Morgan County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Morgan County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 1380 Monticello Rd, Madison, 30650 GA
  • Chief:
Phone: (706) 342-1507
Fax: (706) 342-4561

Morgan County Sheriff's Office is located at 1380 Monticello Rd, Madison, 30650 GA. The Morgan County Sheriff's Office phone number is (706) 342-1507.

Morgan County Sheriff's Office News

UPDATE; MISSING - Holly Walters Barnett and Taylor Gage They have been located and are safe. No additional investigative details will be provided.

Do you know what to do with prescription medication when it expires? Bring it to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. In the lobby of the Public Safety Center, we have a drop box for expired medication. The Council on Alcohol and Drugs, INC funds the RX Turn-in Program. MCSO Crime Scene Specialist SGT Ellen Welch monitors the program and when the box is full she coordinates with the Drug Enforcement Agency to pick up and destroy the medication. Within the last several months, 300 pounds of expired medication was destroyed.

Morgan County had the privilege of hosting The Georgia Court of Appeals at the Morgan County Courthouse. The Georgia Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Georgia. It was established in 1906 and has fifteen judges who serve in five divisions. The Court of Appeals has statewide appellate jurisdiction of all cases except those involving constitutional questions, murder, and habeas corpus cases where original appellate jurisdiction lies with the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals may certify legal questions to the Supreme Court. The three judges presiding over oral arguments were Honorable Yvette Miller, Honorable Trent Brown III and Honorable Steve Goss. The Judges and special guests were introduced by Superior Court Judge Alison Burleson. Students from the Morgan County High School Law and AP Government classes were in attendance.

Morgan County was blessed today to have the Governor and both candidates for Governor visit Madison. The Morgan County Sheriff's Office collaborated with the City of Madison Police Department to provide traffic enforcement and security for both candidates. Having both candidates visit Madison shows the respect that both candidates have for our citizens and the importance we play in their campaigns.

Sheriff Markley helped get the Morgan County Middle School students excited about Red Ribbon Week by sponsoring Air Elite to help celebrate.

Between last night and today, in the area of 278 between Madison and Rutledge, we have had numerous entering autos as well as a homeowner returning home while burglars were in the home. Please be vigilant and call 911 if you see anything suspicious! Remember to always lock your doors and not to leave anything of value in your car!

Anti-Bullying Rally is tomorrow from 4 to 8 at recreation center. Here are some of the cakes that will be given away.

On Friday, November 16, 2018 the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office will have training and firearms qualification for any retired peace officers living or working in Morgan County. The training will begin at 1pm at the Morgan County Public Safety Center’s Training Room and will consist of Use of Force and De-Escalation training. We will then move to the MCSO firing range to complete firearms qualification. After this training you will be eligible for an Annual Firearms Training Certificate from Georgia P.O.S.T. and will be in compliance with 18 USC 926C(c)(5). So if you are a retired peace officer, living or working in Morgan County, please join us on November 16th!! Please call Sgt. Frank Farr at 706-342-1507 to register.

Sheriff Markley attends Survive to Thrive luncheon in support of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has a Memorandum of Understanding with SANE Athens/Clarke County to provide specialized services to victims of sexual assault. Morgan County is the first Sheriff’s Office in the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit to partner with SANE.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, this Apple iphone was found lying on the road south of the Davis Academy & Old Mill Rd. intersection by one of our citizens. The phone is locked and we can’t open it without possibly destroying it. We would really like to find the owner, so they can get their phone back. The phone is black and kept inside a black Otter Box protector. Anyone who wishes to claim the phone, please call Sergeant Frank Farr at (706) 342-9564

Sheriff Markley presents a check to Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills for $15,000 and a check to Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry for $25,000 to express appreciation for their agency’s support during narcotic investigations. Since Morgan, Putnam and Oconee counties share many of the same narcotic offenders, we work together sharing narcotic intelligence to combat the drug trade. These funds would not be possible without these counties willingness to collaborate. The amounts of the checks represent assets seized during narcotics investigations. Morgan County is blessed to have great working relationships with our surrounding counties.

MCSO UPDATE: MCSO Investigators in collaboration with Madison PD was following up on various leads reference yesterday's report of a Black Van with suspicious persons near the Aquatic Center when MCSO Investigators spotted the van on Newborn Road in Rutledge this afternoon. MCSO Investigators detained the vehicle for investigation. While the driver admitted that he was the individual who spoke to the young lady, he was arrested on unrelated narcotic charges. While it is not appropriate to share specific details of an ongoing investigation, for the greater good of the public we felt it necessary to share that the van had been identified and a subject was arrested for unrelated narcotic charges.

MCSO Shout-out!! Thanks to Mrs West’s MCMS 8th grade ELA class for an unexpected Thank You on 9/11 We are truly blessed to be supported by such a loving and caring community. The cookies, candy, cupcakes and brownies were awesome!! Thanks!!!

