Crestwood Police Department

  • Agency: Crestwood Police Department
  • Address: 13840 S Cicero Ave, Crestwood, 60445 IL
  • Chief: Theresa Neubauer (Chief of Police)

Crestwood Police Department is located at 13840 S Cicero Ave, Crestwood, 60445 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Theresa Neubauer. The Crestwood Police Department phone number is 708-385-5131.

Crestwood Police Department News

For Immediate Release: On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, at approximately 10:35am, the Crestwood Police Department received numerous 911 calls in reference to 3 Pitbulls running loose. An officer responded to the area of 137th and Sandra and met with a woman, who explained she was the owner of the 3 Pitbulls. The officer took the woman’s contact information and broadcasted a description of the missing dogs. Crestwood officers then heard on the Midlothian Police radio that Midlothian officers had been dispatched to the area of 145th and Long Avenue in reference to 3 Pitbulls running loose. Crestwood and Midlothian officers located the dogs and were able to block traffic on Midlothian Turnpike as the dogs were running north bound, back into Crestwood. The dogs were then spotted by an officer on Linder Lane, near a horse barn. The owner was contacted on the phone by the officers and she advised that she would send her boyfriend to get the dogs. The boyfriend arrived and took off into the wooded area attempting to locate the dogs. Another call was received that the dogs had returned to the area of 137th and Sandra Lane. An officer responded and as he approached, multiple citizens and a Mail Carrier directed the officer to a residence, where the officer observed a Blue Nosed Pitbull standing in the front yard. The officer also report seeing 4-5 people standing in the front yard of a residence just a couple houses away. The Pitbull in the front yard was continuously barking at the officer, however, the officer could also hear commotion on the side of the house. The officer walked towards the side of the house and observed two more Blue Nose Pitbulls that that were barking and growling at the glass sliding door. The officer observed that the dogs were aggressively scratching on the glass sliding door and attempting to force their noses between the door and door frame, attempting to open the door. The officer could also hear someone yelling from inside the residence. One of the dogs then turned towards the officer, continuing to bark and growl. The officer drew his weapon and started to retreat, walking backwards towards the patrol vehicle. The dog then charged towards the officer and it appeared evident that the dog was going to attack the officer. The dog was approximately 3-4 feet away from the officer with his mouth open as the officer fired his weapon twice, striking the dog. The injured dog and the 2 others then ran back to their home on Sandra Lane. The owner’s boyfriend then ran up on foot and was given a ride back to his vehicle, so he could transport his dog for treatment. Officers interviewed the 2 separate homeowners. Homeowner #1 advised that he was attempting to stop the dogs from entering his residence and he believed the dogs were acting so aggressively because he has 2 dogs and that the dog’s beds are directly next to the glass sliding door that the Pitbulls were attempting to enter. Homeowner #2 advised that the door to her home was open and that the Pitbulls had attempted to get through the glass exterior door and that she had to close the main security door in order to get the Pitbulls to stop. A follow up call was made to the dog owners, who advised that the dog would be ok and that it suffered a graze to the chest and the other bullet was lodged in the dog’s jaw. A check for past incidents at the residence showed that there has been several incidents involving these dogs running loose and unattended. The owners were cited with the following Local Ordinance Violations: No Dog License Dog Without Leash A review of the 911 calls was conducted and it was discovered that there was 8 calls received to the 911 Center in reference to the dogs. In one of the calls, the caller advised that he was approached by the dog’s owner, who described the dogs as “Vicious Pit Bulls” and another caller reported that one of the Pitbulls had attacked his dog.

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Crestwood Police Take Part In Multi-Jurisdictional Initiative Promoting Highway Safety Law Enforcement Agencies Join Forces for Special Traffic Enforcement Effort on Illinois Route 83 Crestwood Police is joining forces with other law enforcement agencies along the Illinois Route 83 corridor through Cook and DuPage County in a special traffic safety campaign Friday, October 19th, 2018. The purpose of the campaign is to increase the safety of motorists utilizing the thoroughfare through education and traffic enforcement. Our efforts will be concentrated on speed, occupant restraint violations, driving under the influence, distracted driving and other safety violations observed during our enforcement. Every municipal police agency with jurisdiction over Illinois Route 83 has been invited to participate in the traffic safety campaign. Each jurisdiction has been asked to implement their own enforcement action based upon the needs of their communities.

Today was the Law Enforcement Torch Run Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. Midlothian Illinois Police Department, Alsip Police Department, and Crestwood Police Department were just 3 of the numerous police departments that participated.

Shared from Alsip Police Department.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On October 6th at 2:02 a.m., officers responded to 137th block of Lamon in reference to a gunshot victim. Upon arrival, officers discovered that a 26 year old male and a 27 year old female had been shot. According to the victims, they had exited their vehicle and were walking to the apartment building when they heard gun shots. The female started running and was struck in the arm and the male was shot in the stomach and in the leg. An offender is described a wearing a grey hoodie that fled in an unknown type vehicle. Both subjects were transported to Christ Hospital for treatment. The scene was processed by the Illinois State Police Evidence Technicians and evidence was recovered. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Commander Art Ronan at 708-926-7233

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The Crestwood Police Department would like to wish our own Chief Dave Weigand a Happy Birthday!

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Nathan Hale School Zone Update Prior to the school year, we met with the Nathan Hale School Administration to develop a safe plan for the dropping off and picking up of students. We initially had a few issues, that have been resolved. Residents have asked, why the Crossing Guard at 135th and Laramie, doesn’t stop traffic, to let vehicles off of Laramie Ave. onto 135th Street. The answer is SAFETY. Her job is to cross children. Due to the fact that the far east driveway of Nathan Hale and Laramie are offset, it would be dangerous to cross children and try to keep the traffic stopped at both locations, to let cars out. The solution for motorists that are leaving the residential neighborhood, that we have told residents for years, is to go east to Lawler or Lavergne or west to the traffic light at Long Avenue. Please observe the 20 mph school zone speed limit and do not use your cell phone when driving.

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Today, the Crestwood Police Department participated in the Commander Bauer 16” Softball Tournament in honor of Commander Bauer, who was killed in the line of duty on February 13, 2018. There were 16 teams that participated with double elimination. Crestwood played against Chicago Police Department's 15th District and Headquarters Teams and were defeated in both games. Special thanks to Officer Jim VanWitzenburg for organizing the Crestwood team and making our department part of this event. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

As a police officer, when we take a report from a resident, we take it personal. Our mission is ensure your safety and keep your property secured, but we need your help. We continually encourage residents to lock their cars as there has been a rash of thefts from unlocked vehicles in several south suburbs. In order to stop these thefts, we need your help. Remember Lock It or Lose It. On Tuesday, Posen Police Department posted that their officers on the night shift canvassed the neighborhood and found 22 unlocked vehicles within a 3 block area. As a police department, what can we do to get the residents to lock their cars? Do people leave their cars open because they forget or are cars deliberately left unlocked? What can we do to get residents to lock their cars? A. #9pmroutine reminders on social media B. Robo calls at night C. A blaring siren to remind everyone D. Yard signs for the residents that Lock Their Cars! E. Other (BE NICE PLEASE)

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Police Departments everywhere are constantly reminding people to lock their cars. Here is a video from last night that was captured in the Playfield area. In the video, a suspect is checking for unlocked cars, but he struck out on this one and got nothing. If you live in the area and left your car unlocked last night, be sure to check and see if anything is missing. #9pmroutine