Toledo Police Department

  • Agency: Toledo Police Department
  • Address: 214 W High St, Toledo , 52342 IA
  • Chief: Jeffery L Harnish (Chief of Police)
Phone: 641-484-3013

Toledo Police Department is located at 214 W High St, Toledo , 52342 IA. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffery L Harnish. The Toledo Police Department phone number is 641-484-3013.

Toledo Police Department News

Come on down to the Toledo Public Library and enjoy some coffee and cookies with the Toledo Police Officers. Cookies are from "Janice's Bohemian Delights" of Toledo and coffee is from Ross Street Roasting! We are here from now until noon!

****Press Release****

****Press Release****

We invite the community to join the Officers of the Toledo Police Department for another session of "Coffee with the cops" at the Toledo Library on Saturday November 3rd from 9am-noon! Come meet our newest full time officer Kyle Howe.

On this day, We will never forget......

On Saturday, September 15th, 2018, the Toledo Police Department will again be hosting a drug "take back day" collecting expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs at the Toledo Police Department located at 214 west High Street in Toledo from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. This effort is an event to collect and safely dispose of unwanted medications. The Toledo Police Department hopes this "take back: event serves a precautionary effort to safeguard citizens from potentially dangerous expired,unused and unwanted prescription drugs. This is a free service provided by the department and helps keep prescription medications out of the garbage/landfill and out of the local sewer system which can not handle prescription medications. Bring in any prescription medications you no longer want or use; no questions asked. For your privacy, you may remove the labels on the medication bottles before you arrive at the department, or you may place any pills in a disposable container we can provide. We will assist you in every way with privacy issues. The following items will NOT be accepted by the Toledo Police Department for this "Take back" event: Syringes, needles, inhalers, intravenous solutions, or anything that is an illegal substance such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.... If you are unable to drop off unused or unwanted medications during this event, you may drop them off anytime before the event and after the event if an officer is at the Toledo Police Department. In the event an officer is not in the office, please call 641-484-3760 Ext. #1 and ask for a Toledo Police Officer to meet you at our office. Any questions may be directed to Toledo Police Chief Bob Kendall at 641-484-3013.

***From the desk of Toledo Police Chief Bob Kendall*** I'd like to clear up any confusion as to what took place today. First off, I would like to thank everybody who commented on who they thought this individual was. I see a couple posts on here that positively identified him, and that was much appreciated. So here is the story. Around 3:30AM, a male subject was picked up in Traer by Tama County Sheriff's deputies and brought to Toledo to the Sheriff's Office. He left the foyer of the Sheriff's Office around 5:30AM or so while his identity was being determined. My understanding (as I wasn't there; just from what I could read from the Calls for Service) that he provided an Iowa Identification Card that belonged to a subject that's currently incarcerated at the Anamosa State Prison, and they were suspicious that he wasn't who he claimed to be. Fast forward to 9:30AM. I was in my office trying to catch up on some things and the phone rings. It's a resident in the 300 Block of West Madison Street. The resident informs me that there was a scary person near the property that she owns and wanted me to hurry to her property. I head down there and find a male subject with no shirt, wearing dark blue jeans, and black socks with no shoes standing in front of the resident's front door. He appeared to be in his early 20's. I notice his hair-doo was a bit odd as it was shaved on both sides and long on the top. I asked him a couple questions like what he was doing there, who he was, why he couldn't stand still(he was high off of some sort of illegal substance). He lied to me about who he was and why he was there, so at that point, I determined that he should be placed under arrest for providing false information to law enforcement. When I told him he was under arrest, he decided to make a run for it. I chased him northbound through the back yards, across 300th Street and he entered a cornfield. At that point, I stopped because I wasn't about to go into the cornfield. A perimeter was set up around the field to watch for him to exit the field. Many thanks to Shayne Turner for bringing a drone out to scan the field in an attempt to locate him! Unfortunately, he wasn't able to be seen by the drone. Around noon time, we decided this man was somewhere hidden pretty good in the cornfield, and at some point he'd come out of the field. I deemed it appropriate to have Tama County Dispatch issue what's called an "Alert Iowa" so that residents of Tama County could be on the lookout for him, and to call 911 if they see an individual matching that description. I also deemed it appropriate to stop by the Middle School to let them know of this situation and to be on the lookout if they should see this man within the vicinity of the school. At no time did I believe any of the staff or students were in any kind of danger. I do know that the Tama Police Department instructed their schools to lock down. That was a decision they made. I then turned my attention on trying to get this man identified. I sent a copy of the photo that was posted by one of my officers here on our Facebook page(which was a still-shot photo from my body camera) to the prison to see if the prisoner could identify this subject. I figured it was a good possibility that I could get this man identified that route. Around 3:00PM, I received a call from a parole officer in Benton County who positively identified this man as Steven Keith Herzberger; D.O.B. 7-2-1990 as Mr. Herzberger is his client and a parole violation charge was on its way to being filed. Fast forward to around 4:30PM. Mr. Herzberger was spotted by Tama County Deputy Joe Quandt on the south side of the cornfield north of 300th Street. A short foot pursuit ensued, and Deputy Quandt captured this subject. I, along with the Tama Police Department, arrived to assist Deputy Quandt. Mr. Herzberger was taken into custody without incident. Toledo Ambulance was called to the scene to check out Mr. Herzberger as a precaution(due to the heavy "tweaking") and was released back to us for transport to the Tama County Jail. Mr. Herzberger was charged with two counts of Interference With Official Acts, one count of possessing an Identification Card that didn't belong to him, one count of providing false information to law enforcement and one count of public intoxication. Mr. Herzberger admitted to me that he was under the influence of Methamphetamine and Heroin. As a reminder, Mr. Herzberger is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Bob Kendall Toledo Police Chief

