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Clarke County Sheriff's Office is located at 325 E. Washington St, Suite 125, Athens, 30601 GA. The Clarke County Sheriff's Office phone number is 706-613-3250.

Clarke County Sheriff's Office News

Today we remember all who gave the greatest sacrifice for our country.

Congratulations to all area graduates!

Thank you to everyone that came out for the Career Exposition at the Athens Clarke County Jail last Saturday.

Please join Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and the entire Sheriff’s Office Team, in congratulating the following Deputies on their recent promotions to Senior Deputy: Deputy Wanda Rollins, Deputy Terry Palmer, Deputy Ketonnia Hall, Deputy Hasan Ahmed, Deputy Grady Wright, and Deputy Joshua Miller. To achieve promotion to Senior Deputy, each deputy must meet rigorous standards regarding training, testing of knowledge and physical ability. On April 19th, Sheriff Edwards promoted the team members in a ceremony at the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to witnessing great future accomplishments by these outstanding team members; congratulations all.

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office announces a change in practice for handling inmate detainers issued by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security. For inmates suspected by ICE of being in the country illegally and subject to removal or deportation, ICE has had a longstanding policy to request that jails hold such inmates up to 48 hours beyond the time their criminal charges are resolved in order to allow ICE time to take the person into custody. The Sheriff’s Office is discontinuing the practice of honoring ICE requests to detain persons after criminal charges or other holds are resolved. At the time of this press release, there are no inmates being held exclusively on ICE detainers, and three inmates are held on pending criminal charges along with an ICE detainer. The ICE detainers assigned to these inmates will be dropped immediately. Sheriff Edwards has spoken with professionals in law enforcement, local citizens, and consulted with legal counsel in reaching the decision to no longer honor ICE detainers. In January, the Sheriff convened a Citizens Input Committee and charged them to consider community safety and provide policy recommendations that serve the best interests of Athens-Clarke County. Although the Committee could not reach a consensus on honoring ICE detainers, they were in agreement in recommending that the Sheriff comply with state law and seek the opinion of Athens-Clarke County legal counsel to adopt a policy that conforms with such legal opinion. To that end, the Sheriff has considered the advice of legal counsel and has concluded that there is case law that has identified gaps in the current system that do not allow the Sheriff’s Office to hold individuals solely on a detainer from ICE. As such, the Sheriff wishes to avoid the potential risk to the county of civil litigation relating to ICE detainers. However, the Sheriff will honor ICE detainers that are accompanied by a judicial warrant or an order from a court. He will also continue to comply with state law, which requires a query to the Law Enforcement Support Center of the United States Department of Homeland Security for any foreign national brought to the Clarke County Jail who lacks documentation of lawful status. The Sheriff is confident that his decision will not designate Athens-Clarke County as a “sanctuary city” or as having a “sanctuary policy.” Federal and state statutes cite the failure of communications and reporting of immigration status information to immigration authorities as a threshold for sanctuary designation. The Sheriff intends to communicate and report immigration status as previously practiced, but will not honor ICE requests to detain persons after criminal charges or other holds are resolved unless such requests are accompanied by a judicial warrant or court order. The Sheriff values partnerships with the law enforcement community and respects the role of ICE in keeping our country safe, but believes further resolution from lawmakers or the courts is necessary in order to honor ICE detainers not supported by a judicial warrant or court order.

On behalf of Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and the entire Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, we are proud to announce that Mary Walton earned her 10 year service pin. On April 11, 2018, Sheriff Edwards presented Mrs. Walton her service pin during a ceremony at the Athens-Clarke County Jail. We thank her for her dedication and care for her community as she continues serving the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

Please join the Clarke County Sheriff's Office in congratulating Corporal Phillip Hunt who was promoted by Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr., to the rank of Sheriff's Sergeant during a ceremony on March 29th. Sgt. Hunt has been a team member of the Sheriff's Office for approximately six years. He had been assigned to Field Section serving warrants. His new assignment will be as Assistant Watch Commander in the Jail Section. Congratulations to Sergeant Hunt and we wish him much success as he continues his career at the Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Team are pleased to announce the graduation of a newly sworn C.C.S.O. deputy from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center basic law enforcement training academy. Deputy Jeffery Tuttle graduated from the Georgia Public Safety Training Center- Athens. Deputy Tuttle successfully completed the basic mandate law enforcement program, intended to meet the state required basic training for law enforcement officers. The program requires eleven weeks to complete and involves of 408 hours of demanding training.

Athens Community Council on Aging (ACCA) volunteer Lori Carroll and Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. recently delivered meals to those in need within our community. The ACCA sponsors the March for Meals campaign each year. The campaign is meant to bring awareness to the Meals on Wheels program in our community. The program is designed to encourage independent living and assist disabled or senior adults to prevent premature institutionalization. Menus are prepared to individual needs providing one-third of the nutritional requirements needed and are suitable for diabetics. The meals are then delivered by community volunteers who use their personal vehicles and time to go to the homes of our seniors and deliver the food. We would like to thank everyone at the ACCA and all volunteers serving along with Lori Carroll for their dedication to the Athens Community. If you would like to help with the Athens Community Council on Aging's Meals on Wheels Program, contact Jessica Craft at 706-549-4850.

