Kellogg Police Department

  • Agency: Kellogg Police Department
  • Address: 1007 Mc Kinley Ave W, Kellogg, 83837 ID
  • Chief: David Wuolle (Chief of Police)

Kellogg Police Department is located at 1007 Mc Kinley Ave W, Kellogg, 83837 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is David Wuolle. The Kellogg Police Department phone number is 208-784-1131.

Kellogg Police Department News

Roll Call October 30 – November 6th 2018 Traffic stop on Hill St under I90 overpass for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. As K72 was clearing from his last traffic stop, he noticed a vehicle driving with cookies on top of their car! conducted a traffic stop for driving with cookies on top of their vehicle (also, they had expired registration tags). Gave said driver his cookies and Cleared verbal. Landline request regarding a lost wallet and fraudulent use of his credit cards. Cleared report taken. Follow up on FTC (fraudulent use of a financial transaction card) case. Dispatched to U.S. Bank for a highly intoxicated male wanting to speak with an officer. Subject was gone upon my arrival, sounds like his girlfriend came to pick him up (which I’m sure is a better option than where K72 was planning to take him) Traffic complaint on 500 block of 2nd St. Cleared unfounded. Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner - heavy emphasis patrols for all the spirits running around collecting candy. Traffic complaint near the intersection of Hill and Mission - report of silver car speeding up and down the roadway, last seen westbound on Riverside - attempted to locate without success. Emphasis patrols Riverside, Mullan, Mission = 2+hours. All vehicles that I came across traveling speeds 19mph and below. Most of the vehicles were following trick-or-tr-eaters. Citizen contact in the 100 block of Kellogg Avenue - flagged down as they were curious where all the kids were (they possibly bought too much candy expecting the knocking on the door). Responded to a vehicle crash on the 10 block of S. Division. There were no injuries during the crash. Report was taken. Handled a landline request regarding animal issues. Received another landline request but was unable to make contact. Report of CPOR violation - RP is out of town for the evening - statement received via fax - will follow-up tomorrow. Assisted K72 with his arrest and evidence. Follow up with 662 on a FTC case which led to an arrest on the amount of probable cause we obtained. Also ended up charging male suspect with Possession of a controlled substance schedule 2, Possession of stolen property, and Possession of paraphernalia. Assist K77 with vehicle crash from I-90 WB 51 offramp. LL request regarding info about K72's fraud case. Welfare check with Health and Welfare. Cleared NAT. Evidence work (and more evidence work) Follow-up on investigations. Assisted county on Traffic stop in Stein's parking lot - this was with a suspect in CPOR violation report - Subject was cited and released for Violation of CPOR by both KPD and County (there was a separate incident in WalMart). Report of theft 400 block of Bunker - left statement to be completed - report taken and pending further. Noise complaint @ Silver Mountain - began with children and ended with the adults. Some pushing took place and a citation was issued. Parties were separated as well as could be. Citizen contact on Main st and McKinley. Subject was code 4 and negative 29's. Citizen contact in the Kellogg Park. Advised individual the park is closed during the night. Male left the premises. Citizen contact on Hill St and Railroad Ave. Male was code 4 and negative 29's. Citizen contact on McKinley Ave and Hill St. Male subject was code 4 and negative 29's. Dispatched to 100 block of Presley Ave for Battery event. Female victim stated she was hit in the face by two male suspects. unable to locate suspects. Cleared report taken. Dispatched back to 100 block of Presley Ave for male suspects back at the same victim’s house and banging on the back door. Arrived on scene literally within seconds of the call coming out but was unable to locate any male individuals in the area. Cleared unfounded. Traffic stop on Hill St and McKinley for not having lights on during the night hours. cleared verbal Traffic stop on S Division in front of Panhandle Linen for not having lights on at night as well. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Utah and Brown St for 1 working headlight. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Hill St and Riverside for expired temporary registration. Driver was giving his friends a ride home since they were intoxicated. Cleared verbal. Assisted K76 with a fight in progress at Eddie Joes. Parties were separated and peace restored. Cleared agency assist. Citizen contact on Hill St and Riverside. Subject was code 4 and negative 29's. Called to 100 block of Presley for an unwanted subject-Cleared other agency assist. Called to Assisted county in Osburn, Male Kicked door down to gain entry while the home owner was home-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Called to a fight in progress at Eddie Joes, Cleared peace restored, however follow up will be conducted for video footage, Person that handles the footage is gone till Tuesday. Incident was created. Assisted 1223 with a D.U.I arrest. Dispatched to a burglary in progress on the 800 block of W. Park Ave. Upon arrival with the help of the Sheriff's Office, we detained a couple of Juveniles inside the residence. Turns out they were vandalizing and stealing items from the residence. Handled numerous landline requests regarding civil issues. Dispatched to the 200 block of Emerald St. for a possible break-in of a residence. After looking into the matter, K77 discovered no sign of forced entry or items stolen. Owner of home was notified via landline. Conducted a civil standby on the 200 block of E. Idaho. Advised of a welfare check by dispatch however the caller didn't want to give the location of the individual, (yes you read that right the caller that was requesting the welfare check refused to give us the location of the individual needing the welfare check.) Kept an eye out for the individual as he frequently walks around town, was unable to locate throughout the night. Called to a welfare check on an elderly female that was staying at the trail motel, Female wasn't answering phone calls from family and they were worried. She was code 4, Showing me her phone K76 advised her that it was in airplane mode and he helped her with turning it off. She then contacted her family to let her know she was okay-Clear Public Assist. Courtesy transport from SMC for an elderly female back to her home-Cleared Public Assist. SKOL x 10 Citizen contact at on Portland in the entrance to the upper bank parking lot, she was just letting her dog out, dog had to go at 3AM-Cleared public Assist. Traffic stop 700 block S. Division for speed. Cleared verbal. Vehicle blocking construction on Vergobbi Ave. cleared public assist. Concerned citizen called to report vehicle partially blocking roadway on McKinley. Vehicle was off the roadway. Cleared public assist. Follow up on juvenile case. Dispatched to Hill St Conoco for an adult female wearing orange pumpkin pants. It was reported that she had thrown something at a 9 year old. Made contact with parent of 9 year old and spoke with the 9 year old. He was not struck with anything and was unsure what it was that she threw. Found said adult female and pants, questioned her about the what happened. She stated that she threw down a cigarette butt but did not throw anything at anybody. Cleared Verbal. So K73 thought Dispatched to the Cameron Conoco for a missing/stolen cell phone. K73 made contact with the clerk and she told me that female with orange pumpkin pants came into the store and possibly picked up her cell phone that she had left on the ice cream cooler. K73 was able to locate the pumpkin pants girl again and ask her about the phone. She stated that she had found her mother’s phone and that she had returned it to her car. Explained to her that was not her mom's phone and we needed to give it back to the proper owner. Phone was recovered and returned. Dispatched to a vehicle crash on Cameron Ave and Chestnut. This was during the deluge of rain and was possibly a factor in the crash. One vehicle needed towed. Report taken. While on the first crash another crash was reported uptown by Wells Fargo. Vehicle possibly struck a tree while driving on the sidewalk then parked in front of Wells Fargo. County was able to make contact with the sidewalk driver and ultimately arrested him for DUI. No Trees were damaged and better yet no people were damaged. Cleared County Assist. Traffic stop in the gondolier parking lot for no plates-Verbal. Citizen contact in front of the Amy Lynn's, vehicle idling at about 3am, as soon as K76 pulled up the vehicle drove off-Cleared. Words from the Chief. “Make sure your reports for October have been started and all dollar values have been added for any theft type reports by tomorrow” VIN inspection at 100 block Vergobbi cleared public assist. Follow up on cases. Attempted paper service. -negative contact. Disturbance 900 block of W. Cameron - brothers calling in on one another for breaking items in the residence. Parent was on scene and showed broken utility door. Stated it was nothing they could not handle as parent. Spoke with other juvenile about use of 911. – Unfounded. Civil papers attempt x1 - served x1. Observed Semi tractor-trailer in the 900 block of W. Cameron trying to turn around using parking lot. Directed them to dirt turnout at top of road and they were able to get out without incident. Towed vehicle from alleyway in 300 block W. Mullan 2 years expired plates. Tagged camper trailer on 100 block of Elder for partially blocking roadway. Verbal warning on W Riverside for parking within 15' of fire hydrant. Parking complaint 300 block of Cedar. Cleared verbal warning. Be Happy, Be safe, The white stuff is coming.

Roll Call October 23rd – October 30th 2018 Happy Halloween. Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Parking Complaint Silver Mountain - cancelled prior to arrival as vehicle left moments after dispatched. Theft reported 100 block W. Riverside - no crime committed; Civil. Foot patrols on Bunker. Several deer trying to make a decision on if they wanted to cross the road at Bunker and Jacobs Gulch. Attempted to keep them off the Interstate for a while before they disappeared. Traffic stop on 1 block of S Division for white light emitting to the rear. Cleared verbal. Assisted K74 with theft of services call to 100 block of W Riverside. Cleared agency assist. Citizen contact on 200 block of Main St. Cleared NAT. Towed vehicle on E. Portland Ave in Dave Smith lot. Citizen contact on S. Division in regards of open door on Maple. Upon investigation door was open and cleared said building and secured it with K-71. Felony warrant for probation violation at Amy Lynn's. Cleared felony arrest. Assisted K75 with a warrant arrest at the Amy Lynn’s apartment. Attempted to tow an abandoned vehicle but got re-scheduled for the next day. Citizen contact on Oregon St. Spoke with the individual and they claimed to have been battered in Kingston. Referred individual to county. Assist county with battery that took place in Kingston (one of the persons was in Kellogg). Statement from person and photos turned over. Parking issue on McKinley near Hill Street - contacted owner of vehicle and agreed to move vehicle. Possible suicidal subject that left a residence in a vehicle - found subject and they were NOT suicidal. Located vehicle running 700 block of S. Division - contacted owner and all was well (fell asleep after work - not inside the vehicle) Foot patrol at Kellogg Middle School. Traffic hazard on the 500 block of E. Cameron Ave. Hazard (Huge Boulder) was removed. County brought a dog to the pound from Pinehurst. Citizen contact at the PD. Individual wanted an update on a case. Citizen contact at the PD. Reporting party told me about an erratic driver in town. Searched Kellogg but was unable to locate the vehicle. Burglary called in on the 3200 block of McKinley Ave. Report was taken. Investigation is still on-going. Evidence work - receipt of items back from lab - logging, updating, entering, and moving around into evidence room. Landline request regarding property return (previous case). Subject came in to City Hall - no call required and conversation was had regarding property. At this time, they are not sure what they would be requesting back, advised to contact the Prosecutor's Office for a list so they could put in a request for property to be returned. Landline request regarding loud music - contacted RP and the music had stopped. Advised to call again if the music was too loud. Landline request regarding animals - situation took care of itself prior to calling - this was in regards to an owner being incarcerated and wanting information on whom to release the dogs to. Landline request regarding ongoing investigation - referred to investigating officer for questions. Agency assist - Aggressive dog keeping people in their yard up Big Creek, Deputy(s) were busy. Dog had already attacked a chicken (fear not the chicken will make it). Agency assist. Agency assist - 662 fail to yield in Osburn - vehicle entered I90 and continued Eastbound - cancelled after spikes were deployed and subject was in custody (prior to arrival). Equipment inventory. And yes...another landline request - this one regarding questions about a prior call. Traffic stop on Hill St under I90 overpass for failure to maintain lane on W Cameron. Cleared verbal as a crashed had just occurred and dispatch was busy dealing with the priority at hand. 911 hang-up near 200 block of E Market Ave. unable to find the caller but it sounded like someone's kids had gotten a hold of their parents’ phone and dialed 911 as dispatch was able to hear kids playing in the background. Cleared unfounded. Bar check at Dirty Dogs Saloon. Traffic complaint on 500 block of Mission of vehicle speeding up and down the road. searched the area well for a while but was unable to find said vehicle. Cleared unfounded. Citizen contact on Hill St and McKinley. Traffic stop on Frontage Rd that runs along I90 between Hill St and S Division for failing to maintain lane on Hill St from W Cameron. Suspected possible 8004. Driver failed SFST's and was arrested for DUI. Cleared arrest. Stolen vehicle report on the 200 block of E. Idaho. Black and Silver older Dodge Dakota. County brought in a dog to the pound from the Kingston area. Business alarm on the 10 block of McKinley. Turned out to be a realtor showing the place. Dispatched to the 500 block of S. Division for theft of a dog. Dog was stolen by an individual near the home. Attempted to locate the individual with no success. Responded to the 400 block of W. Mission for a dirt bike complaint. Later on K77 located the dirt bike parked and spoke with the owner. Traffic stop on 2000 block of McKinley for speeding. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Bunker and Jacobs Gulch for obstructed plates. driver seemed to have had some alcohol. Ran driver through some field sobriety tests. Driver was slightly impaired but not over .08. Gave courtesy ride to male to his home. Called to Dirty Ernie's for a fight in progress 30 plus people involved as it was the Halloween party they were having, after investigating and had it narrowed down the few people, no one wanted to pursue charges. -Cleared Peace Restored well so we thought. Called back to Dirty Ernie's for another fight in progress, a male was upset that he didn't know where his jacket was and still being upset from the previous fight, Male was asked to leave after his jacket was located-Cleared Peace Restored well so we thought. After leaving there was called back for the same male causing problems on the back porch he left peacefully. Well so we thought. While still at Dirty Ernie’s K76 dispatched to Assist 1224 for an overdose in Kingston, RP was said to be fighting with others in the home because LE was in En route. After arriving we were unable to locate any sort of overdose-Cleared other agency assist. After Dirty Ernie’s was closed K76 was called to back once again for the same male causing problems except this time he was mad that the bar was locked. As soon as we arrived he left and everyone that was working quickly left so the problems would stop-Cleared Peace Restored. Assisted County with a rolling domestic that was on silver valley road, female had exited the vehicle, somewhere in Kellogg or near it, Female was located by 1226 up Montgomery Gulch-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Stationary patrol on E. Cameron Ave. (Radar) Traffic stop on 200 block E. Cameron Ave. Cleared verbal. Well no Minneapolis miracle this week. Civil standby at the Amy Lynn's Apartment Complex. Tagged two abandoned vehicles. (One in the parking lot of the Gondolier which was later removed by the owner. 2nd one in the parking lot of the swimming pool. Citizen contact in the alley way between the 400 block of W. Mission Ave & W. Mullan. Individual requested extra patrol in the area at night. Responded to a threat’s complaint on the 100 block of W. Riverside. 911 hang up on the 100 block of E Mullan. Everything was code 4. The land line had a mind of its own and was making crank calls to dispatch. Civil standby at the Amy Lynn's apartments. Was canceled before K73 arrived. Possible fight at the Amy Lynn's apartments. Cleared unfounded. Assist Medical on Kellogg Ave. Cleared assist. Patrolled in the inundation of rain. Lockdown drill at KMS with K77. Called to a dog bite at the Amy Lynn’s-Cleared public assist. Assisted K73 with fight at Amy Lynn’s however it seemed as though no fight occurred-Cleared Assist. Assisted County with Burglary in Progress in Pinehurst-Cleared other agency assist. Assisted county with Officer Involved shooting in Smelterville, everyone is okay, no deputies were injured. ATL male looking in a car window at the Amy Lynn's, was unable to locate anyone in the area-Cleared UTL. A word from the Chief, “when you dirty a dish from the kitchen please wash it. We do not have a maid to do our dishes so do them yourself please.” Landline for report of dog complaint, bed bugs and fleas. Cleared information taken and itchy. Citizen contact at KMS cleared public assist. If you see Boot (K76) out and about ask him about the passenger door on K73 patrol vehicle. (see this weeks patrol shot.) Called to assist county as 1223 was not answering status checks on a traffic stop, was cancelled halfway there, she was code 4-Cleared other agency Assist. More words from the Chief- Received complaints of vehicles speeding on Mission and Mullan Ave. With the addition of new pavement in the area I am requesting some speed emphasis in those areas. Citizen contact at KPD regarding harassment. Cleared public assist/ refer other agency. Follow up at KMS. Cleared public assist. Harassment call on 2nd St. Citation issued. Evidence work. Sent items to lab in Cd'a. Patrolled alley ways and side streets. Extra patrol on McKinley Ave checking on new sidewalks. Towed motor home from city parking on Main St. Dog at large 800 block of W. Cameron - went through the area and spoke with RP, unable to locate a dog. Harassment/traffic compliant 500 block of 2nd Street - K73 issued citation signed by citizen. Lost or Stolen cell phone report 100 block W. Cameron - phone has been gone for about 20 days, they received notification of going over data limit - they were able to obtain a few names of persons that may have the phone - followed up with individuals and they did not have the phone. Will continue tomorrow trying to obtain the phone. Unknown if its stolen as the owner told parents they lost it, so it may have been found and used during this time. Phone is now shut off, so unable to track it. Assist medical with a person that has a laceration on the hand from breaking a window 500 block of W. Mission - person voluntarily went to hospital as they were having possible withdrawal issues as well. Other agency assist. Suspicious activity 200 block of W. Cameron - reported 2-3 people in the road fighting. K76 and K74 contacted 2 people that were walking, no fighting taking place. Unfounded. Located vehicle with fog lights still on - attempted contact with owner to notify so they could turn off the lights - unable to contact. Nothing suspicious with vehicle other than that. Called to assist medical in the 500 block of west mission avenue, female at the residence was said to be coming down off of some sort of drug and a window had been broken at the residence, property owner didn't want to pursue charges-Cleared other agency assist. Case follow up. Called to a disturbance in the IGA parking lot, two individuals fighting, contacted a party that upon arrival didn't look to be arguing-cleared N.A.T. Be Happy, Be Safe, Stay dry. Sgt Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Dept.

