Meskwaki Nation Police Department

  • Agency: Meskwaki Nation Police Department
  • Address: 1632 305th Street, Tama, 52339 IA
  • Chief:
Phone: 641.484.4844
Fax: 641.484.4843

Meskwaki Nation Police Department is located at 1632 305th Street, Tama, 52339 IA. The Meskwaki Nation Police Department phone number is 641.484.4844.

Meskwaki Nation Police Department News

The police department is hosting active shooter training. On Thursday, March 29th we will need volunteers to help with the training. If you are willing to help, come to the commons area at the high school at noon on the 29th. Lunch will be provided.

The Meskwaki Nation Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in apprehending Michael Wabaunasee. Michael is currently wanted by the Meskwaki Nation Police Department. Michael should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have knowledge of Michael's whereabouts, please call the Meskwaki Police Department at 641-484-4844 or Message us on Facebook. All communications will be kept confidential. Thank you in advance for your help. Education is key. Please take a few moments to look at facts that influence the lives of people in our community everyday. 2018 National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week®: Monday, January 22nd through Sunday, January 28th.

IA - Meskwaki Nation PD is now connected with MobilePatrol! MobilePatrol helps sheriffs' offices rapidly communicate vital public safety information such as emergency alerts, jail bookings, VINE notifications, arrest warrants, and lists of most-wanted persons and sex offenders. Users of the app can also send crime tips and offender sightings directly to the sheriff's office.

We would ask that you practice fire safety, especially over the next week or so. We recommend the following: 1. If a space heater is needed, don't plug it into an outlet with anything else and be extremely cautious with what is located around the space heater! 2. Use caution with discarded smoking material! 3. Limit the use of candles! 4. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to thaw frozen water lines rather than a torch! 5. Limit your outside exposure to no more than 5 minutes! 6. Bring outdoor pets inside during these extreme temperatures! Be safe and have a happy new year!

Detective Jacob Molitor recently made this placard and purchased these Meskwaki Code Talkers medals in tribute to the Meskwaki Military Veterans who served in World War I & II. The coins were made after the Code Talkers Recognition Act of 2008 was enacted which required the U.S. Mint to produce the coins honoring Native American Veterans across the U.S. Excellent job Detective!

Looking towards the southwest and directly at the Meskwaki Settlement School.

In honor of Christmas, the Meskwaki Police Department is giving away a Princess and Mickey Mouse coloring book that includes a sticker sheet. ** This particular giveaway is for Meskwaki community members with children ages 3 and older. Parents: Let your child guess a number between 1-500 and then have them write their guess and name on a sheet of paper. Take a picture of them with their guess and put it in the comment section of this post. One boy and one girl who are closest to our chosen number will win. Please don't guess a number that has already been chosen. ** Winners will be announced 12/20/17 at 5:00pm and will be delivered by an Officer.

My View From the Travel Plaza at 6 pm.