Westfield Police Department

  • Agency: Westfield Police Department
  • Address: 330 W Mulberry St, Westfield, 62474 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 217-967-5319
Fax: (217)967-5319

Westfield Police Department is located at 330 W Mulberry St, Westfield, 62474 IL. The Westfield Police Department phone number is 217-967-5319.

Westfield Police Department News

RIP K-9 Baya, Thank you to Baya and Officer Jeff Sanders for their service to the Westfield and Marshall Police Departments and the residents of Clark County.

****ATTENTION NON-HIGHWAY/UTV VEHICLE PERMIT HOLDERS*** We have received numerous complaints/reports recently of persons violating the Non-highway/UTV Ordinance. To operate a these vehicles in the Village a person must be at least 18 years of age and have valid drivers license. Also all occupants must be properly seated and wearing a seat belt. Operation by persons under 18 or children not properly seated and secured will not be tolerated. Any such violation will be strictly enforced and result in revocation of the permit, with possible fine and citation.

The Village of Westfield will hold Trick or Treat night on Friday October 31st from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

***Marijuana Grow Discovered*** The Village of Westfield Police Department along with members of the South East Central Illinois Drug Taskforce and The Clark County Sheriffs Office, discovered a marijuana grow in a wooded area in Westfield Township. The marijuana seized and destroyed had an estimated street value of $50,000. The investigation of the grow operation is ongoing.

*** HOUSE FIRE *** Yesterday the Westfield Fire Protection District was dispatched to a house fire. Mutual aid was requested to help battle the blaze. The Casey Fire Dept., Hutton Fire Protection Dist. And Ashmore Fire Protection Dist. all responded, along with crews from the Westfield and Casey Clark County Ambulance. Though the house was a loss, no surrounding property was damaged, thanks to the firefighters hard work. On behalf of the Westfield Fire Protection Dist., we offer our sincere thanks to all the personnel from all the various agencies. It is great to know that you can count on assistance, when needed. All the firefighters from the four agencies are volunteers, and each deserves a big pat on the back for their efforts. Last, but certainly not least, a big thanks to the citizens and local business owners for their kind acts of support. Record high temperatures made battling the fire extra difficult on everyone involved. Numerous citizens were on hand making sure the firefighters had cold drinks, wet towels, etc. Also, a big Thank You, to all the young men who helped pull and gather hoses after the fire. The way a small community pulls together in a time of need is truly inspirational. Thank You All.

***ISSUES AT THE VILLAGE PARK & PLAYGROUND*** The Police Department has received several complaints in recent days about littering and vandalism at the park . The Village of Westfield has a beautiful park for citizens young and old to enjoy, however the disrespect shown lately will not be tolerated. Recent vandalism to the bathrooms in the park has lead to them being closed in the evenings. It is a shame that the Village must take these steps and close facilities that should be accessible. The amount of trash i.e. (Soda containers, candy wrappers, chewing tobacco cans, etc) that has been thrown onto the ground is deplorable. There is no excuse for these items to be thrown on the ground when trashcans are available. The Village of Westfield Police Department would like to ask parents to speak with their children about these issues to ensure that the park remains and enjoyable place for people of all ages. Anyone caught vandalizing any property or littering in the park is subject to banishment from the park for an indefinite amount of time, they also may be subject to criminal charges. Please keep our park clean and enjoyable for everyone. – Thank You, Chief Duvall

****REWARD OFFERED****Sometime between Saturday June 9th and Monday June 11th a burglary occurred at Crossroads Automotive and Outfitters in Westfield. Various automotive repair tools, computer diagnostic equipment and cash were stolen during the burglary. A cash reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the person/persons involved. All tips will remain anonymous. If you have any information you may contact the Village of Westfield Police Department at 217-967-5319.