Trunk or Treat

Roll Call October 16th – October 23rd 2018 Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Attempt to locate possible runaway juvenile out of Pinehurst (information is that subject is in Kellogg) Civil paper(s) attempted - negative contact. House is empty, completed return form for Not Found. Trespass/Suspicious person 500 block of Bunker - upon arrival subject was gone - attempted to locate without success. Subject got into RP's vehicle, but only wanted them trespassed. Harassment - 500 block of 2nd - Ongoing issue that was not really harassment at the moment. Person being harassed was not even on location and its being done via social media. Information given on how to proceed - Public Assist. Business alarm 400 block of W. Cameron - K73 arrived prior to me and cancelled (owner on-scene and false alarm). Tagged vehicle for 48 in Eddie Joe's parking lot. Assist ISP with subject at SMC. Cleared other agency assist. Follow up on abandoned vehicle in Dave Smith parking lot. Interviews on drug diversion case. Patrol Meeting. More interviews. Assist K72 with a warrant arrest. Patrolled side streets and Alley ways. Extra patrol McKinley Ave new sidewalks. They are looking good. Traffic stop on 1 block of N Division for white light to the rear. Cleared verbal. Citizen contact on 1 block of N Division. After getting all the persons information (reluctantly) male had a misdemeanor warrant out of Benewah County. Male also had Paraphernalia and controlled substance on him. Cleared arrest. Dispatched to 200 block McKinley for a fight in progress. One of the male subjects suffered a broken Collar bone. Attempted to find out who the suspect was but as you could imagine it was extremely difficult to talk to people who were highly intoxicated and make sense of what they were telling me. Cleared report taken will follow up to be conducted. Citizen contact near public restrooms by the Kellogg city park. Cleared NAT. Called to 500 block Cameron Ave for suspicious circumstances. After speaking with SCSO K75 Cleared unfounded. Dispatched to 300 block of W Cameron for trespassing. Cleared unfounded. Dispatched to 800 block of McKinley Ave in the alleyway near Heritage Health of person possibly not breathing. Person was just asleep. Cleared unfounded. Traffic stop on 1 N Division with bicyclist who didn’t have a light on his bike during night. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on westbound I90 just before the off ramp to 48 for no turn signal on Jacobs Gulch way and W Cameron intersection and stop sign violation. cleared citation issued for no insurance. Lots of follow up on Felony battery from the previous night. Malicious injury to property on the 100 block of Station St. Report was taken. Took a stolen vehicle report from Dave Smith Motors. Conducted some follow-up for K76. Animal complaint on the 10 block of W. Mill St. Verbal warning was given. Citizen contact at City Park. Gave verbal warning for alcohol consumption in the park. Dispatched to a welfare check on the 400 block of Bunker Ave. Observed the individual for quite some time and did not see anything out of the ordinary which needed to be checked on. Responded to a hit and run on the 300 block of W. Riverside. Luckily for me the reporting party had a picture of the suspects license plate. I found the individual a short time later and issued multiple citations. Handled a landline request regarding threats. Animal complaint on the 100 block of E. Riverside. Found the animal's owner and gave a verbal warning. Traffic stop on 1000 block of McKinley Ave for obstructed plates. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on S Division in front of post office for 1 working headlight. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on 2000 block of McKinley Ave for turn signal violation back on Hill St and McKinley. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to Trail Motel for a verbal domestic in progress. separated parties, non physical. Cleared peace restored. Assisted K76 with a citizen contact on 100 block of W Riverside which we later found was a domestic after further investigation. Neither party wanted to press charges. parties were separated and peace restored. Cleared agency assist. Traffic stop on Jacobs Gulch way and W Cameron for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on 10 block of E Market Ave for obstructed plates. Cleared citation issued for no insurance. Assisted County in Smelterville for a burglary in progress, burglary was unfounded-Cleared other agency assist. SKOL Citizen contact regarding marital problems. Parties were separated and peace was restored. Called to Silver Mountain for an intoxicated guest cleared public assist. Responded to a public assist on the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. Reporting party wanted help locating their runaway dog. Report of missing/stolen keys on 2nd St. Land line request on 2nd St. Neg contact. Evidence work. Assisted county with D.U.I Crash up Big Creek (crick) Rd-Cleared other Agency Assist. Assisted county with a physical domestic in Smelterville-Other agency assist. Called to suspicious circumstances on 2nd street-unfounded. Called to a possible burglary in progress on Kellogg Avenue, kids and mom hid upstairs. upon arrival however, there were no signs of forced entry to attempted forced entry, extra patrol requested. Traffic stop in the angel wings parking lot, Citation issued. Extra patrol around the 500 block of 2nd street per request by tenants. Follow-up on cases. Attempted to locate/ catch dog at large. Citizen contact on Bunker Ave- citizen waved me down and wanted me to relay info to whatever officer stopped by over the weekend. Follow up occurred with H&W at their office. Unwanted subject on 2nd St. No not the normal house of late, this was the 300 block and a guy was taking pictures of the moon. He was not on private property and parked along the street. Cleared unfounded. Disturbance 614 upper third-Cleared arrest. Called to Silver Mountain for a suicidal subject, was texting his girlfriend saying he was going to jump off the roof, upon contact male was not suicidal just being dramatic. Cleared public assist. Citizen contact at Dave Smith. follow up to continue. Agency Assist - Shoshone County Probation @ Alliance - subject taken into custody for Probation violation, Possession of paraphernalia, Possession of Legend Drug without prescription. Transport to jail and booking / citation issued / Arrest Report. A word to the wise. Don’t take drugs to your drug counseling meetings and if you do, don’t brag about it before you do it. Just sayin. Evidence / Reports Traffic issue - Cameron Conoco - reported Semi Tractor-Trailer having issue exiting parking lot - K76 handled. Animal complaint at the Amy Lynn's vehicle was gone on arrival-Cleared public assist. Ran paperwork to the SO. Called to the Cameron Conoco for a semi-truck stuck in the parking lot-They figured it out shortly after I arrived. Swift truck maybe? Reports. Possible 8004 driver, found vehicle however no PC for stop-Cleared. Be Happy, Be safe, Trunk or Treat is coming soon. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call October 9th – October 16th 2018 Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner School patrol at KMS. CDA to collect evidence and return to KPD to enter evidence into reports / Evidence work. County assist - vehicle traveling the wrong way on the interstate from mile post 50. County located vehicle exiting 43 - cancelled as county handled. Tagged 4 abandoned vehicles for 48. Traffic stop on 400 block of W Cameron for no lights on during night. Cleared verbal. Suicidal subject who K72 later located on 200 block of McKinley Ave. Suicidal subject was a juvenile so K72 had parents meet us at the hospital. cleared public assist. Citizen contact at 10 block of W Mill. Cleared public assist. Finished reports. Citizen contact at SMC. Cleared refer other agency. Paperwork to court and supplements to other agencies. Numerous phone calls at KPD - one regarding Protection Orders and general questions / others for certain officers and not just general / update victims of their incident numbers (requested and completed). Walk-in report of theft/lost property - report created for lost property based on statement left. Traffic stop Hill/Legion - vehicle operating after dark without lights - verbal. Unwanted subject 400 block of W. Brown - subject left prior to arrival - child custody issues, not necessarily trespassing. Subject that left was said to have been drinking - searched area for subject in vehicle and was unable to locate - extra patrols throughout the night. Traffic stop on Cedar and Mullen for not driving within vehicles own lane on W Cameron. citation issued for expired license. Cleared citation. Forensic interview first thing in the morning. Victim had to reschedule. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Towed vehicle from 400 block Main St in Kellogg. Citizen contact at KPD cleared public assist. Business checks. VIN Inspection @ City Hall. Abandoned vehicles up for tow - 3 of the 4 taken care of - K75 towed 1. Traffic stop Bunker @49 - verbal for stop sign, vehicle registration and texting while driving. Landline request - call made, civil issue between persons sub-renting an apartment. Advised to check online for renters' rights. Attempt to locate erratic driver - vehicle was in Pinehurst heading westbound - Out of Position. Property damage crash Main/W. Idaho - Kellogg. Vehicle struck a sign and left - vehicle information gathered. Attempted contact with owner of vehicle without success. Report taken. Possible hit and run 10 block of W. Mullan - after assessing the vehicle, owner decided not to report as damage was minimal and they are not filing a claim with insurance (will handle it on their own)- Civil. Traffic stop on 300 block W Brown St for no turn signal on Oregon St from Cameron. After making contact, K72 could smell the odor of alcohol coming from vehicle. Preformed SFST's which driver failed. Transported driver to SCSO where they blew .250 / .255. Cleared arrest. Vehicle tagged for 48 hr removal on Portland Ave While K72 was at the Sheriff's Office, call came out of a hit and run up near 2nd St and Gold Ave. A Deputy was dispatched and took initial report. Will conduct follow up on case tomorrow. Called to Silver Mtn parking lot for a loud bang. Cleared unfounded. Finished report for DUI. Traffic stop on 300 block of McKinley Ave for no turn signal and stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Hill St into Conoco for driving wrong way down alleyway. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to 100 block of W Riverside to assist medical. Cleared other agency assist. ATL on vehicle driving eastbound on I90 for possible 8004. Cleared UTL but located vehicle on Mill St later and 1224 and myself spoke with subject but subject was not intoxicated. Traffic stop on eastbound I90 on ramp from 50 for no turn signal on Jacobs Gulch way and Cameron. Cleared verbal. Assisted K72 with traffic stop in the hill street Conoco parking lot, Cleared Agency Assist. ATL for a 8004 driver, was unable to locate. K72 found vehicle 20 minutes later. Contact requested regarding assault from previous night - Unfounded for criminal charges - information report taken. Called to Silver Mountain for a burglary of a vehicle that had happened Friday they believe happened Friday. Called to the burglary in progress at the old Napa building however upon arrival it was just the owner using his box van instead of his truck-Cleared N.A.T. Traffic stop on Station Avenue for no plates-verbal. Traffic stop on McKinley Ave for no plates-verbal given. Morning patrols. Follow-up investigations....lots of follow-up. Vehicles up for tow 400 block of Main - Kellogg - spoke with owner of vehicles and arrangements made with owner of property - Closed call out. Traffic stop Riverside/Price - verbal for stop sign (price) and driving on correct side of road (Riverside). Attempted warrant service on a person at several locations in Kellogg - Unable to Locate. Accompanied Health and Welfare on a residential check for allegations of abuse – Unfounded. SKOL. Assisted County in Smelterville briefly. Yeah The bomb squad was a better fit for the Assist. Vehicle crash on S Division. Vehicle struck the back of a parked vehicle. On cold frosty mornings one should scrape windows before driving to church. Better yet one should not put water on the windshield to try and melt the frost (It just makes ice) then drive to church. The “all knowing” will wait for your windshield to defrost I’m pretty sure. Non injury vehicle crash on Bunker Ave Cleared report taken. Attempted paper service. Cleared negative contact. Took in evidence for K76. School patrols at KMS. Assist K76 with an Aggravated assault case. Suspicious person 500 block of 2nd Street - subject standing on sidewalk refusing to leave. Contacted all involved and there was nothing criminal taking place - part of a neighborhood dispute. Peace restored. Disturbance 100 block of Elder - report of occupant telling other occupants to exit the premises and mention of a firearm. Upon arrival, only one person was there and they admitted to argument, but nothing with firearm. Allowed to inspect interior and confirmed nobody else present. Peace Restored. Follow up for K76. Ran paperwork up to Courthouse. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Harassment at IGA/ Family foods Cleared NAT. Foot patrol around Amy Lynn's. Residential burglary alarm. Building was secure, Cleared unfounded. Be Happy, Be Safe, Stay off the “Have you seen any of these folks list". Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call October 2nd – October 9th 2018 I feel like I forgot to do something last week. Wonder what it was? Assist county with an aggravated assault on Back St in Page. Assist ISP with a vehicle crash on I-90 Mp 49. Follow up on reports from last week. Worked on PC for Morning Star fire case. Welfare check with H&W at the Amy Lynn's. Interviewed mother of a three-year-old. Cleared other agency assist. Every thing code 4 Released dog from pound. Complaint about some dogs on S Division. Will turn over to K90. County Assist for Theft in progress at Walmart- Cleared other agency Assist. Animal Complaint in the 300 Block of East Portland-UTL. Called to an NCO violation, Suspect was running in and out of the house, He left Just before we arrived but was located within a few minutes a block away-Cleared Arrest. Extra patrols on 2nd St. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Follow up at KHS for K77. Walk through at KMS. Office call regarding a man sleeping on the sidewalk on Hill St. subject gone upon my arrival. Stationary radar patrols on McKinley, Cameron, and Bunker. Suspicious individual in the parking lot on the 10 block of S. Division. Later discovered it was Dave Smith employees moving vehicles in their adjacent lot. Called to Silver Mountain for a barking dog complaint-Owner was located and situation was under control. Vehicle contact in the PD parking lot, upon approaching the vehicle it drove off. Picking things up off the road from the wind. Foot patrol during soccer game/powder puff game (homecoming week) Traffic 900 block of S. Division (Wardner) - verbal warning for equipment (no front license plate). Verbal for purchasing Idaho Driver's License (valid in Nevada) - verbal to passenger for seat-belt. Traffic 800 block W. Cameron (verbal for obstructed license plate (big metal hooks on bumper obscuring the license plate. Suicidal subject 600 block of 2nd Street - RP was not on-scene, but subject was texting family. Did not appear anyone was at the residence, vehicle registered to subject was also not on-scene. Unable to locate Possible physical domestic 100 block of W. Mullan - contacted subject. One subject broke into the residence as it was locked after leaving. Yelling from opposite rooms - Unfounded for domestic - peace restored as they agreed to stop yelling. Assisted K72 with recovery of stolen vehicle out of Coeur d'Alene - vehicle was recovered without incident. Traffic stop on Hill St and Bunker for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop into the Conoco parking lot on Hill St for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to suicidal subject on 600 block of 2nd St. Upon arrival, tried checking into the house from windows and banging on the doors but no one answered. Checked to see if subject’s vehicle was there but did not locate. Cleared negative contact. Dispatched to 100 block of W Mullan Ave for a domestic in progress. Upon arrival, I was able to hear yelling. made contact and distinguished there was no physical altercation and cleared peace restored. Traffic stop next to Humdinger on Hill st for headlight burnt out. Cleared verbal. Recovered a stolen vehicle located at 100 block of E Portland Ave. Contacted reporting agency and cleared report taken. Assist fire with fire alarm at Fairbridge. Assist county with ATL elderly male walking by the 49 on ramp. Cleared UTL. Foot patrol Main, McKinley, E Portland. Finished felony arrest report. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Traffic stop on McKinley Ave cleared verbal for equipment. Suspicious person @ Dave Smith Motors - cancelled prior to arrival as subject was given a ride to their residence. Handled a call regarding the recovered stolen vehicle from last night - there were questions about fingerprinting - we had no prior knowledge of the request and the vehicle was no longer in Kellogg - referred to other agency. Found a vehicle parked at the city park bathrooms (literally 1 foot from the door). Person was still inside the vehicle. Unlicensed driver, wrecker called for removal. Upon arrival arrangement was made with wrecker for licensed driver to move the vehicle on owner's behalf and wrecker was replaced at the top of the rotation. Hazard removed. Assist county in locating suspect for Malicious Injury to Property incident - he was located and interviewed (by county) at the Trail Motel. Chrysler Sebring with Valley County (V) license plates. License plates are expired the person driving is suspended, knows it, and was even advised by ISP earlier in the day. Traffic stop W. Cameron in front of Subway - verbal warning given to failing to turn on head lights (all lights for that matter). Showed him where the light switch was (spouse's vehicle that he hardly ever drives). Welfare check 100 block of E. Portland - checked welfare of children, they were good and residence is in good shape. Attempted to contact RP as he wanted a call, but phone went directly to voicemail. Left a message indicating children were good. Traffic stop on Jacobs Gulch Rd for 1 headlight. cleared verbal Dispatched to 100 block of E Portland for disorderly conduct. Subject was yelling and cussing while on the phone arguing with someone. Cleared verbal. Dispatched back to 100 block of E Portland for welfare check on two children. children were code 4 and had plenty of support. Cleared public assist. Directed traffic for KHS Homecoming parade. Citizen contact @ KPD reference public records request - signed off on and need to pass along to different shift for completion - requesting party notified. Dog @ large 100 block of W. Mullan - dog was already captured so it was easier to place in my vehicle for transport. Took to pound.... not even an hour later, owner posted bail - dog then released. Stolen dog 10 block of W. Mullan - information taken and neighborhood searched - roughly an hour later dog was recovered at the 1 neighbor that was unavailable for contact at the time - No report completed as dog was located prior to creating report. Dogs at large 800 block of S. Division (sensing a theme here for the night) - Neighbors were able to place the dogs inside the residence but the owners of the dogs/residence were not home (door was left open). I hung a warning for city ordinance on the door - warning issued. Hit and run in front of Post Office. Happened several hours before and nobody was still on-scene. Contacted RP and they did not have any other information to assist in investigation - not turning in to insurance company for claim, no report needed, they just wanted it documented. Nothing further to pass along for this incident. Watched Kellogg Football game...great job kids! Anonymous call reporting shots fired in the area of Helen and Riverside (nothing further). No other calls, and a sweep of the area did not show anything out of the ordinary. Nobody to contact for further information (anonymous) so nothing to follow-up on. Unfounded. Anonymous tip call to the area of Helen and Riverside for shots fired. Combed the area for any of the reported circumstances but was unable to hear any shots or anything similar. Cleared UTL. Traffic stop on 10 block of Railroad Ave for light not being on during the night. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Mullan and N Division for 1 headlight out. Cleared verbal. SKOL Dispatched to the area of E Park Ave for dogs barking during the night for several hours. Upon arrival, K72 found the house the dogs were barking from however the dogs made it very hard to get to the house as they were not friendly AT ALL. Eventually made it to the house by moving VERY SLOWLY but no one answered. Will be in touch with the homeowners to give them a citation for public nuisance at a later date. Cleared report taken. While patrolling during the night, K72 came by a house with ONCE AGAIN dogs barking during the night hours. While approaching the gate and stepping inside the barking dog began to act aggressively and started slowly approaching me. The homeowner saw me and thankfully came outside, provided the homeowner with a verbal warning about her dogs continuously barking during the night and had someone called in she would have been getting a citation as well. Cleared verbal. For some reason tonight was the night every dog in the neighborhood decided to bark non-stop. K72 will be requesting from chief a Dog catcher Snare Pole (as well as some brown pants) as K72 nearly jumped out of my uniform several times while dealing with these dogs. Traffic stop on 600 block of Bunker Ave for no turn signal. Driver didn't have a license. cleared cite for invalid license. Dispatched to 100 block of W Mission for a battery event. RP showed evidence of battery and explained that he was battered by another male juvenile. Later located male juvenile suspect at 100 block of E Portland and arrested him for Battery. Cleared arrest. Follow up on a call I received last night regarding barking dogs on the 1 block of E Park. Ended up giving a verbal warning for the dogs. Motorist assist at McKinley and South Division, car broke down right in front of me going up the hill, Ran out of fuel. After a ride to the gas station was given he was back on his way-Public Assist. LL request regarding e-mail scam. Cleared unfounded. Citizen contact at Cameron Conoco. Subject ran out of gas at WB MP 12 Near Saltese... yes Montana. Said he got a ride from a weird guy and the guy did a magic trick to him and stole his keys. He also told me that he could have left them in the vehicle and the guy drove off. I advised Montana Highway Patrol of the situation, and advised the owner of the car/ car keys to have a tow company pick up the vehicle. Turns out the guy had left his keys in his own car. Assisted County with a felony warrant arrest. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Foot patrol- Mission Ave, Hill St, Helen, Elder. Report of a stolen out board motor. A 5 horse camo Briggs and Stratton. Report taken. Report of a mother/daughter argument on S Division. Was able to calm them both if for only the evening. Report of a stolen tire on Elder. Tire was not stolen. Cleared unfounded. Patrolled the rainy streets and alleys of Kellogg and Wardner. Suspicious person/vehicle up by the golf course, might be hunting in the area - K73 contacted and it was a person walking their dog - unfounded. Possible DUI eastbound I90 from 39 - K76 found vehicle - unable to establish pattern or PC for stop – Unfounded. Possible 8004 driver Eastbound I-90 from 39, RO had an address in Kellogg, Found the vehicle but no PC for stop, as well as vehicle was driving pretty normal-Cleared N.A.T. Traffic Stop in the 100 block of E Portland for equipment-Verbal given. Traffic stop in the 100 Block of East Cameron Ave for stop sign violation-Verbal. Traffic stop on the I-90 49 Westbound On ramp-Verbal was given for speed. Finally getting a little chilly at night! Thank K75 for this week's photo. Be happy, Be Safe, I think it’s safe to say Fall is here. Enjoy the colors while they last. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

TRUNK OR TREAT. Calling all little monsters! The Kellogg Police Department and Silver Mountain Resort would like to invite you to an event for the whole family! “Trunk or Treat” is a safe and fun alternative for Halloween. Come dressed up, play games, and win candy FREE OF CHARGE. No rules, boys and ghouls! If you would like to participate and decorate your car trunk for this event contact Veronica Wuolle at 208-659-6372. There will be a prize for the “best dressed trunk”. Where: Silver Mountain Parking Lot When: October 31, 2018 Time: 6PM - 7PM

Roll Call 09/18-09/25 2018 Responded to the Cameron Conoco for an abandoned vehicle. On arrival I observed the vehicle blocking vehicles from getting out and I was unable to contact the owner. Vehicle was towed as a result. Citizen contact on the 400 block of Bunker Ave. Assisted federal agents with their investigation. Dispatched to a vicious dog on the 200 block of W. Riverside. Spoke with the owner of the dog and laid own the state laws and city ordinances to follow. Responded to an unwanted subject on the 800 block of S. Division. Contacted both parties and the unwanted individual left peacefully. Open door at Hoffman Boots. Cleared Building all code 4. Called to a possible intoxicated female on Hill St. UTL. Two dogs in the pound for County. One dog in pound for Kellogg. Traffic stop on Hill St under the I90 overpass for stop sign violation and speeding. Cleared verbal (as he was lucky since K72 forgot his citation book at the office). Citizen contact on S Division by Panhandle Linen. Traffic stop on 1000 block of Main St Wardner for white light to the rear. Upon contact, K72 could see the driver appeared to be impaired by alcohol or drugs so K72 got the driver out of the vehicle and prepared them to take SFST's when they dropped their paraphernalia pipe which resulted in their arrest. K72 later conducted SFST's with the driver at the sheriff's office which they failed so K72 charged them with DUI. There was also a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the stop which K72 will be citing them for open container. Cleared arrest. Traffic stop on the 200 block of E Cameron for a non-working headlight. Cleared verbal. ATL on a possible 8004 driver leaving McDonalds. Located subject on Silver Valley rd by exit 54. Followed subject to their residence where K72 contacted them until a Deputy arrived. Cleared other agency assist. Federal aviation administration (FAA) called in to dispatch saying someone on the east side of Kellogg was pointing a laser at an airplane. For those of you who don't know it’s illegal, IT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL, so don't do it unless you want some bad repercussions and yes, they have a way of pinpointing where the laser is being pointed from. Report taken on the incident. LL request regarding facebook being hacked. Cleared public assist. LL request concerning handbag missing or stolen. Cleared public assist. Unaware if stolen from Kellogg or Osburn. K75 is off to coach HS football in Asotin, WA. (no worries he will be back) Stationary patrol throughout the city. County brought in a hound dog to the pound and I released it later to the owner. Traffic stop on 100 block of McKinley Ave. Gave verbal warning. Responded to the Gondolier for fraud. Report taken and investigation is on-going. Traffic stop @ 200 block W Cameron for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to Silver mt for report of stalking incident. The person who called ended up having a misdemeanor warrant. Cleared arrest and will follow up with stalking situation. Traffic stop on Division by Panhandle Linen for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to the 400 block of Brown St. for malicious injury to property. After speaking with victim, I was unable to determine if a crime was committed. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave. Traffic stop on E Portland for no front plate. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Hill St and Bunker intersection for vehicle not stopping before exiting a parking lot (quickly like). Cleared verbal Dispatched twice to Silver mt for report of possible domestic in progress. first time parties had already been separated upon arrival. cleared then was called back about 15 min after for same call. This time all parties were there and ended up detoxing female subject. cleared peace restored. Traffic stop on Cedar and Mission for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on riverside and Hill St for white light to the rear/pretty much just broken. Cleared verbal. Assisted K72 with a domestic. Assisted 1226 with a traffic stop-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Called to the Cameron Conoco for a transient yelling and saying that they are manipulating his thoughts. He is walking to Missoula, After speaking with him he left the Conoco peacefully. Agency Assist to check on male walking down the road approximately Mile post 52, It was the same Transient-Subject was Code 4 Assisted K72 on a traffic stop in East Portland. Noise Complaint at Dirty Ernie's, RP said the live band was too loud. When K76 arrived, the band was just wrapping up. Disturbance complaint on the 100 block of S. Elm St. Gave a verbal warning. V.I.N. inspection on the 100 block of Emerald Dr. Conducted follow-up and worked on reports Water main break on W Mission Ave. Water district was called out and fixed the issue. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Abandoned vehicle paper work. Traffic stop in the 400 Block of McKinley Ave for stop sign-verbal. Traffic stop in the subway parking lot- verbal for stop sign. Traffic stop for no headlights-verbal given. Called to the 500 block of the McKinley avenue for motorist assist-Citizen wasn't out of fuel, She was hoping someone would come along and give her money. Same thing she has done In the Yokes parking lot, the Conoco's and the IGA.-She was warned and she drove home. Called to the 500 block of the Maple for a citizen contact reference marital problems-Cleared public Assist. Assisted County for a cover officer on a citizen contact-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Called to Silver Mt for verbal dispute. Civil issues. Cleared peace restored. Follow up/ finished reports. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Foot patrol Main, McKinley, Market. Assisted K75 with a disturbance at Silver Mountain. Road rage incident uptown suspect vehicle described as a Tan Prius. After talking with RP they stated it could have been a silver Civic. K71 did not locate either vehicle. Called to a battery at the city park. Cleared report taken. Called to mal injury to prop on Kellogg Ave. I car window was broken with an air soft gun. Cleared report taken. Called to threats on Mullan Ave. While On that call was redirected to a fight in progress in Wardner, while on that call was redirected again to the earlier battery suspect had returned to the residence. Arrested suspect on a warrant as the victim no longer wanted to press charges for the Battery. (Son had grabbed is mothers’ arm while they were arguing) Cleared the fight in Wardner NAT and cleared the threats call at unfounded. Checked on blight on Riverside. Cars are covered now. Well definitely not the kickers fault this week. Ouch! Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Citizen contact in the 100 block of E Portland, Male walking in the middle of the road Carrying a bag-Cleared N.A.T Citizen contact on Main street- Cleared. Motorist Assist in front of the 411 bunker apartments-Cleared public assist. Civil dispute 100 block of Elm, turns out there was an assault that took place. Parties separated peace restored. Suicidal subject 200 block of main. Cleared unfounded. Chasing owners of parked cars blocking paving company. Landline request regarding a phone hijacking (Taking over the phone electronically from a remote source)-Report taken. Report of a stolen boat on Jones St Wardner. Was able to locate person who took the boat. Boat was later brought back to the owner. Follow up to continue. Citizen contact in the alley behind the old Silver Valley Fitness, an adult man dressed in all black being weird, he went back to upper third after the contact. Assisted K73 in a boat case, it was returned safe and sound. Traffic stop on Hill Street for no headlights-Verbal. Traffic stop on Bunker Ave just across the bridge for a Headlight out-Verbal. Assisted County on a domestic-Cleared other Agency Assist. Be Happy, Be Safe, I guess I should have said don’t bet on the Vikings Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call September 11th -September 18th 2018 Walk-in report of missing person. Person was later located and code 4. Traffic complaint at Cameron Conoco. Cleared public assist. LL request regarding suicidal subject. Subject was code 4 and had no intention of self-harm. Cleared public assist. Report of tree branch falling and taking down a power line in the 900 block S. Division. After arriving on scene it was a phone line torn from a house. Yes some people still have home land lines. Cleared NAT. Follow up on cases. Ran paperwork up to Prosecutor's Office. Report of a stolen HUSQVARNA chainsaw with “I love you” engraved on the handle. Cleared Report taken. Evidence work. Suspicious circumstances 600 block of Upper 3rd - Public Assist. Civil Paper Service x1 / Served x1. Wardner City Council Meeting - Extra patrols requested during the morning/afternoon in the 900 block of S. Division. There is a strip of road painted/posted for no parking on the east side that construction seems to be parking in during the day. This has been creating congestion for deliveries, bigger vehicles and especially buses during the day. Traffic stop on 100 block of W Cameron for no front plate. After contact, Driver showed me he had plate located on his front windshield. Advised Driver to place the license plate on the front bumper. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop in the Trail Motel parking lot for a non-working rear tail light. Cleared verbal. Citizen contact near Station St and S Division. Citizen was recording footage of him riding his skateboard for his YouTube channel. Suspicious activity 600 Block W Riverside. Cleared public assist. Foot patrol with K71 on main and McKinley. Musical cars getting them to and from Dave Smith for repairs. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Traffic stop on S. Division for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Agency Assist - Probation and Parole 600 block of 2nd Street - Cite and release subject for paraphernalia - Arrest report completed. Evidence/Property work - release of property back to owner. Agency Assist - small child in locked vehicle in the Walmart parking lot - upon arrival, there was a teenage babysitter in the vehicle as well and the child was not left alone – Unfounded. Possible theft - 100 block of McKinley - while speaking with victim, suspected thief came back and returned property indicating no intention of taking the item. Unfounded for crime, explanation to person involved it could still be criminal for Willful Concealment. Both parties agreed to the return of the property with nothing further. Dispatched to 600 block of W Cameron Ave for report of someone siphoning gas out of vehicles. Upon arrival, there was no suspect vehicle on scene however we will be keeping watch for such activities during the night. Cleared report taken. Traffic stop on 300 block of S Division for no rear tail lights. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on S Division near the I90 overpass for no turn signal and not stopping before entering a public roadway from a parking lot. Ran driver through SFT's which they passed but they admitted to having a little bit to drink. Ran the passenger through SFT's and had said passenger drive home. Cleared verbal. Dispatched back to 600 block of W Cameron for gas siphoner suspect. Suspect was not there upon arrival again. Cleared UTL. Anyone know of a good kicker? Please sent to Minnesota. Only a half SKOL this week. -Citizen contact on the 500 block of W. Cameron. Resident flagged me down and wanted to inform me about Wile E. Coyote running around the neighborhood. Even provided me with a flyer showing Wile performing some Acme action. Foot patrol at Kellogg Middle School. Conducted case follow-up & interviews. Assisted County with a PC hold at SMC. Booked two K-9's into the pound from the county and released them later to the owner. Dispatched to the City park for a report of a group of juveniles smoking. Upon arrival I saw several different groups of juveniles but did not see anyone smoking. After speaking with each group, they all denied smoking. Gave a verbal warning to all. Traffic stop Legion & Hill - verbal warning for wrong way on a one-way. Report of dog left in vehicle 100 block of E. Portland - 3rd party call and unsure where vehicle was exactly - drove through area several times and unable to locate an animal in a vehicle - UTL Citizen contact Hill and Railroad - driver looking for a place to eat - requested he pull his vehicle out of the roadway in the construction area and also gave the rundown of local eats. Traffic stop on 700 block of Bunker Ave for no tail lights. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on the on ramp to I90 from 50 for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Dispatched to Silver Mtn for report of a fight between a father and son. Cleared peace restored. Retrieved a wallet from Silver mtn. Citizen contact in Mountain valley health care parking lot. subject was sleeping in his car before continuing driving. Citizen contact on 3000 block McKinley. Mobile patrol & Stationary patrol. Dispatched to 200 block of E. Riverside Ave. for a hit and run. Report was taken. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave. & Rails to Trails. Traffic stop on the off ramp to 48 for brake lights not working. