Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 301 S County Rd, Hardin, 62047 IL
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Phone: (618)576-2417
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Calhoun County Sheriff's Office is located at 301 S County Rd, Hardin, 62047 IL. The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office phone number is (618)576-2417.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office News

#### Favorite Meal in Calhoun ### So, as you may know, we have put out a couple surveys lately, to give you some personal insight to the staff at CCSO, to help the community know us on a more personal level. Ok, so here is our latest survey question for CCSO. If you were absolutely starving, and hadn’t eaten all day, and you could have one meal from anywhere here in Calhoun, what would you want to eat and from where? Tammy Betts - Chef Salad from Straight Home Brenda Schulte - Pork Fritters from AJ’s Richard Gibbs - Fried Tenderloin sandwich from The Pavillion Steve Miller - Fried Chicken from the Barefoot Christina Baalman - Catfish Fritters from Hardin Drive In Shanna Springer - Cheeseburger & fries from Straight Home Deputy Kennedy Crutchley #218 - Chicken Strip Horseshoe form Straight Home Deputy Nate Alderfer #118 – Cheeseburger and fries from Mel’s Riverdock, but it must have sourdough bread….wow we didn’t know he was so picky Deputy Kyle Halsey #116 – Fried Tenderloin sandwich and fried potato chips from The Pavillion Deputy Django #316 – Well, he mostly just likes Alligator Bites, but he also will gladly eat drug dealers….alive Deputy Pat Parker #209 – Brisket from Mel’s Riverdock Deputy Daisy #K-4.5 – Chicken from Subway….otherwise known as “Daisy Chicken” Chief Deputy Kyle Jacobs #208 – ok, this was another tough one….there are some major loyalties to some meals in this County….most notably the Chicken Philly…meat and cheese ONLY and curly fries from Straight Home…..or the toasted ravioli and curly fries….extra crispy from Big John’s……or the mini tacos from the Old Fill In Station….but…..BUT….the winner always hits close to home….and it has to be the cheeseburger and fries from Kinder’s. Hey, all these other meals from these others places are amazing, but these other restaurants can’t evict him out of his home…..HA Sheriff Bill Heffington #406 – ok ok, so if you all don’t know by now, Sheriff Bill loves a good meal, and honestly he doesn’t miss too many of them……sorry just the facts HA, so there was lots of good candidates here. Sheriff Bill actually could not really decide on just one……it took a long time to question him on this. Finally, we had to just start naming off some of his favorite meals……like the chicken wings from Straight Home, and yeah he loves those, and the Chef Salad from the Hardin Drive In, yes he likes those too, and the breakfast at AJ’s, yes he likes that a lot, and the fried chicken Sunday dinner at the Old Fill In Station, yes that’s good too, and the grilled cheese at the Baytown Feed Mill, yes a very good choice too, and the cheeseburger at the Pavillion, yes that is an excellent choice, and of course the brisket at Mel’s, that is his broher….Bill didn’t forget brother Mel and he does love the brisket, and then the plate lunch at Wittmond Hotel, and yes Bill enjoys that a lot too, or a bowl of potato soup from Subway, yeah Bill likes that too, or a Dodger Dog from Ayerco, yeah Bill can't resist those either, or maybe a club sandwich from Kampsville Landing, and those are good too. We were just about to give up, and just say that he likes all these meals equally, but then we just asked one more time……Sheriff…..if you are just really really hungry, what is the ONE thing that always hits the spot ???? Sheriff Bill paused for a second, and then it finally came to him, and he gave an answer of his favorite thing to eat. We were kind of surprised......... A nice juicy Tom Ringhausen Peach Go figure.

