Boundary County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Boundary County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 6438 Kootenai St, Bonners Ferry, 83805 ID
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Phone: (208) 267-3151
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Boundary County Sheriff's Office is located at 6438 Kootenai St, Bonners Ferry, 83805 ID. The Boundary County Sheriff's Office phone number is (208) 267-3151.

Boundary County Sheriff's Office News

The Boundary County Sheriffs Office joins with our Country in appreciation of all of our Military- those serving and the Veterans that served.

Boundary County Undersheriff Rich Stephens presents a check for $6000 from Boundary County to School Resource Officer Mike Martinez to be used in support of the SRO position. Boundary County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Bonners Ferry Police Department along with the County Commissioners, City Council, Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, School District and schools have worked as partners in helping keep our schools safe and building the relationships between law enforcement and the students. Sheriff Kramer and Chief Zimmerman are proud that the agencies continue to work as a team when it comes to the safety of our students and educators.

All Emergency Services rely on the ability to find your location when they are needed. The last thing you want is for someone coming to help, driving up and down the road trying to find and locate which driveway is yours. Please make sure your physical address is displayed on the Roadway so you can be located in a timely manner. When time is critical it helps when we can find a residence. With winter knocking on our door, now is the time to get that address posted on the roadway before the ground is frozen and your digging snow. Remember Reflective numbers help at night!

ROAD & BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION/DELAYS Please drive safely through construction areas. Turner Hill Rd from address 3757 continuing north to address 4233 will be closed Nov 5 thru 8, 2018 to replace the Rock Creek Culvert Please use alternate route. The Road and Bridge Department appreciates your cooperation during road construction projects and road delays. If you have any questions, please contact the Office at (208) 267-3838 Please keep checking back for scheduled construction or delay updates. Thank You!!

Boundary County Marine Division was dispatched to assist a boat that was broke down on the river last night resulting in it needing a tow back to the Waterways boat launch. Photo Credit to Mandi Bateman, thank you for the wonderful pictures you took of this response. :)

The Boundary County Sheriff's Office, Marine Division, would like to remind everyone that the boating season is in full swing. Please prepare your vessel prior to launching and be courteous to other boaters when parking your boat trailer. The Kootenai River is still flowing fast and the water is cold. Please wear your PFD - Life Jacket. Within the last week Idaho has seen boating fatalities #7 and #8 on the Snake River. Please be aware of the body water you are recreating on. The BCSO Marine Division recommends that you fill out a float plan and submit that plan with the Boundary County Sheriff's Office prior to launching. You can find a copy of a float plan at the Boundary County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center.

Sheriff's Labor Program painting the restroom building at Deep Creek boat launch.

Several youth took advantage on a nice sunny day to participate in the off-highway vehicle (OHV) certification course taught by Boundary County Sheriff’s Office. They arrived with motorcycles, ATV and side by side OHV’s to learn about safety when riding, appropriate equipment and riding skills to earn their Idaho Parks and Recreation off highway vehicle certification cards. Chief Deputy Rich Stephens was the lead contact for instructing this course and he was assisted by Cpl. Randall, Deputy Cobler and Sheriff Kramer. The Sheriff’s Office plans to offer this free training again this summer if there is enough interest. Sheriff Kramer and Chief Deputy Stephens feel that it is important to offer this training to our youth locally. To get your name on the list for the next available class contact the Sheriff’s Office at 208-267-3151 and leave your name and telephone number for Chief Deputy Stephens. This is required training if you are not licensed and want to ride a motorbike, ATV or side by side on Forest Service roads or trails.

All of the employees of the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office are extremely proud of our Badger Athletes. Congratulations to the Lady Badgers on taking 2nd place in the State 3A softball championship, and to the Boys team that brought home the championship in the State 3A Baseball. Way to go-Badger strong!!

Chief Deputy Stephens riding over an obstacle as part of the "Train the Trainer" OHV course

Talk about “dirt cheap” training. Recently several members of the Sheriff’s Office participated in a train the trainer instructor course taught by Ian Byrne Off-Highway vehicle educator with Idaho Parks and Recreation. The Deputies had hands on training at the Stampede off-highway vehicle park in Naples on how to present the State recognized training program for ATV, motorbike and Side by side operators. Kids under the age of 16 are required to complete an OHV training if they want to ride their motorbike or ATV on any Forest Service roads or lands. This training that the Deputies completed will allow the course to be offered in Boundary County and instructed by the Deputies saving families the trouble of travelling out of the area to obtain this training. Those that received their Idaho Off-Highway vehicle education instructor certification included Sheriff Kramer, Chief Deputy Stephens, Cpl Randall , Deputy Cobler and Reserve Ussher. With the training behind them, the plan is to schedule a local class for kids in June. Chief Deputy Stephens will be the lead on this training, so if you know of someone that would like to take the course and get their certificate to allow them to ride on Forest Service roads without a license, or would just like to learn more about riding their motorbike or ATV please call the Sheriffs Office and leave a name and number for Chief Deputy Stephens, he will contact them once the date and location of training has been determined. The participants will need to bring their own motorbike or ATV and appropriate safety gear including a helmet. The class typically lasts about three hours and there is no fee for the participants that take the course, but they are required to have an OHV sticker on their machine which can be obtained at the auto licensing office in the courthouse.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which designated May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which that date falls as Police Week. Flags should be lowered on Tuesday May 15th in recognition of National Peace Officers Memorial Day. The Boundary County Chaplain Corp. will hold a community memorial observance on Friday May 18th at 7pm in the Becker auditorium. We encourage the public to attend this ceremony to show your support for law enforcement and the sacrifices that they have made around the Country and in Idaho.

