Ames Police Department

  • Agency: Ames Police Department
  • Address: 515 Clark Ave, Ames, 50010 IA
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Ames Police Department is located at 515 Clark Ave, Ames, 50010 IA. The Ames Police Department phone number is 515-239-5133.

Ames Police Department News

We are working along with the Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force and looking for impaired drivers tonight. Find a safe ride home. #itcanwait #buzzdrivingisdrunkdriving

We had a blast at the Boys and Girls Club today at Carving With Cops. Some pretty scary carving going on!

If you haven't heard we are holding another session of "Fit for Duty", our police recruit physical fitness preparation class. The deadline for registration is 5:00 pm on October 31st so get signed up! Fit for Duty is more than a fitness class. It is designed to not only prepare you for the physical fitness test, but the entire hiring process. You will also get an opportunity to network with current staff and learn more about the Ames Police Department. Register by calling 515-239-5350 or through the Ames Parks and Recreation online registration page.

Well Cyclone fans, we were doing good with no traffic accidents but now there is one at University and Mortensen. So be patient if you are in the area or head to the stadium a different way.

What could make reading to Mrs. Shipley's 2nd grad class better? Donuts! The Ames Public Library offered a donut party with the police as a prize for their summer reading program and the winner, Kaitlyn, wanted to share with her class. Thank you to the Ames Police Foundation and Kids Run for Kids for providing the donuts!

Old people, tell the young people in your life to watch this video on Twitter and sign up. If you spend any time in Story County for work, school, or play you should take a couple minutes and sign up now! To register: Text “registerstoryalerts” to 69310 or go to More information: During a disaster, seconds count when first responders are trying to provide emergency messages to a community. The one tool they have to communicate with the entire community at once is Story County’s mass notification system called Story County Iowa Alerts. There is one catch though, while home phones numbers were loaded into the system, individuals must to register their cell phones to receive emergency alerts on these devices. Story County Iowa Alerts users can customize how they receive emergency alerts by selecting which devices they register and whether that device gets a voice message, text, or email. Users can also choose alerts for multiple cities so they can be aware of emergencies in towns where their children go to school or where they may have loved-ones for which they are care. There is even the ability for citizens self-identify as having special needs to assist first responders as they conduct their operations. Story County Iowa Alerts will not be used for routine communications with citizens and does not provide severe weather alerts, so when you receive an alert it will be an important emergency communication from your community. If you have questions about Story County Iowa Alerts or difficulties signing-up, contact Story County Emergency Management at (515)-382-7315.

Smile, you're on Candid Camera! Yes, the Ames Police Department is in the process this week of deploying our Body Worn Cameras. We will take the next 30 days or so to train and get used to the new cameras and take some time to align our policy and practices. While our cameras are not on all of the time, if you are involved with a law enforcement interaction with a police officer, it is likely you are being recorded. We are excited to bring a new tool to the department. A word of caution for everyone; Body Worn Cameras are just one tool. They do not show everything nor does it necessarily show what an officer saw. There are limitations to what they can do, show and record. However, we do think they will be a good addition.

We are excited to announce a new session of Fit for Duty, a police recruit physical fitness preparation class designed in partnership with Ames Parks and Recreation! The next session will start soon so please share this post if you know anyone who may be interested in this opportunity!

Helping with a poverty simulation today and have a feeling we may be a little too “real” for Realville 😂.

We've seen an increase in vehicle burglaries recently with some turning into vehicle thefts because keys were left in the unlocked vehicle. Always lock your doors and don't hide your keys in, or on, your vehicle. Much like hiding the key under the doormat at your house, everyone knows the common places to hide a key on a vehicle. Also, even if you lock your doors, don't leave valuables, bags, or other enticing items in plain view. You'll just end up paying for a broken window along with the lost item.

...FREEZE WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 1 AM TO 10 AM CDT MONDAY... The National Weather Service in Des Moines has issued a Freeze Warning, which is in effect from 1 AM to 10 AM CDT Monday. TheFreeze Watch is no longer in effect. * TEMPERATURE...Mid 20s to around 30. * IMPACTS...The below freezing temperatures will result in a killing freeze and end the growing season for central Iowa. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... A Freeze Warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely. These conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation. On the plus side, probably done mowing our lawns for the year, just sayin'.

