Kimberly Police Department

  • Agency: Kimberly Police Department
  • Address: 242 Hwy 30 E., Kimberly, 83341 ID
  • Chief: Patrick L Bermingham (Chief of Police)
Phone: (208) 423-4153
Fax: (208) 423-5649

Kimberly Police Department is located at 242 Hwy 30 E., Kimberly, 83341 ID. The Chief of Police of the department is Patrick L Bermingham. The Kimberly Police Department phone number is (208) 423-4153.

Kimberly Police Department News

Happy Halloween!!! We are excited to see everyone's costumes at the KBOA trunk or treat. Make sure you stop by the Police Department trunk. We give extra candy for police officer costumes. Be aware that we take some of your candy if you are dressed as a firefighter. Just kidding. We hope all have a great time. As you drive around, please drive slow and watch out for little ones running around.

We had an attempted breaking and entering tonight at the Kimberly Police Department. As Sgt. Arrington was exiting the building, he found this little guy trying to enter a restricted area. He was caught and jailed. His bond will be set by Chief Perry. He is under the watch of Officer Ruhter. (If anyone is wondering, he was set free a little while later after the picture. No crawdads were hurt in the taking of this picture).

We have noticed a few parking issues around the schools. This one was called in to us today. When using a marked parking spot, please be kind. Use your space only. If not, property damage is almost certain to happen. Also, please slow down around the schools. We have been seeing a few vehicles that have not yet adjusted to the new speed limits.

Recently, there have been several reports of individuals having their antlers taken from their yards. We ask that if anyone has seen anything, please call us at 208-735-1911. Also if you see anyone or anything suspicious, feel free to call us. We are happy to come and check things out.

Today, this handsome boy is one year old. He is a great pup and has already proven himself as a great police K9. Happy birthday Riggs. He is pictured here with his new ball. I think he likes it!!

The Kimberly-Hansen Police Department was able to participate at the Filer Fair Grounds tonight at the opening ceremonies for the rodeo. Rodeo officials honored Law Enforcement tonight, thanking them for their service. Multiple agencies from around the state came to be honored. Chief Jeff Perry represented this department well. Thank you to all agencies in this state and around the country for all you do.

The Kimberly Police Department was able to assist the Kimberly School District with Active Shooter Training today. We were able to make it as real as possible. The School District takes this training serious and is dedicated to the safety of our children. This is a picture of the bandits before they entered the school. Thanks again to the Kimberly School District for our continued partnership.

School is close to starting again. We want to remind everyone to please slow down, watch for students, and plan a little more time for getting to and from school. Every student deseveres to get to and from school safely. Help us make this happen.

Corporal Arrington and K9 Riggs became a certified narcotics detection team today! At 11 months old, he one focused pup!!!

Thank you to all who attended our Good Neighbor Days event this last Saturday. It was well put together and well attended. It was so great to see so many of our friends. Thanks again for supporting your community. We truly live and work in a great place.

July 14th, 2018 will be Good Neighbor Days. This is a great tradition that the City of Kimberly puts on every year. This year will be just as great if not greater than years past. Please stop by the Kimberly Police Department Booth after the parade. We love seeing our citizens.

Officer Stokesberry, Corporal Arrington, and K9 Riggs were able to attend the First Responders Show today at the Reformed Church in Twin Falls. Agencies from around the valley also attended. Chief Foster from Buhl PD was able to take this video of a demonstration during the event. Thanks to all that attended. It was a great time for us as First Responders.

This Saturday starting at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. please come to the Twin Falls Reformed Church by the hospital on Poleline Street. First Responders from around the area will be there to show demonstrations tools and just have fun and interact with the public. We will be there with our canine Riggs and other Officers handing out papers pamphlets and other fun trinkets. Please stop by and get to know your local law enforcement.

The Kimberly-Hansen Police Department had the great honor of being a part of the Law Enforcement Memorial today at the Twin Falls City Park. Law Enforcement agencies from across the Magic Valley honored those men and women who have paid the ultimate price, and also those who currently serve our great communities. It was a wonderful memorial. We are thankful to those who came, helped with the memorial, and donated their time. But most of all, we are thankful to the citizens of our communities who help and support us in all we do. 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

Yesterday, K9 Riggs was able to see his dad, K9 Faro from the Nampa Police Department. He is 12 years old. We ran Faro through a few tests like finding drugs and apprehension work and he did fine despite his age. Riggs was happy to see his father again.

Last night, Officer Tyson Damron was awarded his basic certification from POST. Congrats Officer Damron. Keep up the good work.

On Friday, one of our Officers responded to a found property call. It was reported that a bag of marijuana was found. Our Officer looked for the owner but was unsuccessful. If you are missing a bag of marijuana, please contact us. Expect approximately 15 minutes of paperwork before leaving with your property. :)

We at the Kimberly Hansen Police Department are grateful that Idaho finally decided to let it be spring. We would like all to remember to please keep all vehicles, houses, and other structures locked and secured at all times. Please make sure that all bikes and other "toys" are put into a secure area. Even though we are a small community, crime still happens. Please watch out for each other, take care of each other, and if you see anything out of the ordinary, please say something.

Corporal Arrington and K9 Riggs were able to start training today. KMVT was able to come and do a story. Check out the story on their page.

We have been receiving many calls from concerned citizens about scams. These scams have been over the phone, asking them to send money for a relative in jail, people claiming to be the IRS, and many more. We encourage all to never give any personal information to anyone you don't know or trust. It is always better to be safe, not sorry when it comes to your personal information.

On 4/6/18 Corporal Arrington, Officer Stokesberry, and K-9 Riggs had the opportunity to visit with the Lighthouse School in Twin Falls. Twin Falls County Deputies and Twin Falls City Officers were also there. We were able to speak with the students and then have some fun playing afterwards. What a fun day for us.

Today, K-9 Ester officially retired from her service with the Kimberly-Hansen Police Department. She came to our department in October of 2014 at the age of 2. She and Corporal Arrington became a certified narcotics team in February 2015. During her time of service, she was deployed to detect narcotics over 140 times. During those times, she helped in the arrest of almost 50 people. She also was a part of multiple demonstrations, including schools, scout groups, and Good Neighbor Days. Though her career with the Kimberly-Hansen Police Department was short due to health complications, her impact on the community was felt. She is now living with a loving family, enjoying her retirement. Thank you K-9 Ester for your service.

Congrats to Officer Vogler for being voted Officer of the Year 2017. Officer Vogler is a very dedicated Officer and a valued member of our City team. He works hard and continually tries to make Kimberly and Hansen safer cities to live in. If you see Officer Vogler around, be sure to congratulate him. Way to go Officer Vogler!!!!!

On 3/15/18 at approximately 0900 this vehicle was hit in the Wells Fargo parking lot and the suspect left the scene. If you saw anything happen, please contact the Kimberly Police Department.