Again we are behind on our reports, and we apologize, but here is an update of the past couple of weeks; Last Monday, October 29th, Deputy Nate #118, arrested a male subject for driving with a suspended license, 118 saw him drive by at the courthouse, and Nate knew he was suspended and stopped him. The car was actually legally parked once he stopped, so he was allowed to just park the car there, instead of having it towed, and he was also allowed to get a Notice to Appear bond instead of being booked into jail. This wasn’t the crime of the century so we were able to be flexible and try to cut some kind of break. Last Tuesday, October 30th, there was a trip to the Illinois Department of Corrections. This was a unique circumstance, since the jail inmate was allowed by the Judge to serve his prison time in county jail, due to the fact that he had been in jail for a year before the case was even concluded and after the sentencing to DOC, there was only a few months left to serve, and he was being held in jail as a jail trustee, so this was a special circumstance. He had to be transported to IDOC, so they could process him for parole purposes, then he was released as a free man. CCSO agreed to transport him to Hillsboro IDOC facility then also agreed to transport him back after he was processed that same day. 208, 118, and Kennedy went on the trip, since this was virtually a no-risk transport, 208 wanted to take both of them along so they could be shown how a DOC transport works. 208 rode in the back seat with the inmate, and we use the term inmate loosely, because after all he was basically a free man, his sentence had been served, he was just being driven to IDOC for processing purposes. They did need him a half day however, so after he was dropped off at IDOC, the three Deputies were able to go do some shooting and firearms training at the Hillsboro Police Department shooting range, and we are very grateful to them for letting us use it. 208 even broke out the SBR and had some fun, for you 2nd Amendment lovers you know what we mean there. None Given……….HA IDOC called and said he was ready, so he was picked up and transported back to the county jail and released as a free man. Hopefully he will be on the right track and everything will work out. 209, 406, and Daisy managed to handle court without 208, and that made 208 kind of think, maybe he could be replaced by Daisy every week for court, but then 208 remembered that Daisy gets in too much trouble for barking in the court house. Wednesday the 31st was a spooky day, it was Halloween. The day started off with 208 and Kennedy going to the UCAN / DCFS monthly meeting. 208 also wasn't going to put up with any shenanagins from Michael Myers today either. That guy belongs in jail. Sheriff Bill was busy doing traffic patrol in the Mozier area most of the day, due to several citizen complaints about speeders up there. Then on Halloween night, Sheriff Bill was at the Hardin Trunk or Treat, handing out candy with several other community members and volunteers. This is such a great event for the kids. 208, Brenda, and Kennedy passed out candy at CCSO in the lobby Halloween night, and 208 was really trying to encourage every kid to take a few Pixie Sticks, even though most of the parents were not that enthused about it. Kennedy then stayed on duty for the res t of the night and did a ride along with 116 and Django. Friday was an early day for 209, he had to have his radio served bright and early at 8am, and Daisy was not real happy about it, she wanted to sleep in. 209 got that done, and he had a few little various calls throughout the day with 208 Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were mostly quiet, with the Deputies out patrolling and making a few traffic stops, trying to find some criminals. The next Monday, November 5th, 208 and 406 were busy in the morning with the First Responders Day at Calhoun Elementary, the kids were able to see the ambulances and fire trucks up close and they had a good time, and some of them even got suckers from Sheriff Bill. 208 then had to head to IDOC again for the 2nd time this week, but this time the jail inmates were not just able to be processed and released, they were each sentenced to serve time in prison. 208 did go by Burger King in Litchfield on the way, and bought each of them a meal to eat on the way to prison, it is at least something decent to do for them, yes they are convicted felons going to prison, but they are still people who deserve to be treated right. 208 and 209 usually do that for anyone being transported to IDOC, just to at least give them something so they’re not totally miserable. 208, on the way back, managed to get himself something good to eat, there is an FS fast stop gas station / restaurant in Litchfield, and they have some really good food there. Gas station food can be very underrated. 208 got himself a small cheese pizza, a super pretzel and some mini tacos. He was very happy driving back and eating. Mini tacos are medically proven to improve quality of life. 208 and 118 handled a small fender bender at the Riverdock parking lot Monday evening, then had to assist Conservation Officer Greg Weishaupt, with a call of possible illegal deer hunting. 208,118, and 406 stayed out the rest of the night and patrolled. There was no court on Tuesday November 6th due to election day, but the court house in Calhoun was still open for business, some counties close for election day. CCSO had plenty of good food on election day, a Subway tray and Mrs 116 made her very famous and wonderful chicken and noodles for 208. Wednesday kept 208 and 406 busy, with a fire at the Hardin Laundromat, but luckily no one was injured, just lots of smoke and some damage after a dryer caught on fire. 406 later located a male subject at a tavern who needed medical assistance, after being intoxicated, falling down and busting his head open. Calhoun EMS responded and got him the medical help he needed. We are very lucky to have our Calhoun volunteer ambulance service. 406 also stayed busy with a juvenile matter, giving some guidance to a child at the request of the family. So…..there is some snow coming up this week, and it seems pretty dang early in November to be getting snow, but 406 and 208 both have a nice pair of Muck Boots, so we are ready. 118 and Kennedy also might get a pair of Muck Boots, mostly just so they can make 208 shut up about how great these boots are and how they should get a pair. But seriously folks…..does anyone have a pair of Mucks, and how great are they ? At least we think they are. Stay safe in the snow Calhoun, and please drive slowly and remember to watch for deer since the weather is cold now and the deer seasons are in full swing. And also remember, Christmas in Calhoun is coming up on Sunday December 16th at 2pm in the court yard of the Marvin Richter Building in Hardin. There are lots of volunteers needed and CCSO is very excited to participate and also excited to get some hot chocolate, but 208 doesn’t drink hot chocolate remember…..unless we had not told the hot chocolate story ???? 116 still gets irritated by it, but it’s a funny story from two years ago. Oh and if you see Dispatcher Christina Baalman around Calhoun, please encourage her to be better at fantasy football, she had a rough week in the CCSO league.

