Harvey Police Department

  • Agency: Harvey Police Department
  • Address: 15301 Dixie Highway, Harvey, 60426 IL
  • Chief:

Harvey Police Department is located at 15301 Dixie Highway, Harvey, 60426 IL. The Harvey Police Department phone number is 708-331-2131.

Harvey Police Department News

Our prayers go out to the family of Cook County Investigator Cuauhtemoc Estrada, may he rest in peace.

Mayor Eric J. Kellogg and the Harvey Police Department are offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and charge of the person responsible for the shooting of our officer on November 24, 2013 at the plaza located at 159th and Wood St. Anyone with information can contact 708-210-5226.

We are a band of brothers! When one of us is injured, we all ban together as one! The Harvey Police Department would like to thank all of the officers from other agencies that came out last night to assist us. A special thanks to the officer from the Markham PD, who didn't wait for the ambulance and drove our officer to the hospital! The pouring of support for our officer and our Department has been phenomenal, he is resting comfortably, with his family by his side, in the hospital.

Harvey Honor Guard preparing to honor our Veterans

The Harvey Police Department will be offering an entry level patrol exam on October 26, 2013. For more information, please visit www.cityofharvey.org and look under the police department drop down on the left.

This Tuesday, August 6, 2013 from 6 -10pm, the Department will participate in National Night Out. This event will be held at City Hall, 15320 Broadway. We will also be giving out school supplies and backpacks. We invite you to join us!

Heroes 4 Harvey [HPD] is doing it one more time!!!!! We will be out tagging today for the Special Olympics. Have some spare change...we can use it! We will be at the intersection of 159th & Halsted getting the last bit of $$$$$ we can for such a worthy cause! We are pushing it into overdrive....ALL DONATIONS ACCEPTED!

Buzzing for the Special Olympics

What a proud moment our Department had today...we were able to raise over $600 for the Special Olympics!!!!! Pictures will be up shortly. We are Heroes for Harvey, making changes....one day at a time!

Today's the day!!!! Buzzing for Special Olympics! Det. Crockers hair is coming off!

I'm sure most of you know Detective Crocker....and, most if not all are sick of that FULL head of hair! Well...YOU can help us continue to raise funds for the Special Olympics. If we can raise over $500, Det. Crocker will shave his head BALD!!!! We're at $150 and ate looking for pledges! Shaving to take place Monday, July 15, 2013 @ 1000 hours at the Gazebo next to City Hall, 15320 Broadway, Harvey.

Wait, Esparza, you need more than a dollar to get down!!!!

Someone help the DC get off the roof....he only needs $25 more to get down

We are supporting the Special Olympics...stop by and help us out!

Who is that on the mic....Wallace make a lil money!!!!!

Muhammad is up....we gotta give him some help to get down....$50 will do!

The sun is shinning on Wright....only $50 more!

Magana started the day off right....raised $100 for the Special Olympics!

Join the Harvey Police Department for the "Cop on Top" at Dunkin Donuts, 163rd & Halsted, as we raise $ for the Special Olympics! Here is the line up of officers, come support them, so they can get off of that roof! 0500 Rizzi 0600 Magana 0700 Lopez 0730 Kirkwood 0800 Wright 0830 Muhammad, E. 0900 Crocker 1000 Jarosz 1030 Armstrong 1100 Banks 1130 Cole 1200 Rife 1230 Esparza 1300 Ostrowski 1330 McCalpine

Our Rookie led Heroes 4 Harvey in the race!

Heroes 4 Harvey preparing to hit the streets in CPD Run to Remember

The Harvey Police Department will be offering a competitive, entry level exam for the position of patrol officer on Saturday, April 6, 2013. We will post more information in the near future.

Training at the Range

Another training day at the Range

HPD at the Range