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on S Division near the I90 overpass for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on 800 block W Cameron into McDonalds parking lot for no turn signal onto W Cameron from Bunker Ave. K72 conducted a consent search of the vehicle and found controlled substance(marijuana) and drug paraphernalia. Then conducted search of the persons which led to K72 finding Methamphetamine, Heroin and more Drug Paraphernalia. K72 took said subjects to jail and “did reports for the rest of my life.” Cleared arrest. Dispatched to 100 block of W Riverside for report of trespassing. Unfounded for trespassing, a landlord was just cleaning out house of the people he evicted. Traffic stop at Maple and East Market for equipment- Verbal. Called to suspicious circumstances next to Silver Valley fitness, Boyfriend was picking up girlfriend and other friends from bar, the females in the vehicle got into an argument-Cleared N.A.T advised them to move along. Dispatched to SMC for a disorderly patient. After being evaluated, patient left SMC peacefully. Attempted to pick up a dog at large near the 200 block of W. Cameron Ave. K77 was unable to convince the little fella to take a ride with him. Responded to the 200 block of E. Portland for an animal complaint. Reporting party informed me the dog had been inside a vehicle for quite some time. Upon my arrival, the dog had been removed from the vehicle and was with the owner. I spoke with the owner of the K-9 and discussed the issue at hand. Assist K77 with a out of control patient at SMC. Later call to same person talking to himself by the football field. Cleared NAT. Worked on evidence for K72. Delivered paperwork to court house. Public assist at Ace Hardware. Cleared public assist. Patrolled KMS. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Called to Main and McKinley for parked vehicle blocking paving company. R.O. was contacted and vehicle moved without incident. Burglary not in progress 300 block Chestnut. Cleared unfounded. Evidence work. Follow up on morning star fire. Yea Hill St is open….. Never mind its closed again. Two dogs at large calls. One was taken home other was not a fan of the patrol vehicle or the person driving it. ATL on same suspect as the night before that K76 arrested. UTL. Called to a traffic complaint in the 400 block of South Division, Parties were contacted, RP didn't want to sign a citation just wanted the person talked to about it. Cleared Public Assist. Called to the 411 Bunker Apartments for a welfare check. While in route K76 was advised that he may be suicidal. Due to the information gathered while there K76 was there he was going to take the male into a protective custody hold. Said subject began making threats that he would fight it out and that it took six cops last time. He spoke about threats against the hospital staff as well. When we arrived at my vehicle the male resisted and began fighting 1215 and K76. He was taken into custody for the PC and resist obstruct. Best Shots fire-Cleared other Agency Assist. Foot patrol 2nd, 3rd, Main, Mill, S. Division, Cameron Ave, Brown, Kellogg, Silver, Gold. Assisted 1220 with a domestic in the 600 block of B Street in Pinehurst- Cleared Other Agency Assist. Citizen contact in the alley behind Patrick's Steakhouse, it was a repossession of a vehicle, an Email was sent out by dispatch regarding the vehicle. Called to 900 Block W. Cameron Ave for single vehicle crash. Report taken E-Impact only. Took fraud report at Bank CDA. Citizen contact/ welfare check at Kellogg City Park. Trespassed individual from Silver Mt property with K71. Follow up on juvenile report. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Be Happy, Be Safe, Don’t bet on the Seahawks. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call September 4th -September 11th 2018 Report of person riding on hood of car on McKinley Ave. While in route rp reported person got back into car and took off. Cleared UTL. Brush fire at MP 49 WB. RP was able to get the fire out before my arrival. Cleared other agency assist. Again fireman tryouts were a bust... Citizen contact at Gondolier. cleared public assist. Received landline regarding fire alarm at RP's neighbor’s house. Nobody was home and no smoke had been reported. K73 was at the residence earlier for the same reason. Cleared NAT. Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner - visual warning for speed 900 block of Division (32/25) A visual warning you ask? That’s when we see you speeding, then you see us seeing you speeding and then we point a finger at you in a downward motion for you to slow down. Worked on Fire investigation with IDL. Call to dogs in a car on McKinley Ave. Both dogs were happy and not in distress. Cleared code 4. Detoxed an adult female at the farmers market. She was very lady like and expectorated all over the back of K73’s patrol car. K73 had put an expectoration hood on said female before he started to transporting her to the jail as she was already expectorating in the back of the patrol car. While in route K73 heard the all too familiar sound of someone drumming up some expectoration. Said female expectorated into the expectoration hood. Expectoration hood did its job and said expectoration was contained. At this point K73 looks at her and says “how did that work out for you?” Well said adult female looks back at K73 does some kind of head whip/shoulder shrug and the expectoration hood somehow falls off her head. She immediately drums up another batch of expectoration and expels it onto my dash and windshield. She then looks at me and says “how did that work out for you?” Touche, Yeah K73 kept his mouth shut for the rest of the drive to the jail. Cleared detoxed. Dispatched to KMS for report of a male juvenile making threats to harm himself. After speaking with parents, there was no threat of him actually harming himself however the parents would like me to speak with him. Cleared public assist. Dispatched to SMC for a female juvenile on her own. Upon arrival, I made contact with her and she wanted to be seen for personal reasons. I contacted the parent of said juvenile female and parent wanted to report her as a runaway since she felt like she couldn't control her anymore. After transporting female juvenile to SCSO, I contacted the parent once more and they decided that they trusted the male adult she was with. So I transported juvenile female back to Kellogg with no charges following. Cleared, most public assisting ever. Paper service all the way to Pinehurst but cleared negative contact. Found a vehicle that had its driver’s door open for about a half hour. checked on vehicle owner to make sure they were ok. subject was code 4. Noise complaint 100 block S. Division. I believe the complaint was the farmers market playing music too loud. Upon my arrival the market was cleared. Traffic stop on Bunker Ave for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. School patrol-walk through. Public Assist @ Kellogg Lumber. Traffic stop on Hill St into Avista parking lot for no plates. Driver ended up having a temp registration in back window. Cleared verbal. Walk in report of burglary on 600 block of W Riverside. Report taken. Paper service on 10 block of N Division. Cleared papers served. Placed 48-hour tow notice on vehicle on 100 block of E Portland. ATL on a vehicle involved in a hit and run. Cleared UTL. Called to Amy Lynn's for report of a fight. Cleared cite and release x2 for battery. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Dave Smith Security contacted me regarding a male passed out behind the wheel on the I-90 frontage rd. After making contact with male he was transported to SCSO. Dispatched to City park for a welfare check. Established contact with a male and provided a courtesy transport home. Responded to reports of a vehicle peeling out in the construction zones near W. Mission, W. Mullan, W.Elder and N. Division. After speaking with multiple eye witnesses, I suspected a resident on W. Elder was the cause of this. Made contact with the male at his residence but was unable to find out if this was the individual doing these things. V.I.N. inspection on the 10 block of W. Mullan. Dispatched to suspicious activity on the 200 block of W. Portland Ave. Made contact with reporting party and determined the issue was a civil matter. Traffic stop on 200 block E Cameron for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Assisted county up Moon Gulch for Fight in progress. Cleared other agency assist. Fight in progress on 100 block of E Portland. Trespassed male juvenile from a residence near dispatched location and created report. County assist in Pinehurst. Male yelling behind a store. upon arrival, male was yelling for his dog. helped male subject find his dog. Cleared other agency assist Traffic stop in Yoke's parking lot for driving on a closed road. Gave verbal warning. Harassment call at the Shoshone apartments. Cleared unfounded. Civil standby at Shoshone apartments. Cleared NAT Civil standby on the 100 block of Mullan Ave. Cleared NAT. Called to a Juvenile runaway 400 block south division. Juvenile was signed as runaway. Civil Standby at the Cameron Conoco. Foot patrol at KMS. Took dog in from County. Attended meeting at IDL with prosecutor. Case is looking good for an arrest soon. SKOL. Called to Ace hardware for a female that did not want to leave the store because she had dropped her meds and was looking for them. Female left when I asked her to do so. Cleared NAT. Called to a found Bicycle that they thought may be stolen. Kid rode up on one bike and took the other. After talking with the kid more however, the bicycle that was taken was also not his and was given to him from another kid a month ago, Parents were contacted-Cleared Public assist, Bike is in storage. Welfare check at Cameron Conoco, subject was code 4. Vandalism report from Dave Smith Motors cleared report taken. Arrested Juvenile for Runaway and transported to JDC. Citizen contact @ KPD reference vehicle - he was told his vehicle was towed in February - we could not find any record of the vehicle. Might have been stolen out in the county. Public Assist. Landline request regarding paper service - he had questions, advised him to come in tomorrow to see if it is something that we can even serve (unable to answer questions over the phone as I was not sure of what he was talking about). Civil paper attempted and served x1. Traffic stop Division and McKinley - driver was a little too aggressive going through the gravel in the construction zone at Cameron and Division – Verbal. Traffic stop Division and Portland - verbal warning for white light to the rear. Briefly assisted K76 with DUI crash after end of shift - 1221 took over assisting (wait for tow). Be Happy, Be Safe, Football season is here. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call August 28th- September 4th 2018 Called to the Amy Lynn's for a fight in progress-Took a Male into Custody for Aggravated Assault. Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & City park. Conducted a building check on Bunker Ave. Blight work (notice of abatement left at a residence in 100 block of W. Mullan - contacted persons assisting in their move while leaving and they said they would pass along the info and clean up the mess). ATL for reckless driver passing vehicles on the shoulder near Kingston heading eastbound, I-90. Set up at 49 Eastbound and shortly after K76 arrived vehicle went by at a high rate of speed. The vehicle exited at 50, barely making the exit. The vehicle then went through the stop sign at the bottom of the off ramp at Hill Street still moving at a high rate of speed. Caught up to the vehicle at the end of the I90 access road where K76 initiated a traffic stop, Arrested the driver for D.U.I. While inventorying the vehicle for tow, K77 found a substance in the vehicle. After testing it tested presumptive positive for Methamphetamines. - Cleared Arrest. Suicidal subject in the 100 block of Mullan, subject wasn't suicidal, after gathering more details from the RP after the contact with the subject, it was more of a welfare check-Subject was code 4. Parking complaint in the 100 block of riverside, had to explain that you can’t just paint your curb yellow because you don't want a person parking in front of your house-Public assist. Traffic stop in the 400 block of Bunker for headlight out-verbal. Foot patrol at the KHS football game. ATL white stolen dump truck from Missoula, Mt. Assist County and ISP with felony stop. Cleared other agency assist. Business check at Cameron Conoco, clerk requested extra patrol. Assist with warrant arrest at Walmart. Cleared other agency assist. Citizen contact at KPD regarding juvenile issues. Cleared public assist. Extra patrol requested in the 10 block of Mission - both East and West. RP reported hand smudges on all her windows looking like they were trying to get them open within the last week. Nothing damaged, nothing opened, nothing taken - just extra patrols for the time being. Report of possible domestic 100 block of W. Riverside/W. Mullan - in the alley. Upon arrival, there was yelling but it was directed towards a child that somehow placed a vehicle in permanent 'park' mode and unable to exit the alley. They were able to finally get the vehicle in motion and moved out of the alley. Citizen contact @ Kellogg City Hall regarding past cases and officers. Nothing further as direction was given for civil matters. Maybe K76 would like Fortnite better is he was actually good at it. Dispatched to SMC for a male suicidal subject that was threatening to shoot up a church. Upon arrival, Male subject was calm and no longer making threats however after permission to search his persons and backpack I found a couple prescription bottles belonging to another person. cleared after hospital no longer needed my help and cited male subject for possession of a schedule V substance (nonnarcotic). Conducted 29 service on Mill St with negative contact and 700 block of Ross Ranch Rd also negative contact as well as 200 block of W Cameron. 29 service at 200 block of W Cameron again, owner of residence informed me that the suspect no longer lived there. cleared negative contact. Traffic stop on Hill St into Yokes for no plates. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on E Brown St for speeding back on Legion Ave. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Hill St into Conoco for stop sign violation. Cleared verbal. Follow up on a malicious injury to property case. Found subject in Pinehurst and ended up trespassing subject from 300 block of S Division. no charges following. Assist county for unlawful entry. Cleared other agency assist. Assist ISP with erratic driver. Cleared other agency assist. Physical domestic 300 block of S. Division. cleared parties separated. Battery at 100 block W Riverside. parties gone upon my arrival. Cleared peace restored. Domestic at Morning Star Lodge. Female was just heavily intoxicated and yelling. Cleared unfounded. Assist county with rollover crash on CDA river road. Cleared other agency assist. Request for extra patrol at Mountain Valley Care and Rehab- gas siphoning occurring in the employee parking lot. Wallet was left at Broken Wheel. Picked up wallet and got a hold of the owner later came to retrieve wallet. Cleared public assist. Agency assist in Smelterville for battery. Cleared agency assist. Assisted K75 on a county assist call at SMC regarding the battery that took place in Smelterville. Citizen contact on McKinley Ave near the football field. Provided courtesy transport for the individual to their residence in Pinehurst. Disturbance on the 500 block of Bunker Ave. Established contact with individuals and gave a verbal warning for noise ordinance. K75 observed an open door on a commercial building in the 10 block of McKinley Ave. K75 and K77 Cleared the building and secured it afterward. Assisted 1205 with ATL on a male subject on Brown St. Cleared other agency assist, had negative contact with male subject. Traffic stop for no turn signal onto Utah St from W Cameron. Cleared verbal. Open door at the trim time barber shop-secured door as best I could, no sign of forced entry or things being stolen. Contacted responsible. Citizen contact on McKinley Avenue-Cleared N.A.T Traffic stop on hill street for stop sign violation-verbal. Two dogs at large were reported near the 100 block of W. Mission. Checked the area but was unable to locate them. Another call regarding the two dogs at large. Locate the little guys on the 500 block of W. Mission but was unable to convince them to take a ride with me. (stranger danger) Attempted to follow the dog’s home but lost them while in tow. Dispatched to 500 block of Brown St. for theft. Report was taken and investigation is still on-going. Possible theft of bicycle 100 block of Hill Street - contacted victim, bicycle was in back of vehicle when vehicle drove off. Attempted to contact driver to let them know they have the property (voicemail full) unknown address in Osburn. Bicycle located and returned to owner - it was not a theft. Public Assist Dogs found running 100 block of W. Mullan - able to track down owners and have them retrieve the dogs - Public Assist. Unlocked a building that was locked up by night shift. Assist county with felony arrest 500 block of W. Brown - subject was taken into custody after short foot chase. Report of missing children x2 700 block of Howard. After brief search, children were located and returned home. Verbal warning to the kids for leaving without permission. Due to the age, nothing further will follow. County assist while County was on Suicidal subject call up burke. Motion Alarm at a business up big creek. everything was code 4-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Removed some debris (set of linked chairs) from the roadway on the 100 block of McKinley Ave. Public assist on the 300 block of W. Mission Ave. School patrol (yes school is back in sesh) On the bright side tho K73 might get some more solo wins in Fortnite during school hours. Abandoned vehicle E. Portland - contact made with titled owner. Civil stand-by 100 block of Legion - no answer at residence unable to complete. Landline request regarding telephone scam. Information only as no transactions took place and no crime was committed (the old one of someone calling to say computer is not receiving updates etc). Evidence work. Unwanted subject 700 block of Howard - turned out to be landlord/tenant issue – Civil. Landline regarding questions over criminal codes - Public Assist. ATL on speeding vehicle 100 block of McKinley (eastbound). Out of position - Unable to Locate. Attempted to return several "found" items that have been accumulating throughout the office - to no avail. Called to a 911 hang up in the 100 block of Presley Ave. It was just and argument, parties were separated and peace was restored. Be Happy, Be Safe, Slow down and enjoy the ride. