Norridge Police Department

  • Agency: Norridge Police Department
  • Address: 4020 N Olcott Ave, Norridge, 60634 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 708-453-4770
Fax: 708-453-9377

Norridge Police Department is located at 4020 N Olcott Ave, Norridge, 60634 IL. The Norridge Police Department phone number is 708-453-4770.

Norridge Police Department News

The Union representing the Norridge Police Officers will be conducting its yearly fundrasier. Residents may be recieveing telephone calls over the next 3 weeks.

Chief Disselhorst enjoyed the chance to take a student from each Leigh School third grade to school last week. The students went to school "Lights and Siren"

Thank you everyone who came out and donated! We had a great turnout! In case you missed us please don’t hesitate to visit the Special Olympics webpage to make a donation!

Chief Disselhorst might have lost a wager.

Cpl. Goduto enthusiastically promoting Special Olympics!

Come join us at Dunkin Donuts located at 5050 N. Cumberland #Coponarooftop and help donate to Illinois Special Olympics!! We will be there until 12 p.m.

The Norridge Police Department would like to update the community regarding the incident that ocurred at the AT&T Store located at 4155 N. Harlem. Please see the attached press release and photograph.

Thank You Corporal Adam Sloniec and Officer Thomas Wysocki for representing the Norridge Police Department at the Polish Constitution Day Parade. Thank you to all the officers who participated.

On 04/28/18 at approximately 2:55 pm three male subjects were involved in an Armed Robbery at the AT&T store in Norridge. The subjects were armed with knives and cutting tools. In the attached video one of the offenders is seen holding the front door and acting as a lookout while a second offender is cutting the security cables to the display phones and then stealing them. The third offender had already exited the store by this time. None of the employees or customers were hurt during this incident. The offenders fled northbound through the parking lot, then to the rear of the property to a possible waiting vehicle. If anyone has any additional information or can identify any of the offenders please contact the Norridge Police Department Investigations Tip Line at (708)697-2516. Thank you. *******************************UPDATE********************************** Please see our post on 05/16/2018 for further information on this incident.

Press Release [Norridge, Illinois] – April is national Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Norridge Police Department is partnering with the Illinois Department of Transportation to remind motorists that if they drive with a phone in one hand, they can expect a ticket in the other. With traffic fatalities on the rise in Illinois and across the country, the Norridge Police Department is committed to reducing easily preventable crashes caused by distractions such as texting or talking on a cellphone. Texting while driving distracts the driver visually, manually and cognitively, putting everyone on the road at risk. Sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, the equivalent of driving blind at 55 mph for the length of an entire football field. Motorists can expect to see increased patrols and enforcement zones across Illinois as part of the April 16-30 distracted driving enforcement. The Norridge Police Department will be ticketing drivers who text or use their cellphones while driving. Not giving driving your full attention can have deadly consequences. Don’t let one text or call wreck it all: Drop It and Drive! The Illinois Drop It and Drive program is funded with federal highway safety dollars administered by IDOT.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your service.

Please be aware that with spring here a new set of scams start. The "Ruse Entry" burglary begins this time of year. On a frequent basis, con artists posing as contractors, repairmen and utility workers commit crimes of theft, burglary and fraud on senior citizens in our neighborhood. Here are a few tips for prevention: 1. Do NOT open the door or allow anyone into your home that you do not know. 2. if someone looks suspicious and you have never seen them in the neighborhood before, call 911 IMMEDIATELY. The police department can verify who they are. 3. IF you are going to be outside working around your home, please lock all of your doors and take your keys with you. 4. All Solicitors in the Village of Norridge are required to be registered and have a Village ID issued. Utility workers will also have an ID badge. If you are not sure, leave the door closed and call 911. If you have an elderly family member living on their own please go over these tips with them.

UPDATE: DOG HAS BEEN RETURNED TO OWNER. THANK YOU. A resident has lost the dog below in the area of Irving and Oriole. The dog is friendly and goes by the name Chewie. If found please contact Norridge Animal Control.

Please keep an extra watch out. Lets remember HH is a close neighbor and we want to keep an eye out to help each other.

The Norridge Police Department was made aware that on March 1st, 2018 roughly between the hours of 6:00pm-8:00pm approximately 30 parked vehicles were damaged using bricks, black spray paint and an unknown liquid. The unknown offenders were observed on a resident's video surveillance system driving a black sedan spray painting a parked vehicle. The incidents occurred in Chicago between Overhill and Octavia then from Foster to Berwyn. Residents are asked to be on alert.

It appears the recent rain has effected land line phone services for the Village Hall and Police Department. 911 service IS still working, Administrative lines to and from the PD are not working. AT&T is telling us the phones may be out as late as tomorrow afternoon. Requests for service can still be made dialing 911.

UPDATE: No owners have come forward to claim this dog. The dog was picked up by Pets in Need animal shelter. Pets in Need is a no kill shelter. The police department does not do direct pet adoptions. If you are ever interested in a dog when we cannot find the owners, please contact Pets in Need for information on adoption. This dog was found by the Norridge Police Department on 2/10/18. It looks to be a male chihuahua mix. It does not have a chip. If you know the owner or have information about the dog please contact our Animal Control Dept. at 708-453-4770

Please make sure to follow these guidelines during the expected snow fall tonight and through the weekend.

If you have any doubts, please call the police.

The Norridge Police were happy to participate with the Norwood Park FD and HHPD on this years Kindness Week Campaign at School District 80.

Congratulations Wayne!