#### Please Help Child Advocates #### Friday November 16th at 7pm at Jerseyville KC Hall there is a trivia night fund raiser for UCAN, which is the Unified Child Advocacy Network. Here is what they do; This office is located in Jerseyville, and they serve the surrounding counties including Calhoun They serve Jersey, Greene, Macoupin, and Montgomery Counties as well. They are staffed with certified child forensic interviewers, and they do these interviews when a child has been harmed, abused or sexually assaulted, or if something is just suspected. This is such an important service and they work with law enforcement and DCFS to keep children safe This is the agency that Calhoun County law enforcement uses to help children and this is the agency that Calhoun County families turn to if something horrible should ever happen to a child This agency helps so many children, they need community support If anyone cannot attend the fund raiser but would like to donate towards it, you can call the number on the flier, 618-494-6430 EXT 401, or you can call CCSO CCSO also has extra fliers if anyone would like to put one up around Calhoun

#### First Responders Day #### Today was First Responders Day at Calhoun Elementary for Pre-K through 5th grade The kids learned about fire safety and how to call 911 and were given homework to learn their new 911 addresses. There were fire trucks from North Calhoun Fire and Hardin Fire Dept, a Calhoun County Volunteer Ambulance unit, and Sheriff Bill was there too Also a big THANK YOU to German Insurance for providing coloring books and crayons to hand out to the kids And of course.....we got to see MARSHALL the fire dog !!! the kids just love Marshall......maybe as much as Daisy....wait did we really just say that ? HA Sheriff Bill was introduced and Steve Miller asked if they all knew Bill and they yelled YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bill told them he forgot the suckers .....the kid were then like BOO !!!!!!!! GET OFF THE STAGE !!!! Ok Ok, just kidding, no they didn't say that, they wouldn't say that, the kids were just happy to see everyone. But Sheriff Bill did rebound and pass out a few suckers outside when the kids were looking at the fire trucks and ambulance 208 was exploring the idea of handing out all the left over Pixie Stix from CCSO's trick or treating night, but he was then given the indication from teachers that he would be banned from the school forever if he would have done that And CCSO Dispatcher / North Calhoun Firefighter Richard Gibbs got a pic taken with a couple of special certain grade-schoolers Thank you to everyone who helped out today, Hardin Fire Chief Steve Miller North Calhoun Fire Chief Gary Hall North Calhoun Firefighter Debbie Hall..aka MARSHALL North Calhoun Firefighter Travis Hall Calhoun EMT Shirley Medling Calhoun EMT Joyce Siemer Sheriff Bill Heffington THANK YOU to Calhoun Elementary for having us !

So there was plenty of candy left over at CCSO after trick-or-treating. That includes lots of Pixie Sticks Eventually.....we weren't going to be able to resist To everyone with scanners.....stay tuned tonight, CCSO could get a little hyper This is possibly not a good idea, but the orange ones sure do taste amazing.

