Lewis County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Lewis County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 510 Oak Street, Nezperce, 83543 ID
  • Chief:
Phone: (208) 937-2447
Fax: (208) 937-9235

Lewis County Sheriff's Office is located at 510 Oak Street, Nezperce, 83543 ID. The Lewis County Sheriff's Office phone number is (208) 937-2447.

Lewis County Sheriff's Office News

Keep an eye out for this guy and please call in any info you may have...

Living in this area surrounded by rivers, this is sick important advice. Go over it with your children!!! Just like a fire, do drills so everyone knows what to do!!! We carry a tool on our key chains that will cut the seat belt and pop the windows open. The best part is that it goes on your Keychain and just pops off. In the event of a crash or rollover, everything gets tossed, but your keys stay in place in the ignition. I can't urge people enough to know this stuff!! When you have to go on a scene and pull out a car with a 2 year old's body in it, it's something you will never forget. I firmly advocate for this product!!! Best $10.00 you will ever spend!!! http://m.galls.com/resqme-life-saving-tool?PMSRCE=GAPLA&gclid=CMGf3YatrdMCFQZufgodDukI0Q

Please share!!!!!

Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

If any one is missing some little dogs one of our deputies have them in his Patrol car, please call the Lewis County Sheriff's Office (208)937-2447 Found on Highway 95 by Winchester.

R.I.P. Marcus Fowler. He was one of our own.

Safety reminder ~Denise~

Thiis dog showed up in Nezperce and was dropped off. He goes by "Blue." Super good dog and really friendly. Animal ark and the Humane Society won't help. If you know the owner of this dog, please message us or call the Lewis County Sheriff's Office at 937 -2347. ~Denise~

UPDATE: Owners have been found!! Thank you everyone!! Is anyone missing a yellow lab in Craigmont ? He was found on HWY 62 at mp 1. He is really friendly. He will be taken to the Craigmont city pound if he is yours. Please contact them. ~Denise~

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone in the community to attend a community celebration in recognition of our recovery, one year after the wildfires devastated our little community! !! Everyone is welcome to attend! Lunch is free! Please join us!!!

Please share !!!!!

Anyone missing a cat? Friendly. Hanging around Lewis County Sheriff's office.

I have a table set up at the Idaho Department of Labor job fair at the Kamiah Middle School today from 10 am until 1 pm...come and see me

Today was another murder of Police Officers because of who we are. My first thought was to protest and be disobedient until our country and our leaders change their ways. However, I thought about it. I thought, it's better they attack us who are prepared, its better they attack us who are somewhat armored, its better they attack us who have the ability to strike back at the drop of a hat, its better they attack us who will fill one hole with ten men or women who know what it means to fight. Its better they attack us than the civilian population who will run from the sounds of gunfire while we run towards it. So I call on my brothers in Blue and in Green (veterans and military), hold the line. The thin blue line that separates the good from evil. The wrong from right. Whatever your political view, support our officers for we are the targets and you are not. Hold the line my brothers and sisters and know that you have a nation of men and women who will stand behind you Hold the line. To my brothers and sisters in blue I have never met, I love you and will be here when you need. Please share with known brothers/sisters in blue and those that aren't. #holdtheline

I was sitting there minding my own business like I always do when a newsflash came up on the television about the massive shooting in Texas...a tremendous wave of saddnes and despair came over me...what has this country turned in to??? The violence, the hatred, the anger, the mistrust, the cheating, the lying...where is our President??? Where is our leader who should be demanding that the violence and murder of our police stop immediately??? As a law enforcement officer I see a different side of humanity...sometimes good but often bad...I fear for our future as things have changed for the worse... WE ARE A NATION IN DISTRESS!!! I have been wearing a black band across my badge for many many months and I will not remove it until my last day in office...this is to show my sadness and to honor ALL of the law enforcement officers that have died in the line of duty...past, present and future, as well as those who have served our country in the military both living and not...we as a nation must respect those who risk their lives protecting yours including fire fighters and emts...when the leader of this nation supports the violence and even seems to propogate it with an agenda of gun confiscation, terrorist immigration and overall oppression of our good people...this sickens me, this saddnes me, this angers me...I ask you to join me in prayer as it seems that is all we have left, even though they are trying to take God away from us too...I AM NOT GIVING UP...I AM NOT SHUTTING UP...I AM HERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE...I wanted to share with you why the flag in the lobby of my office is upside down...I AM STANDING UP FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN...WE ARE A NATION IN DISTRESS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Please stay safe and may God be with you... If this post is removed then I guess that Freedom of Speech is being taken from us too...another reason in support of my point...

This is a good article, especially for our area with all of our rivers. Key #1 is to NOT PANIC! ~Denise~