Taylorville Police Department

  • Agency: Taylorville Police Department
  • Address: 108 West Vine Street, Taylorville, 62568 IL
  • Chief: Dave Herpstreith (Acting Chief of Police)
Phone: (217) 824-2211

Taylorville Police Department is located at 108 West Vine Street, Taylorville, 62568 IL. The Acting Chief of Police of the department is Dave Herpstreith. The Taylorville Police Department phone number is (217) 824-2211.

Taylorville Police Department News

It's that time of year again, explorers will be at the Taylorville Walmart from 12pm to 8pm attempting to raise donations to attend this year's explorer conference. Any donation is greatly appreciated! We want to thank all of you who have liked our page & been following over the last couple years!

Seeing the red and blue lights behind you is not a good thing.. Unless your at an Explorer meeting. Then it's awesome. Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00pm at the Taylorville Police Department to find out what it takes to be a police officer. Anybody ages 14-20 are invited!

**ATTENTION** Taylorville Explorer meetings have now been changed to Sunday night from 6pm-8pm in the basement at the Taylorville Police Department. Anybody ages 14-20 are encouraged to come to any of our meetings to gain insight into the field of law enforcement. You do not have to be planning on being an officer to attend; anyone can join! You can visit our website below to get more info.

There will be a meeting on Sunday 1/25/15 @ 8pm at the police department in the basement. Current members need to attend please and any members interested in joining are encouraged to attend as well.

Meeting cancelled tonight due to attendance. We will reschedule meeting to Sunday night from 8pm-9pm at the police department. Any questions, feel free to message us.

Officer Reimann & Fox are holding a introduction meeting tomorrow, 1/15/15 @ 8pm and will be over by 9pm. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce the new officers taking over the post & discuss the plans for the explorer post this year. Current members are urged to be at the meeting & anyone wishing to join may attend as well. Meeting will be at the Taylorville Police Dept.

It's that time of year again for Kids, Cops, & Christmas. From Nov 1st - Nov 30th, children under 13 years old may be signed up for the program. Donations are also being accepted. To sign your child up or for donation info, please call the police department at 217-824-2211.

No one ever said that fighting the war against terrorism and defending our homeland would be easy. We need to support our troops, law enforcement workers, and our mission to keep our nation and our children safe in the days and years to come.We have an incredible warrior class in this country - people in law enforcement, intelligence, military - and we should be thankful that we have them standing fast to protect us from the tremendous amount of evil that exists in the world.

An Officer’s Life *You wonder why he pulled you over and gave you a ticket for speeding, He just worked an accident where people died because they were going too fast. ... *You wonder why that cop was so mean, He just got done working a case where a drunk driver killed a kid. *You work for 8 hours, He works for up to 18 hours. *You drink hot coffee to stay awake, The cold rain in the middle of the night keeps him awake. *You complain of a "headache," and call in sick, He goes into work still hurt and sore from the guy he had to fight the night before. *You drink your coffee on your way to the mall, He spills his as he runs Code 3 to a traffic crash with kids trapped inside. *You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket before you leave the house, He makes sure his gun is clean and fully loaded and his vest is tight. *You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you, He watches his buddy get shot at, and wounded in front of him. *You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls, He walks down the highway looking for body parts from a traffic crash. *You complain about how hot it is, He wears fifty pounds of gear and a bullet proof vest in July and still runs around chasing crack heads. *You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong, He runs out before he gets his food to respond to an armed robbery. *You get out of bed in the morning and take your time getting ready, He gets called out of bed at 2 am after working 12 hours and has to be into work A.S.A.P. for a homicide. *You go to the mall and get your hair redone, He holds the hair of some college girl while shes puking in the back of his patrol car. *You're angry because your class ran 5 minutes over, His shift ended 4 hours ago and there's no end in sight. *You call your girlfriend and set a date for tonight, He can't make any plans because on his off days he still gets called back into work. *You yell and scream at the squad car that just past you because they slowed you down, He's in the driver seat of the squad car, going to cut somebody out of their car. *You roll your eyes when a baby cries in public, He picks up a dead child in his arms and prays that it was crying. *You criticize your police department and say they're never there quick enough, He blasts the siren while the person in front of him refuses to move while talking on their cell phone. *You hear the jokes about fallen officers and say they should have known better, He is a hero and runs into situations when everyone else is running away in order to make sure no one else gets hurt and loses his life doing it. *You are asked to go to the store by your parents, you don't, He would take a bullet for his buddy without question. *You sit there and judge him, saying that it's a waste of money to have them around, Yet as soon as you need help he is there.