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call August 21st – August 28th 2018 Warrant service on Alhambra Rd - subject taken into custody on Kootenai County Warrant without incident. Assisted in fire investigation throughout the rest of the day Assisted K76 on the 400 block of Bunker Ave for a threats complaint. Assisted K76 with a citizen contact on the 10 block of E. Cameron Ave which lead to a felony arrest x2 for trafficking. Dispatched to an unlawful entry on the 100 block of W. Elder. Suspects left the scene prior to my arrival. Later on, I located one suspect on W. Mullan Ave. Investigation is still on-going pending more interviews. Assisted k76 with evidence. Assist with paperwork/Evidence Continue fire investigation (assisting when able) Vehicles up for tow - had to pend for another day. One of which I know is still there as I tagged it. 911 hang-up/open line on Howard. Upon arrival and brief interview, the small children finally fessed up to playing with the phone. Mom watched them run into the living room and was in the process of asking them what they had done upon my arrival. UNFOUNDED. Unwanted subject @ Cameron Conoco - turns out the subject was NOT there, but there is more to the story with possible report pending. Battery 900 block of W. Cameron - turned out to be brothers rough-housing. Mom was brought in and did not feel the need for charges (after we learned of the rough-housing). Parties were separated. Unfounded. Citizen contact/interview 600 block of 2nd Street Report of an underage male with an adult female in the 100 block of E. Portland Attempt to locate on possible rolling Domestic on the Interstate. Pinehurst PD caught up to the vehicle and stopped at 52. Went to cover until other units arrived and cleared upon their arrival. Report of Runaway juvenile from CDA in Kellogg. I was tied up on a call at the time and a Deputy/Detective was on location at the time of call. He checked the business and showed photos, confirming the subject had not been there and was not currently there. Relayed to CDA PD Patrolled Called the Cameron Conoco for Citizen contact- cleared report taken reference a battery incident at long shot, still need to speak with other party. Called to a suspicious circumstance in the silver mountain parking lot- contacted intoxicated male near a truck, after speaking with RP he did not drive vehicle just walked around intoxicated- Detoxed male Reports evidence work Worked on Search Warrant K76 made a citizen contact in the Cameron Conoco parking lot-Cleared Felony Arrest for Trafficking X2. Evidence work (most of the day) Welfare check on female subject talking with herself at the corner of Station and Elm. Contacted subject and she was not in need of assistance - see below for further. Assault reported 100 block of Pressley - after speaking with one of the involved parties, statements made did not constitute any crime at the moment - the threats being made were having photos taken saying they were going to get them arrested for that - advised this was not a crime. The other party was not home but the parent was and re-iterated what was told prior, then became uncooperative. Report taken for documentation. Advised of damage done at Bank CDA - retrieved statement and other evidence and turned over to K72 (brief over the weekend he was already working on it). Assisted. Citizen contact at Kellogg City Hall - along with various landline requests. Continued work on evidence and abandoned vehicle tows. Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner Traffic stop on S Division under the I90 overpass for no front plate. cleared verbal Traffic stop on 500 block of W Brown st for no turn signal. cleared verbal Dispatched to Cameron Conoco for report of a female talking to herself and panhandling. arrested said female for criminal trespass Citizen contact near 200 block N Division. Male ended up having a misdemeanor warrant out of Kootenai County. Arrested said male Dispatched to Cameron Conoco of report of a battery not in progress. This call came in near the end of my shift and I was wrapped up in the warrant arrest so K76 took the call as he was getting on shift. LL request regarding the RP being locked out of their vehicle and were afraid to walk home at night all the way to Smelterville. Checked with the RP later and they no longer needed a ride. Walk-in regarding a request for a report. cleared public assist Fire at Silver Mountain - B building at the hot tub. Believed a cigarette caught fire to a flower box. Report taken. Evidence work (most of the day again). Found bicycle @ Sam's - bicycle was left over a week ago and nobody came back to claim it. Report taken. Reports Patrol of Kellogg and Wardner Studied some of the changes made to some of the Idaho Statutes Follow up on cases Traffic stop on Hill st into Hill st Conoco for front plate about to fall off. cleared verbal Dispatched to 300 block for report of animal cruelty. cleared unfounded. Finished reports Patrolled Traffic stop at Railroad and Hill Street for failure to dim- Verbal During the above traffic stop ISP 486 was calling for a cover at the Longshot bar. As he was driving through there was a fight happening in the street. All party's ran away. The instigator of the fight left all of his backpack and clothing behind. Later found the male extremely intoxicated and took him in on the Kellogg disorderly conduct city ordinance. He wasn't very happy, lots of spitting and yelling profanity at K76 and ISP 486-Cleared Arrest. Reports Citizen contact at the Cameron Conoco. The clerk was arguing with a female at the counter. The female party was refusing to leave. The female was trespassed from the Cameron Conoco and she left the property-Cleared Public Assist Citizen contact in front of the Fire hall with a male standing in the street-Cleared N.A.T Vehicle accident hit and run on Riverside and North Division. one of the Dave Smith vehicles was hit. cleared report taken K72 Assisted 1215 with 29 service in the 400 block Main st Wardner. cleared other agency assist K72 Assisted FS 19 with 29 service. cleared negative contact Suicidal subject on 500 block or W Brown st. male subject was not so suicidal but did have drug paraphernalia. cleared arrest. K72 Assisted FS 19 with ATL on male subject located on 400 block of W Mullan. cleared other agency assist Reports for the rest of the day. Worked on Morning star fire investigation. Put dog in pound for county and then later released said dog for the county. -Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. -Conducted follow-up on my cases. Observed a broken window on the 10 block of W. Riverside of a commercial building. Realized later it was already broken somewhat from a prior incident that was documented and it just broke a little more. Cleared unfounded. Dispatched to a fight in progress on the 200 block of E. Portland. Peace was restored and parties were separated. However, an individual involved in the brawl turned out to be violating a protection order right in front of me and also had a warrant. Individual was arrested & booked into jail. Responded to an intoxicated female attempting to enter a residence that was not theirs on the 500 block of Bunker Ave. Upon arrival I learned the individual was just one house down from intended destination and helped the female to her friend’s residence. P.U.B.G is better than Fortnite. Citizen contact in Steins parking lot. male subject had misdemeanor warrant out of Shoshone county. cleared arrest. Ran paperwork up to Sheriff's Office. Dispatched to 300 block of W Cameron for welfare check on a male individual that was passed out in someone’s yard. Male subject was fine, he was just sleepy. cleared advised him to move on. Worked on reports. Patrolled Traffic stop in the humdinger Parking lot for Stop Sign violation-Verbal warning given. Traffic stop in the Silver Mountain parking lot for speed-Verbal More Search warrant work Civil Standby in the 200 block of Elder-Public Assist Assisted county with 29 service-Cleared Other Agency Assist Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. Worked on followup/cases. Dispatched to a vehicle fire on the 600 block of 2nd St. Fire crew showed up and put the fire out rather quickly before residence began burning down. Report was taken. Assisted County with a burglary in progress in Pinehurst. Turned out to be an employee starting their shift. Responded to the Cameron Conoco for a welfare check. Contacted the individual and discovered they were A-OK. Office work/evidence/reports/general follow-up VIN inspection Kellogg City Hall Parking ticket issued Division @ I90 for parking in No Parking Zone (yellow at curb) Spoke with persons owning vehicle up for tow - they are going to try to move it tonight - will be towed tomorrow Checked on vehicles for tow - one is gone. Checked with dispatch and they were not showing a call for it (nothing to clear out). Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. Assisted K76 with a DUI arrest on Station. Worked on cases/follow-up. Patrolled Search Warrant work Evidence work Called to the Amy Lynn's for a fight in progress-Cleared Arrest Reports Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & City park. Conducted a building check on Bunker Ave. Attempted to work on reports but had some technical difficulties for the 2nd day in a row. K76 has been sharing this pain as well at the worst possible times. Be Happy, Be Safe, Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts! Officer Matthew Crawford Kellogg Police Department.

Roll Call August 14th – August 21st 2018 KPD worked with Idaho department of Lands and Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation of the resent fires in Kellogg and above Ross Ranch. The investigation is still ongoing and we need your help. If anyone seen anything strange on the rails to trails on Monday the 20th Please call the sheriff’s department or the Kellogg Police Department. Traffic stop in the best shots parking lot-Verbal for stopping in the middle of an intersection and blocking traffic; verbal warning given. Citizen contact 400 Block Main Street-Cleared N.A.T. ATL possible suicidal subject on the trail, Searched the trail and surrounding areas. was unable to locate subject. Motorist assist in the Cameron Conoco parking lot. Citizen contact in the city park-Cleared N.A.T advised that park is closed, their ride showed up during contact. Called to the 300 block of south Division for a report of juveniles having a party in the back-alley way. When I arrived in the area they were walking back to their home on Mill Ave. Assisted County with a subject that had eluded their capture. Subject lives in Kellogg. Waited to see if he arrived at his home however he did not-Cleared Assist. Called to Silver Mountain water park for an intoxicated male offering alcohol to life guards. Subject was gone prior to my arrival after they asked him to leave- Cleared Public Assist. Called to assist county in Pinehurst. Upon arriving I was told to disregard. Cleared other agency assist. Citizen contact at Stein's Harvest foods. cleared NAT. Business alarm on S. Division - prior to arrival alarm company called back and stated it was the owner and there was no need for response. Cancelled. Fire alarm @ Silver Mountain D Building - False alarm - sensor was tripped when the heater was left on in the bicycle storage room. Dog at large 100 block of W. Cameron - was able to contact family to come retrieve the dog. Made contact with one owner and issued citation for city ordinance violation for dog at large. Abandoned vehicle - call given to oncoming shift. Tagged vehicle for 48 hour removal in the Assembly of God parking lot. Assisted County with traffic stop at 49 Westbound i90-clear Assist. Called to the 400 block of brown for a citizen contact-Cleared public assist. Traffic stop on Cameron Ave for speed-Verbal. Foot Patrol at Silver Mountain. Car alarm going off in the Silver Mountain auxiliary parking lot - contact was attempted with vehicle owner with no success. Will wait for HR office to open for further contact info to get it deactivated. Citizen contact @ KPD regarding blight - unsure of location - will check at a later time. Check on abandoned vehicle in the old McConnell lot - 48 hours given to remove vehicle. Will check on Monday to setup removal and criminal trespass charge. Dispatched to a pedestrian vs vehicle accident. Once K74 had almost arrived dispatch informed me both parties were no longer there. Searched for parties and found bicyclist in the Fairbridge parking lot. he informed me there was no accident. He had just fallen off his bike in front of the vehicle. Cleared unfounded. Traffic stop on Main St in front of radio brewing for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on entrance ramp eastbound from 51 for obstructed plates. Cleared verbal. Congratulations to K75 as he is on maternity leave to be home with the newest member of his family. A cute little girl. Citizen contact on 800 block of W Cameron by Subway. Released dog from shelter. Citizen contact in the Avista parking lot, was folks getting a ride after ISP towed their vehicle. didn't know they were involved. Called to State and Railroad for Juveniles moving construction barricades-verbal. Called to the 500 block of West Mission for a noise complaint, Contacted the RP and was advised one of the males was yelling profanity at the RP. While speaking with the RP the male walked out of the house and came over to apologize-Cleared Peace restored. Assisted 1215 with an unknown injury Head on Crash on the CDA River Road-Cleared Other agency assist. Traffic stop in the 500 block of West Cameron Ave for speed-Verbal. Traffic stop in the hill Street Conoco parking lot-Verbal for following to close. Traffic stop in the 1000 block of McKinley Ave for speed-Verbal. Brew Fest at Silver. Everything went pretty smooth unitl……. K73 was called to building C at Silver Mt for people on the upper deck spitting on people on the lower deck. Not cool! Well before K73 arrived said lower deck people went to the upper deck to speak about the said spitting. Upper deck people denied being said spitters. They agreed to disagree and went their separate ways. Both upper and lower deck people might have had some acholic beverages through out the day. Cleared peace restored. Burglary report on Price St. Cleared report taken. Welfare check at Trail Motel for a female not waking up. Upon arrival said female was alive and kicking. Cleared public assist. Foot patrol at Silver Mt. Resort for Brews Fest. Animal complaint on the 500 block of Bunker Ave. Gave a verbal warning. Fireworks complaint on E. Park. Spoke with suspected individual but they denied lighting off fireworks and K77 had no proof indicating they were. Gave verbal warning but we will be watching like a hawk since we now know what house they are coming from. Suspicious circumstance call at 700 block of Howard St. A dog had jumped through a homeowner’s front window breaking it. Home owner wasn't home. Neighbor advised she would contact the neighbor when he gets home and will let him know what happened. Cleared negative contact. Traffic stop on Hill St into the Hill St Conoco for an equipment violation. Cleared verbal. Civil stand by on 200 block E Riverside. Cleared public assist. Unwanted subject on the 500 block of Brown St. Individual was leaving just as K77 arrived. Informed the individual to not return. Worked on possible Blights (10 day notice given to a residence - they are in the process of moving and should be gone prior to the 10 days). Vandalism report taken - 10 block of E. Mullan Avenue. Landline requests taken at the office - one regarding a cat left in an apartment - referred to the manager of the apartment complex / abandoned vehicles x2, both have been tagged for 48-hour removal. Citizen contact with 3 individuals at Greenwood Cemetery. Individuals claimed they were ghost hunting. Yup ghost hunting. K77 gave a verbal warning about Cemetery hours and secured the Cemetery. Parking complaint on the 800 block of W. Cameron Ave. Established contact with two individuals and convince them to move on. Warrant service on Alhambra Rd - subject taken into custody on Kootenai County Warrant without incident. Dispatched to an unlawful entry on the 100 block of W. Elder. Suspects left the scene prior to my arrival. Later on, K77 located one suspect on W. Mullan Ave. Investigation is still on-going pending more interviews. K74 and K73 met up with the United States Secret Service. Not every day the Secret Service is in town. Visited an elderly lady in who is displeased with are current president and called the white house to let them know her displeasure. We were able to determine she is not a threat but has some very unique theories about the world around her. Cleared Secret Service assist not every day we get to say that. Be Happy, Be Safe, Don’t be a GUBERIF! Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call August 7th- August 14th 2018 Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Assist county with physical domestic at MP 54 west bound. Cleared UTL. Assist County with Burglary alarm in Wallace. Cleared other agency assist. Motorist assist S. Division and Railroad. Helped trucker locate WB on-ramp. Motorist assist on Cameron Ave, helped guide lost traveler to Fairbridge Inn. Parking issue Cedar and Mullan - vehicle parked in the way of paving. Contacted owner of vehicle and he reluctantly moved said vehicle prior to tow. Dispatched to Health and Welfare for a suicidal subject. Male wanted to voluntarily commit himself into SMC. Later provided courtesy transport for said male to the crisis center in CDA. Cleared public assist. Dispatched to Kellogg City Pool for an adult male inappropriately touching a juvenile female. male apparently was trying to break up a fight between her and another girl. Cleared unfounded. Picked up wallet for a male who was found sleeping in a bathroom at Silver Mtn. Male was later located and was given his wallet back. K72 got his patrol vehicle back today. Citizen contact with male on 4 wheeler. Called to the 411 bunker apartments for threats-Cleared public assist. Reports. Traffic stop at McKinley and Main for no lights-Clear verbal. Citizen contact with group walking down rail road, just folks walking home from the bar. Dealt with a transient... for most of the night. Said transient looking for a place to sleep. If you want to stay in a hotel room Mr. Transient have to pay just not help yourself to a room. Assist K75 with problems being caused by an individual at the Fairbridge Inn. Suspicious person at Panhandle Health - subject checking doors prior to their opening - it was the same transient K75 dealt with - advised him getting toward the Interstate would get him a ride to Seattle quicker. He began walking. Unfortunately, he did not make it far. Landline request regarding civil stand by - on contact the person did not know when they would be needing the stand-by. Advised them to contact SO when they had more information. Citizen contact @ New city park (west) - they were setting up disc golf course. Traffic stop 1000 block of McKinley - verbal warning for studded tires - they were going to stay off the road and pull out the studs before continuing. Assisted County with citizen contact up Pinecreek. 5 people one had multiple warrants. Cleared Other Agency assist. Assisted Medical at Amy Lynns. Assisted K75 with noise complaint. Called to W. Mission for disturbing the peace. Cleared unfounded. Burglary alarm at Best Shots. Cleared building secured/ false alarm. Follow up on some reports regarding a misdemeanor battery case. Welfare check on a female located at 400 block of Bunker Ave. Cleared negative contact. Still trying to locate. Dispatched to a male trespassing on a job worksite. Ended up being our new famous Mr. Transient from WA that we've all had the pleasure of dealing with several times now. Escorted said male off from job site and advised him which direction WA was. The internet went down so K72’s life stopped for a little while. Civil standby at 1 block of E Mill st. Cleared public assist. Traffic stop on 2000 block of McKinley Ave. Driver only had learners permit. gave verbal about driving on a learner permit and had a licensed driver come get the vehicle. