Newton Police Department

  • Agency: Newton Police Department
  • Address: 101 West 4th Street South, Newton, 50208 IA
  • Chief: Thomas Wardlow (Chief of Police)
Phone: 641-791-0850

Newton Police Department is located at 101 West 4th Street South, Newton, 50208 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Wardlow. The Newton Police Department phone number is 641-791-0850.

Newton Police Department News

Please be extra cautious while driving through neighborhoods tonight. Beggar's Night is from 6-8PM.

The Newton Police need your help in identifying a vehicle involved in an accident. On 10-22-18 around 1400 hrs police were called to an accident in the 600 block of N. 6th Ave. E. The suspect vehicle was traveling westbound in the 600 block of N. 6th Ave. E. and struck a pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle did stop, but no information was exchanged. The suspect vehicle was described to police as a white Pontiac G6 or similar model. If you have any information about this vehicle, please call 641-792-1547.

Have fun and be safe!

Ghouls, goblins, princesses and superheros will once again be hitting the streets of Newton from 6-8PM tonight for beggars night. Halloween is fun, but it's also a night synonymous with a doubled car crash fatality risk for children. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that a combination of risk factors creates the perfect storm. DRUNK DRIVING: Officials note that on this evening, 48 percent of crash-related fatalities involve a drunk driver. The rest of year, motorists under the influence of alcohol account for 31 percent of cases. MORE PEDESTRIANS: The increase in pedestrian traffic results in heightened injury numbers. On Halloween, 28 percent of fatalities are among those out walking; on any other day, pedestrians account for 14 percent of crash deaths. INABILITY TO SEE CHILDREN: The favorite color for Halloween costumes, black, is also the one that is the hardest to see after dark. When you add the fact that some kids get so excited that they dart out between parked cars and may not watch for traffic, the sad reality is an increased likelihood of an accident.

Tragically there was another mass shooting at a place of worship in Pittsburgh over the weekend. There have been 19 fatal church shooting events since 1999 across the U.S. If your church would like assistance in developing a safety plan or if you would like response training for your congregation's leadership team please contact the the Newton Police Department at 641-791-0850 to schedule a meeting.

Join Officers Ryan Zylstra and Kyle Lovan at the Newton Police Association's Second Annual Bags Tournament on Nov. 3 at The Cellar Peanut Pub. A big thanks to Peanut Pub owners Marty and Betsy Duffy for their support for this event, which will benefit the Shop With A Cop program!

Police seek information in trailer theft The Newton Police Department is seeking information from the public in its investigation of a theft of a trailer. On October 22, 2018, the Newton Police took a report of a trailer being stolen from the 200 block of S 16th Ave W. The victim gave a photo to police, if you have any information about this theft or if you see this trailer, please call 641-792-1547

The Newton Police Department is seeking information relating to a vehicle accident that occurred on October 22nd at approx. 2:00PM in the 600 blk. of N 6th Ave E. An 11 year old boy was hit by possibly a white Pontiac driven by what appeared to be a teenage male. The male driver stopped and checked on the condition of the child after the accident and may have believed the child was not injured prior to leaving the scene. If you are the driver or have information relating to this incident please contact the Police Department at 641-792-1547.

National Teen Driver Safety Week October 21-27, 2018 This week and every week, parents should have conversations with their teens about the important rules they need to follow to stay safe behind the wheel of a passenger car, truck, or SUV. These rules address the greatest dangers for teen drivers: alcohol, inconsistent or no seat belt use, distracted and drowsy driving, speeding, and number of passengers. The Problem: Too many teens are dying on our roads Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens (15 to 18 years old) in the United States - ahead of all other types of injury, disease, or violence. There were 1,972 teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2015. An estimated 99,000 teen passenger vehicle drivers were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes.

THE SOLUTION — TALK REGULARLY TO YOUR TEEN ABOUT THE DANGERS OF DRIVING Parents – you’ve guided your teen this far. Driving is a new chapter and a step toward independence for many teens. But your job is not done. Self-reported surveys show that teens with parents who set and enforce firm rules for driving typically engage in less risky driving behaviors and are involved in fewer crashes. But your kids can’t listen to you if you don’t talk to them. • During National Teen Driver Safety Week, from October 21-27, take the opportunity to start talking to your teens about safe driving practices and the consequences if they don’t obey the rules of the road. • Get the facts about teen driving and share these statistics with your teen. • Become familiar with your State’s nighttime driving restrictions, passenger restrictions, and all the graduated driver licensing (GDL) restrictions, and help law enforcement and educators enforce them. • Be a good role model for your teen driver and set an example with your own safe driving habits. • Remind your teen that driving is a privilege, not a right, and it must always be taken seriously. • Set the rules before they hit the road, and make it clear to your teen that violating the rules will have serious repercussions.

Sleep Deprived is no way to Drive!!

Rules for the Road!!

Jasper County Crime Stoppers has upgraded their reporting app. Great job making the process of reporting anonymous crime tips more user friendly.

Stop into the event tonight and learn some life changing information.