**ARSON SUSPECT IN CUSTODY** The Village of Westfield Police Department, along with the Illinois State Fire Marshal's Office, arrested a suspect in connection with an unoccupied mobile home fire that occured in the early morning hours of Tuesday May 29th. It was determined that the fire had been set intentionally. The Westfield Fire Department was dispatched to the scene at 4:16 a.m. and found the mobile home fully engulfed. The blaze was quickly brought under control without any injuries or damage to surrounding property. The suspect remains in custody at the Clark County Sheriff's Office (IL)

This week we honor those who made the ultimate sacrafice.

The Village of Westfield Police Department has put a new officer on its roster. K-9 Officer Baya will begin patrol duties, along with K-9 Handler Officer Jeff Sanders. Baya is an 18-month-old Belgian Malinois. Baya was purchased from Vom Z Mal Kennels in Adolphus, Ky. Both Baya and Officer Sanders have trained together for the past year. Cynthia and Gerry Zimmerman, who own and operate Vom Z Mal Kennels, have overseen their training. Baya is trained in the areas of narcotics detection, tracking and apprehension.

Today our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends and colleagues of slain Greenland New Hampshire Police Chief Michael Malone and the four officers wounded.

Dogs can be faithful companions and beloved family pets. However, being a responsible dog owner means keeping your dog restrained when outdoors. The Village of Westfield has a Leash Ordinance that requires all dogs to be restrained when outside. Responsible pet owners should ensure that dogs are kept in a pin or on a leash when outside, and any mess left by the dog should be disposed of by the owner. The Leash Ordinance is designed to protect you, other citizens and the pet. Please enjoy your pets and remember to respect others by keeping your dog restrained. – Chief Duvall

On Monday April 2nd, the Village of Westfield Board of Trustees approved an ordinance allowing the operation of Non-Highway Vehicles within the Village. The ordinance allows for properly equipped Golf Carts and Utility Terrain Vehicles to be operated on Village streets, with the purchase of a permit. The ordinance does not permit the operation of All Terrain Vehicles i.e. 4-Wheelers, Go-Carts etc. Those citizens wishing to purchase permits should contact Chief of Police Michael Duvall, Utility Supt. Dane Tally, or Mayor Mark Davis to pick up an application and to setup an appointment for inspection of the Non-Highway Vehicle, along with a copy of the Rules and Regulations. We hope that all citizens will operate their Non-Highway Vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

http://www.internalmedicinenews.com/single-view/rise-in-use-of-bath-salts-synthetic-marijuana-concerns-officials/f470ba4d39.htm The use of Synthetic Drugs such as, K2, Spice, & Bath Salts is rising dramatically with the nation’s young people. Locally we are seeing the effects these substances are having on people. Remember, as parents and adult role models, knowledge is the first line of defense in protecting our young people. Take time look at the link posted above and speak with your children about the dangers of synthetic drugs. – Chief Duvall

Springtime means farmer will be heading to the fields. When traveling the highways & back roads be extra alert for farm equipment. Being patient and understanding towards slow moving vehicle, could save your life. – Chief Duvall

http://www.ready.gov/tornadoes Two weeks ago The City of Harrisburg, Illinois was devastated by an EF-4 Tornado. Now that spring is upon us, it is important for each citizen to educate themselves and be prepared in the event of hazardous weather.

Now that warmer weather is upon us, children will be outdoors and at play. Remember, kids can be careless when playing or crossing roadways, as drivers we can't afford to be careless. -Chief Duvall

http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud Our department receives numerous complaints and questions concerning a wide variety of sweepstakes, overseas lottery winnings, and other financial deals. Just remember the old cliche " If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is". Here is a link to educate yourself from falling victim to a scam. -- Chief Duvall

In the last two years our town has made significant progress in attempting to revitalize our community. The Westfield Improvement League has been a major part of fostering community involvement. Together we can restore a sense of pride in our town. I urge everyone young & old to get involved in the revitalization of Westfield. The Let's Paint The Town concept could be a great initiative to undertake. Our town can only prosper through our hard work and efforts as a community. - Chief Duvall

Prescription & OTC drug abuse continues to be high among teens. Becoming informed will help in recognizing if your teen has a drug problem.