Osburn Police Department

  • Agency: Osburn Police Department
  • Address: 921 E Mullan Ave, Osburn, 83849 ID
  • Chief: Charles (Spike) Angle (Chief of Police)
Phone: 208-753-9001
Fax: 208-556-3053

Osburn Police Department is located at 921 E Mullan Ave, Osburn, 83849 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Charles (Spike) Angle. The Osburn Police Department phone number is 208-753-9001.

Osburn Police Department News

Introducing Osburn police department's new look!

The Osburn Police Department is now accepting applications for Shop-With-A-Cop until November 30th. If you would like an application, you can pick one up at the Osburn Police Department, Osburn City Clerks Office, The Shoshone County Sheriff's Office, or the Kellogg Police Department. We are also still looking for donations to assist us with funding the program. If you are interested in donating, please contact the Osburn Police Department or The Osburn City Clerk. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (208)753-9001.

This little one was wondering in and out of garages in Silverton. Looks to be pretty old and is mostly blind. Please help us find it’s owner. If you have any information please call the Osburn Police Dept or the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office. We thank you all in advance for your assistance.

It is that time of the year that the Osburn Police Department starts our fundraising campaign for Shop-With-A-Cop. Last year because of the generous donations from businesses and individuals, we were able to take 72 children of the Silver Valley shopping, wrapping gifts, eating pizza, watching movies, and visiting with Santa. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT WITH A DONATION, PLEASE VISIT OSBURN CITY HALL, OR THE OSBURN POLICE DEPARTMENT. The dates this year are as follows: Applications with be accepted November 1st through November 30th. All accepted children/parents will be notified by December 10th. The Big Day will be December 16th. The number of children who can participate is based solely on the amount of donations that are received. Here is some information on our program: The Shop-With-A-Cop Program joins children who are in need with local law enforcement officers, providing the children with money to shop for gifts for their families and themselves. The program is funded completely from donations. Law enforcement officers and local grade school administrators choose underprivileged children who participate in the program. The purpose of the event is to foster positive relationships between youth and officers. Young kids, K - 6th grade are selected each year during the end-of-the-year holiday season to shop at one of the local area stores to purchase gifts for members of their immediate family and for themselves. Each child is given a small amount of money to spend, normally $100 depending on the size of the child's immediate family. Approximately 1-2 children are assigned to each police and support personnel, who then escorts them around the store and assists in selecting appropriate gifts for each family member. After shopping, the children will eat lunch with all Law Enforcement personnel, wrap their gifts, and continue to get to know the police officers. The children will then return to their residence with the gifts purchased for their family. How to Participate? We would like to ask you for help in this task if you know of some children who could benefit from the SHOP WITH A COP PROGRAM, PLEASE send us a nomination form and let us know who they are. We are looking for children that meet the following criteria: • The child must be in Kindergarten through 6th Grade • The child must have a social or economic need • The child must live within Shoshone County The number of children we will be able to help will be limited by the amount of donations we receive. We have set a figure of $100.00 per child. The City of Osburn will handle all funds obtained for the program. The Police Department will be responsible for shaving the list down to the necessary number. We hope that all children nominated will be able to participate but we know this will probably not be possible. Please write a note on the child’s nomination form, explaining some of the reasoning you used in making your decision to nominate that particular child.

7 officers in the past 6 days have died in the line of duty.

On 09/10/2018, the Osburn Police Department received a threat regarding a male who was possibly suicidal making a specific threat to go to the Osburn Police Department to “have a shootout” with Officers. After the threats were made and the Osburn Police Department and Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office were notified, the decision was made to place the Osburn and Wallace Schools into lockdown, until all details of the threats made were known. A short time later and once more information was received, the lockdown of the Schools was lifted. The decision for the lockdown was a precautionary measure until all information about the threat was obtained, in the interest of protecting the children, based on the proximity of the School to the Osburn Police Department and the uncertainty of the threat until all information could be collected. At this time, the investigation is ongoing into this incident and no further information will be released.

This black in color Moto smart phone was located in Osburn near the 57 I-90 on ramp. If you know who’s it is please have them contact the Osburn Police Department at 208-753-9001 or them call the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office at 208-556-1114 then press 1 when you hear the recording. Here is a photo of the lock screen. We thank you all for any and all help with this matter.

The Osburn Police Department wants to remind everyone that school is back in session, tomorrow 08/30/2018. Please slow down and look for our children crossing. The speed limit while travelling in the school zone is 25 MPH.

Today the Osburn Police Department remembers Earl Charles Ashton. 42 years ago , 8/17/1976 E C Ashton, a patrol officer with the Osburn Police Department, was shot and killed during a traffic stop. The Osburn Police Department is dedicated to remembering the ultimate sacrifice that officer Ashton made for the citizens of Osburn and Shoshone County. Officer Ashton, once again, we thank you for your dedicated service.

These two we found playing in the roadway near 60 Silver Valley Road. Very nice canines. Please help us find their owners

Picked up at 12th and garden. If you know where home is, please call the Osburn Police Department at 208 753 9001 or the Osburn City Clerk at 208 752 0001

A few days ago, I was asked to make contact with Alora, who wanted to thank the Osburn Police Department before she moved. Yesterday, Jason and I has a pleasure of meeting this young lady. Alora, thanked us for keeping her safe and talked about how she was going to be a police officer when she was grown up. Alora, then surprised Jason and I with the water that you see in the photo, telling us that she purchased it for us so we would not get thirsty while we were working. Alora, Thank you. That was very kind and thoughtful of you. Please come visit us whenever you would like

Picked up on Friday near the 800 block of Yellowstone. If you know where home is please call 208 752-0001.

This little one was found on 3rd and I-90

Have a safe, fun 4th. Be careful with your fireworks and if you plan to drink, Use a DD. From you friends at the Osburn Police Department.

A little police car history. Some interesting facts.