*******IN CUSTODY******** Please contact the Toledo Police Department if you know the identity and/or location of this subject. He was last seen barefoot and shirtless in the area of 300th St. and Highway 63 in Toledo at approximately 9:42 AM . This is the same subject that area law enforcement were looking for earlier this morning. **** Previous Post **** The Toledo Police Department and the Tama County Sheriff's Office are looking for a slender built white male with dark facial hair, shaved head on the sides but long hair on top of his head. He was last seen wearing a long sleeve black shirt and black pants. He was last seen around 0520 am on August 24th in the 100 block of N Main St in Toledo. He appears to be under the influence of a stimulant and acting erratically. This subject is a person of interest wanted for questioning regarding an investigation of possible identity theft. If this subject is observed please contact the 24 hr dispatch center at 641.484.3760 option 1.

The Toledo Police Department and the Tama County Sheriff's Office are looking for a slender built white male with dark facial hair, shaved head on the sides but long hair on top of his head. He was last seen wearing a long sleeve black shirt and black pants. He was last seen around 0520 am on August 24th in the 100 block of N Main St in Toledo. He appears to be under the influence of a stimulant and acting erratically. This subject is a person of interest wanted for questioning regarding an investigation of possible identity theft. If this subject is observed please contact the 24 hr dispatch center at 641.484.3760 option 1.

****FOUND-IN CUSTODY 08/22/18****

On behalf of the city of Toledo, its citizens and the Toledo Police Dept., we would like to thank Nathan Wunn for his years of service and dedication. We congratulate him and wish him luck on his new journey as a Deputy Sheriff with the Tama County Sheriff's Office.

The City of Toledo is accepting applications for a full time Police Officer. For more information, please go to

****FOUND-IN CUSTODY 08/22/18**** The Toledo Police Department is seeking information regarding the whereabouts of CHRISTOPHER HALLER, age 33. Haller has multiple warrants for Probation Violation and Interference With Official Acts. Haller is approximately 5'10" and weighs approximately 180 lbs. He has multiple tattoos on his neck, arms, hands, chest. legs and back. Information regarding Haller can be called into the 24 hour dispatch number of (641) 484-3760 then selecting Option 1. A criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Found this friendly girl running around by the Willow apartments in Toledo.

We have posted this before. However, it is still an important reminder. TPD urges everyone to NOT leave vehicles unlocked, keys in the ignition ,or valuables in plain view. Failing to do any of these 3 things make you an easy target for burglaries or theft.

