Wilton Police Department

  • Agency: Wilton Police Department
  • Address: 104 East 4th Street, Wilton , 52778 IA
  • Chief: Tim Leathers (Chief of Police)
Phone: (563) 732-2311

Wilton Police Department is located at 104 East 4th Street, Wilton , 52778 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Leathers. The Wilton Police Department phone number is (563) 732-2311.

Wilton Police Department News

Dog found in 100 block of sycamore st. Call the PD. 732-2311

It would be great if you can make it to this great event.

Another officer Down.

See something, Do something. What a great story!! Enjoy!

Do you recognize this man?

Be sure and lock your vehicles and don’t leave the keys or valuables in side!

Let us remember those that lost their lives, and may we never forget!

Wilton Police Department want to welcome not a new business but an existing lifelong Business that has expanded. Doug Bremeirers Service and Tire rotation and Chinese fast food Takeout! Stop by for an oil change and crab Rangoon today!

Great night at the Wilton City Council meeting honoring a local hero. Regan Scarbaro helped save her Grandfathers life!!! Here's the story!!

It was a great night at the city council meeting!

Stolen lawn ornaments. Call Wilton PD if you know who owns it. 563-732-2311

We have a statue of a dog that was taken from someone’s yard. If it is yours or know who it belongs to, please call the Wilton PD. 563-732-2311

School is starting. This is a good message to spread!!

Every parent should share this video with their child. Sit down and watch it together. Have a real conversation about it. Maybe this can be a different school year. Maybe a wave with be set in motion in our schools. Maybe your child will make a difference in another child. Maybe your child will turn our school upside down with kindness. Maybe this could be the year!

Abandoned bike found in the 300 block of York st. Call 573-732-2311

Here is a message about the Police you won't hear from the mainstream media. Enjoy!

Picked up a dog in the road near old REC building. Call the PD. 732-2311.

Wilton public safety announcement: If you have guns in your house, please lock them in a safe. I hear parents say, "I trust my kids around guns!" Or "I've trained my kids how to handle guns!" Kids are kids, and they have friends over that can be, ignorant and untrained when it comes to firearms. If you have made an investment in firearms, make an investment on a gun safe especially handguns. Harbor Freight has some nice safe and very reasonable prices. Please don't let this happen in your home.

Wilton Fireworks ordinance is. July 1-July 8th 9am to 10pm. On the 4th til 11pm

I know this is not part of the WPD department, but here are a few picture of the progress on the Wilton’s new Sewer Treatment plant. AMAZING!

Lost dog in the 700 block of Cypress St. Answers to Ariel. If you see her call 563-554-4126

Just FYI: once you put photos or videos of yourself on or through the internet, they are there forever. No way to get them back. Even the compromising ones! Think what is the worst that could happen if I post this video! Don’t let your great grand kids find pictures or video of you on your wilder days! Think about it!