Hailey Police Department

  • Agency: Hailey Police Department
  • Address: 115 S Main St, Suite C, Hailey, 83333 ID
  • Chief: Jeff M Gunter (Chief of Police)

Hailey Police Department is located at 115 S Main St, Suite C, Hailey, 83333 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeff M Gunter. The Hailey Police Department phone number is 208-788-3531.

Hailey Police Department News

Sound advice from our Law Enforcement partners.

It appears to have been a fun (and most importantly, safe) Halloween within the City of Hailey. Now, we interrupt this post for a very important message for our School's Teachers and SROs...

As you can see Wood River Middle School Resource Officer Brad Gelskey has a little Jekll & Hyde going on this Halloween. Thanks for getting into the spirit with the kiddos Officer Brad.

HPD Officers, along with a BCSO Deputy, were at the Hailey Elementary School this morning to attend their annual Halloween Assembly. We were highly impressed by the Staff's dance moves during the Thriller song😁. Thanks for inviting us.

HPD will be on foot and vehicle patrol from 3-5pm in Downtown Hailey for this event. Please be safe when on foot and watch for vehicles when crossing any street, and vehicles also be aware of increased foot traffic in the downtown core. Thank you!

This lonely girl has been hanging out in the City of Hailey as of late. HPD has done what it can to keep it safe and traffic moving when it is near HWY 75 (Main Street). We also ask that you keep clear and do not approach the Moose. It will hopefully make it's way back to it's natural habitat sooner than later.

Today, a few of our Department's members had the honor of meeting the newest addition to our Hailey Police Family, precious and beautiful 2-week-old Paislee Baird. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. 104 on the addition of your baby girl!

Hailey Police Assistant Chief Dave Stellers, Badge #105 - A Leader, A Mentor, A Friend - gave his final 10-42 today at 1400 hours. He will be greatly missed by our department and by the citizens of Hailey. We wish him the best in retirement and his future endeavors!

Wood River High School Resource Officer Wallace is getting into the school spirit, and reminding everyone to wear pink at the WRHS Senior Night football game tonight to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. There will be 19 Seniors being introduced at 6:30pm (with 2 of them being our very own Office Manager Leos' twin boys) and kickoff is at 7pm. We hope to see everyone out rooting on the home team in their final game of the 2018 season!

Since the start of the school year last week we have received several traffic related complaints. Please know we have been heavily patrolling the subdivisions around the High School and will continue to do so. We are also working with the WR High School Resource Officer in an attempt to educate student drivers.

This link provides some more instruction and information on how to use the new "advisory bike lanes" on Hailey's Second Avenue between Wood River Middle School and Hailey Elementary School. https://www.advisorybikelanes.com/

Happy First Day of the 2018-19 School Year! Everyone please be safe when driving, riding your bikes, or walking. There is always a lot more congestion in the school areas and subdivisions throughout the school year, and this is just a friendly reminder to be aware of your surroundings. Obey speed limits, keep your eyes on the road and not on your cell phone, stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, and get off your bikes and walk your bikes through crosswalks. Most of all, everyone have a safe and fun school year!

School Resource Officers Shawna Wallace (Wood River High School) and Brad Gelskey (Wood River Middle School) have been preparing with their respective school's staff, and they are more than ready for the first day of the 2018-19 school year to begin. Officers Wallace and Gelskey also attended trainings throughout the summer that kept them up on emergency situations they could encounter at the schools, and of course enjoyed some time off too. We are proud to have both of them protecting and serving the students and faculty at our schools in the City of Hailey.

Please do not remove the police tape at Hop Porter Park. It is up and around the play structure until repairs have been completed. Thank you in advance.

We hope to see everyone out having a great time today. Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!

Two Officers from our Police Department were able to go and help pay our respects to Sgt. Swanson. Rest In Peace, we'll take it from here.

The Hailey Police were pleased to see such a large turnout at the Hailey Cemetery today for the 17th Annual Hailey Memorial Day Ceremony. We also give our deepest gratitude to all the Men & Women of our Nation's Military that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

We thank the Hailey Elementary Kindergarten Class of 2018 for coming and touring our Police Department. These kiddos had a lot of great questions; their futures are bright!

This week Hailey PD Officers have been wearing a Mourning Band around their respective Badge in honor of National Police Week (May 13-19). Today, the Idaho Peace Officers' Memorial had it's 20th Annual Ceremony in Meridian, ID. The Hailey Police Department gives great thanks to those law enforcement officers all around our great nation that have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. We also want our own community to know that we will continue to serve you all with the utmost professionalism in mind.

DUI Arrest near the Foxmoor Subdivision on 05/16/2018... Social media had been busy on the evening of 05/16/18 concerning a vehicle traveling through yards and over mailboxes near the Foxmoor subdivsion. We want to assure everyone that after receiving complaints at 8:38 PM, we were able to successfully arrest a 56-year-old male for Excessive DUI and cite him for Leaving the Scene of an Accident. The male suspect was arrested at 8:52 PM. Thank you to those of you that were concerned and/or called dispatch to report this reckless driver.

***USE OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION DEVICES WHILE DRIVING ARE ACTIVELY BEING ENCORCED WITHIN THE CITY OF HAILEY*** In 2016 the City of Hailey passed Municipal Ordinance 10.44, which covers the use of a handheld mobile device while driving. Studies such as this one as early as 2006 (https://archive.unews.utah.edu/news_releases/drivers-on-cell-phones-are-as-bad-as-drunks/) were already debating how serious being on your cell phone can be while driving. Once the City of Hailey enacted an ordinance to address this serious issue, the Hailey Police issued several warnings for the first several months in hopes this would help educate the public. Unfortunately, it apperaed there was very little improvement throughout the city after several warnings being given. Therefore, Officers with HPD have been strictly enforcing the ordinance for the last year, with emphasis patrol occurring the last 2 out of 4 Mondays. Officers issued a significant amount of citations to people actively talking or texting with their cellular phone in their hands while driving on these Mondays, and they will continue to do so while on regular patrol. Again, the offense is covered under a city ordinance and covers a $100 fine. Please refrain from having your cellular phone in your hand(s) while driving, it may end up saving your life or someone else's life. Thank you in advance for adhering to this City of Hailey Ordinance.

"IF YOU SEE OR HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!" The sun is shining and the warmer temps are here at last, so everyone is out enjoying the outdoors and getting some Vitamin D, but unfortunately that also means the Vandals and Burglars are out more frequently. In the City of Hailey most burglaries are found to be crimes of opportunity with no forced entry into the homes or vehicles. Therefore, this is a friendly reminder to always lock your homes and vehicles when you exit them. Also, please remember to take important items out of your vehicle; such as wallets, checkbooks, purses, firearms, or anything else that might be of monetary or sentimental value to you, and to keep your bicycles in a garage or shed when not in use. We do live in a very safe city, however, there are a handful of people living here and out of our area that like to take advantage of us when they see the slight chance to do so. Every little measure we can take to deter these types of individuals helps. Officers at The Hailey Police have been able to work diligently on some recent Stalking and Burglary cases and make successful arrests, which also happened because of the cooperation of our citizens, and we very much hope this trend can continue. So, please, if you see or hear something late at night or even during the daylight hours - call us, because we would like to check it out - it might be nothing or it could be a crime in progress. Either way, we want to make sure and keep our community that much safer.