Fort Madison Police Department

  • Agency: Fort Madison Police Department
  • Address: 811 Avenue E, Fort Madison, 52627 IA
  • Chief: Bruce Niggemeyer (Chief of Police)
Phone: (319) 372-2525
Fax: (319) 372-7758

Fort Madison Police Department is located at 811 Avenue E, Fort Madison, 52627 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Niggemeyer. The Fort Madison Police Department phone number is (319) 372-2525.

Fort Madison Police Department News

Thank you to Sunnybrook Assisted Living for providing all emergency responders breakfast yesterday!! we are deeply grateful! and the food was wonderful. -FMPD

Who is this?

Anyone missing this little guy? Located at 22nd and ave L.

OWNER FOUND, thanks to all for your help!!!

The individuals pictured in our previous posts have both been identified. We thank you, the public for your help.

So people, pass the word on scams, especially to older generation adults who may be more easily taken in by modern scams. Tell your parents and grand parents to never give any information to someone that calls them OR to never call a number that pops up on their computer. This is another common scam, you get a pop up saying you have a virus and to call a number. NEVER fall for that. Reboot your computer and make sure your virus software is up to date. Also delete suspicious emails before you open them. Be aware that some viruses hijack email accounts and the email may look like it came from a friend. While we are on the subject, let's talk about the grandparents scam where a "grandchild" calls and says the have been in an accident out of state and need bail money. They sometimes even give the number of their "lawyer" who wants you to wire thousands of dollars to him for "bail money" don't fall for it. Once they have your money, it is virtually impossible to get it back, very few of these are solved due to the anonymous nature of a wire transfer or other methods of payment.

Phone scams are again on the rise. Note: the Police and Sheriff do not arrest people for owing money. The IRS does not call you, they send certified mail. They do not accept WalMart gift cards. These scammers almost always have a thick foreign accent. The are from over seas and use voice over ip's (internet phone) Impossible to trace.

2nd person, NOT associated with the man in orange shirt. Note distinctive leg tattoo.

Who is this? Note distinctive tattoos on arms you can message your response if you wish.

Anyone know what this logo on the front of a shirt say? A business, tavern????

We have noticed a few concerned comments about a subject going door to door selling educational products in town. We do understand that door to door sales isn't the most popular or preferred method. However we would like to verify that this particular subject Andreas Oun has obtained the proper documents and permit to participate in the sales of his company. He has been a gentleman to speak with and transparent with our agency. This is by no means an endorsement of a product. Just a notification that the proper protocols have been followed.

Some of the members from Hinder and their friends wanted to partake in the dunk tank after hours and even made a donation to the reserve officer fund. Thank you Hinder for the comical entertainment and for the donation!

Come down to the riverfront and join the fun. Help support our reserve officer unit by participating in our dunk n doughnuts dunk tank! Down at riverfest!

Our 3rd annual "Dunkin Doughnuts" dunk tank at the Rivervest festival is going on! You get the chance to dunk a cop! Come down and show us what you got! Starts at 1pm, hope to see you there! All proceeds go to our FMPD Reserve Officer fund. This fund helps take care of those that volunteer to make our city safer!

Reserve Officers Maria Sandoval and Kevin Riggs out at Shottenkirks meeting and greeting families for customer appreciation day. Thank you for your hard work officers!

SKIMMER ALERT! Debit card skimmer found on 07/08/2018 11:15hrs at Connection One Bank ATM on Fort Madison west end. Please be cautious when using ATMs. Local ATMs are being checked by FMPD. Investigation remains active.

Now that school is out for the summer, remember Under Chapter 11 of the City of Fort Madison Ordinances the curfew hours for anyone under the age of 18 is 12:30am - 5:00am everyday of the week. Enjoy your summer and be safe!

Members of the "A Shift" stop for a couple of photos as we work our final shift with Nancy Arevalo a loyal friend and co-worker. Nancy will be retiring on Tuesday after an amazing 31 year career with our department starting as a FMPD dispatcher and ending as our Data Entry Clerk. Nancy's personality, hard work and attention to detail will be sorely missed by our department. As we are sad to see her move on in her journey we are equally proud of her and the amazing job she has done with our department! We wish her a healthy and happy retirement!! Thank you Nancy! Please don't be a stranger and stop in to see us when you can!! -FMPD

This friendly gal has lost her way. We would like to get her back home. If anyone recognizes her please give FMPD a call. Not shown in the picture is two black collars she is wearing. Thanks! - Investigator Gibbs

***Card Skimmer Update #3*** Working with Connection Bank, we now have a person of interest. Attached are still shots of a male and the vehicle that he was in. If anyone can identify who this male is please call FMPD at 319-372-2525. FMPD is confident that no ones banking information was compromised due to us having the skimmer in our hands. Reviewing video doesn't show the suspect come back at anytime to retrieve information. The skimmer was installed at approximately 0545 at the west end location and removed by FMPD at 1430. However if you still see fraudulent charges on your statements please contact your bank and FMPD so we can look into it. Also no ones personal information is comprised due to it not being stored on the card itself. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

***Card Skimmer Update*** FMPD has been working hand in hand with the bank where the skimmer was found and are closer to identifying who placed the skimmer on the ATM. More information will be available as we receive it. Thanks and have a great day!

*** Card skimmer alert*** On May 19th a card skimmer was located on an ATM at a local bank. It is important that when you attempt to use an ATM, that you pull on the device that reads your card. Thankfully a Fort Madison resident who does this at every ATM or gas pump they use found this one. Card skimmers come in many shapes and sizes. Typically they will look identical to the original card reader. They are very discreet. Card skimmers are used to obtain the information of the card being used. This information can then be transferred to another card that has a magnetic strip and then be used at a store or used online with the card information that was captured. This is also considered fraud and is being investigated. FMPD strongly recommends that before inserting your card, pull on the card reader itself. If there is any play in the reader then do not use it and notify an employee or local officials. Attached is the skimmer that was found. If anyone has any information regarding this, please contact FMPD at 319-372-2525. Have a great day!

Citizens of Fort Madison and neighboring towns please remember to secure any load with tarps and straps when taking them to the dump! This helps prevent debris falling on to the roads and keeps the area looking clean. This little step can prevent a $330.00 citation! Thanks and drive safe!