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on E Market and S Division for expired registration. Driver’s license was expired, Had RO of vehicle come drive vehicle home since they had a valid license. Cleared verbal. Called to E. Market for possible stolen bike. Cleared unfounded. Traffic stop x4 on Station, Cameron, E. Idaho, and Hill. Clear verbal. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Report of illegal campfire up Wardner. I spoke with person responsible and fire was drowned out. Attempted to contact an individual for a landline request but was unable to get a hold of them. Assisted K75 with a fire on Main St. Wardner. Foot patrol on McKinley Ave, E. Portland & E. Idaho. Assisted county with a battery in Pinehurst. Assisted ISP with a traffic stop on Cameron Ave which lead to an arrest. Dispatched to 600 block of Bunker Ave regarding stalking event. Verbally warned the male subject to cease contact with female subject. Cleared with a report taken in case male subject continues contact. Motorist assist on I90 just past 51 on ramp eastbound. Cleared motorist assist. Mr. Transient had made his way back to Kellogg. Today he was at the water-park. He was acting like he does and freaked the staff out. He was trespassed from Silver Mt. He stated that he needed some help and was taken to SMC. Assist county with a female that was causing havoc in Wallace earlier in the day and had made her way to Kellogg this evening. Cleared assist. Called to the 500 block of 2nd street. The RP stated that it looks like someone tried to use a coat hanger to get into their car. Entry was not made but you could see the marks the hanger made on the door seal. Foot patrol in City Park, McKinley Ave, Railroad Ave, W. Park, Ohio St. & Bunker Ave. Traffic stop on the 600 block of Bunker Ave. Individual was from out of town attempting to find a hotel and missed the speed limit sign. Cleared verbal warning. Dispatched to the 500 block of W. Mission Ave for a verbal domestic. Upon arrival, parties were already separated from each other. Parties claimed the incident was only verbal between each other. Verbal warning was given for disturbing the peace. Assisted a resident on the 400 block of Bunker Ave with requesting a visitor to leave the house. The visitor of the home decided to leave peacefully. Dispatched to a welfare check on an individual on Bunker Ave. County assisted and place the individual on a detox hold. Responded to SMC for an individual acting suspiciously in the parking lot (Looking into cars in the parking lot.) Located the individual at the Silver Horn Motor Inn (Turned out to be Mr. Transient) Verbally warned the individual to leave peoples things alone. Individual was trespassed from Silver Horn Motor inn. Dispatched to Silver Mountain for an individual trespassing. (Mr. Transient decided it was a good idea to stroll through Silver Mt. after being trespassed earlier.) Searched Silver Mt. but was unable to locate said individual. (I spent all night tracking him, losing him tracking him and losing him.) Suspicious person/circumstance 800 block of Bunker Avenue - reported as possible death. Arrived and the subject was not deceased, he was just sleeping. He was not supposed to be in the building either nor was he supposed to be taking other peoples' clothes. He was promptly arrested for Burglary – You guessed it. It was Mr. Transient. K77 was dispatched to 200 block of E. Riverside for theft of services. An adult female decided to use the home owner’s washer and dryer to do all of her laundry and steal some things while waiting for the cloths to dry. After a couple of attempts, located suspect and arrested for Petit theft, Theft of services, malicious injury to property, and unlawful entry. Honest I don’t make this stuff up people. Found property 300 block of E. Cameron - after arriving and loading the items up, it was discovered further down the road where items were placed for pickup (taken out of a garage). K77 was still at the office and was summoned down with some of the property he recovered last night. We found the owner of most of the property and it was returned. New charge added for the laundry bandit. Paperwork to Courts and added charge at SCSO for current in-custody Setup time for vehicle maintenance x2. Inventory of new items obtained (more equipment arrived) Landline request regarding questions about Registered Sex Offenders - spoke with subject on the phone and there is nothing criminal taking place. Unfounded. Traffic stop in front of the Fairbridge for speed-verbal. Called to the 411 bunker apartments for a suicidal subject. Subject was not suicidal, someone else called in on his behalf without him knowing. While there investigated separate issue-Cleared bother unfounded. Citizen contact at s. division and Main Street-Clear N.A.T Citizen contact on station Ave-Clear N.A.T Called to the 411 Bunker Apartments for a welfare check-Subject was code 4. Assisted Medical at 405 West Brown Ave. Assisted K77 with unwanted subject however while walking to the house dispatch advised that the RP seemed to have dementia and that there was not actually an unwanted subject and that the male didn't actually live in the 100 block of West Riverside-Cleared Assist. Citizen contact on bike path of male looking to be sleeping on path, He was just stare gazing before work-Cleared. Landline request for welfare check - passed on to oncoming shift as it will take place later in the day. Assisted K76 with a medical on Brown St. Dispatched to the 100 block of W. Riverside for an unwanted subject. Dispatch later discovered the male was suffering from dementia and there was no unwanted subject. Assisted County with a possible crash in Kingston. Searched the area and found no signs of a vehicle crash. Responded to a fire alarm on the 600 block of Bunker Ave. Turn out the alarm was set off by someone smoking. Welfare check 400 block of Bunker - subject was contacted and all is well. Welfare check SMC parking lot - older Geo Metro, male subject with child. Male subject may be intoxicated. Prior to arrival subject left on I90. K74 was not in position to intercept. Worked on removing the subject and RV from the old McConnell lot. Called the towing company that brought him here from CDA. Gave him information on Veterans' assistance contact. Welfare check alley between Mullan and Mission 100 block W - subject sleeping in vehicle. Contacted subject and he moved out of the house while it was being shown. Nothing further. Found property 200 block of W. Cameron - property was disposed of. Be Happy, Be Safe. Enjoy the sunset. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call July 31st-August 7th 2018 Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Worked on reports - catching up for end of month. Landline taken regarding parking issues - while on the phone, it was discovered the vehicle in question had already been moved. Unsure of make/model of vehicle and unknown name of person RP spoke with. Extra patrols to be conducted in construction areas. Landline request regarding items missing from residence - extra patrols requested (see below). Evidence work. Welfare check 100 block of W. Mullan - contacted subject and had dispatch contact RP. RP is currently back east with the phone that works...making sense why they cannot contact one another. Subject at residence will work on activating secondary phone to call RP this evening. Landline Health and Welfare regarding subject - upon calling, subject was gone and assistance no longer needed. VIN Inspection x2 @ KPD. Actually, one was VIN and the other HIN (Hull Identification - for educational purposes). Arrested an adult male on his warrant on Upper 3rd. Assisted Medical on the 600 block of Upper 3rd St. Cleared other Agency Assist. Extra patrol on house on watch list. Reports. Traffic stop at railroad and south division for stop sign-verbal. VIN Inspection @ KPD. Multiple landline requests/completions regarding various issues. Vehicle pickup/drop-off. Vehicle maintenance scheduled and checked on. All vehicles are back on the road. LL req regarding sex offenders. Cleared public assist. Dispatched to Safe Under Angel Wings Daycare for report of a theft of a wagon. Cleared report taken.....RP called back later and found said wagon. Report completed Follow up on Grand Theft case. Had to get video from 600 block of Bunker Ave. Dispatched to 100 block of W Mullan Ave for parking complaint. Upon speaking with the parties that were being complained on, one of them had a misdemeanor warrant. Cleared arrest. Traffic stop on 400 block Railroad Ave for no turn signal. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on 400 block Railroad Ave for speeding. Cleared citation issued. Dispatched to 100 block of Elder Ave for male having seizures. Cleared assist. Worked on the missing report list. While at the Farmers Market located an adult male with a felony Warrant. County arrested said male. Dog at large 300 block of Main Street in Kellogg - dog ran into a building. With some finessing from helpers, dog was captured and taken to the pound without issue. Traffic control for Medical issue on I90 just west of 49. Stationary patrol 100 block of Railroad - 1 stop for speed. Verbal 35/25 and verbal for expired registration (turning around to go to Wallace to get registered directly from stop). Assist fire with gas smell coming from Main/McKinley area - walked area with fire and did not notice anything (nothing showing on their sensors). Spoke with construction crew on W. Idaho and they were aware of gas line break earlier in the day on W. Park construction site. Avista had already been notified and assisted them. Assist K72 with No Contact Order Violation arrest. Vehicle crash westbound 50.5 I90. Investigated and turned over to K72 as was end K74’s shift. Assisted K72 with traffic stop-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Called to an unresponsive male on the 200 block of Cameron Ave. Said male was transported to SMC. Supplement report for K72 Traffic stop from beginning of Shift. Is it me or is it just plain hot out? Traffic stop on 100 block in alleyway between Riverside and Mullan for a brake light not working. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop for stop sign violation on Mission and Utah St. Stopped the vehicle on Short St and Cameron Ave. Driver didn't have a driver's license. Issued citation for failing to have current and valid driver's license. Citizen contact with three individuals on 300 block of S Division by the post office which resulted in a CPO violation. Male subject was taken into custody. Cleared arrest Parking citation under I90 overpass for a vehicle that was parked along the yellow non-parking section. Attempted conducting a traffic stop with a yellow motorcycle with no plate. The motorcycle failed to yield and led K72 to an alleyway between the 300 and 200 block of Chestnut and Cedar. The male subject left the motorcycle in the garage and continued to run inside a residence. (You know because if you make it home your safe. NOT) K72 was able to get a hold of the owner of the house and have him come unlock the door for him. Found motorcycle man in the basement laying on a bed with a tall can of beer in his hand. (You know cause its hard work running from the police) Tried taking male subject into custody when he started to resist. K76 and K72 were eventually able to take male into custody and he was booked into SCSO with charges of DUI, Obstructing/Resisting a peace officer and Eluding a peace officer. Also, later found out while at SCSO said motorcycle man had 4 active warrants out of two different counties. Cleared arrest Dispatched to I90 by the Hill St overpass for a roll over crash. Parties were ok and not cited. Cleared report taken. ATL on a RV pulling a white truck with a white gold cart in the bed of the truck. RV had hit a semi and failed to pull over regarding incident. Located said vehicle and conducted traffic stop with it. Waited for county to come as it occurred in the county . Provided traffic control for 1221 and then cleared other agency assist. LL request regarding possible unlawful entry issue of family’s siblings going into their mother’s residence and selling items as the home owner moved out. Upon arrival to residence, there were no parties at the house. Cleared unfounded. Dispatched to 100 block of E Portland for report of Hit and Run. A vehicle had backed into RP's vehicle sometime in the morning. Damage did not exceed $1500 but created report regarding Hit and Run. Cleared report taken. Foot patrol... everywhere... K75 came across a challenger with front end damage. Seams said challenger had hit the overpass bridge and the bridge won. Driver was arrested for DUI. Domestic at Morning Star Lodge. Turns out not to be a domestic and it was not physical. Cleared peace restored. Assist ISP with traffic stop. Cleared other agency assist. Stolen car report. Turns out car was not stolen. Said Vehicle was parked on the street with no plates and tagged for 48 hr removal. Contacted titled owner and had her remove the vehicle. Extra patrol on Bunker Ave. Dispatched to City park for individuals causing problems. Spoke with a group of individuals and later trespassed them from the park. Dispatched to the 300 block of E. Portland for a petit theft. Report was taken. Investigation is still ongoing. Responded to an individual lying in the middle of Railroad Ave. Upon arrival, multiple individuals were loading the gentleman (McConnell RV man) up in a vehicle to transport home. 911 hang up on the 100 block of Sierra Nevada Rd. Discovered call to be inaccurate on the address and K77 was unable to locate the source. Attempted to make a citizen contact on the 100 block of S. Division. But the individual did not wish to speak with me. Yeah that happens. Report of a juvenile leaving their home. After speaking with the guardian, they did not wish to sign juvenile as a runaway. Attempted to locate the Juvenile but K77 was unsuccessful. Dispatched to 10 block of Railroad Ave for report of unconscious male. Male was just intoxicated. McConnell RV man was taken back to his RV. Dispatched to a Property crash accident with a semi that was leaving the scene. Located said semi on I-90 by following the fiberglass debris being left behind from the big hole in his sleeper. Driver advised he was trying to find an area big enough to pull his semi over and get cell reception to report it. Cleared Impact report taken. Motion alarm at a residence on the 900 block of S Division Wardner. All was Code 4. Smoke alarm @ Bank CDA on Railroad Ave - upon arrival, smoke detector replacement in progress and alarm company was not notified prior to the changing/checking. Unfounded Landline request to Health and Welfare - regarding visit over disclosure of possible abuse - referred to County as this is a county call. Vehicle maintenance - took patrol vehicle to Pinehurst to have spotlight installed. Hit and run at McDonald's. Both parties had exchanged information before I had arrived and so it was not really a hit and run. Called to the abandoned house on W Portland for kids starting a fire. The kids had left before K73 arrived. Looks like they were trying to cook a can of chili still in the can. Not even good chili. Dispatched to 500 block of W. Mission for an animal complaint. Verbal warning was given. Conducted extra patrol on Brown St. (Foot patrol) Mobile patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Land owner contacted KPD about a RV on her lot and would like it removed. McConnell RV man has to move. Removed debris off I90 @ 49 (someone lost some wood) Removed debris McKinley and Government Gulch. Report of female subject hallucinating 700 block of Bunker Ave - upon arrival, subject was not hallucinating, but in need of medical assistance - medical was dispatched and they took over. VIN inspection x2 Be Happy, Be Safe, Drink lots of water. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call July 22th – July 31st 2018 Hit and run crash on Bunker Ave. Was able to locate vehicle and after impounding said vehicle. Owner called and then she was able to bring driver of said vehicle to the Pd. Driver was cited for hit and run. Assist SMC with a male that was out of control in the ER. Cleared Assist. Citizen contact at Dave Smith/ Cameron Conoco. Assist K76 with dog at large, cleared agency assist. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Foot patrol 2nd, 3rd, Mill, S Division, Kellogg, Main. Open vehicle door at Morning Star Lodge parking lot. cleared vehicle secured. Open door at Noah's. Cleared building secured. Work on reports and investigations. Report of smoke seen on sunny side of city - Mission Ave area - It was a person burning leaves, advised them next time to notify fire department to see about regulations (did not look like anything out of control. Public Relations 100 block of W. Cameron - business presentation for Welfare Checks. ATL welfare check - see below for information. Went with county unit to 200 block of W. Riverside for Sex Offender Check - new registrant to the area - no answer. Follow up on investigation for use of FTC card. LL request regarding civil issues. cleared public assist. Citizen contact in Kellogg City Park. one of the males was a suspect in a burglary case K74 was working on. Advised male subject to come to KPD tomorrow unless he doesn't want a warrant for his arrest coming out. Also trespassed male subject from Kellogg City Park and 600 block of N Division. Civil standby requested at 300 block of W Cameron. cleared public assist. Called to Legion Ave for a female locked out by her boyfriend, Peace was restored from an argument. Traffic stop on McKinley Ave-verbal for headlight out. Traffic stop on Legion Ave for headlight- verbal. Civil standby at 318 Cameron- Party's involved agreed to conduct their business tomorrow. Landline regarding petit theft-Cleared Report taken. Landline Request reference blight questions. Called to 200 block W Mission for animal complaint. Upon my arrival dog was brought out of the car and into the building. cleared public assist. Called to juveniles climbing the underpass on Hill St. I advised children to not climb on the underpass and instructed them to go home. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Assisted county in Smelterville - report of unresponsive female in vehicle with hole in the window. Turns out the front windshield has been broken for quite some time and she was only sleeping. Dispatched to 100 block of W Brown St for report of Dave Smith vehicles blocking roadway. After speaking with RP, I went and advised Dave Smith employees to avoid parking in the middle of the street on W Brown. Cleared public assist. LL req regarding side by side vehicles and no seat belts. Advised RP that vehicle still has to have seat belts and they are not wearing seat belts then it is an infraction. Cleared public assist. Parking complaint at 100 block E Riverside. RP had taken a picture of a vehicle that was parked on the curb and blocking the sidewalk. vehicle was gone upon my arrival but I managed to track down the owner of the vehicle due to the RP taking a picture of the vehicles license plate. Cleared verbal. LL req regarding feral cats at 200 block of W Mission attacking neighbor’s dog. Cleared public assist. Yes I was thinking the same thing. Return of the Wardner Feral cat gang. Towed an abandoned vehicle located in a lot behind 400 block of S Division. cleared report taken. Traffic stop on East Idaho for stop sign-Cleared Citation Issued. Called to the 500 block Mission for a Animal complaint-unable to locate any dogs barking. Called to the 200 block of west Mission for a possible verbal domestic unsure what house it was coming from per RP. Was able to find couple, and after speaking with parties it was simply an argument-Cleared Peace Restored. While on the verbal domestic call K76 and K75 heard multiple gunshots Near Cameron Avenue. No further shots were fired and we were unable to locate the source of the Shots. Assisted County with 29 Service-Cleared Other Agency assist. Landline request. cleared public assist. Disturbance 200 block W Mission Ave cleared peace restored. While on disturbance call I heard gunshots near the 300 block of Cameron and Riverside. UTL Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. K73 and K76 Foot patrol during Silver Hoops and IT WAS HOT. Broke up only 1 fight. The rest of the day went well. Not sure if K76 can pull off the shorts tho. Dispatched to Silver Mtn parking lot for a dog that was left in the car. The dog was not in distress and the owner came back shortly after arriving. Cleared NAT While at Silver Mtn, the front staff also gave K72 a purse with some marijuana in it. Took possession of purse and will attempt to get a hold of the owner on Sunday. Cleared public assist. Suspicious circumstances on Prospector loop. Cleared report taken. Disturbing the peace at Silver Mt, K77 handled the call. Assist county with burglary in progress. Cleared other agency assist. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Disturbance in parking lot across from Hoops. Cleared peace restored. Dispatched to a battery with K75 in a parking lot on Railroad Ave near the basketball courts. Parties were later separated. K75 and K77 received a report that a male was sitting on the bridge of S. Division drinking beer. Made contact with the male and found no such evidence of that taking place. Responded to an animal complaint near 100 block of W. Mission. Discovered it was a coyote on the hillside making a racket. K75 and I stopped and broke up an underage party on Galena Ridge before it began. Called to Silver Mt. Resort for a fireworks complaint. Upon arrival, K75 and K77 discovered an individual lighting aerials in the parking lot. After the individual decided to run back inside, they decided to come back outside and own up to it. Individual was given a verbal warning. A resident called in a noise complaint on the 700 Block of McKinley Ave. After checking the area, I was unable to locate said individuals. While at silver hoops, a mother approached K72 about a little girl going around and biting other little kids. Found said child and mother and mother took control of the situation. Cleared public assist. Fight in progress on 300 block of Mission Ave. Cleared parties were separated. Tagged a vehicle with a 48 hr tow notice for not having any plates while parked on a public roadway. Vehicle is located at Mullen and N Division. Assist County with a crash at Mp 48 I-90. Vehicle and trailer did not play well together and both went into the guard rail. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & Chestnut St. Took a land line request from an individual in Spokane. Individual claimed to have items stolen while staying at a hotel. Investigation is ongoing. Citizen contact on the 400 block of Chestnut. Individual wanted to let law enforcement know someone had taken and or moved around items in his home. Call was later cleared unfounded. Issued a parking violation ticket on Main St & W. Portland Ave. Vehicles blocking McKinley Ave paving project - owners contacted and vehicles moved. Parking complaints throughout the entire city due to construction and lack of parking (1/2 my shift was spent on this tracking people down to move). Welfare check on 21-year-old male that did not show up for work and had issues over the weekend (documented in previous briefs from the weekend). Able to make contact and his phone was dead/not working. Contacted parents to advise he was okay. Also advised them on best way for civil stand-by. Subject called wanting to report lost wallet and ID - attempted contact without success (out of State now and no answer). Subject called back later and a report was created and completed for Lost Property. Contact at Kellogg City Hall regarding Public Records Request. Landline taken @ KPD regarding possible Social Security Scam - no report needed, directed to contact Fraud reporting at SSA. Landline taken regarding possible abandoned vehicle in 400 block of S. Division - vehicle is in the alley between Mill and Market. Contacted subjects @ City Hall regarding stolen vehicle and items in vehicle - This was out in the County and referred to other agency. Dispatched to the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. for reports of a large explosion. Checked the area but was unable to locate the source. Dispatched to individuals on top of the roof of a building on Main St. Individuals were later located on S. Division and were given a verbal warning. (Building was the Frontier Office. Their office will be notified.) Responded to Silver Mt. for another report of individuals on top of a roof of the 4 story hotel. After a very......... very careful search with the help of a county unit, I discovered that the individuals had already left the rooftop before we arrived. (I don’t think K77 likes heights) While K77 was on another call, County assisted with a report of an intoxicated male attempting to drive a vehicle on E. Portland. County unit made contact and later convinced the individual not to drive. Open door at Kellogg City Park by the baseball field (concession stand). No damage observed, appears it was left open from yesterday. With public works, checked and door is able to open/close/lock without issue. Dog placed into the pound from County. Parking complaint on the 300 block of E. Cameron Ave. Gave verbal warning. Citizen contact on the 400 block of Main St. The strangest thing happened today when I left the Police station. I actually got to drive on McKinley Ave. Be Happy, Be Safe, Wishing I had a Pool. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call July 17th – July 24th 2018 Traffic stop I-90 Westbound 50 onramp- verbal for stop sign. Agency assist in Pinehurst to cover 1226 for intoxicated male. Cleared other agency assist. Agency assist with 29 service in Kingston. Cleared other agency assist. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Hit and run crash reported 2 S. Division - report taken to document damage. No suspect(s) at this time. Runaway from CDA reported to be at a residence in Kellogg. Went to residence and contacted subject. After speaking with all involved, not reported as a runaway and had plans (along with parent) to return home this afternoon. Other agency assist. Training @ Avista. Work on updating software for body cams. Unwanted subject(s) at McDonald's - upon review, they were not breaking any laws nor causing disturbance. Requested they move along to another intersection and they obliged. Traffic stop on 1000 block of McKinley Ave for reasonable and prudent. Cleared verbal. Citizen contact Cameron and Bunker. Motorist Assist at the Gondolier. Citizen contact in the Payday loan parking lot- person was sleeping in vehicle, needed sleep before continuing on. Foot patrol around East Idaho and Amy Lynns. Called to a Civil Standby at the Rio-Cleared Public Assist. Called to 110 Legion Ave for disturbing the peace-Cleared Peace Restored. Landline request regarding Noise complaint on Legion-Cleared Public Assist. Called to the City Park about someone breaking into the swimming area-The gate was left open to the pool, female had forgot her shoes. Appropriate people were contacted about the gate. Damage to city park. 1 of 2 issues graffiti, report taken. Follow-up conducted. Suspect list narrowed down. Abandoned vehicle 800 block of McKinley - spoke with owners. They are in the process of trying to get it moved. If they are unable to, they have spoken with Nickerson's and will be getting it moved to their driveway before the weekend. Walk-in from a case manager and two young males explaining they were afraid to go home to their mother. After a lengthy investigation, the kids were placed into their grandmothers care and Health and Welfare was involved in the sheltering of the young boys. cited mother for injury to child. Walk in early this morning of a male reporting that his neighbor is chipping away at the concrete slab at his house. he just wanted me to go speak with the neighbors about no longer doing that. unfortunately, the house was used for air BnB and the males were no longer staying there. cleared NAT. Petit theft on 400 block of Brown St. Cleared report taken. Placed 48 tow notice on a black Honda prelude behind 411 S Division. Attempted reports (Internet issues) ATL loud bang in the 100 block of riverside/Mullan area. Foot patrol and extra patrol in the area couldn't find anything out of place. Traffic stop in McDonalds parking lot fir no lights-verbal. Reading the local news facebook page and seen that a slow child at play sign was missing. Located said slow children at play sign and was able to bring it back home. Motorist Assist 900 block west Cameron- Gentleman was having trouble turning his truck and trailer around. Assist 1226 with crash at MP 52. Horse trailer came off hitch and tipped on its side with 4 horses inside. Horses are a little banged up but all walked. Called to 100 block W Riverside for possible gun shot. Cleared unfounded. Dispatched to 400 block of Brown St for online harassment. Cleared public assist. Dispatched to Emerald Dr. for report of someone fixing up bikes and stuff in their garage and revving up the engines. advised it was day time and loud noises can occur. Cleared NAT. Suspicious circumstances at McDonald's. Cleared unfounded. Assist County with domestic in Kingston. Assist County with domestic in Pinehurst. Foot patrol on E. Portland & E. Idaho with K75. Conducted a citizen contact with K75 on E. Idaho for suspicious activity. Later discovered no crime had occurred or was in the process. Dispatched to suspicious circumstances at McDonald. Contacted party and conducted a welfare check. Individual turned out to be ok. Assisted County with a Domestic in Pine Creek. Assisted County with a domestic in Kingston. Assisted County and OPD, with a bar fight in Osburn. Citizen contact at Kellogg City Park. Individual was trespassed from the park for failing to obey park rules. Walk in regarding complaint of neighbor’s dog. attempted to make contact with RP's neighbor but had negative contact. Cleared public assist. Handled a land line request regarding tenant issues. Citizen contact in front office of Kellogg City Hall - found property. Property taken and will be returned. Paperwork to Court and Prosecutor's Office. Dispatched to a disturbance on the 100 block of E. Portland. Located individual and convinced them to return to CDA peacefully. Missing parent at the city park. Located said missing parent and 8 year old was happy again. Suspicious vehicle/person at the gate of the shooting range. Subject in a white car. Assisted county with contact believing it may be suicidal subject that left the Wallace area. Not suicidal and not in distress. Vehicle was not blocking roadway (initially reported) and subject was sleeping. Assist. Called to Jones street for a CPO violation, however it hadn't been served to him yet. County was called to serve paperwork-Cleared N.A.T. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave & City Park. Dispatched to a juvenile driving a vehicle on E. Portland. After arriving in the area, I was unable to locate juvenile. OK its just plain HOT out. Landline request regarding parking on Mission - vehicles there are registered and run (on roadway not private property). Landline request regarding theft - report taken, investigation beginning. Welfare check 300 block S. Division - report of 10 & 8 year olds being left home alone - welfare check complete - there were not even any 10 & 8 year olds at the residence. When left home, they are left with baby sitters. Landline request regarding civil stand by - passed on to swing shift as they wanted to speak with the officer that was there. Hit and run on Bunker Ave. Vehicle and driver later located and cited. Cleared report taken. Be Happy, Be Safe, Stay cool. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call July 10th – July 17th 2018 Traffic stop in the best shot parking lot- verbal for speed. Foot Patrol through the construction areas, also on Main street, Amy Lynns as well as East Idaho. Called to 300 Block W Mullan Ave for suspicious circumstances cleared report taken. Citizen contact at Rio Motel. cleared refer to other agency. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Foot patrol... All streets and alleyways on Sunnyside area of town. Suspicious circumstances- this started in Walmart of all places... ended up in Kellogg. Naked Driver flashing genitalia and hanging legs out of car while driving and forcing cars off the road. Subject drove to Kellogg and ended up following RP. K75 conducted a traffic stop and arrested said naked driver for DUI. Reason 56 not to do drugs and yes K75 wore gloves. Follow-up on investigations. Paperwork to court. Fire extinguisher collection from city vehicles for service. Landline request regarding driving in construction area - referred as another officer handled the initial call and I did not have any information to give. Call about dog at large at a residence on 400 block of Riverside. Picked up dog and placed into Kellogg Pound. Dispatched to 300 block of Elm St for VIN inspection. Dispatched to 400 block of Mullan for VIN inspection. Follow up on reports and updated reports. Traffic stop on 1000 block of McKinley for speed. Cleared citation issued for no proof of insurance. Traffic stop on Hill St near Humdingers for no turn signals onto railroad and onto Hill St. Cleared verbal. Citizen contact in the parking lot of Cameron Conoco. Traffic stop on Riverside and Cameron for speeding. Cleared verbal. Traffic stop on 400 block of Railroad Ave for speeding. Cleared verbal. K73 and Boot (K76) discussed what song for the lip sync challenge. Suggestions? Attempted citizen contact on 400 block of Mission Ave regarding the subject driving on a suspended license. Attempted to provide a friendly reminder to not be driving since I saw their vehicle on the road. Cleared negative contact. Released dog from dog pound that K72 put in earlier. Traffic stop on a dirt bike on Station Ave-verbal. Called to a dog at large, dog was back with owner upon arrival. Called to the 300 block of West Portland for a disturbance. Cleared Peace restored. Motorist Assist at Hill Street Conoco. Foot Patrol in the Sunnyside area. Overdue juvenile- made contact with parent, juvenile returned home prior to my arrival. County assist in Pinehurst for unlawful discharge of a firearm. cleared unfounded/ other agency assist. Motorist assist at Hill St Conoco. Cleared public assist. Open door at Community Center. Cleared building secured. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Verbal domestic 300 block W Portland Ave. cleared peace restored/ parties separated. Traffic stop at S. Division and Station-verbal for headlight out. Motorist assists at the gondolier. Foot patrol Brown, Mission, Cameron, Riverside as well as surrounding Alleys. Called to city park for juvenile complaint. cleared public assist. Towed vehicle on 400 block of Chestnut. cleared report taken. Assisted fire at Fairbridge Inn for report of a fire alarm going off in the mechanical room. Cleared report taken. P943 is down. Paper service in Kingston. Cleared papers served. Landline request from the owner of the vehicle that K72 towed earlier. Subject was upset I K72 towed his vehicle. Advised the owner the vehicle was tagged for 48 hour removal for expired registration and to make sure he starts registering his vehicles if he wants to park them on the roadways. Cleared public assist. Lots of report work today. Crash on Elm St and E Cameron. Cleared report taken. Dispatched to Brown St of a Motorcycle going up and down Brown St going approx 80 mph. RP refused to give any of their personal info and when I arrive on scene subject was no longer driving on motorcycle. Cleared verbal for reckless driving. Walk-in report of battery. parties didn't want to pursue charges. Cleared NAT. Called to silver rapids for intoxicated female passed out and non-responsive. Cleared other agency assist. Assist county with locating runaway juvenile. Cleared other agency assist. Foot patrol on S. Division, 2nd St. and City Park. While on foot patrol in the park, I located two bicycles left unattended and waited a long time to see if anyone was around who used them. Bicycles were taken to the PD for safe keeping. Dispatched to a possible verbal altercation in the parking lot of Eddy Joes. Arrived and did not observe anyone matching the description, let alone anyone screaming or yelling at each other. Reporting party was OnStar and informed me the individuals left the scene prior to my arrival. Conducted a traffic stop which ended in the parking lot of SMC. Driver was given a verbal warning. Dispatched to Pinehurst for a suicidal subject as an agency assist. Cleared other agency assist Dispatched to meet RP at the front of the Kellogg library. RP was wanting to report a suspicious circumstance. Cleared public assist. Landline request regarding a civil stand by at 100 block E Portland. Cleared public assist. Dispatched to a welfare check on Bunker Ave. Located said individual and found out they were ok. Provided transport for the individual to a residence on W. Mission. Responded to a burglary alarm on a building located on the 300 block of W. McKinley Ave. (Dirty Ernie's). Building was checked and discovered to be secured. I did not locate anyone inside or any signs of forced entry. Conducted foot patrol at city park. Worked on body camera issues. Assist County with a warrant arrest up the north fork. Fire extinguisher stuff - placed them back in the vehicles at the office. Parking ticket issued 100 block of Pressley. Attempted arrest for CPOR/NCO violation - after placing person in my patrol vehicle, was notified by dispatch that there are stipulations and exceptions (initially told there was none). Report taken only and will be sent to Prosecutor for review of possible charges. Parking ticket issued Railroad and Division. Assist County with an active alarm up Big Creek. Follow-up on vandalism case for Dave Smith - property information placed in K77's box. Took copy of report to DSM per public records request. Suspicious vehicle 800-900 block of W. Cameron - not suspicious, lost trailer and did damage to own vehicle. Waiting on tow for vehicle. Dispatched to a disturbance on the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. Verbally warned individuals about their activity. Responded to the 300 block of Chestnut & W. Cameron Ave. for a domestic. After investigating the matter, Suspect was arrested. Attempted to locate a suspicious ATV reported driving up and down the street numerous times in the early morning hours. Checked the area but ATV was gone prior to my arrival. Assisted county with domestic in Pinehurst- Cleared other agency assist. Assisted Medical with an 18-Year-old unconscious male in a bathtub- Clear Other Agency Assist. Foot patrol on Bunker Ave, City park & Uptown. This week in rants and raves..........J/k Assisted K76 with a Malicious injury to property on Howard St. Assisted County with a Verbal domestic on Ohio St. in Pinehurst. Responded to the 100 block of Cathryn Ave. for a male overdosing on alcohol. Male was transported to SMC. Another report of the world coming to an end, but just like last time the internet eventually came back on. Disturbance @ Silver Mtn parking lot - argument between campers over animals. Advised animals to stay with their owners and owners to keep the not nice words to themselves. Completed K77's arrest by transporting subject to jail and completing booking process. VIN inspection that was cancelled. Theft 400 block of W. Portland - Report taken. Be safe, Be Happy, Eat more huckleberry’s. