Aragon Police Department

  • Agency: Aragon Police Department
  • Address: 2814 Rome Highway, Aragon, 30104 GA
  • Chief: Wayne Sanders (Chief of Police)
Phone: (770) 684-6563 x105

Aragon Police Department is located at 2814 Rome Highway, Aragon, 30104 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Wayne Sanders. The Aragon Police Department phone number is (770) 684-6563 x105.

Aragon Police Department News

The City of Aragon is going to host a one pitch softball tournament on Saturday April 28th. All proceeds from the tournament go to the Summer lunch program for the children of the City of Aragon. Entry fee for each team will be $150.00. Everyone please come out and support the City of Aragon. For any details contact Aragon City Hall at 7706846563

The City of Aragon is going to host a one pitch softball tournament on Saturday April 28th. All proceeds from the tournament go to the Summer lunch program for the children of the City of Aragon. Entry fee for each team will be $125.00. Everyone please come out and support the City of Aragon. For any details you can contact me through Facebook messenger. Thanks

On February 10, 2018 Polk County Police Officers Robinson and Loyd apprehended Mr. Colby Pope who was wanted by the Rockmart Police Department and the Polk County Police Department for numerous thefts, burglaries, and criminal trespass. Mr. Pope has been on the run for the past month avoiding apprehension. Great job by Officers Robinson and Loyd!

Well it seems the weather man may have gotten it right! If you don’t have to be on the road, STAY HOME! The road conditions are going down rapidly. With air temps below freezing already, and standing water on the roadways things will start to ice rapidly.

The Aragon Police Department and City of Aragon would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year. With tonight being New Years Eve here are a few reminders to make your New Years Eve safe. PLEASE REMEMBER FIREWORKS ARE CONSIDERED AS HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND A 1.4G EXPLOSIVE. THEY CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH! Please know that people are going to legally discharge fireworks in your area. There is a distinct difference between fireworks and gun shots. If someone is discharging fireworks legally there is little that the Police Department can do. If you hear fireworks at 10:00 PM and your kids are sleeping, please refrain from calling 911 as there is really nothing we can legally do! Those discharging fireworks, below are some need to knows! 1. DO NOT discharge guns/firearms in the air. What goes up must come down! If your bullet/projectile causes injury or damage to someone else, you can and WILL be charged with a felony! This type of reckless conduct has caused deaths in the past! 2. GA Law states you must be 18 years of age to purchase fireworks. 3. GA Law is not specific as to how old you have to be to discharge fireworks, however a vast majority of fireworks related injuries are to those age 16 and below. If you have children discharging fireworks make sure they are being supervised. Other GA Laws can be used for failure to supervise your child/children. 4. GA Law allows you to discharge fireworks up until 1:00 AM on New Years Eve night. If you live in a heavily populated area, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Please be respectful of your neighbors. Neighbors please be respectful of your neighbors legal rights to discharge fireworks. 5. GA Law prohibits you from discharging fireworks in or on the streets and roadways. 6. Georgia has some places where fireworks are banned. It is also illegal to light fireworks within 100 yards of a: Hospital Nursing home Prison Nuclear power plant Gas station or refinery 7. If you live in a area with a Homeowners Association, Apartment Complex, or Condo Association they may limit you to a specific area where fireworks maybe discharged. 8. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, State Parks and Historic Sites, fireworks are strictly prohibited in state parks. Use of fireworks in other public parks is also prohibited unless you have a special license. 9. Sparklers are deceivingly benign. They can actually burn as hot as 2,000° F and account for 79% of injuries to children under 5 years old. 10. Finally, if you discharge fireworks, CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Allowing the paper to blow onto neighbors property could lead to Littering charges for the property owner where fireworks were discharged. Many fireworks have a stick attached which can cause injury or damage to property. Please be responsible for your actions. Please have a Happy New Year with your family and friends. No one wants to start the New Year with Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and/or EMS at your home.

We want everyone to have a Happy and Safe New Year! Party responsibly, and GO DAWGS!

High Priority BOLO! Merry Christmas from Aragon Police Department and Polk County 911!

If a tree or tree limb has fallen on your home, vehicle, out-building, or other property you do not have to have a Police Report. Take lots of photos to document ALL damage and call your Insurance Company.

Trees, tree limbs, and utility lines are down all over Polk County, so if you HAVE to be on the roadways slow down and use caution. Remember to stay clear of all utility lines as you do not know if they are “hot” or not.