We are now in the championship round.

2018 Athens Area Black History Bowl about to start.

Please join all of us at the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office in congratulating Lt. Leon Miller on earning his 30 year service pin. Sheriff Edwards presented Lt. Miller his service pin during a ceremony at the Athens-Clarke County Jail today. Our thanks to Lt. Miller for his dedication, care and service he has shown while serving the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

The American Legion, Allen R. Fleming Jr., Post #20 honored Lieutenant Ken Straughter with the Post’s “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” award. Lt. Straughter was presented the award by Post Commander Clarence Seale and the Post Chairman of the Law and Order Committee, Ray Fairman. Each year the American Legion reviews the efforts of many outstanding Law Enforcement Officers and their dedication and exceptional service to their community. The local Post Law & Order Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting from all local law enforcement agencies, officers worthy of recognition and arranging for them to be locally honored by presenting those selected honorees with an award recognizing their professional and dedicated service to their community. Lt. Straughter was joined at the presentation by his wife, and Captain J. Goings of the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office.

Police Officer Chase Maddox was shot and killed while assisting two deputies from the Henry County Sheriff's Office serve a warrant.

Effective February, 2018, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office has deployed Body Worn Camera (BWC) equipment in the Clarke County Jail. BWCs are widely utilized in the law enforcement profession and have been in use by the Sheriff’s Office Field Section as well as ACCPD for several years. Recognizing the potential value of BWCs as an effective tool for accountability and transparency, Sheriff Edwards initiated a project for testing BWC models for use in the jail, to become one of the first jails in Georgia to use this technology. After review and comparison testing, the Reveal Body Worn Camera was selected for use in the jail environment. This equipment allows deputies to capture an audio and video record of incidents and significant interactions with inmates in the jail environment, with a minimum of labor required for the downloading and management of video files. Video records will be retained according to Georgia records retention laws. This initiative was funded as part of the 2011 SPLOST jail construction project. (photo courtesy of

Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and the entire Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, are proud to announce the following Team Members who earned their years of service pins. Cpl. Szsnyk Johnson earned his 10 year service pin and Lt. Kenneth Straughter earned his 30 year service pin. Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. presented both members their service pin during a ceremony at the Athens-Clarke County Jail. We thank them both for their dedication and service to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and the citizens of Athens-Clarke County.

On January fifth, UGA Hockey presented stuffed animals to Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. for the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office to distribute to children in the community. UGA Ice Dawgs Captain, Alex Carey, presented the toys on behalf of the entire team. We would like to express our gratitude to the UGA Ice Dawgs for their community involvement and thoughtfulness. Go Dawgs!!

We had a great time volunteering in the Shop with a Cop event this year.

We were honored to volunteer with the Police Department's Shop with a Cop event. Everyone had a great time with some truly wonderful kids.More can be seen at

The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office policy on Immigration detainers was changed during July of 2017. The Department of Homeland Security revised their policy on issuing detainers to be more attentive to probable cause issues. In light of these changes, and in keeping with our role and responsibility for community safety with respect to the detention of individuals with outstanding warrants, we now recognize ICE detainers that are supported by a Warrant for Arrest or Warrant for Removal / Deportation. These holds are recognized for a strict 48 hour time period. We are not seeking to arrest immigrants based on their lawful status in this country, nor are we participating in any immigration round ups with federal officials. The Sheriff is sworn to uphold the laws of this state and is obligated to ensure the public safety of this community. The Sheriff’s Office only detains undocumented immigrants who have been arrested on other criminal charges and are wanted by immigration officials. This underscores the need for all citizens to act responsibly and commit to obeying the laws of our state and country. We are in discussion with local elected officials and citizens as we consider what is best for the community at large.

October 25, 2017, Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. presented a check for $6000.00 to the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes from the monies raised at this year’s 17th Annual Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. Charity Motorcycle Ride. The ride benefited the Clarke County D.A.R.E./Explorer Units and The Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes. The ride was in memory of Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Lucious White. Accepting on behalf of the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes was Georgia Sheriff’s Association Executive Director, Terry Norris. Pictured L-R are, Sheriff Edwards, GSA Director Norris and Chief Deputy Jimps Cole. We are thankful for the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes and what it provides for children in extremely difficult circumstances. For more information, go to

The Sheriff's Charity Motorcycle ride was a great success! Thank you to everyone who sponsored, donated, volunteered, and rode today! The proceeds will benefit the Georgia Sheriff's Youth Homes and the Clarke County Sheriff's Office DARE Program.

Getting ready to roll...

It's a great day for a motorcycle ride!