Abbeville Police Department

  • Agency: Abbeville Police Department
  • Address: 215 Depot St, Abbeville, 31001 GA
  • Chief: John Henley (Chief of Police)
Phone: 229-467-3200
Fax: (229) 467-3205

Abbeville Police Department is located at 215 Depot St, Abbeville, 31001 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is John Henley. The Abbeville Police Department phone number is 229-467-3200.

Abbeville Police Department News

Georgia power is out today starting repair of lines. Please continue to stay safe and report any dangerous conditions.

Please stay safe and off the roads when Michael Arrives

Trying to locate owner of a men’s speed bike. Please call to identify. 2293180319

New none emergency number. (229) 3180319

Stay Safe, winter weather advisory. Roads may be hazardous, please be careful if you must drive.

Please stay safe and warm with the winter storm warning. Check on neighbors, friends and pets.

Looking for the owner of this dog. Located at American Legion and Owensboro

Stay Safe...

Stay Safe... I-75 is impacted by Floridians evacuating. There is a possibility of Abbeville and surrounding communities being impacted by Hurricane Irma's rain and wind. Locate emergency items, including flashlights. Power outages are a strong possibility.

Stay safe

Anyone recognize this young man? He's very friendly but hungry and missing his family.

Stay Safe and keep an eye open for rattlesnakes.

Stay alert.

Any one report two horses missing? They are having breakfast at Wayside Retreat.

Stay safe