Mahomet Police Department

  • Agency: Mahomet Police Department
  • Address: 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL
  • Chief: Daniel J Driscoll (Chief of Police)

Mahomet Police Department is located at 303 East Oak Street, Mahomet, 61853 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Driscoll. The Mahomet Police Department phone number is 217-333-8911.

Mahomet Police Department News

You may notice extra police activity today in the downtown area. Police officers will be conducting training, throughout the day, at the old Sangamon School building

Deer season is upon us and I know a lot of folks are itching to get out in the stands with their bows. Please remember as you prepare for the season, Village of Mahomet ordinances, specifically Section 133.33(b), strictly prohibits anyone " shoot any bow or to discharge any arrow in the village."

There is what looks to be a small brown pit mix in the field east of Prairieview and Tin Cup that is dragging a leash. It won’t let us get close enough even for a pic.

Hey Mahomet football folks. Anyone know who might be missing their hat? The size is medium. Found it laying in the street on Franklin.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 28th, Crowley Rd will be closed, north of the high school, from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. to accommodate the Lincoln Trail Elementary DAWG Walk.

For those needing to travel on Lake of the Woods Road tomorrow morning, particularly if you need to get north of the LOW Park entrance, we would suggest taking Prairieview Rd. The intersection of Prairieview & Tin Cup will be controlled during the bike race portion of the triathlon, but it should be easier to let motorists through when bikers are not in the immediate vicinity. Expect delays between 0800 - 1100 and plan your travels accordingly.

The need for quality mental health treatment and counseling options is a growing concern for our society. All too often the jail and emergency departments become the de facto treatment centers. We were visited today by a rep from a clinic that is offering a different approach to counseling services that includes a nurse practitioner on staff. This is not an endorsement of TWO ROADS WELLNESS CLINIC, just an effort to get another option into the public's consciousness.

The first subdivision selected for our "Neighborhood Targeted Enforcement Efforts" is...drum roll please...THORNEWOOD...We will begin next Monday, 9/17. See you there.👮‍♂️

The Village has received complaints of traffic related problems in the various neighborhoods. To address those complaints, the police department has been tasked with focused, neighborhood, traffic enforcement. We will periodically focus our enforcement efforts in a specific neighborhood. Officers will be looking for safety violations such as: distracted driving, school bus passing, stop signs, and speeding. While in those neighborhoods, we will also take note of other ordinance violations such as inoperable vehicles and improper parking and take appropriate action on those violations. Our goal is to enhance the safety of everyone in the neighborhoods; pedestrians and motorists alike. Prior to focusing on a neighborhood, we will give the residents of the neighborhood advance warning. That notice will be posted on the department’s FaceBook page and through other media.

Mahomet Music Festival Road Closures. Please be mindful of the days and times when this will go into effect.

Ok, school starts tomorrow (Friday). Please remember that school traffic is ALWAYS the worst on the first day with folks trying to figure out new school traffic patterns; parents dropping off school supplies; and of course the obligatory first day pics. Watch out for the kids and PLEASE be patient.

MPD will be assisting the staff at Middletown Prairie Elementary (MPE) with an intruder drill this morning at 10:00 AM. Officers and school staff are working together to protect all our children. This drill is a part of those efforts. Please avoid visiting MPE between 10:00 and 10:30 AM.

School starts Friday. We need to start thinking about school buses. This graphic simply explains, your responsibility when coming upon a stopped school bus on a roadway.

Thanks to the MSHS Volleyball team for this event supporting veterans and first responders. Ofc David Parsons enjoyed getting his squad washed today!

Meet the Mahomet Police Department's newest officer, Kyle Schlorff! We are excited that Kyle is bringing his insight and experience to the department (as well as his love for the Cubs, to balance out our three avid Cardinal fans!) Kyle and his family have enjoyed getting to explore everything Mahomet has to offer, and getting to know the people and the local businesses. Please help welcome Officer Schlorff to our department!

**New Solicitors** Southwestern Advantage will be soliciting in the area until 08/11/2018. He has a permit. Please call the department or the village with any concerns!

Mahomet has gotten whole lot of rain very fast this afternoon. I mean a lot (maybe 3 inches in under an hour). Roads, ditches, yards and everything in between is flooded. The Public Works folks are out. The drains are working, but the volume has been overwhelming. Go slow and stay out of high water. Oh and check your sump pump.

Ok folks, time for another reminder. Lock your cars and don't leave your garage doors open all night. If you see something in the neighborhood that doesn't look right, call us. We are happy to come out and see what is going on. If it turns out to be nothing, or something innocent, no harm done because we were out working anyway. On the other hand, we might be able to identify those responsible for the late night mischief.

NEW DOWNTOWN STOP INTERSECTION - The Village's Board of Trustees voted last week to make the intersection of Main/Elm a four way stop. New signs are being installed today. Please pay attention as you travel through the area as drivers get used to the change.

Hey folks, we're starting the hiring process again: The Village of Mahomet Fire & Police Commission is announcing its intent to establish an experienced officer eligibility register. At a minimum, successful applicants will have: - A high school degree - At least two years of full time experience with a single department - Current ILETSB certification, or ability to obtain full time certification Applicants will be screened for the minimum qualifications. Applicants will then participate in a Fire & Police Commission interview. If selected for a future open position, a thorough background investigation will be conducted. If you meet, or exceed, these minimum requirements and are interested in being part of our team and working in a dynamic, supportive community, contact the Mahomet Police Department at 217-586-5533, or e-mail us at

We have new solicitors in town! Weed Man will be in town until 05/15/2018. They do have permits. Any questions or concerns please call the Village!

Got Junk?! Good News...the Village of Mahomet is having a clean up day on May 19th! Please make note of the items that will not be accepted. Please contact the village with any questions.

Good morning Mahomet residents! AAA Window Siding and Roofing will be in the area from 05/02/2018-05/07/2018 promoting their business. They have permits. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the village. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Today at Mahomet PD, we are going to play a game called, "Do You Know Me?" This gentleman was photographed in the 700 block of Jody Dr. (Sandy Ridge subdivision) in the afternoon hours on April 10th. It appears that he may have been up to no good while on his walk through the neighborhood. If you are able to identify this man, or if you are this man, please give us a call at (217) 586-5533 or (217) 333-8911. Also, we advise you to keep your doors, vehicles, sheds, etc. locked up!