#### Django goes to BHS #### On Monday October 29th, Sheriff Bill and CCSO Deputies went to Brussels High School to give a presentation on the K9 unit and traffic laws regarding persons under 18 and under 21 Deputy Halsey and Deputy Django explained how the K9 unit works and let them see Django in person. The students asked if Django knows any tricks and Deputy Halsey said yeah he finds dope. Deputy Alderfer went over a few traffic laws regarding moving violations, speeding citations, traffic crashes, cell phone use, curfew on driving, the Zero Tolerance law when it comes to persons under 21 drinking and driving. Chief Deputy Jacobs told the students how he is extra sympathetic to any young person who gets in a fender bender, as he was involved in 3 of them within the first 4 months of being a licensed driver at age 16, many years ago. But...after the presentation Sheriff Bill took away his keys. Sheriff Bill Heffington told the kids that he and CCSO's main priority is to keep the youth of Calhoun safe and keep them on the straight and narrow path. Sheriff Bill emphasized that good old common sense goes a long way. CCSO is always glad to be at the schools and we hope that talking to the kids can help prevent any of them from getting into trouble and they will stay safe.

Trick or Treat is getting closer...... 0 out of 5 Dentists approve of what CCSO is doing tonight. CCSO apologizes in advance for all the extended bedtimes tonight.

#### Trick or Treat at CCSO #### Please remember to stop by CCSO on Wednesday night October 31st for Trick or Treating. There will be lots of candy handed out starting at 6pm Big thank you to Dispatcher Tammy Betts for spending so much time decorating the CCSO lobby and making it very scary. FYI..........don't worry, we won't get cheap on you, we will have the good stuff, Snickers, Milky Way, M&Ms and many other good kinds of candy, and of course Pixie Sticks !!!! Gotta get those kids loaded up with sugar and send em home right ? CCSO will not be handing out any apples or anything healthy at all !!!! JUNK FOOD ONLY ! Hashtag - who thought up pixie sticks ??? they're just sugar !

There has been some time that has passed since our last CCSO report, and there hasn’t been a lot of really crazy action, partly due to the ferries being closed and water being over a few roads here in Calhoun. Maybe that is a good thing that it’s been quiet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy, there are several pending cases that CCSO is working with the State’s Attorney, and we are doing various follow ups to a variety of things. We did recently conduct a training class for the Point Fire Dept in Brussels, Deputy Halsey 116 teaches a class about street narcotics, this is to help educate our area first responders, and keep them safe in case they come across these drugs on an emergency scene. That night, a couple Thursdays ago, 208 had to leave Calhoun after the class and head to the Madison County Jail in Edwardsville to get an inmate being held on a Calhoun warrant. 208 gets all the way down there, and as the jail inmate is turned over to Calhoun’s custody, he finds out that now all of a sudden he does have bail money on the way from 20 minutes away. 208 goes ahead and waits for the money to get there and completes a bond sheet, it is our best interest to get these prisoners bonded out so we are not spending tax money on jail fees. It was just one of those things, if he had been left down there one more night he would have posted bail and we could have saved the trip, but at the same time, Madison County was ready for us to come get him, and they do have a crowded jail and he was our responsibility so we had to go get him. Just happens that way sometimes. There has also been quite a bit of training attended by other members of CCSO. Last week, 116, 118, 208, and Kennedy attended mandatory Sexual Assault training. Ever police officer in the State of Illinois must attend this training and Sheriff Bill and Parker 209 had already attended a few weeks ago. This is a two day course, with the first day being needed for initial response and the second day being needed for follow up investigation, and interview of victims of suspects. 116 and 118 attended the first day, 208 attended the first and second day also, and Kennedy volunteered her time to go to both days. When there is a female victim of Sexual Assault, it is often a good technique to have both a male and a female officer to interview them, and as a volunteer auxiliary Deputy, Kennedy can help us with that now. After those two days of training, 208, 116 and 118 then had another day of training regarding the legal aspects of tall the changing DUI laws. After the class was over, last Wednesday, 208 then had to hit the road and go to the St Clair County Jail in Belleville to get an inmate who was being held on a Calhoun warrant. At least this time when 208 got to the jail the prisoner still had no money and he was transferred to Jersey County, but he did end up posting bail the very next day, so again, it is still in our best interest to have these inmates out of jail, so we are not spending money to keep them in jail. Hopefully people will just come to court when required and there will be no more warrants. The weekend finally saw the ferries open up again after the flood waters went down. Friday night was mostly quiet, but Saturday night was not. There was a high speed chase, with speeds going well over 100 mph as a suspect vehicle that 208 attempted to stop for speeding fled from him various times, ducking off onto side roads and turning off its lights, since it got so far ahead of 208 at such high speeds, it was impossible to see where it went each time. Eventually after finally getting the license plate, 208 located the vehicle and arrested the driver. He was charged with a felony and was held in Greene County Jail from Saturday night until Tuesday afternoon when he appeared in court and posted bail ********* PLEASE REMEMBER **************** CCSO is a trick or treating stop and there will be lots of candy handed out at the lobby on Wednesday the 31st during Hardin trick or treat hours. Let's see,,,,what else do we have, well Sheriff Bill Heffington celebrated a birth day on Sunday October 21st, and he turned the big 6----------0 !!!! Yeah, that's right he is 60 years young and can still climb hills and leave the younger officers huffing and puffing far behind ! 208 and 116 also stopped by the Kampsville Trunk or Treat last Sunday and everyone had fun, and 208 got a few boxes of Dots from North Calhoun Fire Dept and 116 got to visit with his niece who was dressed up as a gorilla doing the "floss" which is a dance move ???? Last week Court Reporter Linda Watt was very generous and brought dinner for us at CCSO, there was chili , hot dogs, and desert, thank you Linda very much Oh and we found out that Daisy LOVES cheese balls from Dollar General, the ones in the big plastic tubs at the front counter at Dollar General for $5, she can't get enough of those. Hope that everyone stops by on Wednesday the 31st for Trick or Treating.

