Gooding Police Department

  • Agency: Gooding Police Department
  • Address: 308 5th Ave W, Gooding, 83330 ID
  • Chief: Jeff Perry (Chief of Police)

Gooding Police Department is located at 308 5th Ave W, Gooding, 83330 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeff Perry. The Gooding Police Department phone number is 208-934-8435.

Gooding Police Department News

The Gooding Police Department is looking for information regarding a recent burglary in which a vending machine was targeted. It is estimated that the money stolen included over $1,000.00 in change and various denominations of paper currency, among other related items. If you have information regarding this theft, or any other crime, you may call the Gooding Police at 208-934-8436. The tip line is extension 102. We thank you for any and all assistance.

We have a cell phone and an ipod at the office that were lost at the fairgrounds sometime during the fair. Call us at 208-934-8436 or come on down to the office and give us an accurate description to claim your lost item.

Zach Wrigley won the drawing for the John Deere tricycle. We would like to thank the Gooding Valley Country Store for their donation of this item.

Please be aware of a new scam by telephone going around. A Idaho telephone number will call and a Idaho Power recording will advise that you are behind on payments. It also advises that your power will be shut off that day if it’s not paid. It then instructs you to go purchase a MoneyPak card for the amount owed and to call them back with the information. Please pass this information on to friends and family.

This sweet little girl forgot to bring her Show and Tell to school so with quick thinking she asked if the SRO would be her show and tell. Here is Officer Becker at Show and Tell.

Date: February 27, 2018 Gooding Elementary/Middle School Lockdown GOODING CITY- On February 27, 2018, Gooding City Police received information about a potential threat of a school shooting at the Gooding Elementary/Middle School building, located at 1045 7th Ave West. Gooding City Officers responded to the school, where it was placed on a soft lockdown. The student who made the threat was identified, detained immediately after getting off of the school bus, and searched for any weapons. At the conclusion of our investigation, the school lockdown was lifted for school to resume its normal activities, as there was no longer an active threat to the safety of students and staff members. Any further questions about this incident should be directed to Chief Dave Fisher at the Gooding City Police Department.

The Gooding Police Department is accepting applications to fill an open patrol officer position. Position is full time/42 hours a week, with rotating shifts including nights, weekends and some holidays. We offer a progressive pay scale of $15.97 for entry level up to $19.97 per hour DOE with increases for ranking officers. Benefits including medical, dental, vision, life and PERSI retirement for the employee with family options. Good Character and clean background required. Experience preferred but not required. The City of Gooding recognizes 10 paid holiday's per-year, paid vacation and sick time accrual. We also offer the opportunity to participate in a deferred compensation plans and supplemental insurance programs. Applications may be picked up at the Gooding PD Office or online at Applications must be received by 1 February, 2018. The City of Gooding is a drug free work place and an equal opportunity employer.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas.

Our No Shave fundraiser event raised $644.00. With that we helped three families with Christmas presents, paid a water bill and paid for some school lunches for the kids. We would again, like to thank everyone for their generous donations that made this possible.

We would like to thank Mitch Arkoosh for his donation to our No Shave fundraiser event.

Just a note to let everyone know that the Napa vandalism case has been solved with two grade school aged children identified as the vandals. Thank you to all who may have assisted in solving this, and any other incidents in the Gooding area.

We would like to thank the Gooding Craft Show and the North Valley Academy for their donation to our No Shave fundraiser event.

We would like to remind everyone that the deadline of December 10th for the No Shave Program is coming up quickly. So far we have $364.00. We would love to have your donations for this event. Gooding families will be the beneficiaries of this event. Please find it in your hearts to donate to this worthy cause.

Fraud victims over 50 account for over 57% of all fraud and many members of your community are likely to have been or will be affected by elder fraud. With this in mind we have a free, clear guide to help people avoid and detect elder fraud -

We would like to thank Jaxen Jacobsen for his donation to our No Shave findraiser event.

We would like to thank the Gooding Firefighters and the Black Cat Pellet Mill for their donations to our No Shave fundraiser event.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Our office will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. If you need an officer, please call 208-934-8435. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!!

OK, this is all the No Shave photos that I am going to be able to post. Please share this post and please find it in your hearts to donate to our cause. Thank You!

There seems to be some rumors floating around about home invasions happening in Gooding. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. However, we would like to remind everyone to always lock the doors and windows in your house and to always lock your vehicles, especially this time of year because it is a prime time for theft of gifts bought for Christmas. If you do see anything suspicious, please call law enforcement. 208-934-8435.

Here's pictures of most of the officers (we have 2 females) for the No Shave Christmas Promotion. We encourage you to participate in this promotion to help families in need.

We will be closed tomorrow, November 10 in observance of Veteran's Day. If you need an officer, call 208-934-8435.

The Gooding Police Department will once again be allowing officers to grow a full beard for the months of November and December for a fee of $20/each. If they choose to do so, each Officer will pay the fee and be allowed to break policy for the holidays. If they can hit their goal of at least $1,000, they will be allowed to keep their full beards through the end of January. This money is pooled and some local families will be sponsored for Christmas. Those in the community wishing to support this program and sponsor an officer may do so. Come by the Police Department and choose the officer you would like to support for this great cause and give someone a little hope during this holiday season. Officers will also assist in delivery of gifts to local families provided by other programs such as our schools.

Another Gooding County Fair and Rodeo is in the history books. We would like to thank M&W Market for the donation of the candy for the parade and the Gooding Valley Country Store for the donation of the kids bikes for our drawing. The winners of the bikes are Stephanie Hagen and Donald Sipes. Congratulations to the both of you. We also have a few lost articles. Check with us if you think you may have lost something at the fairgrounds (we have no cell phones).