Chief Deputy Rich Stephens standing in the center of the Libby Dam in front of Treaty Tower. Chief Deputy Stephens, Sheriff Kramer and County Emergency Manager Mike Meier participated in a tabletop exercise at the Libby Dam on April 18th. The U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers, Seattle District Dam Safety Office is required to run a tabletop exercise every 2 years to assure that the Emergency Action Plan is up to date and that plan holders are prepared for implementation in an emergency. Following the tabletop exercise, the participants had a guided tour of the dam by the Army Corp. of Engineers.

NEWS RELEASE......... BACK COUNTRY PATROLS Boundary County Sheriff’s Office has an Off Highway Vehicle Program - Backcountry Patrols. First started in 2017 by Sheriff Kramer with the purpose to get local law enforcement in areas of Boundary County where most people recreate, to help prevent vandalism at some of the more remote camping areas and favorite huckleberry sites, and to be of service in parts of our county that often don’t see much of a local law enforcement presence. These patrols are done on dual sport motorbikes that can easily travel on paved, gravel roads, or trails. The Sheriff’s Office formed an Advisory Board last year to meet the requirements of Idaho State Parks and Recreation requirements to be eligible for funding, which comes from $1 of Off Highway Vehicle stickers comes back to the local Sheriff’s Offices that have an approved program. Sheriff Kramer and Chief Deputy Stephens represent the law enforcement portion of the Advisory Board, both have extensive off road experience on motorbikes and ATV’s and Brion Poston who works at Boundary Tractor represents the motorcycle component. Poston is a lifelong experienced rider in Boundary County, and Rick Alonzo represents the ATV portion of the Advisory Board and has covered a lot of Boundary County on his ATV. Currently the Backcountry Patrol has Sheriff Kramer, Chief Deputy Stephens, Cpl Randall, Deputy Cobler and Reserves Ussher and Compton that are eligible to patrol on the dual sport motorbikes. Most all of the costs associated with the program including the purchase of equipment, overtime, fuel etc. are covered under grants and a percentage of fees from the sale of OHV stickers without additional burden to the County budget. The goal is to bring safety and awareness to the backcountry. Last year the Deputies logged several hundred miles and made many positive contacts with both locals and visitors that were enjoying the scenic beauty of Boundary County off the beaten path. They also made contact with some of the problem huckleberry camps that were littered with trash and were able to get those occupants sent on their way. In addition to the patrols on dual sport motorbikes and ATV’s the Sheriff’s Office will be providing training for the community. On May 5th from 5-6pm at the National Guard Armory building the Sheriff’s Office will host a classroom training ATV, UTV’s and motorbike riders on many of the basics if you are new to riding, especially in Boundary County. The topics will cover appropriate gear you should have, legal requirements, how to make sure that your off highway vehicle is properly loaded and secured when hauling to your favorite spot. We recognize that many people that have moved to Boundary County own or are thinking about getting an off highway vehicle, and we want to help them have the best experience they can when they take it out for a ride. In addition to this training, Sheriff Kramer has scheduled a train the trainer class with Parks and Recreation for some of his Deputies to allow them to schedule local classes for youth under the age of 16 that want to ride their motorbike or ATV on Forest Service roads. Idaho code requires unlicensed operators under the age of 16 on national forest roads, must have completed a motorbike or ATV safety course approved by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, and a certificate or other proof of completion of such safety course shall be in the possession of the unlicensed operator of any ATV, UTV specialty off – highway vehicle or motorbike when the vehicle is operated on national forest roads. The Sheriff’s Office found out that currently Boundary County youth have to go out of our County to find one of the courses, once the Deputies are trained on April 26th they will be able to schedule a local class to get our youth certified to ride on the national forest roads. Sheriff Kramer who grew up riding motorbikes in Boundary County knows how important it is for our youth to be able to get out and safely enjoy all that Boundary County has to offer.

Penguin Plunge 2018 was very successful! It was a wonderful turn out for this willing dive into the freezing cold waters of the Kootenai River. :) The Penguin Plunge is held every year and is done as a benefit for the Idaho Special Olympics. Thank you for all who participated.

Idaho Drug Free Youth (IDFY) is once again active in Boundary County. The program encourages students to be drug free and promote positive leadership and teambuilding. SRO Mike Martinez joins Kassandra Skeen, President of IDFY as Sheriff Kramer presents a $500 check to IDFY. The $500 came from funds generated by local sales of the youth license plates. Sheriff Kramer felt that IDFY is a perfect program for the funds to be dedicated for.

Boundary County Reserve Deputies Steve Usher and Jim Paulus just graduated from the Idaho Crime Prevention Academy in Boise. Don’t forget to stop by the Sheriffs Office “Night out against Crime” on Thursday October 26th anytime between 3 pm until 7 pm to learn about ways not to be a victim and to protect your property. We hope to see you there.

We had an awesome turnout for the dedication and raising of the Flag today ! Thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country. As well as everyone who attended.

The Bully Article by Sgt. Foster Mayo

It’s real and it’s here NOW. Meth DESTROYS, Opiates KILL; don’t experiment with this one! Article written by Sgt Foster Mayo

We feel very honored to receive this award! Thank you to everyone.