Comer Police Department

  • Agency: Comer Police Department
  • Address: 70 Sunset Ave, Comer, 30629 GA
  • Chief: Brent Zellner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 706-783-4552
Fax: 706-783-3378

Comer Police Department is located at 70 Sunset Ave, Comer, 30629 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brent Zellner. The Comer Police Department phone number is 706-783-4552.

Comer Police Department News

Such a pretty way to start the day! We would like to thank everyone who visited the City of Comer and our wonderful citizens last night. We had a great time seeing all of you especially the Children! The generosity from all of you was really appreciated. Have a great day and remember to help take care of each other!

We hope everyone has a great time this evening! We ask all of you to please watch out for our little ones that will be out trick or treating tonight. Please make sure to have a flash light with you if you are out past dark and never let your child go alone. We will be out tonight in full force looking for anything that may be out of the ordinary and looking out for impaired drivers.

Please keep your eyes open for this guy! If you see him or know where he is call 911 immediately!

The Comer Police Department sends it's condolences to the Gwinnett County Police Department and to the Family of this Officer that was murdered in the line of duty today! Please be Praying for the Officers family during this tragic time!

Please Watch where you are going and obey the law's!

Please join us in not only thanking these wonderful folks when you see them. Let's all Pray for them as they are out doing their job!

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This storm has taken a turn for the worse!

Update! This storm is a very dangerous one! Just shy of a Category 5! Keep everyone in the path of this storm in your thoughts and Prayers!

Latest update!

Great information! Thanks for sharing Jim!


We will keep you posted on any changes.

If anyone can ID this guy please call the Barrow County Sheriff's Office!

Some great advice! Please read and share with your friends.

Please keep these officers and their families in your thoughts and Prayers!

Mini Donuts for our Mini Officer!!!

Officer Joe Black was trying out for a Clown part at the circus.

Please watch out for our farmers out there!