Ponderay Police Department

  • Agency: Ponderay Police Department
  • Address: 476770 Highway 95, Ponderay, 83852 ID
  • Chief: Michael Hutter (Chief of Police)
Phone: (208)265-4251
Fax: (208)265-5226

Ponderay Police Department is located at 476770 Highway 95, Ponderay, 83852 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Hutter. The Ponderay Police Department phone number is (208)265-4251.

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Last Week's Activity in Ponderay

UPDATE: Highway is now open for normal traffic. Highway 2 at Mile Post 22 (in the area of Eagle View Lane & West of Dover) is shut down due to a traffic accident. nixle.us/AHWYG

Wow! 100 new likes in the past 24 hours!! Thanks everybody. Y'all Rock!! and...... Great job on sharing the post about Bus Passing Violations. That word surely needs to be spread far and wide!!

Don't forget that clocks move BACK one hour at 2:00 AM tomorrow

The Ponderay Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identifying the pictured individual in relation to the investigation of an incident that occurred on 11-01-2018. If you know this person, please contact Sergeant Koch at 208-265-4251, bkoch@ponderaypd.org or any available officer through dispatch at 208-265-5525. You can also leave a message here or IM. Thanks for your assistance!

Take heed Bonner County motorists; this is also an issue at the local level. Since the beginning of this school year, there have been a total of 12 stop arm violations on Kootenai Cut Off Road alone; 8 of which have been in the past week. In almost every report, the violator has passed a bus with it's red lights flashing and stop arm extended at 20 to 25 mph having never slowed down at all. Idaho law requires that you stop for a school bus with its stop arm extended and red lights flashing. The fines for this violation are stiff. These are our children. Please take care, use caution and when in doubt, stop. Don't be the one who has to live with the realization that you killed a child.

Congratulations to Officer Trey Robillard for graduating from the Idaho Post Academy today. Also a shout out to Officers Steven Kingery and Cody Martin of the Sandpoint Police Department who also graduated today.

Last weeks activity

You can renew your driver's license by mail in November and December.

Update: Road is now open Advisory: Great Northern RD will be closed between E Mountain View Dr and Woodland Dr in Sandpoint for Water Main Leak repair 8 am to 4 pm today.

34 Years in Oregon

Job Well Done Deputy Johnson!!

UPDATE: Roads are now clear and open for normal traffic Avoid Highway 200 near the ITD yard due to a collision at that location blocking both lanes.

Recognize this place? HINT - There used to be campers there. Just wanted all to know that the management at Walmart is cracking down on folks who stay on their property for more than one night.

For the past few years (read as since the by-way opened) , the number one location for vehicle collisions in the City of Ponderay has been at the southbound exit from Highway 95 where the exit turns right to go into the north end of Sandpoint on 5th Avenue. The original design had a yield sign at that location but the number of rear end collisions was too high so a stop sign was added. After that change, the number of collisions lowered slightly but were still too numerous. The limit line for the stop was then moved to the forward part of the island. That change also had an influence on lowering the number of collisions. Still, there are one to two rear end collisions at that location every week. We have found that these collisions are normally due to the front driver proceeding into the intersection and then for whatever reason, slowing or stopping completely again. While this is happening, the driver directly behind them is now looking to the left for clearance, sees the opening and then goes forward not realizing that the driver in front of them has stopped. (Cue the Batman cartoon word balloons.......CRASH, BOOM, BANG) Having that in mind, we offer this suggestion when proceeding through that intersection. Come to a complete stop (no forward motion) at the limit line. You will be looking to the left to seek an opening in traffic. Once you see that opening, look back to the right to see if it's clear in front of you as well. That second that you take to look back to the right will help to lower the number of vehicle collisions and save everyone involved time and money.

Last week's activity...

UPDATE: Highway is now open for normal traffic. Thanks for your patience!! BCSO: Highway 95 at Westmond Rd is fully blocked in the NB and Turn Lanes for an unknown amount of time. Please avoid the area. nixle.us/AGKKW

UPDATE: This incident has cleared and the road is now open BCSO: Hwy 95 NB Near Mile post 451-Granite Hill, has 1 lane blocked. Please use alternate route or expect delays. nixle.us/AGKH4

Sarah Carpenter sentenced to Life without the possibility of parole.

UPDATE: Investigation complete and the road is open for normal traffic Avoid the area of 5th Ave between Church & Pine St, Sandpoint due to an accident. Please try to find an alternate route of travel.

BCSO: Idaho department of Lands will be doing a large controlled burn West of Garfield Bay in the Grouse Mountain area of Sagle. nixle.us/AGEEE

Big shout out to the Sandpoint Police Department and the Bonner County Prosecutor for a job well done from beginning to end.

Last week's activity.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up to clean the long bridge walking path and make our community a beautiful place to live!