Lee County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Lee County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 2530 255th Street, Montrose, 52639 IA
  • Chief:

Lee County Sheriff's Office is located at 2530 255th Street, Montrose, 52639 IA. The Lee County Sheriff's Office phone number is 319-372-1152.

Lee County Sheriff's Office News

Reminds us of two fur missiles we know...

Scam call going around. Reverse mortgage to get you to say yes. No area code 778-6542.... Protect your peeps!! Tell them not to fall for this.

Retired Sheriff Buck Jones just told me he and some of his friends have been getting calls from the "IRS" saying they are investigating someone stealing their identity....They, the "IRS" want you to call them back. Listen folks, if you know anything about the IRS, they are not that helpful. And to call them requires a huge wait. Trust me, if it were real, you would get a letter in the mail from the IRS. Don't fall for this, protect your information.

Halloween is just around the corner so please slow down and watch for pedestrian traffic. Make complete stops at stop signs and pay attention at uncontrolled intersections. Stay safe Lee County!

Shawn DeHaven left the Lee County Jail this morning for COURT ORDERED work release and removed his GPS ankle monitor and is being sought for escape. If you have any information about where he might be at, please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or 911. Share this please.

A big thank you to Keokuk Hy-Vee, Pepsi, Hostess and Darcy Uhlmeyer with IFCO for the donations of candy and items for the kids at the ALL TREATS, NO TRICKS Halloween Event!!!

Not today Isis. So a citizen called to report another scam caller from 1-888-630-2583 pretending to be DHS...don't fall victim to these clowns. Hang up or don't answer the unwanted calls.

October 29th, bring your kids out to the Sheriff's Office for Halloween treats and a good time!!! This year Hy-Vee of Keokuk, Lee County Crimestoppers and the Lee Co. K9 Association have thrown in with us!! It will be cool. Bring the kids, it's safe and inside!!!! See you then!!! Address- 2530 255th Street from 5pm-7pm Face painting, photo ops, candy...a bunch of it, hot dogs on the way out with a bottle of water.

The road is open now at Highway 2

News Release regarding the recovery of a missing person at Pollmiller Park.

We want to make sure the public is aware of something. Over the past 2 years, We have investigated numerous complaints of large rocks left on Highway 61 from as far north as the old Highway 61 turn off to as far south as Airport Road. These items left in the roadway, especially at night, have caused multiple accidents and luckily, no-one has gotten injured. We ask the public to be aware of this and if you know of anyone who might have information as to whom is responsible, we urge you to report it to us. Remember, Crimestoppers offers rewards up to $1,000 for information such as this. Thanks.

Just a reminder of the upcoming Halloween event on October 29th from 5-7 here at the Sheriff's Office. I bet you'll see this guy around here....

Please help support the Keokuk PD as they are trying to get a dog!!!

October 29th from 5-7 pm. All treats, no tricks here!!! A safe place, inside for you to bring your little trick-or treaters in costume to collect candy!! Keokuk Hy-Vee, Crimestoppers, Lee County K9 Association, Correctional Officers, LeeComm Dispatchers and many Lee County Employees will be on hand in costumes to face paint and pose for pictures with your lil goblins!!! A special prop made by the Central Lee art class will be here as well for pics!!! REMINDER OF THE DATE- 29th of October 2530 255th Street, at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office

We found the owner!!!!! Thanks Facebook peeps!!!

Here is a great tool to see your child is ready to move from a booster seat to a seatbelt. The car seat calculator http://www.drivesmartiowa.com/

Another pathetic attempt by scammers to fool a citizen. 315-232-8248 called and said that the person was going to be taken into custody if they didn't call back....Warn your peeps, this is a scam. These people need to get a life already.....

Thanks again to the Order of the Eastern Star for another donation to our Reserves!! Our volunteers will be better protected due to your continued generosity. It is appreciated.- Sheriff Weber

Learning how to use MACH from the State of Iowa today. Great new tool to use on our in car computers.

. Move Over or Slow Down NOT JUST A COURTESY, IT�S THE LAW MOVE OVER OR SLOW DOWN TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE! Rules of the Road Move Over or Slow Down By following these two simple rules, you can help save lives, avoid receiving a traffic ticket and prevent the potential loss of your driver’s license. Iowa law requires motorists to: 1.Change lanes or slow down, absent any other direction from a peace officer, when approaching the following vehicles, as provided in (Iowa Code section 321.323A): •A stationary emergency vehicle that has its flashing lights activated. •A stationary tow, recovery, maintenance, construction, solid waste or recycling collection vehicle that has its flashing lights activated. •Any stationary motor vehicle, including a passenger vehicle, that is continually displaying its emergency signal lamps (i.e., standard hazard lights). 2. Yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights or giving an audible signal by moving over to the right, stopping and waiting until the vehicle has passed before proceeding. (Iowa Code section 321.324). These laws are designed to protect motorists, including motorists stranded by the side of the road, persons being transported in emergency vehicles, and personnel at high risk while performing their duties on Iowa’s roadways. A good rule of the road is to change lanes or slow down anytime you are approaching a vehicle that is slow moving, stopped or stranded on the shoulder, if you can safely do so. Iowa's road workers, construction workers, Highway Helpers, law enforcement personnel, emergency personnel, maintenance workers, solid waste and recycling collection workers, and tow truck operators urge drivers to provide them the room they need to safely perform their jobs. Penalties for violating the law fines image Motorists are warned to move over or slow down or pay the price. The scheduled fine for a conviction of violating Iowa Code 321.323A or 321.324 is $100 plus any surcharge and court costs. Upon receiving a record of a person’s conviction for a violation of the move over law that resulted in a crash causing damage to the property of another person or bodily injury to or death of another person, the Iowa Department of Transportation shall suspend the person’s driver’s license/operating privileges, upon 30 days’ notice and without preliminary hearing, as follows. •For a violation causing damage to the property of another person, but not resulting in bodily injury or death of to another person, the Iowa DOT shall suspend the violator’s driver’s license or operating privileges for 90 days. •For a violation causing bodily injury to another person, the Iowa DOT shall suspend the violator’s driver’s license or operating privileges for 180 days. •For a violation causing death, the Iowa DOT shall suspend the violator’s driver’s license or operating privileges for one year. A person convicted of a violation that resulted in a crash causing bodily injury to or the death of another person may be subject to an additional fine, beyond the scheduled fine for a violation of the move over law and any other penalties allowed by law. The additional fine is $500 for a violation causing bodily injury to another person and $1,000 for a violation causing death. Road signs Move Over or Slow Down sign Signs that describe the state law are posted statewide on all the major interstate routes and state entries. Iowa�s highway safety, emergency, maintenance, and utility personnel appreciate your cooperation and compliance with Iowa law to ensure the safety of the public and those whose job it is to maintain the roadways and provide assistance to you.

Stay safe Lee County!


(Strong language)Never again.....

Congratulations to Correctional Officer Trena Wildrick for her being selected as SIACC Correctional Officer of the Year!!!!!