Homedale Police Department

  • Agency: Homedale Police Department
  • Address: 31 W Wyoming Ave, Homedale, 83628 ID
  • Chief:
Phone: 208-337-4642
Fax: 208-337-5904

Homedale Police Department is located at 31 W Wyoming Ave, Homedale, 83628 ID. The Homedale Police Department phone number is 208-337-4642.

Homedale Police Department News

Hey Kids, who wants a swim pass? HPD has two passes today, for the first two kids to answer two questions: 1. In what year was the Village of Homedale incorporated in the City of Homedale? 2. How was the name Homedale chosen? Come to city hall with your answers, written on a piece of paper, and if your answers are correct, YOU WIN.

The first three kids who come to city hall and ask the nice ladies at the window for a swim pass get one, but you have to say please and Thank you

This lil girl was found out on Hwy 95 at S. Main.... it's possible she has a litter of pups too...help us locate the owners.....

This is Maggie, she apparently had fallen/jumped out of the boat she was in earlier and showed up at the rv park by the boat docks after the owner had stopped and asked if anybody had seen her.. please share and/or if you know who she belongs to let them know....

This dog was found at Succor Creek. Is anyone missing this dog, or know anything about the dog? Shared from Ani-Care Animal Shelter page.....

Just saw the coolest thing at Meridian Speedway. 100 warriors all took their Oath of Enlistment in one mass group, no separation of services, just Brothers and Sisters bound by courage and honor.

Had a good crew of workers today for our 5rh city clean up day. Thanks to all that are not pictured as well, we got a lot done.

Just saw this app that is available for free for iOS and play store. The app is designed to recognize hostile language and gives the sender an opportunity to rethink the users text message before sending it. The app was developed by 16 year old high school student and is now being pushed out large school districts to monitor school computers to help prevent cyber bullying. The app is called Rethink

Hayden Garrison received the Top Community service award for the bench that he made in memory of Homedale Police Department K9 Goose. It must be in the water in Owyhee County, but we produce some of the finest kids around. Good job to all of the seniors on thier community service projects.

This is Hayden Garrison, a senior at Homedale High School. Hayden made this bench for his senior project as a memorial the Homedale Police Department K9 Goose, who we lost last year to cancer. What an incredible honor for the Officers and Staff of the Homedale Police Department to receive this. Thank You Hayden and congratulations to all of our HHS seniors. Well done and GO TROJANS

Lets get this around and see if we can help the Good citizens of Nampa and the Nampa Police Department catch this guy.

This happened right in our backyard. Luckily no one was seriously injured. If you are in contact with any law enforcement in Owyhee County, wether the Sheriffs Office or Homedale PD, the officer will be in distinctive, identifiable uniforms, and almost always in a marked car. If you are not sure, dial 911 on your phone and ask the dispatcher to verify, or if unsure call 911 and put the phone out of sight, you do not have to talk. If travelling into areas where there is spotty cell coverage make sure you do so in groups, safety in numbers. We will continue to look for clues as to who this guys was, chances are this is not his first attempt, and now he will have every law enforcement agency looking for him. Please, If you have any information that will help identify this guy, please contact the Owyhee County Sheriffs office @ 833-337-4222.

We are set to see some of the warmest days of the year in the next few days, possibly mid 80's by the weekend. Please do not leave your children or pets inside vehicles. 80 degree ambient air can reach over 100 degrees inside your vehicle in minutes. If the Homedale Police Department finds your child or pet in a heat related emergency, every officer has a Ballistic Red Igneous Cement Klump issued to them for rapid extraction.🤔

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have another awesome HHS seniors completing thier senior projects. Aidreane Hatfield has prepared a presentation on Healthy teen living and suicide prevention. Very worthy and noble undertaking . See details below

Brown female boxer with a blue collar. Very friendly with other dogs and kids. Looking for her family.

Please don't drink and drive, because no matter how good you think you are.........

Well it looks like we are all in the dark together. Idaho Power is investigating and will make every effort to get your WiFi back up and running as soon as possible.

Lately we have recieved several inquiries as to the loud siren that is being heard all over town. Rest easy, we are not under attack. Up until the not so distant past it was how we let the firemen know to respond t the hall for a fire call, but sadly it broke and we could no longer use it. With a gracious donation, we were able to get the siren up and running again, re-establishing the tradition

This guy was just picked up by Jackson's. Near as I can tell from his tag his name is Dave and he is a good dog. He will be the police department for about 15 more minutes. Help us get the fur baby back to his dad.

Did you know: On February 27, 1922 the 19th Amendment to Constitution was passed by Congress, allowing the long overdue, Right for Women to Vote. On February 27, 1951 Congress passed the 22nd Amendment, which limits to a term of ten years, for any man or woman to serve as President of the United States.

WE the people of Homedale are very proud of all our Miltary. Just saw a young marine running thru the slush and snow, keeping up with his PT standards. Good on you DevilDog

Alright Trojans.....no luck today....busses are running and you have to go to school.....be careful it is slick out there. Go forth and be awesome,

This dog was lost in the area of the Royal Vista subdivision off of Hwy 19 west of Homedale. If you see or find her please contact the police department so we can notify the owner. Thank you.