Mason City Police Department

  • Agency: Mason City Police Department
  • Address: 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA
  • Chief: Michael Lashbrook (Chief of Police)

Mason City Police Department is located at 78 S Georgia Ave, Mason City, 50401 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Lashbrook. The Mason City Police Department phone number is 641-421-3636.

Mason City Police Department News

Ambulance needed in the 400 block of 28th for an elderly female who had surgery recently and is unable to walk now. +

MCFD needed to the MCHS for 2 fire alarms going off. +

Driving complaint currently at Yes Way on 19th possible 10-55 driver gray 2006 van. +

10-50’s • 4th/NPenn • 23rd/S Jefferson •

Officers needed in the 100 block of 16th NE for a verbal 10-16.•

Single car roll over in the 15000 block of Thrush. • 5 way stop on East State/Kentucky is really bad as well, officers called for sanders to come quickly. •

I’m not sure if it’s ever snowed in Iowa before, so heads up to all drivers: ITS SLICK out. Put down your phones, leave early, be cautious. In the short time I’ve been listening we have: •A bus in the ditch on the interstate •12th St bridge is iced over, lots cannot get up or stop coming down. One has jackknifed. •10-50 on 19th/Monroe •S Carolina/East State St hill is iced over •Another 10-50, but missed the location. SLOW DOWN AND GET OFF YOUR PHONES•

MCFD needed to Wal Mart for a fire alarm showing water flow. +

MCFD needed to Menards for an automatic fire alarm. +

Car in the ditch at the 190 on I35. Caller was not sure if anyone was in it, just thought it should be checked on. +

Deputy rolled up on a domestic in front of McDonalds west and is asking for some assistance.

Ambulance needed in the 100 block of 24th for male who is having severe chest pains and is now vomiting. +

Ambulance needed at 215mm on I 35 in Worth county for a single vehicle rollover. He said he was ok, but did hit his head.

Deputies needed in the 20000 block of 320th caller is in a road rage, the caller is threatening to get his gun out, the other car is stopped, the driver is out and has a pipe in his hand. He is now on 330th and heading towards Plymouth, he thinks the other caller is going the other way. + Ambulance and officers needed to Cabin Coffee. Caller reports he was jumped and forced to take a bunch of pills and is now vomiting. He is on Maple Dr now and has to sit down, he feels like he is going to pass out. Dispatch can hear him vomiting, he is having trouble breathing. Officer is with him now, he swallowed at least 30 pills. Code 3. +

MCFD needed in the700 block of S Pierce for automatic fire alarm. +

Officer needed in the 800 block of 6th for a 911 call, caller would not say why. Ambulance is being paged to this home now, it sounds like someone is on the floor, unknown reason. Code 3. +

Ambulance needed to the 6000 block of Cardinal for a female having trouble breathing and chest pains. Code 3. +

Ambulance needed to Walmart for a 70 year old female who is not responding correctly. Code 3. +

This was sent to us an hour ago, I did not see it till now. Hopefully taken care of by now. + Someone hit the electric train on 19th and its technically blocking the east bound lane just thought maybe u could warn people.

Officers needed for a theft report in the 23000 block of Warbler.• Officers and medics needed at 19th/Federal for a 10-50 with unknown injuries. •