Benewah County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Benewah County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 701 College Avenue, Suit 301, St. Maries, 83861 ID
  • Chief:
Phone: (208) 245-2555

Benewah County Sheriff's Office is located at 701 College Avenue, Suit 301, St. Maries, 83861 ID. The Benewah County Sheriff's Office phone number is (208) 245-2555.

Benewah County Sheriff's Office News

We are looking for volunteers for our local Toys for Tots program! If interested, we are having a meeting Tuesday November 13th @ 330pm in the federal building across from the Driver's License office. Hope to see you there!

Our Drivers License Department will be closed tomorrow, 10/30/18, for training purposes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy Birthday to Detention Deputy Brendon Asbury. He turned twelve today.

Press Release 09/04/2018 On 09/03/2018 Dumpozzie Dot Com, AKA Scott Maclay, and a friend were riding their motorcycles southbound on Highway 3 south in Benewah County when eyewitnesses following the motorcycles say Dumpozzie went into the gravel at the side of the road, lost control of his motorcycle, and went over the embankment. At approximately 1530 hours our Deputies received the call of the motorcycle accident on highway 3 south milepost 72.5. Upon arriving on the scene, Deputies found bystanders performing CPR on the driver of the motorcycle, Dumpozzie Dot Com, who was unresponsive. Bystanders said they had been performing CPR for approximately 25 minutes. The local ambulance arrived on scene, shortly after Deputies, and the coroner was dispatched to the accident.

This morning in the small town of Republic, Washington. Pay particular attention to the second paragraph, because when seconds count, we're often way too far away.

The child in this story is one of our Deputy's grandnephews, so hits close to home. A rough-n-tumble little guy, this "owie" will be just a distant memory within a few days... but the reality is this isn't the end of the story. In three months, his anxious parents will take him in for HIV testing... and then must follow up again months later. His parents understand the full implications - and this will be a terrifying wait. Drug-use is not just a "personal" decision. It affects family, friends, and entire communities. Users lie, steal, often become paranoid and/or violent - injuring themselves and others... and frequently drop their dirty needles for others to stumble across. While this incident did not happen HERE, this is a painful reality of drug use. We'd like to ask community members to keep their eyes open and report suspicious activity. Please keep watch for syringes while in public bathrooms and at parks, playgrounds and riversides - making sure to report immediately for proper disposal. Keeping our county safe requires community to be actively involved and working together!

Remembering those heroes that gave all for the freedoms we enjoy today. God bless.

It can be easy for us to misjudge temperature... Unless you are sitting with them -- with the windows down or the AC on -- please don't leave your pups OR (obviously!) your children in your rigs. *"Cracked open" windows are not sufficient on a warm day... Even 70 degree day can result in very uncomfortable interior temps inside a closed up vehicle.

Great news for Shoshone!

UPDATED at 10:54 AM 5/14/2018. Called City Hall for an update and clarification. New regulations require a notice be posted whenever the water is switched over to well water, even if the switch is only for a half-hour. This is not an emergency and there is no boil-advisory in effect. Per the flyer, some city water customers may wish to boil their water at a full, rolling boil for 1 minute or purchase bottled water until further notice. We will update when we receive notice the advisory is lifted. *I am including a full copy of the notice we received in a comment below. Further questions can be directed to City Hall or Shane Randall at the numbers provided. Thank you! -------------------------------------- UPDATED at 9:51 PM 5/11/2018. Per Kriss Ross Gibson, this IS an official notice. It is NOT an "emergency". We will update when we have more information. --------------------------------------- 6:23 PM 5/11/2018 We have not been able to verify this information. This is a screenshot of a flyer currently circulating St. Maries, so we are going to post out of caution. We will update as soon as we confirm. If legitimate, this is not a mandatory boil advisory - but if a household has a member who is immune-compromised, boiled (or bottled water) might be a good idea.

We make the best back-up singers

Some days...

All, Our project team in coordination with Sheriff Resser has been evaluating traffic on 10th and 11th Street over the past two days. For safety and traffic flow in this area of town between Center Avenue and Main Avenue, specifically with the added truck traffic due to the bridge lane closure, we will make 10th Street one way northbound, and 11th Street one way southbound. In addition, there will be no parking allowed on these blocks. These traffic changes will be implemented tomorrow morning, Wednesday, April 11, at approximately 5 a.m. through fall 2018. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Gemma GEMMA PUDDY Project Manager

This type of counterfeit money has been found at local businesses in our area. Please keep a lookout for it and if found please contact the Sheriff’s Office.

The Benewah County Sheriff's Office is currently looking for a part time Detention Deputy. To apply please come to the Sheriff's office. For any questions, you can ask in the comments below, call Lt. Tyler Morris at (208)245-2555, or email at