McCook Police Department

  • Agency: McCook Police Department
  • Address: 5000 Glencoe St, McCook, 60525 IL
  • Chief: Frank L Wolfe (Chief of Police)
Phone: 708-447-1234

McCook Police Department is located at 5000 Glencoe St, McCook, 60525 IL. The Chief of Police of the department is Frank L Wolfe. The McCook Police Department phone number is 708-447-1234.

McCook Police Department News

And the winners are....

Today is the day! If you purchased a Harley Davidson or UTV raffle ticket you the drawing is happening at 1pm!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month! McCook PD and Constance Morris House are working together to raise awareness!! If you or someone you know is a victim of Domestic Violence please do not hesitate to reach out for help. Women, men.....(yes men are victims too) and children-we’re here for all of you. It can happen to anyone and is NOTHING to be ashamed of. We’re here everyday, anytime.

With a little more than a week until a champ to Pop Tops For Joy is crowned it appears we have gained another supporter in ABC 7 Chicago. It appears they are rooting for us to demolish Hodgkins Police Department Countryside Police Department and Willow Springs Police Department. Thank you goes out to abc 7 Chicago for the support! Get your last minute donation in to us to help us top our total from last year!

The final stretch, who will take the win!?! Vote which shirt color you like better.

Blue took off and had a huge lead but the grey shirt has made a come back and trails 54% to 46%. Lets get some more thoughts on what shirt we should get!

Our Cubs Rooftop Fundraiser is August 5. Every year we have done this we have included an event shirt in the purchase of a ticket. We have two options we have been trying to decide on for the color of the shirts. We decided we would take a poll and go with the winning shirt.

*******TRAFFIC IS NOW OPEN******* Joliet Road is closed to vehicle traffic both directions between First Avenue and 55th Street. No information will be provided at this time. Find alternate routes.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and donated to Special Olympics Illinois. We raised approximately $5500 between our Forest View and McCook location. A huge thank you goes out to Forest View Police Department, Stickney Police Department, and WC3 for assisting us. Thank you to Department of Homeland Security for allowing us to use a traffic sign and hummer attract people to come to the location!

It's not too late!!! Get out to your local Dunkin Donuts for Cop on a Rooftop to support Special Olympics. We are at the McCook location inside Compass gas station at Joliet and Lawndale and we are also at the Forest View location at 46th and Harlem. #copontop #coponarooftop

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! we will be out at two locations! Forest view location 4501 s Harlem ave and our mccook location at 8147 Joliet Rd. Come on out and support a great organization! Any donation you’ll receive a coupon for a free donut, 10 or more you receive a traveler cup! We will have torch run merchandise for sale!

***IT WAS BROUGHT TO OUR ATTENTION SOME MAY NOT BE HAPPY IF THEIR INFORMATION IS POSTED ON THE VIDEO*** THE VIDEO WILL ONLY BE POSTED FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME AND THEN DELETED. Winner # 2 was selected a short time ago. Congratulations to George Buenik on winning two tickets to our rooftop fundraiser August 5th! The third raffle will begun on Friday May 18, 2018.

This Friday we will be out at two locations! Forest view location 4501 s Harlem ave and our mccook location at 8147 Joliet Rd. Come on out and support a great organization!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers! We hope you enjoy your day!

In one week, we will be standing on the rooftops of the McCook Dunkin" Donuts location (8147 Joliet Rd) and the Forest View Location (4501 S Harlem Ave) raising money for Special Olympics Illinois. Any donation will get you a FREE donut, A donation of 10 or more will get a mug! come out and support the great cause in one week!

Well done!

We officially closed the 911 dispatch center at the police department today at approximately 11am. Our 911 operations will be conducted by West Central Consolidated Communications (WC3) located at North Riverside PD. It's a big change and marks the end of an era. We had some great employees over the years and it was hard to say goodbye. Thank you to Kelly Wasko, Pepper Kennedy, Kristin Radosevich, and Jennifer Arquilla for everything you did for us. Thank you to all of the others that have come and gone over the years.

Get out and support our firemen the next few days for Boot Day!!!!! Donations go to the children’s burn camp.....a great cause!!!