Northlake Police Department

  • Agency: Northlake Police Department
  • Address: 55 E North Ave, Northlake, 60164 IL
  • Chief:
Phone: 708-531-5755
Fax: 708-344-2323

Northlake Police Department is located at 55 E North Ave, Northlake, 60164 IL. The Northlake Police Department phone number is 708-531-5755.

Northlake Police Department News

Officer Darst speaks about Stranger Danger at Veterans Park Preschool.

Officer Beckett visit's Veterans Park Preschool for annual Trick or Treat event.

The Northlake Police Department sends its condolences to the family and many friends of former Northlake Public Safety Officer Eddy Jackson.

CSO Officer Hernandez attends Northlake Library touch a truck.

CSO Ortiz and Officer Anyon attending the Home Depot Safety fair.

Officer Kruschke and Officer Quinn at St. John Vianney Church fall fest.

Current sworn officer count is from September 2018

Officer Brian Kruschke stops by a Roy Avenue block party.

Detective Fred Carpenter and Officer Liz Beckett at West Leydens Job Fair.

Thank you Sergeant Calvaresi, Officer Delrosario and Allenson.

Thank you Sgt. Mowinski, Officer Miller and Officer Cavada.

Thanks Officer Mike Colatorti.

More construction alerts. August 2018 to February 2019.

Not sure what year, photo provided by a deceased officers family.

To Sgt. Ortiz, Officers Vazquez, Del Rosario and Cleary from a thankful Northlake resident.

A great example of our High School Resource Officer John Pesoli reaching out to students.

Officer Probebski conducts a CSI class for Whitteir school summer class.

Community Service Officer Ortiz participates in Wal-Mart's annual safety event.

Thank you Officer Allenson.

Officer Brain Kruschke shows off the squad car at the annual Hirsch Block Party.