Please share this information. Reports have circulated social media and through investigation it has been determined that those reports were unfounded. Please continue to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

The Toledo Police Dept is asking for the community's help. We have been fighting with an ongoing issue of "squatting" (or unlawful occupancy) in vacant properties. We have found evidence of this occurring in various properties in the Tama-Toledo area. People are unlawfully entering, staying in and using these properties for unlawful activities. We have been checking on these properties regularly and have noted signs of activity within various residences. We ask that anyone with information about this or if anyone sees/hears suspicious activity in or around any vacant properties to contact the Toledo Police Department at our 24 hour dispatch number 641.484.3760 (option 1)

Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office is asking for any information regarding the whereabouts of MOLLIE TIBBETS. If anyone has information please call the number on the flyer or the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Office

*************For Public Information************ Unity Point Family Medicine Clinic in Toledo is unable to receive or make phone calls at this time. Their phone service is down due to the weather event in Marshalltown and they do not know when their network will be back on. Patients can still walk in during their posted business hours. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. ***********************************************

GET TO KNOW: RESERVE OFFICER JESSE BROWN Reserve Officer Jesse Brown joined the Toledo Police Department in 2017. Reserves volunteer a majority of their time with the Police Department and have the full authority of sworn certified officers while they are on duty. Reserve Officers serve departments in a supplementary capacity. Officer Brown was raised in Tama County and graduated from South Tama in 1987. Officer Brown is no stranger to service in public safety. He began his public safety career in 1989 as a firefighter for the city of Tama. Officer Brown has served on the Toledo Fire Department since 2001, where he currently serves as Captain. Officer Brown has also been involved with Toledo EMS since that time starting as an EMT-B. He worked his way through the different levels of EMS and currently is a Paramedic and is employed full time in that capacity for the city of Toledo. Officer Brown recently completed the necessary training and is awaiting his certificate from ILEA granting him his Iowa Reserve Peace Officer certification. Officer Brown is married to Valerie and has 2 children, Nicholas, who serves in the United States Air Force, and Ashley who is a teacher's assistant in Marshalltown. Officer Brown enjoys spoiling his 3 grandsons, and camping.

NOTICE TO TOLEDO RESIDENTS: The Toledo City Council has amended the ordinance regarding use of fireworks within city limits. Effective immediately consumer fireworks and novelties are only allowed between the dates of June 30 and July 4th. Times of allowed use are from noon-10 pm each day with exception of July 4th which allows use until 11pm. Violation of this ordinance will result in seizure of fireworks and may result in a civil penalty and fine. "Display" fireworks use still maintain same restrictions and permit from the City Council.

GET TO KNOW: Officer Anthony "Cody" Rodriquez Officer Rodriquez began his law enforcement career in October 2014 as a jailer with the Rice County Sheriff's Office in Kansas. In February of 2015 he was promoted to road deputy, and graduated the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in May 2015. Officer Rodriquez worked for the Tama Police Department briefly before accepting a position with the Ellsworth County Sheriff's Office in Kansas, where he worked from 2016 to mid-2017 before accepting a job with Toledo Police Department. In his short time with Toledo PD Officer Rodruqiez has attended ARIDE training, and completed EMS training. He will soon attend Field Sobriety Instructor School, and also is Toledo PD's contact point for the Governors Traffic Safety Bureau. As of recently Officer Rodriquez is an certified Iowa certified peace officer through ILEA haivng completed his certification through examination, thus holding peace officer certifications in two states. Officer Rodriquez plans on building a long career with Toledo, and look forward to continued service in this great community!

Thank you to our veterans and soldiers for giving the ultimate sacrifice for OUR freedom. "Words are even more feeble on this Memorial day, for the sight before us is that of a strong and good nation that stands in silence and remembers those who were loved and who, in return loved their countrymen enough to die for them". - President Ronald Regan

Chief Kendall, Officer Rodriquez and Sergeant Quigley joined members of Toledo Fire/EMS and Tama Fire for lunch with STC Elementary students on their last day of school. After eating the kids got to see all the emergency vehicles on display and got to ask questions to learn more about the vehicles. Good times had by all.

Between the hours of 2:30AM and 2:44AM on May 10th, 2018, a male subject possibly in his 20's or early 30's, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, glasses, blue jeans with a chain attached to the side of the pants(presumably a wallet chain) was observed taking a Blue 2018 Polaris Ranger with 2 bench seats from the south side of the USS Polaris building. The Ranger was then driven off by the male subject off the lot, onto Highway 63 southbound and then Westbound onto 300th Street. Below are photos of what this Ranger looks like. If you have any information about who may have stolen this Ranger, please call 641-484-3013 or 641-484-3760 Opt. 1. You may remain anonymous.