Fairfield Police Department

  • Agency: Fairfield Police Department
  • Address: 1200 W. Grimes Ave., Fairfield, 52556 IA
  • Chief: Randy Cooksey (Chief of Police)
Phone: (641) 472-4146
Fax: (641) 472-7268

Fairfield Police Department is located at 1200 W. Grimes Ave., Fairfield, 52556 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Cooksey. The Fairfield Police Department phone number is (641) 472-4146.

Fairfield Police Department News


Just a reminder, Halloween Trick or Treating is tonight from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Stay safe, drive sober, and watch out for the little ones tonight!

Photos taken by Lt. Harvey.

Trick or treat in Fairfield will be October 31st from 5:30-8:30 PM.

Derek Lankford was apprehended in Marion, Iowa today. Thanks to those who offered any assistance.

We are asking for the public's help in locating the subject in the photo, Derek Wayne Lankford. He is 21 years of age, approximately 6 ft tall and weighs approximately 148 pounds. Lankford currently has active arrest warrants for assorted controlled substance violations as well as theft 3rd and carrying weapons. If located, DO NOT APPROACH THIS SUBJECT. Please call your local law enforcement agency or the Jefferson County Law Center at 641-472-4146.

We had quite the rainstorm pass through tonight. 7th and Jefferson is always a bad location in heavy rain, however this is also a good example of why there is a city ordinance about leaving grass clippings and other yard debris in the street. The applicable city code section is 10.24.010.

Anybody who uses an online trading service such as Craiglist, Freecycle/Buycycle, etc. is welcome to use our parking lot as a safe place to conduct transactions. Day or night, rain or shine. While this is not a new concept (we've had people ask in the past), thanks to Dawn Ridgeway Bechtel of the Freecycle page for mentioning this.

A little video from our friends at West Des Moines PD.

Joseph Bibby just liked our page tonight. Come on down and see us Joe! We'd love to say hi!

At the pre-fair carnival at Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Wishing everyone a safe Memorial Day. 🇺🇸

*SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT ALERT* Officers will be handing out tickets this summer to kids...........that are wearing their bike helmets, doing good deeds, etc. These tickets are good for one small ice cream cone at the Dairy Bar A huge thanks to the Dairy Bar for supporting this project!