Greene County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Greene County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1201 Kevin Roberts Way, Greensboro, 30642 GA
  • Chief:
Phone: 706-453-3351
Fax: 706-453-2874

Greene County Sheriff's Office is located at 1201 Kevin Roberts Way, Greensboro, 30642 GA. The Greene County Sheriff's Office phone number is 706-453-3351.

Greene County Sheriff's Office News

National EMS Week 2018 Just wanted to give a quick shout out to our colleagues at the Greene County EMS as it is National EMS Week recognizing the men and women who are EMTs and Paramedics and all that they do for us. We would dare say that the only other entity less appreciated than Law Enforcement would be our EMTs and Paramedics, who have a very difficult job that becomes increasingly more difficult everyday. We see what they do everyday and appreciate what they do for the citizens of Greene County and are truly blessed to have the outstanding team of EMTs and Paramedics at Greene County EMS!!!!

Thanks to the LOA Seniors who dropped off some snacks for us this morning. We wish them the best as they continue their journeys to college and beyond!

Wanted to give a big thanks to The Honor Roll for their recent visit to remember our fallen friend, Chief Deputy Kevin Roberts. The Honor Roll is a group of retired law enforcement that do group bike rides across the nation to honor officers that died in the line of duty. It was a somber visit, but it was nice to share our memories of "Heavy" and how he impacted our community.

Potential Scammer: Ladies and gentlemen just wanted to give you a quick heads up on this guy. He is going door to door attempting to sell equipment off of his truck, seems to be targeting farmers as the two citizens that called about him were both farmers. We checked him out and the property as well, doesn't appear to be stolen but do not purchase anything from someone you have never met. If the price is too good to be true it usually is.

We are deeply saddened to inform you that Former Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit District Attorney Fred Bright passed away Friday evening April 27th, 2018. Fred was an energetic, passionate seeker of justice. An Officer of the Court in is highest compliment and ideals and a friend to the the citizens of Greene County. He will be missed.

More photos from the Teen Maze

On Friday April 6th the Greene County Sheriff's Office along with Greene County EMS, Greensboro Police Department and the Greensboro Fire Department participated in the Teen Maze program at the Greene County High School. The Teen Maze is a collaborative effort among local government agencies and business partners to provide teens with the results and consequences of making good decisions along with bad decisions.

The Police, Fire, and EMS units at the High School is part of the Teen Maze program in which teens are shown the aftermath of an accident involving underage drinking or drug use. We are currently underway with the program and will post pics this afternoon.

PHONE SCAM ALERT: Once again folks a phone scam is going around where the caller is informing you that he works for the Sheriff's Office and you missed a court date and that you have to go and put money on a Green Dot/Moneypak card in order to avoid incarceration! Folks we don't and I repeat don't operate this way neither does any other legitimate organization! Don't go and purchase a Green Dot or Moneypak card for any reason especially at the request of some random idiot on the phone! It is a SCAM!!!! We have distributed letters to all businesses in the area that sell the Green Dot cards and the businesses are fully cooperating and warning their customers about the SCAM! Don't do it!!! Don't fall for it and warn your friends and family!!!

Take a look at the logo on this truck and see if you can identify it. It was involved in a hit and run in the Dairy Queen parking lot recently, but the driver of the truck may not have known that he had hit someone. If you recognize the truck or the logo, you can send us a PM or text 706-523-6468. You do not have to leave a name. Thanks!

Master's Week is upon us and you know what that means: It's gonna take 45 minutes to turn left out of McDonald's. But seriously, we anticipate traffic to be heavy during the coming week, especially in the mornings and evenings. Give yourself enough time to get to school and work and watch out for the crazy out of town drivers.

Phone Scam: Just received another alert about a Phone Scam in which a Voicemail message was left threatening the caller to call out of fear of incarceration. Don't fall for it folks it's a scam legitimate businesses and organizations don't operate this way. Please listen to the message for your amusement! I love how they refer to Law Enforcement as the " local cops".....

Deputies along with the Greensboro Fire Department are currently assisting with a vehicle fire on I-20 near mile marker 130 Westbound. Please use caution if you have to travel in this area.

The Lake Oconee Area Builder's Association will be holding the Big Event at Lake Oconee Village on Saturday, March 17th. We will have four Deputies directing traffic on Linger Longer Road as pedestrians cross over from the Publix Shopping Center. This map shows where the Deputies will be stationed. Please use caution as you travel through this area.

SCAM ALERT: It’s Tax Time again folks so the scammers are back at it! Do not for any reason go put money or send money to an unknown source if you receive a phone call from anyone identifying themselves as an IRS Agent and you have warrants if you don’t pay them. The IRS does not operate this way! Trust me you’ll know if the IRS is Auditing you. You will be notified in the mail asking you to pay them a visit and bring them your receipts! If you have any doubts or reservations please call the Greene County Sheriff’s Office or your local Law Enforcement Agency! Some of the phone numbers being used by the scammers are (310) 929-1039, (754) 551-8264 & (914) 499-8216.