## Please Support Calhoun Entertainment Company ## CCSO wants to make sure everyone is aware that Calhoun Entertainment Company (CEC) is hosting a Jamboree on November 10th at 7pm The Jamboree will be held at the Center for American Archeology gym in Kampsville......the old Kampsville Grade School Now.....why is CCSO is excited about this??? Well, to be honest......Sheriff Bill Heffington is looking a bit shaggy and he needs a haircut these days. Where does Sheriff Bill always go to get his hair cut ? Well, where else ??? He goes to Mike Simpleton, Barber to the Stars. The haircuts are always crooked, the jokes are always corny and the price is always free.......that's why Sheriff Bill goes there. Remember to call Sarah for tickets at 618-883-2089 Hope to see you all there.

#### Favorite Pizza in Calhoun #### Ok, so a few days ago there was a CCSO survey completed about what the employees' bottled water preference was And....since we are trying to help the citizens get to know us all on a more personal level, we have completed another survey among us here. What is your favorite pizza in Calhoun ??? Here are the responses; Tammy Betts - All Meat from Mel's Riverdock Brenda Schulte - Philly Cheesesteak from AJ's in Brussels Steve Miller - All Meat from Straight Home Richard Gibbs - Meat Lovers from Mel's Riverdock. Christina Baalman - Pepperoni & Bacon from Friedel's Red & White Shanna Springer - Pepperoni & Bacon from Straight Home Kennedy Crutchley - Chicken Alfredo from Big John's Nate Alderfer #118 - Chicken Alfredo from Big John's NOTE: that was not a copy and paste error.....we do actually have two employees who eat really weird pizza Kyle Halsey #116 - Pizza with a TON of Bacon from Straight Home Deputy Django #316 - he likes whatever pizza you are eating, because he will just tell you to give it to him. Or he likes any pizza with Drug Dealers for toppings Pat Parker #209 - Subway Pizza with olives and peppers.......FYI he always pressures 208 into trying it and it's not happening ever Deputy Daisy #K-4.5 - she just begs for whatever pizza that anyone has, ever, from anywhere, any toppings, she just wants some or she will whine a lot. Kyle Jacobs #208 - ok, so this one was tough. 208 has a lot of loyalty to the Pepperoni from Big John' a LOT of loyalty......ESPECIALLY when Snow Herkert is buying.....and yes he will buy dinner for an R but......but.....then 208 remembers the Kinder's Pepperoni. Both are equally amazing. But......the pizza at Kinder's can be obtained by 208 wearing shorts, tee shirt, and Under Armor slides and walking down maybe the same is true for Big John's if 208 is working on a really bad laundry day. However, the nod has to go to Kinder's. Sheriff Bill Hefffington #406 - Alright now THIS one is tough. Sheriff Bill loves the pizza from the Baytown Feed Mill....good old Kippy cooks em up just right. Bill also really likes a pizza from the Hardin Drive In. Bill then reminds himself that it's hard to beat the pizzas at Michael Tavern. In the end, Bill settled on the Whole Dock Pizza at Mel's Riverdock, because after all nobody wants to get disowned by their own brother over pizza ! So, that is where CCSO stands on pizza in Calhoun The next survey.......what is your favorite meal from what restaurant in Calhoun.