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Roll Call July 3rd – July 10th 2018 Arrested an adult male on two warrants out of Shoshone County. Traffic stop in the 700 block of bunker for stop sign Violation-Cleared verbal. Secured building on bunker with K77. Mobile patrol in Kellogg & Wardner. Dispatched to Elm St. for a noise complaint. Located the source and gave a verbal warning. Assisted County with a verbal domestic in Smelterville. Observed an open door on a building located on Bunker Ave. Building was searched and secured. K77 came across a sink hole that turned out to be a water main broken on the intersection of Hill St and McKinley Ave. City personnel was contacted and arrived on scene to fix the line. City park postings and setup. Evidence work. Welfare check on parked semi-truck on Jacobs Gulch Road - subject was good getting rest prior to continuing journey. Welfare check on puppy near the park - unable to locate any such dog as reported. Public relations in and around city park for most of the day. Parking issue on Railroad @ State Street - owner came out just prior to dispatching a wrecker to tow. Complaint of kids lighting fireworks off in the street on Brown St. Now this call came in around 8 pm on July 4th. Hmmmm defiantly not a lights and sirens type of call. Cleared no action taken. Walked the city park. Went to the Bean to get something to drink. Walked the Park some more. Cooked Hot dogs at the PD. Walked the trail behind Silver Mt parking lot to make sure no one was too close. Watched fireworks. Directed traffic at Silver Mt parking lot. It was a good day. Fireworks complaint in the community pool parking lot-gone upon arrival. Directed traffic after fireworks show, Pretty good show as well as the turn out. Assisted K75 on a traffic stop in the 400-block south Division. Foot patrol Main, McKinley, East Idaho, Portland, and South Division. Foot Patrol Alley ways, Hill street, Cameron, N. Division, Riverside, Mission, Mullan, Elder. Assisted K75 with D.U.I Called to Silver Mountain for fireworks complaint. cleared info report taken. Conducted traffic control after fireworks show. Traffic stop 400 block S. Division cleared verbal. Foot patrol Main, McKinley, Mill, S. Division, W. Market. E. Portland, E. Idaho, W. Mission, W. Mullan, W. Riverside, Elder, Hill St, Helen, DUI arrest from conducting foot patrol. Observed male doing the drunk zombie walk from the bar. As K75 was walking back to his patrol car, said zombie decided to stop walking and get into a car and attempted to drive. Subject was contacted before he was able to drive off and was then arrested for DUI. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Paperwork to court. Research and office type work. Attempted follow-up on some cases. Abandoned vehicle @ Cameron Conoco - gave to K72 to tag for removal next week. Patrols of Kellogg and Wardner. Call about some pipe fittings missing from the old silver valley fitness center. Attempted to get a hold of the owner of the building but was unsuccessful. Cleared report taken. Tagged vehicle for 48 hr removal on W Cameron Conoco. Walk in regarding identity theft. turned out to not be identity theft but created an informational report. Assisted 1215 with bar fight at pioneer lodge- when on scene tuned out to just be two males yelling but had left prior to our arrival. Assisted 1215 with fight in progress in Pinehurst, was the same two males from the bar but they found an open street a few blocks away 20 minutes later. Traffic stop on Hill and McKinley for no headlights-verbal. Courtesy ride for two individuals to Silver Mountain. Extra patrol around Silver Valley Fitness. Foot patrol Portland, E Idaho, Amy Lynn's, Main street. Assisted K75 with a motorist assist at the Gondolier. Motorist assist at the Gondolier, Nickerson's towing saved the day. Cleared public assist. Assist ISP with locating driver of roll-over crash on Hwy 3 - supposedly lives somewhere in Kellogg. Checked the area and unable to locate described vehicle/persons. More grant and evidence work. ATL erratic driver eastbound I90 from mile post 27 - out of position and unable to locate. Overdue person/ welfare check 100 block E Portland. Cleared UTL. Foot patrol... Main, E Portland, E Idaho, S Division, W Market. Traffic stop in the angel wings parking lot-verbal for speed. Assisted ISP on a traffic stop in from of Casa De Oro-Cleared Other Agency Assist. Foot patrol and extra patrol around Silver Valley Fitness as well as Amy Lynns, East Idaho and Alleys. Foot patrol lead to yet another DUI arrest. While conducting foot patrol on West Market K76 and K75 heard what sounded like a vehicle crashing into something. When at the corner on Main and Market they observed a vehicle stopped at the top of Main street. It then traveled north on Main street at a high rate of speed weaving all over the roadway. When it got closer the hood of the vehicle was smashed into the windshield and covering it. We then attempted to stop the vehicle however when it became parallel it looked as though the driver was slumped over the steering wheel. They then ran to their patrol vehicles close by and was able to make contact with the vehicle at the Amy Lynns- apartments where the driver was arrested soon after. Called to 100 block of Jones in Wardner for an unwanted subject- man was asked to leave and did so peacefully. Provided transport of the subject to his home in Smelterville.- Cleared public assist. Dispatched to 600 block upper third for indecent exposure incident. after investigation, cited male subject for Obscene Live Conduct..... I'll spare you the details.. thank me later. House fire call to 600 block of N Division. resident had put out the fire with his garden hose.... somebody put him on the payroll. Assisted County with a 911 hangup around Vinny's Trailer Court. Was unable to locate 911 caller. Dispatched to vandalism around Dave Smith Motors. Discovered a juvenile had vandalized some vehicles and was hiding from law enforcement. After an extensive search, K77 spotted the juvenile running away from me. Ended up locating the juvenile in a private fenced-in lot on S. Elm St. Charges will be petitioned to Prosecutors Office for the vandalism. Juvenile was transported to Juvenile detention center for other events. Called to Silver Mt. Resort for suspicious activity. Discovered the report was for an open door on a vehicle parked. Was unable to get a hold of the owner of vehicle. Silver Mt. closed the door and kept an eye on it until the owners arrived. Owners never reported anything missing. T stop on Chestnut and Riverside for no front plate. Cleared verbal. T stop on Cameron by STEINS for no plates on motorcycle. ended up having a plate on the back of the bike. Cleared verbal. T stop on W Brown St and Oregon for speeding. Cleared citation issued Motorist assist on Utah St vehicle was broken down. Pushed vehicle back home (they lived down the street ). As read on Rant and Raves K72 helped a couple young kids cross the crosswalk at the Hill St and Cameron intersection. They had the look of terror in they're eyes..... Dispatched to 200 block of Elder for Co2 alarms in a home going off. All the family was already out of the house upon K72’s arrival. Cleared other agency assist. Dispatched to Dirty Ernies for a Burglary alarm going off. Upon arrival all the doors were locked and there seemed to be no points of entry. Cleared building secured. Took in dog from county into the pound. Patrolled in the sun. Left arm tan is coming along nicely. Assist 1216 with locating a hit and run suspect. Dispatched to custodial interference on the 300 block of W. Cameron Ave. After conducting my investigation, discovered it was a civil issue. Responded to an burglary alarm on the 100 block of S. Division St.(Best Shots) Cleared the building and did not discover any forced entry or anything stolen. Building was later secured by the owner. Conducted a welfare check on the 100 block of Presley St. Individual turned out to be alive and well. Tagged two (2) vehicles in the 400 block of Mullan in the alley between Mullan and Mission. One is a boat on a trailer and the other is an old Ford pickup. 700 block McKinley Ave - check on residential fire alarms that were going off. Nothing out of the ordinary and unknown reason why they went off. Nothing showing fire-wise. Advised to contact Fire Dept if they went off again or check batteries. Test worked as they should. Child custody issues from previous shift. Spoke with juvenile probation and this was agreed upon last week. Might be a misunderstanding and NOT kidnapping as previously reported. More vandalism at the city park. Responded to a burglary alarm at the golf course. Building were secured and appeared to have no forced entry. Dispatched to a suspicious individual on the 200 block of E. Cameron Ave. Once arriving in the area, K77 was unable to locate said individual. Contact Health and Welfare - assisted H&W with a home visit. VIN Inspection. Report of subject possibly camping in the Cemetery. Spoke with work crew and they have not seen anyone in the wee hours of the morning. But there are some people camping close to the Cemetery, nothing inside. 2-vehicle non-injury crash 200 block of Oregon - spoke with the involved and they had exchanged information prior to arrival. No injuries, no report needed. Be Safe, Be Happy, Eat huckleberries. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho

Great show tonight!!!!

Roll Call June 26th – July 3rd 2017 Fireworks call imagine that. Attempted Citizen contact with male in the 200 block of riverside around the construction equipment. While approaching he took off north in-between the houses. Myself and K75 and 1215 stayed in the area but was unable to locate- cleared U.T.L Traffic stop on Cameron Ave in the Casa De Oro Parking lot for no Headlights-cleared verbal. Traffic stop on Hill Street next to humdingers for no plates- Cleared verbal. Foot Patrol with K75 on McKinley, Main, Ohio, South Division and East Market. Landline Request regarding Stolen Speaker-Cleared Public Assist. Called to the 300 Block of East Idaho for Juvenile Disturbance not in progress-cleared Report taken. Bar Check at Dirty Ernie's. Called to 300 block W Cameron for civil issues. Cleared NAT. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Citizen contact x2 300 block W. Mullan Ave. Cleared NAT. Foot patrol Main, McKinley, S. Division, Market, Mill, W Portland, E Cameron. Citizen contact at City Park beginning of shift. cleared NAT. Reports and report completion(s). Evidence work and more evidence work. Follow-up on cases. Meeting @ City park with organizers for 4th of July festivities. Emphasis patrol on Elder during construction period. Spoke with residents in area and checked into placing SLOW signs on the street - City did not have any and a call was placed to Construction crew to see if they could be borrowed. Delivered licenses to the appropriate businesses from City Hall. Foot Patrol Bunker Ave and Cameron Ave. Assisted K75 With ATL some Juveniles that damages a flag pole at the 411 Bunker Apartments. Traffic Stop on Hill Street for a headlight out-Cleared Verbal. Called to McDonalds for a report of an erratic driver. Both the RP and other party had left prior to my and K75's arrival. Called to the 400 block of Brown for a report of a female screaming. While in the area the screaming was located and it was found that it was a out of control Juvenile-Cleared Peace Restored. Attempted to locate a wanted subject in the 100 block of Mullan Ave-Cleared Negative contact. Called to McDonald's for a report of an erratic driver RP willing to sign. Suspect and RP was gone upon my arrival. Multiple 911 calls for female screaming on 400 block of W Brown Ave. Upon my arrival I discovered the location of house and found that it was an out of control juvenile. Juvenile calmed down after my arrival. Cleared peace restored. Domestic 300 block Chestnut- cleared unfounded. Assisted K75 with Domestic 300 block of Chestnut. Upon arrival was able to make contact with occupants of residence - there was nothing going on except sleeping (we woke them up to the point they called 911 on us). Unfounded. Residential burglary 600 block of N. Division. Report Taken. Dispatched to 100 block of Legion ave for report of Malicious Injury to Property. cleared report taken. Dispatched to Dave Smith Motors for report of Petit - Theft. cleared report taken. Follow up on reports taken from today. Picked up P943 from Silver Valley Tire due to a puncture in the tire from sharp rocks..... Can't imagine how that might have happened.... Angry guy came into City Hall complaining about the fact that he has to pay for his garbage..... He was advised to not take his anger out on the City Hall staff since they aren't the ones who came up with this rule. While K72 was on his way back from giving an courtesy ride to female subject. ATL of a black vehicle heading eastbound on I90 going approx 110 mph going in and out of lanes. K72 found and stopped said vehicle. By the time he stopped vehicle, RP was well out of range to sign citation and K72 did catch said speeder speeding. Cleared verbal. Bar check at Noah's. Citizen contact at Silver Mt parking lot. Citizen contact 400 block Riverside for bicyclist without headlight. Cleared verbal. Called to 200 block E Market for unknown injury- cleared other agency assist. Follow-up on vandalism report at Bunker Apartments- negative contact. CPO violation at Kellogg Park- Unfounded. ATL wallet that was possibly lost in the Gondolier gas station. Landline request for a civil standby on 100 block of W Riverside. Cleared public assist. ATL on semi driving recklessly. out of position. NAT. Wallet was found on the interstate, civilian brought in said wallet to the Police dept for safekeeping. While reading the local Facebook news page K73 noticed that K75 saved a kitty and that a lip sync challenge was issued for the local law enforcement. Hmmm Boot is always signing in his patrol car so this should be easy. Landline request about a blight problem on 100 block of e Park Ave. Cleared report taken. Dispatched to assist county with a medical that resulted in a DUI arrest. Male subject was highly intoxicated driving his ATV and passed out while the ATV was idling but somehow did not fall off of the ATV. Cleared arrest. Two car accident non-injury 200 block Main St. information exchanged prior to my arrival. E-impact report completed. Fireworks complaint- K77 handled cleared verbal. Business alarm at Excelsior Cycle. Cleared building secured. Unlocked door at Community Center. Cleared building secured. Patrolled Kellogg and Wardner. Follow up on vandalism at 411 Bunker Ave- report finished. Follow up on petit theft from Steins Harvest foods. Foot patrol throughout the city & city park. While on foot patrol, located an unlocked door on a building off of Bunker Ave. Building was later secured. Dispatched to E. Portland for an animal complaint. Spoke with both parties and gave a verbal warning for dog at large. Called to E. Idaho for a noise complaint (Fireworks). Located a group and informed them it was a little too late at night to be lighting off fireworks. Responded to a burglary alarm for a business on Railroad Ave. Building was checked and secured upon arrival. No signs of any forced entry. Assisted County with some prowlers on Hill St. in Smelterville. After searching the area, we were unable to locate these individuals. Assisted K75 with an open door on a vehicle in the alley between Mullan Ave & Mission Ave. Dispatched to 300 block Chestnut for petit-theft. ended up being more of a trespass issue. Report of Mal injury to prop on Cameron Ave. Called to 400 block of Railroad Ave for malicious injury to property. Report was taken. Dispatched to Cathleen St. for a fireworks complaint for aerials. All mortar rounds were expended by the time I arrived. Gave a verbal warning for illegal fireworks and noise ordinance. Reports of a red Dave Smith vehicle driving well above speed limits on Bunker Ave. Patrol the area for a while and was unable to locate said vehicle. Attempted to locate a child for a welfare check who was riding a bicycle around Station Ave. very late at night. Searched the area but was unable to locate the child. Worked on new reports and corrected errors on old reports. Follow-up on active cases. Welfare check on subject lying in the grass at the Kellogg City Park - contacted subject and he was taking a nap. Did not appear to be under the influence, just simply lying down enjoying the sunny day. Unfounded-Public Assist Welfare check on vehicle in a business parking lot 800 block of W. Cameron. Vehicle unoccupied. Will wait until later to determine if the vehicle will be tagged 48....later found out employee of next door business is operator. Nothing further to follow. Counterfeit money turned over from weekend transactions. Report created and item seized. Citizen contact in lobby of Kellogg City Hall reference blight - K71 handled and appropriate officers will be updated. Landline request regarding crash from last week. Motor vehicle hazard - silver car reported backing the on/off ramp at 49 on I90 - unable to locate any obstructions or vehicle driving the wrong way. UTL. Conducted foot patrol throughout the city. Traffic hazard on Hill St. near The Humdinger. Hazard was removed from the street. Grant research/work/preparation. Evidence. More phone time speaking with persons from last week's bicycle crash. Vehicle tagged for 48-hour removal up for tow - vehicle was moved and did not need tow. Follow-up @ Prosecutor's Office and Courthouse. Citizen contact @ Kellogg Lumber. Reports of vehicles using the old Reco's Muffler parking lot and parking on the sidewalk/obstructing view near the intersection of Railroad and Division. Keep an eye out as the vehicle was not there the several times K74 drove through. Traffic stop in the 700 block of bunker for stop sign Violation-Cleared verbal. Dispatched to Elm St. for a noise complaint. Located the source and gave a verbal warning. Assisted County with a verbal domestic in Smelterville. Observed an open door on a building located on Bunker Ave. Building was searched and secured. Came across a water main broken on the intersection of Hill St. and McKinley Ave. City personnel was contacted and arrived on scene to fix the line. Be Happy, Be Safe, Happy 4th. Sgt. Paul Twidt Kellogg Police Department Kellogg Idaho