Idaho Department of Correction

  • Agency: Idaho Department of Correction
  • Address: 1299 N. Orchard St, Suite 110, Boise, 83706 ID
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Phone: (208) 658-2000

Idaho Department of Correction is located at 1299 N. Orchard St, Suite 110, Boise, 83706 ID. The Idaho Department of Correction phone number is (208) 658-2000.

Idaho Department of Correction News

Documentary filmed at ICIO By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino The film company, Small Forces, recently visited ICIO, continuing a documentary they are working on focused on Utah and Idaho prison dog programs. The crew filmed the dogs going through their training program and interviewed staff & inmates related to the program. The executive producer of this documentary noted the documentary should be available for viewing within the next couple of months. It will be titled Canines With A Cause. I’ll give a ‘heads-up’ when I find out the documentary is ready for viewing. The Small Forces website notes their documentary style amplifies those voices working hard to solve creative problems. Through the use of stunning visuals and empathetic storytelling they are able to tell the story. Photos taken by Lt. Greg Heun

ICIO visiting cancelled on Nov. 8 Visiting is cancelled at Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino on Friday, Nov. 8, for parole board hearings.

ISCC close custody visitation cancelled Nov. 5 & Nov. 7 Close custody visitation at Idaho State Correctional Center is cancelled on Monday, Nov. 5, and Wednesday, Nov. 7.

PWCC inmates make scrap-a-gan By Ofc. Briana Glissendorf, Pocatello Women's Correctional Center October is domestic violence awareness month. In light of this, women at PWCC have come together to create an afghan (scrap-a-gan) for a local shelter. Inmates participated on a volunteer basis. They were able to contribute to the cause by crocheting 10x10 squares that were later combined to create an afghan. The finished project was donated to Family Services Alliance in Pocatello. It contained the following message from the inmates who contributed to the afghan: This afghan (scrap-a-gan) was made by many different hands from the ladies at PWCC. Many of these ladies have been touched and broken from domestic violence in some way; either physically, emotionally, or verbally. It will take many hands to help stop domestic violence. If you see something- We must be the generation to stop looking the other way. Please be one of those hands to help stop it!

The Idaho Department of Correction employs professional law enforcement, treatment, and support staff throughout the state of Idaho. We are the State of Idaho's 3rd largest agency with approximately 2000 employees. Find out more at

Eight ISCC staff members certified as FTOs By Cpt. Dagoberto Martinez, Idaho State Correctional Center ISCC Leadership presents eight security staff members with Field Training Certificates. These staff members can now add the title of “Field Training Officer” to their name. Being an FTO is an important role, it carries a high obligation as an FTO makes that important first impression while serving as a compass for our new staff. Congratulations team, well done! Pictured from back to front, left to right: -Officers Mathew Sidwell, Mathew Malone, Jason Reeve, Corporal Reyes -Officers Tanja Barnes, Olivia Adsitt, Elmir Dzadweovic -Not pictured, Officer Leigh Miller

The 21 members of Probation and Parole POST Academy Session 26 graduated at a ceremony at the statehouse on Oct. 26, 2018. The Tactical Edge Award went to Kenneth Silvester. The recipient of Top Student Award was Jon Graff. The Top Instructor was Allen Hall.

The Idaho Correctional Institution Orofino is seeking qualified applicants for their current vacancy of Maintenance Foreman. The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining and repairing plumbing fixtures, heating, ventilation, and air condition equipment, repair or purchase of equipment, and maintain control of inmates while performing repair work. Work schedule is Monday - Friday, with weekends off. Apply online today!

Great turnout tonight at the Meridian Trunk or Treat!! There were so many wonderful and creative costumes! Special thanks to our security and special team staff that helped pass out candy and take pictures with the kids!

NICI celebrates staff service By Christine Reuter, Office Specialist 2, North Idaho Correctional Institution North Idaho Correctional Institution recently celebrated the retirement of Correctional Case Manager Rose Forsmann after 20 years of service with IDOC; the transfer of Correctional Case Manager Curtis Farmer to ISCC; and the departure of Correctional Case Manager Holly Graham-Allman and Susan Cleveland. We also celebrated 15 Years of Service for Instructor Kevin Rehder and Correctional Case Manager Jeff Anderson. What a pleasant surprise for Correctional Officer Jim Bruegeman when he was awarded Employee of the Quarter. Thank you for the example you set for the inmates and the work ethic you bring to each shift. We have so much appreciation for each of you and your service to IDOC.

ISCC visiting closed on Tuesday, Oct. 30 An earlier IDOC visitation alert said visiting for close custody inmates at Idaho State Correctional Center was canceled on Monday, Oct. 29 and Wednesday, Oct. 31. That is incorrect. Visiting for close custody inmates at ISCC is canceled on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

ISCI hosts Halloween event for inmates, kids By Gaby Perez, Management Assistant, Idaho State Correctional Institution The Idaho State Correctional Institution will be hosting a Halloween Bash October 27th and 28th during visitation. Children under the age of 18 may wear their costumes into our visiting center and will be provided candy, a pumpkin to decorate and one free family photo.

ICIO prepping for welding classes By Lt. Greg Heun, Idaho Correctional Institution-Orofino Recently representatives from Lewis Clark State College (LCSC) delivered welding equipment back to ICIO in preparation for getting the welding school program started back up for 2018. The program started last fall when LCSC held a multiple of basic welding and advanced welding classes at ICIO. Plans are underway to hold 5 classes this fall. Attendees to this training will have another skill under their belt when job seeking. Photos taken by Lt. Greg Heun

ISCC visitation cancellation Visiting is canceled at Idaho State Correctional Center on Wednesday, October 24.

Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center Hosts First Harvest Festival By Nick Baird, CRC Manager, TVCRC On Saturday, October 20, 2018, the Treasure Valley Community Reentry Center hosted its first annual Harvest Festival for our residents and their visitors. The festival was comprised of multiple game stations, a pumpkin painting and carving station, a face painting station, and trunk or treating. In addition, the visiting children were allowed to wear their Halloween costumes and get a picture with their family member. We had a great turn out and families and residents had a great time. Officer Trudy Price, Officer Ryan Culver, and Officer Steven Chaves did a great job of planning and staffing this event. Many of the TVCRC residents helped in the set up and cleanup of this event as well as manning the trunk and treat area and the various craft and game stations.

The incumbent will work directly with the Idaho Department of Correction in the Probation and Parole office. They will recruit, train, develop, and support mentors from local community. Additional duties will include public presentations when needed; develop community resources; develop and present mentor training curricula; Match mentors with returning citizens; Create sustainable program policies and procedures; Gather data for program efficacy; Assist with reentry efforts from incarceration to community; write and submit reports; work closely with professional staff. Some regional day travel will be required. For the Lewiston position:;jsessionid=ZGY4smC0KA6B9X9R0DN2eJtbzgX27gaH_NZjQzHvFqPz-QtkKVDv!-1536207109?id=76423&fromSearch=true For the Coeur d’Alene position:;jsessionid=FVGADfiM8QG4ZxwG_p9Pk5czNsvcoT8YprXTwy6z6-l3pTcVddd!-1492205943?id=76422&fromSearch=true\

ISCC to host pumpkin painting event for inmates, families By Lt. Bobby Maddox, Idaho State Correctional Center Idaho State Correctional Center will be hosting a Pumpkin Painting event for General Population on October 27th and 28th during normal visiting hours? Visitors wishing to participate need to bring a small pumpkin with them to visiting. All pumpkins will be thoroughly inspected and will be subject to being swapped out for another pumpkin at the discretion of security staff. There will be games and treats. Children 12 and under may wear costumes, but no masks or play weapons.

IDOC staff honored with Silver Ten Idaho Department of Correction staff members were presented with the department’s Silver Cross Award the Idaho Board of Correction’s meeting October 16, 2018, in Boise. The Silver Cross is presented to IDOC staff who display prompt or alert action that resulted in a life being saved or the prevention of injury to others.

Idaho Veteran Finds Road to Redemption By John Lidgard, Probation/Parole Officer Sr., District 4 On 10/16/2018, the 30th graduation of Veterans Court commenced with a special graduate receiving his certificate that day. What makes this graduation special is that graduating was the first participant to be on parole while participating in the program. Paul Alexander is on parole for felony Possession of a Controlled Substance and while on parole he continued to struggle with addiction. He was charged again with felony possession in 2017 and would have normally been reincarcerated for the offense. Instead of being sent back to prison, Paul was offered a diversion, and with the approval of the Fourth District Court, he was accepted into Veterans Court. Paul spent just under 16 months in the program and he adjusted very well to the structure of it. By the hand of the Honorable Judge Michael Reardon, Paul was placed on unsupervised probation for the recent offense and he will be reviewed for a parole discharge this Spring. Paul’s success in the program saved Idaho tax payers an estimated $26,900.00 in housing costs in a time when prison bed space is over capacity and a current issue for the State. Paul’s Graduation Bio PAUL ALEXANDER START DATE: 06/20/2017 CLEAN DATE: 03/07/2017 Paul served in the US Navy as a Boatswains Mate. He spent time in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Prior to Veterans Treatment Court, Paul describes his life as being incarcerated for a period of 15 ½ years total. Besides being in and out of prison multiple times, he was very selfish and had a hard time living in the free world. Today, Paul describes his life as a learning journey. He has learned how to be responsible and live as a functional member of society. For his Community Project, Paul donated 40.25 hours to Habitat for Humanity. He assisted with customer service and helping with donations. Paul picked this project because he likes what they do for people and he has done community service there before. In order to maintain his sobriety, Paul will continue to do what he has been doing; continue to go to AA and support groups, spend time with family and follow his Parole. He is committing to the Parole Commission that he will maintain a positive parolee and to the courts that he will follow all rules and obey all laws.

Race for the Cure in Idaho Falls by Michael Alboucq I have partnered with Bill's Bike and Run to provide service hours. They supplied bibs for The Race for the Cure that was held in Idaho Falls on October 6, 2018. The guys that ran are part of my IFCRC running group who I take running on Sunday afternoons. They have been running for about 18 months. The photo features the IFCRC runners who also volunteered at a water table.

Snake River Powerlifting IFCRC C/O Hanna Packer recently took offender Jason Worthen to a local (Idaho Falls) powerlifting meet by long-time local sponsor, Snake River Powerlifting. Jason finished 2nd in the Masters class, based on the Wilks scoring method. The Wilks method takes the coefficient from a particular lifter’s bodyweight multiplied by the total volume lifted, whether a singular lift or the combined three lifts in this meet: bench press, deadlift and squat. Jason is somewhat of a local lifting legend and has competed in this meet for years. He says training in the powerlifting disciplines are a vital component in keeping him balanced and away from alcohol.

Twenty-Five Years with IDOC Karla Taylor was recently presented with an award for 25 years of outstanding service with IDOC. She began in 1993 as a part-time secretary, promoted to a PSI in 1994 and then to a Sr. PO from 1997 until 2015. Currently she is a Section Supervisor over D5 Presentence Investigators and a member of the CISM team. District Manager Collin Widmier said he is very proud of Karla and her leadership qualities. He enjoyed giving her the service award because back in the day, she was his FTO, and she is someone he goes to for input and advice. Ten more, Karla!! Karla's service has been, and continues to be, an invaluable asset to D5.