Mountain Home Police Department

  • Agency: Mountain Home Police Department
  • Address: 2775 East 8th North, Mountain Home, 83647 ID
  • Chief:
Phone: 208-587-2101
Fax: 208-587-0180

Mountain Home Police Department is located at 2775 East 8th North, Mountain Home, 83647 ID. The Mountain Home Police Department phone number is 208-587-2101.

Mountain Home Police Department News

Welcome our newest officer, Max Corley. He will be out helping our community from this day forward! Please welcome him to the Mountain Home Police Department! 👮🚨🚔

*****ATL***** Attempt to Locate photos of kiddos with the MHPD at Spooktacular. We were so busy having fun and passing out candy that we were unable to see all the kids in action with our officers. If you have photos of your children at our Spooktacular area, please post them in the comments of this message. We look forward to seeing all your posts!!!

Hello Parents! If your kids did not make it to Spooktacular or did not receive a coloring sheet from the PD... Bring the kiddos trick or treating at the police department on Halloween between 8am and 5pm! We would love to see you!!

Welcome to our Spooktacular Nightmare Before Christmas! Thank you all who came and showed us your Halloween spirit!

**********VEHICLE BURGLARY UPDATE************* On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, the Mountain Home Police Department responded to several calls in regards to vehicles that had been broken into and had items removed from the vehicles in the downtown area. The patrol officers were able to locate two male individuals who fit the descriptions reported that were seen leaving the area of the events. After a foot pursuit the two individuals were detained upon further investigation. Those individuals have been identified as being the suspects for the vehicle burglaries and are not from the local areas. We would like to report that almost all of the items removed from the vehicles have been recovered. We would like to thank the community for their assistance in reporting and in recovery. As a reminder please keep your doors locked and items secured in your vehicle whether it is a car or pickup truck. Have a safe Halloween.

Do you want to work with some of Mountain Home's finest and have a rewarding job? Apply to be an Administrative Assistant at the Mountain Home Police Department. Follow the link and return your application to City Hall or the police department.

SRO Holloway teaches stranger danger at East Elementary.

***FOUND*** MISSING CHILD Michael Stith. Shorts, gray shirt, black and orange backpack. Date of birth 12/08/2006. Missing since 1230 today- area of West Elementary. 5'01" 133lbs blond hair, blue eyes. Please call 208-587-2100 if you see him.

On September 12, our SROs, Officers Holloway and Stapel, served lunch to the students at North Elementary. The kids were super excited!

Today the children at North Elementary were taught about stranger danger by SRO Holloway and SRO Stapel.

Just in case anyone in Mountain Home is curious about City Parking Statutes. Here is a small briefing. -4-3: PARKING ON PUBLIC STREETS: A. Parking On Public Streets: No person shall park or place, or cause to be parked or placed, upon any public street, regardless of whether attended or unattended: 1. For longer than seventy two (72) hours: a. Any Motor Home Or Recreational Vehicle: Neither this nor any provision of this chapter shall be construed to authorize any person to sleep in or allow another to sleep in any motor home or recreational vehicle. b. Any Utility Or Boat Trailer: Any utility or boat trailer that is attached or unattached to a vehicle. 2. For any length of time, except as otherwise allowed in this section: a. Any commercial vehicle either motorized or nonmotorized, unless such vehicle is a motor home or recreational vehicle, in which case the provisions of subsection A1a of this section shall apply. b. Any pole trailer or semitrailer. c. Any vehicle designed or used primarily as farm or construction equipment. B. Time Limit: At the expiration of the applicable time limit set forth in this section, a new time limit may begin only upon removal of the motor home, recreational vehicle, trailer, or vehicle from the block, or five hundred feet (500') from the location in which it was previously parked, whichever is farther, for a minimum of forty eight (48) hours. C. Exceptions: The provisions of this section shall not apply when a vehicle or trailer is parked: 1. For the purpose of loading or unloading materials or merchandise, when such materials or merchandise are actually being loaded or unloaded, and where such vehicle or trailer is parked within one hundred feet (100') of the loading or unloading point. 2. For a purpose incident to any ongoing, lawful construction project, where such construction project is conducted under a valid city of Mountain Home building permit and such trailer or vehicle is parked within one hundred feet (100') of such construction project. 3. For the purpose of maintenance or response to emergency by a public utility, public entity, public agency, or the duly authorized agent thereof, where such vehicle is visibly marked and identified as such, or 4. As specifically allowed by the mayor or chief of police of the city of Mountain Home who may grant a temporary waiver. (Ord. 1553, 9-27-2010)

In association with Mountain Home Elks Lodge #2276, the Mountain Home Police Department will be assisting at the Lost Child booth during Air Force Appreciation Day. This year, we will be giving children Tyvek bracelets to help us identify them and return them to their parents should they become separated. If you are interested in getting a bracelet for your child or children, please come see us at the Elks Lodge booth in the corner of the park. We will be near the plane, and the MHPD will have a banner up to help make us easier to find. See you all there!

Proud of this law enforcement team!

Congratulations Interim Chief Griggs!