WANTED: MCSO Explorers The purpose of Law Enforcement Exploring is to provide young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement with a comprehensive program of training, competition, service and practical experiences. Character development, physical fitness, good citizenship and patriotism are integral components of the overall program. Through their involvement in the program, Explorers develop an awareness of the purpose, mission and objectives of law enforcement agencies. Those interested in applying can email MCSO Reserve Deputy Mark Williams at

Deputy Spotlight SGT George Jackson Sheriff Markley would like to share an edited email that he received that illustrates the professionalism displayed by SGT Jackson and the expectation we have at MCSO that all citizen encounters are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances. It is a MCSO organizational philosophy that we make Crisis Intervention as important as tactical enforcement. This email has been edited to protect the privacy of the sender. sheriff markley- please allow me to go on record regarding my family's sincere gratitude for morgan county deputy george jackson. on "edited", sergeant jackson responded to a call at my parents' home "edited" because my dad was suffering from "edited". my mom, in desperation, called 911 and they dispatched an ambulance. because the ambulance was out of county, and there was a delay, sergeant jackson arrived and explained that he would remain until the ambulance was on site. despite the awkwardness of the situation "edited", sergeant jackson connected with him and us with compassion and kindness. he listened, he responded, he brought a sense of calm and ease to the situation, giving my mom a sense of peace for the first time in several weeks of trying to manage my dad's care. in sergeant jackson's presence, i felt the entire situation shift from tense and chaotic into the realization that we could figure out a solution. he just made everything seem less frightening than it was. "edited" i realize what an immensely demanding job law enforcement is. i recognize the danger and the hardening that could easily come with facing the possibilities that LEO face every day. i understand the gravity of protecting a community, and and all that this protection entails. thus, i have the deepest respect for someone who faces such things daily and still manages to approach a human being in crisis with grace and wisdom, and offer compassion in a way that even many church leaders might not be able to summon. sergeant jackson displayed a human-ness that i don't often experience, and it was beautiful to behold. i sincerely hope that this trait is something that you and your department see as deeply valuable to your organization, because, as a community member, i know that his presence in the midst of a family crisis made a lasting, positive impact on us all, and we are and will always be enormously grateful for him and the peace he brought with him when he walked through the door. thank you so much for allowing me the space to explain and articulate our immense appreciation for sergeant jackson. he made all the difference in how my family was able to work through this frightening and worrisome situation. we are abundantly grateful.

On Sunday, August 12, 2018 MCSO deputies and Morgan County Fire personnel responded to a vehicle fire on Preston Ford Road in northwest Morgan County. The burned vehicle was a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This fire was determined to be arson and the vehicle was found to have been stolen from Cobb County, Georgia. MCSO Investigators have been working with investigators from Cobb County Police Department and have obtained a photograph of the person who stole the vehicle in Cobb County. Anyone who may recognize this person or who may have seen the man in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Saturday, August 11th or Sunday, August 12th is asked to call MCSO Sergeant B. Sellers at 706-342-9568

Keefe Group Sheriff Markley would like to introduce members of the Keefe Group who stopped by to check on the needs of the Detention Center today. The Keefe Group manages the MCSO commissary network. The Keefe Group is dedicated to developing cutting-edge services and technologies to make the corrections industry more efficient and secure thereby saving the taxpayers of Morgan County. MCSO inmates can order sanitation, snacks, and stationary. Left to Right - Benjamin Johnson, LT. Hodges (MCSO), CPT Robertson (MCSO), Benjamin Johnson, and Mark Foster.

Celebrity Chef Louis Smith teaches the 2nd Grade STEM class about matter, solids, liquids and gas to illustrate how they relate to cooking. Louis is better known for being a Morgan County Sheriff's School Resource Deputy. Sheriff Markley encourages our deputies to involve themselves in community activities to help foster community relations.

Please Be Careful! & Drive Slowly! Sheriff Markley utilizes trustees and community service workers to keep Morgan County beautiful at a minimal expense to the tax payers. MCSO Detention Deputy Jeff Hamby supervises the detail Tuesday - Saturday. They spend about 30 hours a week cutting grass for numerous county and state facilities. The remainder of their time is spent on sanitation and trash pick up. While life's circumstances may have dealt them a temporary set back, they realize the error of their ways and work hard for the Sheriff. While their daily schedule is confidential for security reasons, this morning they were on GA HWY 83 near Indian Creek Baptist Church and Little River Farms. When you see our outside detail at work, please be cautious and proceed slowly for the safety of all. You can not stop and interact with the trustees.

Please join us in congratulating Sheriff Robert Markley for completing the FBI GA Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar. Subjects taught included The Law Enforcement Executive's Role in Management, Media and the Law Enforcement Executive, Dealing With Change, Legal Issues, Leadership and Organizational Ethics, Crisis Management and Motivation Techniques for Leaders. Instructors consisted of FBI Academy staff, Atlanta FBI police instructors, and other appropriate law enforcement instructors. In a collaborative effort, Sheriff Markley (right) attended the Seminar with GBI Assistant Special Agent In-charge Ryan Carmichael (left) and GSP Madison Post Commander Justin Howard (center) Both Agent Carmichael and POST Commander Howard are committed as a team to the safety of Morgan County citizens.