Lisbon Police Department

  • Agency: Lisbon Police Department
  • Address: 115 N. Washington, Lisbon, 52253 IA
  • Chief: Rick Scott (Chief of Police)

Lisbon Police Department is located at 115 N. Washington, Lisbon, 52253 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick Scott. The Lisbon Police Department phone number is 319-213-5824.

Lisbon Police Department News

Another back to school reminder! Many students are riding a moped to and from school. Students ages 14 & 15 MUST take a Iowa D.O.T approved moped class before being able to operate a moped legally. Even if they have an instruction permit for a vehicle, they MUST take the moped course. Ages 16 to 18, MUST have a moped license, IN ADDITION TO THEIR DRIVER'S LICENSE, but are not required to take the moped class. Questions? Be sure and ask one of the Lisbon Officers.

Today's the day! First day of school for the Lisbon Lions! To ensure your Lion cubs get to and from school safely, review these safety tips as a family before heading out the door. Don't forget, "Be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Caring" this year, after all, it is the Lion's way!

As we get ready to head back to school this week, here is a good reminder for many of the "NEW" to the road drivers. Minor's School Permit is a privilege, review with the teen driver in your home, the rules of driving with a School Permit. The 2 biggest violations are: Driving off route/not to a school event and having more than 1 non related passenger. We'll be watching for violations and enforcing these laws.

It's been awhile since we've had good rain like we are having today, time for a safety reminder. You may have to manually turn your lights on and not rely on auto feature.

Another wonderful Sauerkraut Days has come to an end. Many thanks to the Sauerkraut Committee and to all who attended the festivities. You all made it a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Enjoy Sauerkraut Days 2018, but remember these few rules!

After receiving complaints about aggressive/pushy door to door salesmen within the City today, 3 subjects were stopped and identified by police this afternoon. None of the subjects had a valid permit to solicit business door to door in the City of Lisbon. They were given a cease and desist notice and directed out of the City. As a reminder, you do NOT have to open your door to anyone you don't know. If you wish to engage the person knocking on your door, talk to them through a screen door or through a window. This makes it more convenient to be able to end the conversation on your terms by closing the door or window on them. Tell them "No" and advise them to get off your property. If they refuse to leave, contact Police. Non-Emergency number for an Officer to respond is 319-455-2452.

An easy Monday puzzle of Spot the Difference. (Hint: there's only 1 😉) Take a look at the front of your residence from the street, both in daylight and at night when it's dark and ask yourself if Emergency Responders could find your house quickly in the event of an emergency. Having your address visible ON YOUR HOUSE is the best way to know Police, Fire and Ambulance can find you in an emergency. Help us help you faster! Display your address on your residence.

July 25, 2018 PRESS RELEASE On Wednesday July 25, 2018, at approximately 1658hrs, Lisbon Police Department attempted to stop a 1998 Dodge Ram pick-up truck for a traffic violation. The truck refused to stop for police and a pursuit of the vehicle began, heading east through the City of Lisbon. The truck went north out of Lisbon on N. Washington St topping speeds of 90+mph. The truck entered a corn field on the south side of the road where the driver of the truck fled on foot and was last seen running west through the corn field. A search of the area was conducted by Lisbon Police Department, Lisbon Police K9, Mount Vernon Police Department, Linn County Sheriff’s Department, Iowa Department of Transportation, and Iowa State Patrol Aircraft. The driver has not been located at this time. There is no threat to the public and the investigation is ongoing. Authority: Lisbon Police Chief Rick Scott

6 traffic stops in a 59min time frame. ALL were over 50mph in a 35mph zone. Can you guess where? Watch your speed!

Good news!!! The American Flag was NOT stolen. It was damaged in the storm and removed for proper disposal. Our apologies.

The Lisbon Police Department would like to wish all a SAFE and Happy 4th of July!

It has been reported that some of the new Book Walk signs have been vandalized or are missing altogether. These have only been up for 2 weeks. Library staff have put time, effort and Library money into this activity for the community. Please, if you see suspicious behavior, person(s) or vehicle(s), report it IMMEDIATELY! Non Emergency Dispatch number for police 24/7/365 is 319-398-3911. It's up to all of us, See Something? Say Something.

Ordinance reminder: Golf carts are ONLY permitted to be operated by drivers 18yrs of age or older. Regardless of your teen's permit or graduated driver's license. Thank you!

Thanks to the Sarasota (FL) County Sheriff's Office for putting out this useful information. Parents/Caregivers educate yourselves. Our kids are smart, we just have to be one step ahead.

All gave some, some gave all. This Memorial Day the Lisbon Police Department would like to say Thank You to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Have a safe Memorial Day!

Lisbon PD would like to congratulate Mount Vernon Officer Morgan Mehlert on this deserving award! Keep up the good work Officer Mehlert! It's a privilege to work with you.

USE CAUTION/HEAVY TRUCK TRAFFIC. Ongoing construction for the bypass near Sutliff Rd is creating dust storms resulting in reduced/no visibility at times. Large side dump trucks will be hauling dirt via Hwy 30 east from Mount Vernon to S Washington St-south to Sutliff Rd overpass for the next few days. Use caution and pay attention for trucks turning from and to Hwy 30.

It's mowing season! MAX length is 8" before a property is in violation. Need help with mowing or other duties around your home? Contact Southeast Linn Community Center at 319-455-2844 to see if a volunteer can help!

Yesterday was National Prescription Drug Take Back Day across the country. Did you miss it? Don't worry! Lisbon Police Department accepts unwanted/expired prescription drugs anytime. They can be dropped off just outside the police department on 2nd floor of City Hall. When you're spring cleaning, don't forget to clean out medicine cabinets too!