As many of you know, addiction and mental health issues are a huge concern for all communities and also here in Calhoun. CCSO realizes that sometimes people just need help. Addiction to illegal drugs is not always best solved by putting someone in jail.......but sometimes jail is the answer. When rehabilitation is the answer, CCSO wants to help people find success. Addiction issues can also include alcohol. CCSO has these cards available in our lobby to anyone who wants to seek help, for addiction or mental health issues. CCSO wants the citizens to know that we are here if people just need some help.

INFORMATION!!! This morning the Joe Page Bridge had technical difficulties at 6:18 am with the lift and was out of operation for about 1-1/2 hours. Our office is receiving calls asking if the bridge is still not working...the bridge is up and running. NOTE: There is still inspection going on which causes the bridge to be down to one lane traffic. Thank you for your patience!!!

Golden Eagle Ferry will re-open on Thursday Oct 25th at 5a.m.. With regular business hrs. Winfield will close tonight!

That Moment...... When the best Court Reporter in the State of Illinois brings dinner into CCSO Thank you very much Linda Watt ! And this was after a busy court Tuesday too !

#### Thank you Modern Woodmen #### #### Thank you Allen Johnson #### Today Allen Johnson presented Sheriff Bill Heffington and CCSO with a check for $1,500 This was raised by the Modern Woodmen of America at a fund raiser at Straight Home Bar & Grill recently. These funds will be used for a new entrance sign outside of CCSO THANK YOU to Tracie Armbruster who is designing the sign and it will look amazing. Also a big THANK YOU to Straight Home and Matt Baalman for hosting the event. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support CCSO

#### Happy 10-21 #### Today, is October 21, or 10-21 10-21 in police code means to talk via telephone All those with scanners out there, often hears CCSO Dispatch or a Deputy or Sheriff Bill ask someone to give them a 10-21 Here are some other ways to phrase 10-21; Please call the office Can you holler at us please Just wanna hear your voice Would like to tell you what we want you to get us for lunch Dispatch is lonely and would just like to get a phone call Too much to text We need to yell at you over the phone please We can’t say it over the radio……there may be curse words involved. Luckily, in Calhoun, we have the built-in easy excuse to hang up on someone, by saying we lost service Sorry....can't hear you........HA

Brussels Ferry will OPEN at 8:00am this morning

#### Illinois River Road is OPEN...Brussels Ferry opening in morning #### Sheriff Bill Heffington has removed the barricades from the Illinois River Road, one lane is clear of water, the other has a few water spots The Brussels Ferry will be opening first thing Sunday morning October 21st

This picture of the bottom Toppmeyer Hill was taken by a citizen a short time ago. Brussels Ferry remains closed

#### Please Support Village of Hamburg #### This Saturday, October 20th......TOMORROW.....there is a Modern Woodman of America benefit for the Village of Hamburg. This event goes from 4pm - 8pm There will be hot dogs, chicken & dumplings, chili, deserts, and drinks. This is a very wonderful organization and we hope to see you there

#### Mozier is OPEN #### State Highway 96 at Mozier is OPEN but there is still water on the road, please be careful

Brussels Ferry Update There is still water flowing across the road, the Sheriff's Office will check it early Saturday morning, and at that time the Highway Dept may be able to clear debris off the road The road will not be cleared today on Friday Saturday is the earliest possible opening

The Winfield Ferry will open on Saturday October 20 @ 5am with operating hours: Mon-Sat 5am-9pm Sunday 8am-9pm. The Golden Eagle Ferry will remain closed due to flooding!!

GOOD NEWS!!! Rt 96 through Mozier is OPEN and Rt 100 through Grafton is also OPEN!! BAD NEWS!!! The water is still coming across the road at the bottom of Toppmeyer Hill so the Brussels Ferry will not open until the roadway is clear of water and debris which most likely will not be happening today! It will be checked periodically through the day and night and will open as soon as possible! NOTE: For safety reasons there is and will be deep water on both sides of the road and if anyone was to loose control with the wetness of the roadway it could be a disaster if one was to go into the water. This is why the road will not open until it is safe. Your safety is our concern!!