New London Police Department

  • Agency: New London Police Department
  • Address: 509 E Main St, New London, 52645 IA
  • Chief: Thomas Cipolli (Chief of Police)
Phone: 319-367-7700

New London Police Department is located at 509 E Main St, New London, 52645 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Cipolli. The New London Police Department phone number is 319-367-7700.

New London Police Department News

Found North of Geod on Hwy 79. Let's help her owners find her. She is at Hometown vet.

Who lost a dog? She, is at Hometown vet. She has been returned home, thank you for helping.

Who lost a puppy! (Has been returned to owner)

Anyone missing a Bearded Dragon. He was apparently looking for legal services as he was found at Bell, Ort, Leiechty law offices.

Has anyone seen a brown and white husky running around town today?

Friendly reminder, the city of New London has banned any and all fireworks within the city limits, except for sparklers, snakes, etc. The penalty is $50 civil penalty for first offense, $75 civil penalty for second offense, and $100 civil penalty for third and subsequent offense. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Has anyone seen a medium sized black dog with a white chest and no collar running around town at all? The Police Department has been seeing it almost every night in the late evening hours, after dark for the last couple of weeks or so. We have been unable to determine where it belongs or who the owner is. We would like to determine who the owner is so we can speak with them about the matter. If anyone knows who it belongs too, please let us know. Thanks! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Try to stay cool out there!

Anyone missing a female Chihuahua? It was located hiding behind the pop machine at Rod's Automotive. It will be taken to Hometown Clinic.

A big thanks to the Girl Scout Troop 9616 for all the cookies!

Citizens of New London please be aware of a phone scam going around where someone calls you telling you they are your grandson, granddaughter, son or daughter reporting that something bad has happened to them and they need you to send them money. This has occurred right here in New London to at least a couple of different people. Luckily the people that this happened to here did not fall victim to the scam and they hung up on the caller. The calls usually come from an unknown name and number or a private number. They try to get you to say a name of one of your grand kids or children and when you say one of their names they say, Yes, that's me or something similar. They then try to get you to wire them money through Western Union or by similar means. Please be aware of this scam and let your family and friends know. It is best to hang up on these people and to call that specific relative yourself to see if they just called you.

Anyone missing a goat? It is at the vet clinic in New London.

Someone turned in a set of car keys for a Ford that were found at approximately 2 p.m. today at the intersection of Wilson Street and Elm Street. If you're missing keys please contact us, thank you.

All cleaned up and ready for patrol. A big thanks to Jim Cordes for letting us use you facilites!

The black and white dog with the red service vest has been returned home to its owner. The dog and owner are okay thank you everyone for your assistance.

The New London Police Department has been notified of packages being taken off of porches. The vehicle is a silver in color truck, no make or model given. the driver is a female with dark hair. If you happen to see such activity please call 911, as that is the fastest way to alert us. If it safe for you to do so get the license plate number. Pictures are very helpful as well. We thank you for your help and support.