Welcome to ISU Game Day. The skies are clear, with just a little wind. Perfect day for a Cyclone Victory. Just a few reminders, the grass lots are closed. Please be respectful of neighborhood parking regulations. DO NOT PARK AT THE OLD K-MART LOT OR YOU WILL BE TOWED BY THE OWNER. Just to clarify, the old K-Mart lot has nothing to do with the City of Ames and is signed properly. If you park illegally today, expect a ticket. Let's all get ready for a Cyclone Victory!

HELP!!!!!! We need a few more donations to help throw Sgt. Christian and Ofc. Snyder off the roof, or is it rappelling over the edge of a building. Either way, we need a few more donations to help the Boys and Girls Club of Story County. Please consider a donation to help us, help them. Thank you for the support!

Arrive early and plan ahead......There will be limited legal parking around the stadium. General public parking will be available on campus, and we suggest parking at the following areas: Memorial Union parking ramp, Gerdin Business Building East parking deck and Molecular Biology Building parking lot 29. Please be sure to follow posted regulations at all campus parking lots. And....don't park in the old K-Mart lot.

City of Ames is continuing to monitor both the Skunk River and Squaw Creek for flooding. Both waterways are expected to rise, and additional rainfall is forecast. The City is working with the National Weather Service (NWS) to use water gauge information from upstream to create models to predict the cresting levels for both the Skunk River and Squaw Creek. View river levels on the City’s website at There is still significant rainfall forecasted, and the ground is very saturated. Ames residents should be vigilant and monitor their homes, businesses, and property as these situations can change very quickly. Every storm event is different, and previous history is only one indicator of what could happen in a future event. Rivers are anticipated to crest overnight. With river crests at National Weather Service predicted levels, affected properties (in the past) have included: • East field at Hunziker Youth Sports Complex • Front parking at Walmart Supercenter on South Duff • Shared use path on SE 16th • River Valley Park and low-lying fields • South Fourth low-lying areas • Stonehaven Apartments parking lot • Stadium View Apartments parking lot If river crests above National Weather Service predicted levels, additional affected properties (in the past) have included: • South Fifth Street apartment parking lots • Tall Timber Apartments • Arrasmith Trail properties Ames residents also are encouraged to monitor local media for updates and listen to weather radios. To report hazardous conditions or damage, call the Ames Police Department at 515.239.5133. Do not call 911 unless there is an immediate threat to your own or someone else's personal safety.

We’re at the Ames Main Street Farmers' Market with Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support (ACCESS) to spread awareness about domestic violence. Oh, and we have candy. Come see us! #DVAM

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you need help, please call us or Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support (ACCESS) Can’t call? Simply text your message to 911 and a dispatcher will assist you. Please be aware that this system has limitations so call when you can, text when you can’t. #dvam

How great would it be to start your morning with some McDonald’s served by Officer Metcalfe. We are at Lincoln Way and South Duff McDonald’s this morning. #coffeewithacop

Have you received a phone call from a number that appears to be from Chicago and they are speaking Mandarin? If so, we think it's a scam. They are probably targeting people who speak Mandarin. The message says they have an important message for you and call immediately. We suggest you don't do that as it is probably a scam and they will attempt to get money out of you somehow. The number that we received the call was from 312-803-1285.

Our new promotional pencils and notepads are in. Only took an extra week to fix the spelling “errors” the supplier thought we should correct. 😂 #KnowYourLocation

Please consider attending a special talk at the Memorial Union tonight. Mental Illness, Tragedy and Transformation: The Mark Becker Story. 7pm in the Great Hall.

Rail Safety Week is September 24-30th. Officers will be out today watching for drivers and pedestrians violating the warning lights at rail road crossings. In 2017 Iowa had 49 collisions, 5 deaths, and 24 injuries at highway-rail grade crossings. Operation Lifesaver Inc.