det. Lt. Casey Barton at 404.975.9715 - cell.

Community Helper Week at Hickory Flat Elementary School Kids in pajamas, police cars, K9...sounds like great fun. Chief Carswell commented, "Thanks for inviting us to be your guests. Hickory Flat Elementary is always a gracious host". Can we wear pajamas too next time?

Autumn Fest in Holly Springs - Fun for Everyone

Holly Springs Police Department Now Hiring for position of Police Officer Please contact Lt. Greg Clyburn at 770.721.7523 for employment information. (We do not accept Facebook or on-line applications)

Trace Meeting - Zone 1 Zone 1 Trace Meeting at Harmony Lake Clubhouse tonight @ 6pm. Point of contact will be HSPD Sgt. N. Ernst.

****Update**** Identified and charged. It would have been cheaper to pay for it then (register) instead of paying for it later (in front of judge). Thanks to all of you for assisting with this case. BOLO Walmart Television Shoplifter Looking for tattooed television taker (say that three times fast). Any info please call Detective Sherrie Conrad 770.721.7528 - o.

Thanks to Wendy's in Holly Springs for the Kind Gesture (It was delicious)

Public Notice from Department of Justice North Georgia District

Big, tough Motorcycle Cop Goes Soft Lt. Steve Cohen took time away from his duties as the Uniform Patrol Division Commander to visit a class of pre-K children at Johnston Elementary School where he read a riveting story and passed out badge-style stickers. Chief Mike Carswell said, "Lt. Cohen is one of many officers who spend time with children. It's not uncommon to see our officers regularly making time for children during their work week. I always wonder who has the most fun when they visit? The officer or the children." What? You don't think that's the duty of a police officer? It's a duty greater than we can express. Don't believe us? Ask the children.

Patriot Day September 11, 2001. We remember... Today, officers from the Holly Springs PD joined our fellow-countrymen at the Patriot Day memorial in Canton for a remembrance of why we are a great nation. What we didn't see - hot dogs, BBQ, swimming parties, fireworks, parades or vendors. What we did see - the red, white and blue, music, stories, crying, hand-shakes and hugs, resolute spirits, soldiers, lawmen, firemen, salutes, hands over hearts, families who lost loved ones at the twin towers and grateful neighbors. Our own Chief Mike Carswell delivered the "Moment of Silence" presentation. Well done. We're not sure what else to say. We remember...and will never forget.

Thanks to Tom and Connie Gentle for the great BBQ you provided to our hungry officers. The food was great but more important was your remembrance and kindness to us. Thanks again and come see us.

Who Could Say "No"? Not these hungry troops. Thanks to the Holly Springs United Methodist Church for inviting our officers to a summer cookout. Great food but especially great people.

Happy Traveler Notice Hwy. 5 is open again. Rabbit Hill Rd will remain closed for through travelers. Construction in the area is continuing - please drive carefully and watch for construction activity.

HSPD Accepting Applications for Police Officer Position

Good Samaritans Do Live Among Us Remember the bicycle that was stolen from a young Walmart employee? (see previous post) The young man used the bike as his sole transportation to work. Our detectives made an arrest, thanks to your assistance, but were not able to locate the missing bicycle. Well, we have good news. Look at this pic. Det. April Van Alstine is delivering a brand new bike to that young man. All of this made possible by a kindhearted military vet whose compassion for others was put into action. His heart went to his feet and put into action what many of us only talk about. The young man was amazed and thrilled that a stranger would care for him and his simple need of keeping a job. We say, "Well Done Good Samaritan!"

Lt. Steve Cohen Receives FBI/LEEDA Trilogy Award Lt. Steve Cohen was recognized and congratulated Monday evening by Holly Springs Chief of Police Mike Carswell for receipt of the FBI/Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA) Trilogy Award. The FBI/LEEDA program brings the best executive level training, innovations and technology to law enforcement throughout the world. Lt. Cohen completed three intense training segments to earn the award: Supervisor Leadership Institute, Command Leadership Institute, and Executive Leadership Institute. Chief Carswell said, “Shaking hands and saying, ‘Good Job’ just doesn’t seem enough for the sacrifice and commitment Lt. Cohen gave to earn the Trilogy Award. Officers like him don’t do this for the handshaking; they do it because of their blue pride. And that makes us proud to have him on-board”. We could not agree more. (Pictured are Lt. Cohen, his wife Krista, Chief Mike Carswell)

"Hello and Thanks" to the Rainbow Child Care Center Holly Springs police officers dropped by to visit the employees and children at Rainbow Child Care Center. "As adults we often think that these visits are mostly fun for the children but nothing is further from the truth. The fun factor is high for everyone, especially the officers", said Chief Mike Carswell. Hope to see you again soon.

Bike Thief Arrested. Thanks to all of our neighbors for pitching in and making this happen. Haven't found the bicycle YET, but we're hoping to find it soon and return it to the rightful owner.

Stolen Credit Card Purchases Maybe you recognize this man. Please call Det. S. Conrad at 770.721.7528.

Needing Your Help to ID a Thief Look close at the man riding the bicycle, he is not the owner. The man who owns the bike and uses it to get to his job would like it back. If you recognize the man or the bike, please call Det. April Van Alstine at 770.721.7531.

Know These People? Look close, then look again. If you recognize them, please call Det. April Van Alstine at 770.721.7531.