Have some questions about the explorers, or want to share us with somebody? Check out our website! http://www.taylorvilleexplorers.com/

Meeting tonight at the Taylorville Police Department at 7. Hope to see you all there!

Last night the explorers practiced conducting traffic stops. Join us on April 17 at the Taylorville Police Department at 7:00 p.m. to see what were all about. The program is open to young adults, age 14-20, who are interested in a career in Law Enforcement.

Help support the Taylorville Law Enforcement Explorers by attending our spaghetti dinner on April 19! Get ahold of a taylorville explorer today to get your tickets, or pay at the door; we hope to see you there!

Today and tomorrow from 10am-6pm our explorer post members & advisers will be at the main entrances of Walmart selling spaghetti dinner tickets for April 19th from 5pm-8pm. We will also have a collection jar for donations if you wish to support the post by donation. Feel free to stop on by and get to know the explorer post or ask questions. All proceeds collected will be used to allow our post members to attend National Conference in Bloomington, IN in July, purchase uniforms, and also for training. We do appreciate the communities support for this fundraiser. If you are unable to make it and wish to still purchase tickets or make a donation, feel free to message us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We now have a website that is still a work in progress. We will continue to update Facebook alongside the website, feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. We will be also adding content to the website that is not capable on Facebook. http://taylorvilleexplorers.com/

Bill decides to rob a bank. He goes into the bank, pulls a gun on Jill the teller, and demands that she hands over the money. From the fear of Bills armed robbery, Jill has a heart attack and dies. Which of these criminal offenses, if any, has Bill committed in Illinois? 1.) 1st degree murder 2.) 2nd degree murder 3.) felony murder 4.) voluntary manslaughter 5.) none Go ahead and take a guess, we will comment with the correct answer tomorrow morning at 7!

How about a trivia question!? It's the Fourth of July, and Billy Bob has been drinking all day. He gets into his vehicle and drives drunk causing an accident that kills a 4 year old. He did not intend to have an accident, and he certainly did not intend anybody to die. What offense, in Illinois, has Billy committed? 1.) 1st degree murder 2.) felony murder 3.) involuntary manslaughter 4.) reckless homicide

Slightly late but there is a meeting tonight Thursday, Jan 29th @ 7pm in TPD Basement.... Our official website is almost complete and hope to have it up and running by the weekend.

Meeting this Thursday, January 23rd from 7pm-9pm. After business meeting, we will be doing crime scene scenarios. Please do not wear any class uniforms, wear old clothing that can get dirty because we will be practicing fingerprinting.

Meeting this Thursday, January 16th from 7pm-9pm.

There will be no meeting Thursday, Dec. 26th, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Tonight was Christmas for Kids, and we would like to put a big thank you out there to the community for all the support & donations to make this a event a huge success in a short time frame. We would also like to thank the city police officers, city officials, our explorers, who assisted with the program as well as the media for coming out for the support. We helped a little over 40 children & provided the family with a ham. To wrap up the event, some fortunate shoppers were chosen to have their groceries paid in full. If you would like to follow the story, the Taylorville Zephyr & NewsChannel 17 covered the story & will have a release in the near future.

On Thursday the Explorers got refreshed on how to conduct a traffic stop, which is the most common task a city police officer does, and one of the most dangerous.

Scheduled meeting this Thursday @ 7pm in the TPD Basement, dress for the weather, we may be outside attempting more traffic stops weather permitting. See you there!

WICS Coverage: http://wics.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_14360.shtml