Road and Conditions Update- Roadways are iced all over Polk County. Several tractor-trailers are “jack-knifed” blocking roadways. Trees and tree limbs are falling leading to power lines coming down. Due to the amount of accidents on the roadways Emergency Resources are getting stretched very thin. Please be careful if you HAVE to be on the roadways as Emergency Crews at this point are doing the best they can, and are responding to Incidents in a priority order. If you HAVE to be on the roadway make sure you have some drinking water in your vehicle along with blankets or something to keep warm in case you become stranded. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED TO STAY OFF THE ROADWAYS!

This should go without saying!!!! The road conditions are not good! The bridge on Prospect Rd is icing over, numerous wrecks with injuries all over Polk County, as well as minor accidents. SLOW DOWN IF YOU HAVE TO BE OUT OTHERWISE, STAY OFF THE ROADS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Per a report in the last few minutes, Hwy 101 is in bad shape. Also, Aragon City Hall is closed today!

This young man was a highly recruited athlete until someone on SnapChat while driving took that opportunity away from him.

As of 6 AM this morning, 6 people have already died in traffic accidents during the Thanksgiving Travel Period in GA which just barely started. Preliminary reports from an accident in Gordon County, possibly the first of those fatalities, may have been prevented with use of a Seatbelt. Please buckle your seatbelt and don’t be a statistic!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Please say a prayer for those who are not with their family on this Thanksgiving Holiday.

Since the Holiday Shopping Season is now in full swing here are a few safety reminders. 1. Make sure your vehicle is locked. 2. Make sure no valuables are visible inside your vehicle. 3. Make sure any packages or valuables are in the trunk or out of sight. 4. Keep your purse zipped up. 5. Keep your purse on your shoulder. Do NOT lay I️t in your shopping cart. 6. Be aware of your surroundings. 7. Only shop at retailers with well lighted parking areas at night. 8. If you’re approached by someone and the deal is to good to be true, it’s probably a scam. 9. If approached about a “deal” on an iPad or iPhone examine the item well. A scam going around for years is a “sealed” box with a piece of tile in I️t. 10. If you make a large purchase like a TV, game console unit, or high end electronics, do not sit the box outside. Cut the box up and place I️t in a trash bag. By placing the whole box outside you’re advertising to criminals exactly what you have inside your home. 11. If your purchasing a bicycle, motorcycle, go-kart, ATV, UTV, or car make sure they are locked up. Sitting them on the front lawn is advertising for the criminal element. 12. If you’re making purchases thru yard sale pages, Craigslist, or other sales pages arrange to meet at your local law enforcement agency to avoid scams or robbery. 13. Keep expensive gifts hidden until Christmas morning. Putting them under the tree early just makes them easy targets for criminals. 14. Don’t “brag” in public about what your giving or expecting to receive, you never know who’s listening. 15. After making a large purchase, make sure someone else didn’t watch you and are now following you home with the intent to come back later to steal the item. As the Olde saying goes, “An ounce or prevention is better than a pound of cure”. We want everyone to have a HAPPY AND SAFE Holiday Season. OUR FINAL SAFETY TIP IS SLOW DOWN, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT, and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! If you are having a company or job related Christmas Party where alcoholic beverages are served, plan ahead. If your the owner of a business having a Christmas Party where alcoholic beverages are going to be served it’s your responsibility to make sure your employees arrive home safely.

The Aragon Police Department is accepting applications for Part-time Patrol Officers. Applicants must have a CURRENT GA POST Peace Officers Certification and be in good standing with GA POST. Preferred applicants should have a minimum of 3 years “Patrol” experience. Applications can be picked up at Aragon City Hall 2814 E Rome Highway Aragon, GA 30104 Monday thru Friday from 0900-1700 (City Hall is closed for lunch 1200-1300 Hours).

The Aragon Police Department along with Polk County Fire Department will be out in the Aragon Village on Halloween Night making sure your little ones are safe. Please remember to have a flashlight with you so others can see you as well as you can see where you are walking. Let’s make sure everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.

The Aragon Police Department would like everyone to join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to the Rockmart High School Lady Yellow Jackets Girls Softball Team on winning a State Title. Way to go ladies!!!!

Update- The truck has been recovered in Walton County, GA however the search for suspects is still on-going.