Monona County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Monona County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 909 7TH Street, Onawa, 51040 IA
  • Chief:
Phone: (712) 433-1414
Fax: (712) 433-1398

Monona County Sheriff's Office is located at 909 7TH Street, Onawa, 51040 IA. The Monona County Sheriff's Office phone number is (712) 433-1414.

Monona County Sheriff's Office News

This is a prime example why people need to pay attention while driving!

The entire town of Onawa is without power. Crews are aware and working to get it restored.

There has been a steady rise in road signs being taken. Each sign costs about $100 and if someone is caught in possession of one it could cost them up to $1000 in fines. If you notice any suspicious activity please contact the Sheriff's Office.

Pup was found and is with owner! Thanks for everyone that helped out 🎀

If you see this pup out and about please contact Monona County Sheriff's Office 712-423-2525

On 9/9/18, Marion Steven Goodon Jr. has been located and placed in custody. Thank you to the public for the help. Per Sheriff Jeff Pratt

September 9, 2018 Press Release Monona County Sheriff's office is asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Marion Steven Goodon Jr. to please contact the Monona County Sheriff's Office at 712-433-1414 or 712-423-2525. Mr. Goodon goes by the name Steven Goodon, and was involved in a domestic disturbance on September 8, 2018 in Monona County. Released by Sheriff Jeff Pratt Monona County Sheriff's Office

Back Pack found at Ropes Park call the LEC to claim.

The Monona County Sheriff’s Office was presented a plaque for distinguished service to agriculture by Monona County Farm Bureau last night. We would like to thank Farm Bureau for this recognition.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for Monona County. At 08:51 Doppler Radar and Automated rain gauges indicated that heavy rain has fallen and continues to fall. The heavy rain is causing flooding. The rain should end this afternoon, however flooding will continue until the rain can work through the river systems. Up to 3 inches of rain has already fallen. Reminder to Turn around Don't drown!

There's been alot of talk on facebook regarding the white van seen around Blencoe. The Sheriff's Office was made aware of this and within 30 minutes it was stopped and the occupants were identified. We do not believe that the public is in any danger at this time. We ask that if anyone has any concerns about this incident or any others to please contact our office.

A cell phone was turned in to our office, found during ragbrai. If you are missing your phone, give us a call! 712.433.1414

RAGBRAI Reminder: NO parking on 12th and 15th streets. 12th street will be one way going south and 15th street will be one way going north. All other streets in town, no parking on the east side of the streets that run north and south and no parking on the south side of the streets that run east and west. These will be in effect today July 20th through Sunday July 22nd.

Ragrai is almost here and we already have riders arriving and riding around. Please use extra caution when driving. Be alert!

Reminder: If you are volunteering for ragbrai and plan to utilize an atv, golf cart, etc. You need to come to the Sheriff's Office with proof of insurance and fill out a form to recieve a flag so you are able to drive one of the above during ragbrai events.

Attention over the road drivers and residents of Onawa: The City of Onawa will be hosting RAGBRAI on the 20th and 21st of July. The entire area of 8th Street, both north one block from Iowa Avenue and south one block from Iowa Avenue, has been reserved for vendors and other support staff. Please have your tractor and trailers removed from this area no later than Thursday morning July 19th at 8am. The City of Onawa will be closing this street then and any vehicles or trailers left will be moved at this time. These streets will re-open Sunday morning July 22nd. During the 3 days this street is closed, I would suggest using the parking lots at one of the truck stops off of 28th Street and Iowa avenue. I understand this is inconvenient and i do appreciate your help and understanding. Respectfully, J. Fouts - Onawa Police Department.

Missing dog between Onawa and Whiting. If you see him please call Monona County Sheriff's Office. 712-423-2525

Civil Office will be closed tomorrow for the 4th of July.

Very sweet friendly little girl. Possibly came from the 3rd street area south of Iowa ave

Anyone wondering about the Iowa Fireworks Law 🎆: One can only use consumer fireworks on their own private property or the private property of a person who consented. Use Allowed as set by the state of Iowa: June 1st to and including July 8th, December 10th to and including January 3rd, 9AM to 10PM, 9Am to 11PM on July 4th and any Saturday or Sunday immediately before or after July 4th and December 31st, 9AM to 12:30AM on New Year's Eve. Thank you and be safe! 🎇

The Sheriff's Office would like to inform the citizens of Onawa that the emergency alert sirens are working properly at this time. The issue found was mechanical issues with the sirens themselves. We would like to thank the City Of Onawa crew and staff and our electronics communications provider for their assistance in getting this matter resolved.